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10579999 - An essay on electricity, containing a series of experiments introductory to the study of that science
10579998 - A guide containing a short historical sketch of Lynton and places adjacent in north Devon
10579997 - The London adviser and guide: containing every instruction and information useful to persons living in London
10579996 - The Tamil Plutarch containing a summary account of the lives of the Poets and Poetesses of Southern India and Ceylon
10579995 - The universal merchant: containing the rationale of commerce, in theory and practice
10579994 - the mirror of literature, amusement, and instruction: containing orginal essays
10579993 - The genuine trial of Thomas Paine, for a libel contained in the second part of Rights of man
10579992 - The narrative of mr. John Fitz-Gerald ... wherein is contained i. Several things relating to the Irish plot [&c. The preface signed H.P.].
10579991 - View of the subject of slavery contained in the Biblical repertory for April, 1836
10579990 - Catalogue of the furniture contained in the Mt.Washington House,South Boston,to be sold at auction Oct.24,1833
10579989 - Refutation of the misstatements and calumnies contained in Mr. Lockhart's Life of Sir Walter Scott, bart., respecting the Messrs. Ballantyne
10579988 - A List of Bibliographies and a Selected List of Publications that Contain Bibliographies on Grapes, Wines, and Related Subjects
10579987 - A treatise on political economy, or, The production, distribution, and consumption of wealth
10579986 - The State of the Nations: Constraints on Development in Independent Africa
10579985 - A Handbook on the Methodology for an Integrated Experiment-survey on Rice Yield Constraints
10579984 - Glimpf und Schimpf in Spruch und Wort. Sprach- und sittengeschichtliche Aphorismen von Constant von Wurzbach
10579983 - Galvanothrapie; ou, De l'application du courant galvanique constant au traitement des maladies nerveuses et musculaires
10579982 - Benjamin Constant
10579981 - Clarice ou l'amour constant
10579980 - La defence (Defense) des etats de l'empire situez entre le Rhin, La Meuse et la Moselle, contre les trompeuses propositions de la France. - Ratisbonne, Felix Constant 1696. 103 S.
10579979 - Premire (Seconde) partie du catalogue des livres ... de la bibliothque de ... Pierre-Philippe-Constant Lammens ... dont la vente aura lieu ...
10579978 - Le cri d'un ultra, ou, Le vade-mecum de l'lecteur honnte homme, suivi de quelques mots sur les lections de 1818, par B. Constant. Par J.V.
10579977 - Benjamin Constant aux Champs-Elisees, tableau en un acte
10579976 - Mmoires de Constant, premier valet de chambre de l'Empereur, sur la vie prive de Napolon, sa famille et sa cour...
10579975 - Regula recti seu monita salutaria in usum uniformem venerabilis cleri Constantiensis collecta auctoritate et mandato Joannis Francisci ep. Constant
10579974 - Discours de M. Benjamin Constant la Chambre des Dputs
10579973 - D. Johannis Chrysostomi archiep. Constant. illustris doctrina Nemo laeditur nisi a semetipso ...
10579972 - De l'Aran
10579971 - Benjamin Constant jug par ses actions, ses discours et ses crits
10579970 - The sermons of the Right Reverend Father in God, and Constant Martyr of Jesus Christ, Hugh Latimer, sometime Bishop of Worcester
10579969 - The lady of pleasure. The royal master. The duke's mistress. The doubtful heir. St. Patrick for Ireland. The constant maid. The humorous courtier
10579968 - Constant Lusina
10579967 - The constant couple: or, A trip to the jubilee
10579966 - The interest of England, how it consists in unity of the Protestant religion, by a member of the House of commons [W. Constantine].
10579965 - Le grand cabinet romain, ou, Recueil d'antiquitez romaines, qui consistent en bas reliefs, statues des dieux & des hommes, instruments sacerdotaux, lampes, urnes, seaux, brasselets, clefs, anneaux, & phioles lacrimales, que l'on trouve a Rome, avec les ex
10579964 - Religion and loyalty supporting each other, or, A rational account how the loyal addressors maintaining the lineal descent of the Crown, is very consistent with their affection to the established Protestant religion
10579963 - Divines Predestination and Fore-knowledg, Consistent with the Freedom of Man's Will
10579962 - Miscellanea sacra: or, A new method of considering so much of the history of the Apostles, as is contained in Scripture [by J.S. Barrington].
10579961 - The letters apostolic of Pope Pius IX, considered, with reference to the law of England and the law of Europe
10579960 - The interest of Great Britain considered with regard to her colonies and the acquisitions of Canada and Guadaloupe
10579959 - The Hand phrenologically considered
10579958 - The proofs of infanticide considered
10579957 - Rheumatism, and some diseases of the heart and other internal organs, considered in the Gulstonian lectures
10579956 - G
10579955 - The peaceful end of the perfect upright man recommended to consideration
10579954 - A report of the proceedings of a public meeting ... in Chelmsford ... to consider the propriety of forming a Chelmsford and west Essex auxiliary Bible society
10579953 - Les consequences ausquelles a este reduite la religion pretendue reforme apres auoir recogneu qu'elle n'auoit aucun fondement en la saincte Escriture
10579952 - The Optical defects of the eye, and their consequences, asthenopia and strabismus
10579951 - An essay on diseases incidental to Europeans in hot climates with the method of preventing their fatal consequences
10579950 - A complete practical treatise on venereal diseases and their immediate and remote consequences
10579949 - The common errors in the education of children and their consequences
10579948 - Anguis in herba; or, The fatal consequences of a treaty with France ...
10579947 - The grounds and principles of Christian communion consider'd. In a letter to the Reverend Mr. John Cumming, M.A. occasion'd by his dissertation concerning the authority of scripture-consequences. By Thomas Morgan
10579946 - The revocation of the Edict of Nantes and its consequences to the Protestant Churches of France and Italy
10579945 - An inquiry into the reasonableness and consequences of an union with Scotland
10579944 - Declaration Dv Roy, En consequence de ses lettres patentes ... donnees en faueur des Princes, Ducs, Pairs, Officiers de sa Couronne, & tous autres qui les ont assistez durant leur eslongement de sa Cour
10579943 - Family records of the Gaileys, & some of their connections ...
10579942 - The connection between geography and history
10579941 - A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus, and Its Connection with the Mystic Theology of the Ancients
10579940 - Body and mind: their connection and mutual influence. Gulstonian lecture
10579939 - Journal of an expedition up the Niger and Tshadda rivers undertaken by Macgregor Laird in connection with the British Government in 1854
10579938 - Meteorology in its connection with agriculture
10579937 - The connection between irreligion and immorality, a sermon
10579936 - A letter stating the connection which Presbyterians, Dissenters, and Catholics, had with the recent event, which has agitated, and still agitates, the British empire. To which is added, A letter from lord Grenville to the Society in London for promoting C
10579935 - An inquiry into the connection between the present price of provisions, and the size of farms
10579934 - Love and artifice: or, A compleat history of the amour between lord Mauritio and Emilia, being the case of Elizabeth Fitz-Maurice and the lord William Fitz-Maurice, relating to a marriage contract between them [Letters of E. Fitzmaurice connecting narrati
10579933 - A letter to the traders and carriers on the navigations connecting Liverpool and Manchester, showing the easy means...of establishing...an elegant and comfortable conveyance for passengers...
10579932 - Lives of the queens of Scotland and English princesses connected with the regal succession of Great Britain
10579931 - A narrative of events connected with the publication of the Tracts for the times
10579930 - On superstitions connected with the history and practice of medicine and surgery
10579929 - A life of Aristotle, including a critical discussion of some questions of literary history connected with his works
10579928 - Reports, correspondence and original papers on various professional subjects connected with the duties of the Corps of Engineers, Madras Presidency
10579927 - Letter from the secretary of war, transmitting a copy of the proceedings of a court martial, for the trial of Colonel William King, of the Fourth infantry, and sundry orders and documents connected therewith ...
10579926 - Spiritual regeneration not necessarily connected with baptism, in answer to a tract upon regeneration published by the reverend dr. Mant
10579925 - The annals of Binghamton, and of the country connected with it, from the earliest settlement
10579924 - Canal of Nicaragua: or, a project to connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by means of a canal
10579923 - Der Keyserische Luther, Das ist: Die neunzehent Prob, wie D. Martin Luther, der tewer Mann Kayser und Konig in Ehren gehalten hab, vnd an der verwustung vnd confusion de Teutschlandts vnschuldig gewesen sei
10579922 - Le Babilon aultrement la confusion de lesclave fortune. Nouvellement compose par luy: ou sont contenues plusieurs lettres rcratifves et ioyeuses. Avecques aucune rondeaulx, et epistres amoureuses
10579921 - Microsynodvs Ratisbonen(sis) germanica ... Das sonder particular Regenspurgisch Teutsch Concili vnd geistlich gesprch ... wider der Bbstlischen vnnd Lutherischen Babel, confusion vnd verwirrung (etc.)
10579920 - Aurauschung der Augspurgischen Confusion ...
10579919 - A l' Assemble nationale, sur les moyens de former la constitution et les loix, sans tumulte, sans confusion, et avec toute la dcence qui doit caractriser les lgislateurs
10579918 - La subtile et nave recherche de l'hrsie, qui est la honte et confusion des prdicans, schismatiques et hrtiques
10579917 - A discourse concerning the confusion of languages at Babel
10579916 - Patrician & parvenu, or, "Confusion worse confounded"
10579915 - The doctrine of the divine visitation by earthquakes illustrated, confirmed, and applied. In two sermons preached on the fast-day and the preceding Sunday. By William Dodwell
10579914 - The invalidity of lay-baptism proved from scripture, and confirmed by the doctrine of Catholick antiquity, and of the Church of England
10579913 - The Church catechism explain'd, by way of question and answer; and confirmed by Scripture proofs. To which is added, a section on Confirmation
10579912 - Jus academicum, or, A defence of the peculiar jurisdiction which belongs of common right to universities in general, and hath been granted by royal charters, that confirm'd in Parliament, to those of England in particular
10579911 - Lettre d'un amy confident un autre touchant l'estat present de la negotiation de la paix entre les couronnes de France, & d'Espagne
10579910 - Lettre d'un gentilhomme franois bon catholique un sien confident ...
10579909 - La Maniere invincible pour confondre toutes sortes d'Heretiques, reduite en practique par forme de Conference. Par le Sieur Pean
10579908 - L'esprit de Luxembourg, ou Conference qu'il a eu avec Louis XIV sur les moyens de parvenir la paix
10579907 - Conference d'un Anglois et d'un Allemand sur les Lettres de Filtz Moritz
10579906 - Methode pour apprendre dessiner les passions, propose dans une conference sur l'expression gnrale, et particuliere
10579905 - Trial of the Rev. Edward Smith before the Pittsburgh Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church at the conference of July, 1841,
10579904 - Proceedings, First International Conference on the Use of Antibiotics in Agriculture
10579903 - Forms for the administration of baptism; the solemnization of matrimony [&c.], drawn up by the order of the Primitive Methodist conference ... 1859, for the use of ... Primitive Methodist ministers ... and sanctioned by the conference ... 1860
10579902 - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation conference proceedings
10579901 - Conference on Insecticide Resistance and Insect Physiology, December 8-9, 1951, University of Cincinnati
10579900 - Proceedings of Conference on Colloidal Agents Derived from Blood
10579899 - National Conference on Polychlorinated Biphenyls, November 1975, Chicago, Illinois
10579898 - Report of the 60th National Conference on Weights and Measures, 1975
10579897 - Proceedings of Nutrition Education Conference, April 1-3, 1957, Washington
10579896 - Report of a conference on linear algebras
10579895 - Rponse l'crit de Monsieur le comte d'Avaux, touchant les conditions de paix que la France offre aux Alliez
10579894 - Du Grand Ou Du Sublime Dans Les Moeurs Et Dans Les Diffrentes Conditions Des Hommes
10579893 - Du Gouvernement des moeurs et des conditions en France, avant la Rvolution, avec le caractre des principaux personnages du rgne de Louis XVI
10579892 - Systme complet d'ducation publique, physique et morale, pour l'un & l'autre sexe & pour les diverses conditions
10579891 - How to Study the Bible for the Greatest Profit
10579890 - Lettres historiques et galantes de deux dames de condition dont l'une toit Paris et l'autre en province
10579889 - La chirurgi militaire, tresutile a touts chirurgiens: principalement ceuls qui voeulent suivir ung camp, en temps de guerre. Pareillement touts aultres, en condition pestilente, ou dysenterique
10579888 - The domestic and financial condition of Great Britain
10579887 - The condition and treatment of the children employed in the mines and collieries of the United Kingdom, compiled from the appendix to the first report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into this subject [signed W.C.].
10579886 - Religion in America, or, An account of the origin, progress, relation to the state, and present condition of the evangelical churches in the United States
10579885 - History of the middle and working classes, with a popular exposition of the economical and political principles which have influenced the past and present condition of the industrious orders
10579884 - Report on the sanitary condition of the labouring population of Great-Bretain
10579883 - The history and present condition of Tripoli
10579882 - A General View of the Origin and Nature of the Constitution and Government of the United States, Deduced from the Political History and Condition of the Colonies and States, from 1774 Until 1788. And the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States
10579881 - Illustrations of the manners, customs, and condition of the North American Indians
10579880 - Selections from unpublished records of government for the years 1748-1767 inclusive relating mainly to the social condition of Bengal, with a map of Calcutta in 1784
10579879 - The reports of the Society for Bettering the Condition and Increasing the Comforts of the Poor
10579878 - First report of a Committee on the Sanitary Condition of the Laboring Classes in the city of New York, with remedial suggestions
10579877 - On the adaptation of external nature to the physical condition of man
10579876 - Observations on the present condition of the island of Trinidad
10579875 - Facts illustrative of the condition of the negro slaves in Jamaica
10579874 - A systematic plan for bettering the condition of ... the merchants' service
10579873 - The present state and condition of the free people of color, of the city of Philadelphia
10579872 - Observations on a pamphlet, touching the present condition of the navy and victualling
10579871 - A plan for the amelioration of the condition of the poor of the United Kingdom
10579870 - A treatise on the intellectual character and civil and political condition of the Colored people of the U. States
10579869 - Thoughts on the necessity of improving the condition of the slaves in the British colonies
10579868 - A reply to the speech of dr. Lushington, in the House of commons ... on the condition of the free-coloured people of Jamaica [by - Barret.].
10579867 - An account of the origin and present condition of the tribe of Ramoossies
10579866 - Foundations and concrete works
10579865 - Concrete floor slabs on grade subjected to heavy loads
10579864 - Requirements for Weatherproofing Thin Shell Concrete Roofs
10579863 - La conclusion et dernire partie d'Astre
10579862 - Dissertation curieuse, pour servir de conclusion aux attributs de Dieu
10579861 - Suite De La Relation de ce qui s'est pass au Parlement sant Rouen, au sujet des Edit & Dclaration du mois d' Avril 1763, depuis la dmission du Parlement jusqu' l' heureuse conclusion de cette affaire
10579860 - Recueil des dfenses de M. Fouquet suite du recueil conclusion des dfenses
10579859 - Sermon que en el dia de la Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria Santisima,Patrona de Espaa y de sus Indias, Destinado para la solemne Accion de gracias por el nacimiento de los dos Reales Infantes D.Carlos y D. Felipe,y por la feliz conclusion de la Paz predic
10579858 - Sermon que en el dia de la Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria Santisima ... destinado para la solemne accion de gracias por el nacimiento de los dos Reales Infantes D. Carlos y D. Felipe, y por la feliz conclusion de la paz
10579857 - The conclusion of Bishop Burnett's [sic] History of his own life and times..
10579856 - Reflections on the domestic policy, proper to be observed on the conclusion of a peace
10579855 - The conclusion of Bishop Burnett's History of his own time
10579854 - A short tract concerning the doctrine of "Nullum tempus occurrit regi:"
10579853 - A discourse concerning Sanchoniathon's Phoenician history
10579852 - Of human understanding. A defence of Mr. Locke's opinion concerning personal identity. Of the conduct of the understanding. Some thoughts concerning reading and study for a gentleman. Elements of natural philosophy. A new method of common-place-book
10579851 - A letter to a gentlewoman concerning baptism
10579850 - A discourse on mistakes concerning religion, enthusiasm, experiences, &c. Repr. [Followed by] Christ's spirit, a Christian's strength, or, A plain discovery of the mighty and invincible power, that all believers receive through the gift of the Spirit, by
10579849 - Letters concerning the constitution and order of the Christian ministry
10579848 - A dissertation concerning electricity
10579847 - A discourse concerning the connexion of the prophecies in the Old Testament
10579846 - A letter to Robert Hibbert, jun. esq., in reply to his pamphlet, entitled, "Facts verified upon oath, in contradiction of the report of the Rev. Thomas Cooper, concerning the general condition of the slaves in Jamaica," &c. &c
10579845 - Letters concerning taste
10579844 - Report of the Commissioners appointed ... to inquire concerning charities in England [and Wales] for the education of the poor ...
10579843 - Some thoughts concerning religion, natural and revealed
10579842 - An historical disquisition concerning the knowledge which the ancients had of India
10579841 - A scriptural commentary on the first Epistle general of Peter: with an appendix, concerning the profitable reading of Scripture
10579840 - A few facts concerning elementary locomotion
10579839 - Memorials concerning deceased Friends
10579838 - A dissertation concerning misletoe
10579837 - Letters concerning the present state of Poland
10579836 - A Letter Concerning Toleration
10579835 - The judgment of whole kingdoms and nations, concerning the rights, power, and prerogative of kings [&c.] by a true lover of the queen and country [T.H.]. By lord Sommers
10579834 - Critical observations concerning the Scottish historians Hume, Stuart, and Robertson
10579833 - Some Thoughts Concerning Education
10579832 - Das verrckte Menschen-Concept
10579831 - Concept der ... 1613 ... verbesserten Cammergerichts-Ordnung
10579830 - St. Mary in the Orthodox Concept
10579829 - The Concept of Structuralism
10579828 - Burritt's universal multipliers for computing interest, simple and compound
10579827 - New tables for computing the weight of cattle by measurement
10579826 - Uses of electronic computers in chemistry
10579825 - Documentation of Computer Programs and Automated Data Systems
10579824 - Approaches to privacy and security in computer systems
10579823 - No Compromise with Slavery
10579822 - A short but comprehensive system of the geography of the world
10579821 - Hints towards the formation of a more comprehensive theory of life
10579820 - The comprehensive English grammar
10579819 - The Book of Genesis in English-Hebrew, accompanied by an interlinear translation, with notes by the editor of the Comprehensive Bible [W. Greenfield].
10579818 - A comprehensive pronouncing and explanatory dictionary of the English language, with vocabularies of classical, scripture, and modern geographical names
10579817 - A comprehensive grammar of the English language
10579816 - A comprehensive system of grammatical and rhetorical punctuation
10579815 - The Greek grammar, or A short, plain, critical, and comprehensive method of teaching and learning the Greek language ...
10579814 - Art du compositeur dramatique ou cours complet de composition vocale divis en quatre parties et accompagn d'un volume de planches
10579813 - Tableau gnral de la cavalerie grecque compose de deux mmoires et d'une traduction du trait de Xnophon intitul "Le Commandant de la cavalerie" avec des notes, accompagn d'un dtail de la composition de la phalange et prcd d'un mmoire sur la gue
10579812 - Trait de la composition et de l'ornement des jardins
10579811 - Recueil de mots franais drivs de la langue grecque et dont la composition donne connatre le sens
10579810 - De la composition des parcs et jardins pittoresques
10579809 - Joint United States- Canadian tables of feed composition, nutritional data for U. S. A. and Canadian feeds
10579808 - A guide to English composition, or One hundred and twenty subjects analysed ...
10579807 - The principles of English composition
10579806 - Aids to English composition
10579805 - The composition of the urine
10579804 - The medical students [sic] practical and theoretical guide, to the translation and composition of Latin prescriptions
10579803 - Initia Grca, part iii. An introduction to Greek prose composition
10579802 - Guide to Musical Composition
10579801 - Easy exercises in composition
10579800 - General introduction to a course of lectures on English grammar and composition
10579799 - Practical lessons in English grammar and composition; for young beginners
10579798 - Greek exercises; or, An introduction to Greek composition ...
10579797 - Pinneo's guide to composition
10579796 - Exercises in Greek prose composition. [With] Key
10579795 - The art of epistolary composition
10579794 - An illustration of the hypothesis proposed in the dissertation on the origin and composition of our three first canonical gospels
10579793 - Morphology and composition of some soils of the Miami family and the Miami catena
10579792 - United States-Canadian tables of feed composition
10579791 - Electronic composition in printing
10579790 - Composition of American honeys
10579789 - Essays on interesting and useful subjects, with a few introductory remarks on English composition
10579788 - A grammar of composition
10579787 - Czanne's Composition
10579786 - Lectures on the structure and physiology of the parts composing the skeleton
10579785 - The teacher's assistant in English composition, or, Easy rules for writing themes and composing exercises
10579784 - An essay for composing a harmony between the Psalms, and other parts of the scripture
10579783 - Hymns composed chiefly on the atonement of Christ and redemption through his blood
10579782 - A short description of the Falasha and Kamants in Abyssinia, together with an outline of the elements and a vocabulary of the Falasha-Language composed by Martin Flad
10579781 - Cursory remarks upon some late disloyal proceedings, in several cabals: composed of an intermixture of interests
10579780 - Hymns composed on various subjects
10579779 - A Compendious Hebrew Lexicon, Adapted to the English Language, and Composed Upon a New and Commodious Plan
10579778 - Posthumous parodies and other pieces, composed by several of our most celebrated poets [by H. Twiss].
10579777 - Tables de L'Interet Compose
10579776 - Glossaire gnevois ou recueil tymologique des termes dont se compose le dialecte de Genve, avec les principales locutions dfectueuses en usage dans cette ville
10579775 - Statistique de la Suisse, ou tat de ce pays et des vingt-deux cantons dont il se compose
10579774 - Dictionnaire francais-italien et italien-francais compose sur les dictionnaires de l'Academie de France et de la Crusca
10579773 - Historia provinciae Societatis Jesu Germaniae Superioris, quinque primas annorum complex decades
10579772 - The Leptoconops kerteszi complex in North America
10579771 - Investigations of human requirements for B-complex vitamins
10579770 - Voyages from Asia to America, for completing the discoveries of the north west coast of America. To which is prefixed, A summary of the voyages made by the Russians on the Frozen Sea, in search of a north east passage. Serving as an explanation of a map o
10579769 - Oevres Completes de Regnard, 1
10579768 - uvres completes
10579767 - uvres completes de J.J. Rousseau: mile
10579766 - Oeuvres completes de Chamfort
10579765 - uvres completes de Voltaire
10579764 - Johnson's Lives of the British poets completed by W. Hazlitt
10579763 - A complete concordance to the Old and New Testament
10579762 - A complete history of England, from the descent of Julius Caesar, to the Treaty of Aix la Chapelle, 1748
10579761 - A new and complete system of arithmetic
10579760 - A complete practical grammar of the German language
10579759 - A Complete Dictionary of Music
10579758 - A complete history of Connecticut, civil and ecclesiastical
10579757 - A new and complete system of arithmetick
10579756 - The Works in Verse and Prose Complete of the Right Honourable Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke: Memorial-introduction. Poems of monarchy. Treatise of religion
10579755 - A political index to the histories of Great Britain & Ireland, or, a complete register of the hereditary honours, public offices, and persons in office
10579754 - A Compendious or briefe examination of certayne ordinary complaints of diuers of our countrymen in these our dayes
10579753 - Great-Britain's complaints against Spain impartially examin'd
10579752 - Practical observations on cancerous complaints
10579751 - Night thoughts on life, death, and immortality. [Followed by] A paraphrase on part of the book of Job
10579750 - The complaint; or, Night thoughts
10579749 - The Plays & Poems of Shakespeare: Venus & Adonis. The rape of Lucrece. Sonnets. A lover's complaint. The passionate pilgrim. Index to the striking passages & beauties
10579748 - The complaint: or, Night-thoughts on life, death, & immortality
10579747 - The complaint of peace
10579746 - Shakespeare's Sonnets and A Lover's Complaint
10579745 - The ideal of a Christian Church considered in comparison with existing practice
10579744 - Poems written chiefly at the University of Cambridge; together with a Latin oration upon the history and genius of the Roman and Canon laws, with a comparison of the laws of England, spoken in the Chapel at Trinity-Hall, Cambridge, December 21, 1756
10579743 - Analytical Comparison of the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin and Teutonic Languages, Shewing the Original Identity of Their Grammatical Structure
10579742 - The old paths; or, A comparison of the principles and doctrines of modern Judaism with the religion of Moses and the prophets
10579741 - Comparison of redox standards
10579740 - A reconnaissance of the Idaho batholith and comparison with the southern California batholith
10579739 - An essay towards comparing Pere Daniel's History of France, with some of the rules laid down by the antients for the writing of history; shewing its excellency above any other
10579738 - A dissertation concerning the chronological numbers recorded in the prophecies of Daniel, as compared with those in the Revelation of St. John
10579737 - The Mosaical and mineral geologies, illustrated and compared
10579736 - The domestic virtues and manners of the Greeks and Romans, compared with those of the most refined states of Europe, prize essay [by W. Sewell].
10579735 - Different methods of establishing an uniformity of weights and measures stated and compared
10579734 - The origin and principles of the American Revolution, compared with the origin and principles of the French Revolution
10579733 - Traduccion de la Carta Pastoral dirigida a toda la orden de San Francisco por el Rmo. P. Fr. Joaquin Company su ministro general en el ingreso de su oficio
10579732 - Second memorial to the hon. the court of directors of the East India company, with the different letters with which it was accompanied, the reply of the government, and other elucidatory papers
10579731 - History of the worshipful Company of ironmongers of London
10579730 - A Sketch of the History of the East-India Company
10579729 - History of the New-England Emigrant Aid Company
10579728 - The origin and early history of the Russia or Muscovy company, taken from Kakluyt, Purchas,etc
10579727 - The Volunteer's Hand Book: Containing an Abridgment of Hardee's Infantry Tactics, Adapted to the Use of the Percussion Musket in Squad and Company, Exercises, Manual of Arms for Riflemen, and United States Army Regulations as to Parades, Reviews, Inspecti
10579726 - Prospectus of the Stockton & Copperopolis Railroad Company, and Stockton and Ione City Railroad Co., Stockton, Cal
10579725 - The Herne bay, Hampton and Reculver oyster fishery company. Evidence taken on oath in the committee of the House of lords, April 19 & 20, 1866, on the bills promoted by the Whitstable and the Herne bay &c. fishery companies. With an explanatory introducti
10579724 - Report of the president and directors of the North Cliff Mining Company
10579723 - Annual report of the New Haven and Northampton Company
10579722 - 'Entered at Stationers' hall', a sketch of the history and privileges of the Company of stationers
10579721 - A catalogue of the mammalia in the Museum of the Hon. East-India Company
10579720 - A true account of the captivity of Thomas Phelps, at Machaness in Barbary, and of his strange escape in company of Edmund Baxter and others, as also of the burning two of the greatest pirat-ships belonging to that kingdom, in the river of Mamora
10579719 - A letter to the Reverend Mr. Geo. Lewis, chaplain to the honourable the East-India-Company at Fort St. George
10579718 - An exact list of the Lords spiritual and temporal. As also of the knights and commissioners of shires, citizens and burgesses of the present Parliament, ... To which is added distinguishing notes, whereby to know each member that voted for, and against th
10579717 - An enquiry into the misconduct and frauds committed by several of the factors, super-cargoes, and others, employed by the late and present directors of the South-Sea Company. ... By a considerable stock-holder
10579716 - United Reese River Silver Mining Company mines located in Austin, Lander County, Nevada
10579715 - Preliminary prospectus of the South African Company
10579714 - A caveat against evil company
10579713 - A comparison between the proposals of the Bank and the South-Sea Company
10579712 - East India Company's Pensions, Lists of all pensions granted by the company to commanders, officers ... since the year 1793 - 1833
10579711 - A short history of the East India company
10579710 - History of the Worshipful Company of Skinners of London
10579709 - A catalogue of books belonging to the company
10579708 - The constitutions of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen
10579707 - The H.K. Ferguson Company conceptual design of a 50 MGD desalination plant
10579706 - A list of the names of the members of the United Company of merchants of England trading to the East-Indies ...
10579705 - The constitutions of the Company of watermen and lightermen... To which is prefix'd, a table, of the contents of those by-laws and thereunto annex'd, an abstract of the respective duties of rulers, &c. [by L. Braddon.].
10579704 - A Remonstrance of the directors of the Netherlands East-India Company, presented to the Lords States Generall of the vnited Prov. in defence of the faid Companie, touching the blaudy proceedings against the English Merchants executed at Amboyna. Together,
10579703 - Physician and patient; or, A practical view of the mutual duties, relations and interests of the medical profession and the community
10579702 - Improvements in Education, as it Respects the Industrious Classes of the Community
10579701 - Health in community development
10579700 - Lectures on the elevation of the labouring portion of the community
10579699 - Mmoires sur les communications des vaisseaux lymphatiques
10579698 - Treatise on rail-roads and internal communications
10579697 - Communication systems and resources in the behavioral sciences
10579696 - Considerations on the proposed communication by a navigable canal, between the town of Sheffield and the Peak Forest Canal
10579695 - Telegraphic communication with India [letters] repr. from 'The Times' and 'Morning chronicle'.
10579694 - Railways in Egypt; communication with India [by F. Ayrton].
10579693 - Fundamentals of Single-sideband Communication
10579692 - Socialization as Cultural Communication
10579691 - THE Tribes AND Customs OF HY-Many, Commonly Called O'Kelly'S Country.
10579690 - The life of Joseph Balsamo, commonly called Count Cagliostro ...
10579689 - The life and adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew, commonly called the king of the beggars
10579688 - The life of John Metcalf, commonly called Blind Jack of Knaresborough
10579687 - The clerk's magazine: containing the most useful and necessary forms of writings, which commonly occur between man and man ...
10579686 - The common objects of the sea shore
10579685 - The Christian common prayer book, or universal liturgy ... adapted to the general public use of every society of Christians [by C. Hart.].
10579684 - The elements of the common lavves of England
10579683 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Common Pleas
10579682 - A compendium of the common law in force in Kentucky
10579681 - A short, plain, and practical exposition of the prayers, rubricks, rites, and ceremonies authoriz'd and prescribed in the Book of Common-prayer of the Church of England. ...
10579680 - Environmental requirements and pollution tolerance of common freshwater chironmidae
10579679 - An essay for a review of The book of common prayer
10579678 - Letters between Col. Robert Hammond, Governor of the Isle of Wight, and the committee of Lords and Commons at Derby-House, General Fairfax, Lieut. General Cromwell, Commissary General Ireton, &c. relating to King Charles I. ... Now first published. To whi
10579677 - Letters between Robert Hammond, Governor of the Isle of Wight, and the Committee of Lords and Commons at Derby-House, General Fairfax, St. Gen. Cromwell ... relating to King Charles I. while he was confined in CarisbrookeCastle in that island
10579676 - The Report of a committee appointed by the society of united Irishmen of Dublin, "to enquire and report the popery laws enacted in this realm"
10579675 - Reports of cases heard and determined by the Judicial Committee and the Lords of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council
10579674 - Report of Committee of Secrecy of the House of Commons
10579673 - Special report to the Ship Structure Committee on an appraisal of the properties and methods of production of laminated or composite ship steel plate
10579672 - ... Report of Minutes of Evidence from the Committee on Laws Relating to Leather
10579671 - Report of the Committee of the African Institution
10579670 - Color vision; symposium conducted at the spring meeting, 1971, Committee on Vision, Division of Behavioral Sciences, National Research Council
10579669 - Report of the committee on paleoecology, 1935-1936
10579668 - Reports from the Special committee on roads and other internal communications
10579667 - Report from the Select Committee on East India Maritime Officers
10579666 - Report of the Committee on a Treatise on Marine Ecology and Paleoecology
10579665 - The report of the committee appointed by a general vestry of the inhabitants of the parish of St. Botolph without Aldersgate
10579664 - Report of a committee appointed to consider the proposed abolition of the slave trade
10579663 - Report from the Committee of Secrecy of the House of Lords of Ireland, appointed to take into consideration the matters of the sealed-up treasonable papers received from the Commons, on the 23d day of July last: with all the appendices: by the right hon.
10579662 - Report of the Joint Continuing Committee for Scientific Cooperation
10579661 - Report of the Committee of the House of representatives of Massachusetts, on the subject of impressed seamen: with the evidence and documents accompanying it
10579660 - Minutes of the Committee of the British and Foreign Bible Society
10579659 - Report of the committee on the currency and finances of the Commonwealth
10579658 - Report of the Committee of the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania
10579657 - A letter to the revd mr. Law, council for the committee of Convocation, and the two famous universities; in a cause depending between them and the bishop of Bangor [in answer to W. Law's Reply to the Bishop of Bangor's Answer to the representation of the
10579656 - A further report from the Committee of Secrecy, appointed to enquire into the conduct of Robert E. of Orford, during the last ten years of his being First Commissioner of the Treasury, and Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of His Majesty's Exchequer. To whic
10579655 - Minutes of evidence given by Thomas Law Hodges, esq. before the Select committee of the House of commons, appointed to inquire into the expediency of encouraging emigration from the United Kingdom, in the year 1826; and before the Select committee of the
10579654 - Pro-Memoria Der Augspurgischen Confessions-Verwandten, wie solches der Hchst-ansehnliche Principal-Commission den 13. Octobr. 1719. bergeben worden
10579653 - Rapport de la commission chargee
10579652 - Die Zehnt- und Bodenzins-Frage im Kanton Bern, mit Bercksichtigung der Gesetzes-Entwrfe der regierungsrthlichen Zehnt-Liquidations-Commission vom 2. Juli 1845
10579651 - Rapport contenant l'exposition du systme adopt par la Commission des phares, pour clairer les ctes de France
10579650 - Rapport de la Commission charge par la Section vaudoise de la Socit militaire fdrale de l'examen du fusil Prlat-Burnand
10579649 - Rapport de la Commission d'enqute
10579648 - Rapport de la Commission de la Dite aux vingt-deux cantons suisses sur le projet d'acte fdral par elle dlibr Lucerne le 15 dcembre 1832
10579647 - Monuments d'antiquit figure, recueillis en Grce par la commission de More et expliqus
10579646 - Avant-projet de loi sur le rgime des prisons, soumis la commission charge par l'arrte royal du 25 juin 1853 de prparer la revision de la lgislation pnitentiaire
10579645 - An die Hochstansehnliche Kayserliche Commission Und Hochlobliche Visitations-Deputation Unterthanigst-grundmasige Verantwort- und Wiederlegung der in den gegenseitigen Schrifften ...
10579644 - Gutachten der Immediat-Justiz-Commission ber das Geschworenengericht
10579643 - Discours prononc par Robespierre la Convention nationale, dans la sance du 8 thermidor de l'an 2 de la Rpublique une et indivisible ; trouv parmi ses papiers par la commission charge de les examiner
10579642 - Bericht der Beurtheilungs-Commission ber die im Jahre 1829 unter der Leitung des bhmischen k.k. Landesguberniums statt gefundene ffentliche Ausstellung der Industrie-Erzeugnisse Bhmens
10579641 - Abdruck der, wegen der gegen die Reichs-Stadt Franckfurt erkannten Kayserlichen Muntz-Commisionen, ausser denen allbereits bey dem sechsten die Kayserliche Muntz-Local-Commission betreffenden Schreiben als Subadjuncta sub Nro. 44. 45. 46. und 47. befindli
10579640 - Instruction fr die zu Verfertigung des Entwurfs zu einem neuen Gesetzbuche verordnete Commission
10579639 - Relation mdicale de la commission envoye Paris par l'intendance sanitaire de Marseille pour observer le cholra morbus
10579638 - Rapport fait au gouvernement du louable Canton de Berne, sur l'Aar, la Thielle, les lacs de Morat, de Neufchtel et de Bienne par la Commission des digues
10579637 - Convention nationale. Troisime recueil. Pices imprimes d'aprs le dcret de la Convention nationale du 5 dcembre 1792... dposes la commission extraordinaire des douze, tablie pour le dpouillement des papiers trouvs dans l'armoire de fer au cht
10579636 - Programme de questions traiter par la commission nomme le 8 octobre 1835, pour prparer le projet de la loi qui doit remplacer les ordonnances ecclsiastiques, et rgler les rapports de l'Etat et de l'Eglise
10579635 - Oprations godsiques et astronomiques pour la mesure d'un arc du parallle moyen, excutes en Pimont et en Savoio par une Commission compose d'officiers de l'tat major gnral et d'astronomes pimontais et autrichiens en 1821, 1822, 1823 ...
10579634 - Gegen-Beschwerde und Anzeigen An Eine Hchstansehentliche Kyserl. Commission, und Reichs Visitations-Deputation Von Dem Praesidenten Freyherrn von Ingelheim und mit unterschriebenen Assessorn Gegen den Grafen von Solms und Consorten
10579633 - Dclinaisons et conjugaisons flamandes, d'aprs l'orthographe de la Commission royale...
10579632 - Rapport fait au nom de la commission charge de l'examen des papiers trouvs chez Robespierre et ses complices, par E. B. Courtois... dans la sance du 16 Nivse, An III de la Rpublique franaise une et indivisible
10579631 - Acte fdral de la Confdration suisse projet par la commission de rvision nomme par la dite le 17 juillet 1832
10579630 - Prcis de la dfense des membres de la Commission spciale du Conseil de Ville de Berne
10579629 - Arrt sur l'organisation de la Commission des hospices et des tablissements de dtention
10579628 - Abdruck des An die Hoch-Lbliche Reichs-Versammlung von Brgermeistern und Rath der Kayserl. und Reichs-Stadt Franckfurt a. Mayn unterm 26ten Julii 1760. erlassenen unterthnig-gehorsamen dritten Schreibens. Die auf denen Franckfurter Messen durch Kayserl
10579627 - Rapport fait au Grand-Conseil dans sa sance du 15 dcembre 1836, par la Commission charge de l'examen du projet de dcret concernant les constructions de routes faire dans l'intrieur et aux abords de la ville de Lausanne
10579626 - Report of the Royal commission on the laws of marriage
10579625 - Military commission to Europe in 1855 and 1856
10579624 - Incidents of the United States Christian Commission
10579623 - Le commission des Archives d'Angleterre (record commission) aux savans et antiquaires Franais
10579622 - An historical account of the origin of the Commission appointed to inquire concerning charities in England and Wales
10579621 - Pitman's journal of commercial education
10579620 - United States Commercial Register
10579619 - Pigot and Co.'s national commercial directory ...
10579618 - Memoir concerning the commercial relations of the United States with England
10579617 - Commercial evaporation and drying of fruits
10579616 - The history, civil and commercial, of the British West Indies
10579615 - Two letters to the citizens of the United States, and one to General Washington, written from Paris in the year 1799, on our political and commercial relations
10579614 - A concise treatise on commercial book-keeping
10579613 - Comments on magmatic stoping
10579612 - Comments on corpulency, Lineaments of leanness, Mems on diet and dietetics
10579611 - Forest Service comments on resolutions relating to the national forest system
10579610 - Comment je suis communiste
10579609 - Le Vray pitisme, ou Trait dans lequel on explique et les effets de la pit... et o l'on fait connotre comment la pit nous dispose l'gard de ceux qui ne pensent pas comme nous en matire de religion, par Pierre Roques,...
10579608 - Appendix ad comment. in Consuetudines Burdigalensium
10579607 - Tragedische Historie ofte waerachtige Relatie, aeng. het ghene in het bloedich Bancquet van den Graef Warfuse ghepasseert is, deels begaen in den moordt aen den persoon van Weylandt Heer Burgem. De la Ruelle [...] oock deels in het Attentaet teghens de H
10579606 - An Apology for the Laws Ecclesiastical Established, that Command Our Publick Exercise in Religion
10579605 - Narrative of the voyage of H.M.S. Herald during the years 1845-1851
10579604 - A Special Report on Atmospheric Sciences for the U.S. Air Force Systems Command
10579603 - Printed BY Order OF THE House OF Lords OR Presented BY Royal Command ON THE Session 1837
10579602 - The great paper bubble, or, The coming financial explosion
10579601 - The country gentleman's advice to his son, on his coming of age, in the year 17bb, with regard to his political conduct. Showing, amongst other things, the folly and pernicious consequences of all party clubs ...
10579600 - The plant sciences now and in the coming decade
10579599 - The suddenness of Christ's coming, consider'd and improv'd: in a sermon preach'd at Taunton, March 3, 1737-8. on occasion of the much-lamented death of the late Rev. Mr. Henry Grove, ... By James Strong. ...
10579598 - An answer to all the excuses ... for ... not coming to the holy communion, by a divine of the Church of England [E. Synge]. [Another]
10579597 - What is meant by coming unto Christ, and the reasons of men's refusing to come, briefly considered
10579596 - The laws of Vermont of a public and permanent nature, coming down to and including the year 1834
10579595 - An ordinance ... with instructions for the taking of the League and covenant ... Together with the League and covenant, subscribed with the names of so many of the members of the House of commons as have taken it. Also, the declaration of ... England and
10579594 - Della polizia considerata come mezzo di preventiva difesa
10579593 - Per lo riconoscimento della Sicilia come stato sovrano ed indipendente
10579592 - Memoria sull'introduzione del lichene islandese come alimento in Italia
10579591 - Storia della citta di Vicenza di Silvestro Castellini, ove si vedono i fatti e le guerre de' Vicentini, cosi esterne come civili, dall' origine di essa citt sino all' anno 1630
10579590 - Breve operetta nella quale se insegna, come acquistarsi debbia la divina gratia
10579589 - The life of Paul the Spanish sharper, Bk. 2. Fortune in her wits. Proclamation by Old Father Time. A treatise of all things whatsoever; past, present, and to come. Letters on several occasions
10579588 - Youth reminded of a judgment to come
10579587 - The Pilgrim's Progress, from this World to that which is to Come
10579586 - Manual of geography combined with history and astronomy
10579585 - A narrative of the proceedings of His Majesty's fleet in the Mediterranean, and the combined fleets of France and Spain, from the year 1741, to March 1744
10579584 - Semiconductor measurement technology combined quarterly report, October 1, 1973, to March 31, 1974
10579583 - An Exposition of the first principles of grand military combinations and movements
10579582 - New names and new combinations in the order Actinomycetales Buchanan 1917
10579581 - On wages and combination
10579580 - Spherical trigonometry, for the use of colleges and schools
10579579 - A system of Greek prosody and metre, for the use of schools and colleges
10579578 - A complete system of Latin prosody : for the use of schools, colleges, and private learners, on a plan entirely new
10579577 - Ordonnance de Mgr l'Archevque Duc de Reims ... en forme d'instruction pour la Facult de Thologie de l'Universit de Reims. A l'occasion de deux theses de thologie sotenus dans le College de Jesuites de la mesme ville, les 5. & 17. de decembre 1696
10579576 - Justification de la troisime plainte de Mr. Arnauld, Docteur de Sorbonne, contre le P. Payen, recteur du college des Jesuites de Liege
10579575 - Dissertation physique en forme de lettre, a Monsieur de Seve, Seigneur de Flecheres, Conseiller du Roy, &c. Dans laquelle il est prouv que les talens extraordinaires qu'a Jacques Aymar, de suivre avec une Baguette les Meurtriers & les Voleurs la piste,
10579574 - A list of the early printed books; and an index of the English books printed before the year MDC. in the library of gonville and Caius College, Cambridge
10579573 - A catalogue of the Society of brothers in unity, Yale college, founded 1768
10579572 - Royal dramatic college
10579571 - History of the college of New Jersey
10579570 - The life of Richard Bentley D. D. Master of Trinity College and Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Cambridge
10579569 - Vassar college and its founder
10579568 - A catalogue of the College of William and Mary in Virginia
10579567 - Observations on the construction of the roof of King's College Chapel, Cambridge
10579566 - The Authenticated report of the discussion which took place in the chapel of the Roman Catholic College of Downside, near Bath, on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of February, and the 5th, 6th, and 7th of March, 1834
10579565 - Descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the physiological series of comparative anatomy contained in the museum of the Royal College of Surgeons in London ...
10579564 - A catalogue of Roman silver coins, in the library of Trinity College, Dublin
10579563 - The life of Sir Thomas Pope, founder of Trinity College, Oxford
10579562 - The life of Henry Chichel, archbishop of Canterbury, founder of All Souls college, in the University of Oxford
10579561 - Letters of the Marquis Wellesley Respecting the College of Fort William
10579560 - Catalogue of the Hunterian Collection in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons in London: The human and comparative osteology
10579559 - The laws of Yale college, in New-Haven
10579558 - Directory of commercial testing and college research laboratories
10579557 - Descriptive catalogue of the preparations in the museum of the royal college of surgeons in Ireland
10579556 - Catalogue of the Arundel manuscripts in the library of the College of Arms
10579555 - The poems of George Huddesford, M.A., late fellow of New College, Oxford
10579554 - Lectures, delivered at Bowdoin college
10579553 - A short exposition of the Order for the burial of the dead, by an old college incumbent
10579552 - The order observed at the opening of the Countess of Huntingdon's College
10579551 - A complete vindication of the mallard of All-Souls College,
10579550 - A letter to H. Brougham ... in reply to the strictures on Winchester college, contained in his letter to sir S. Romilly
10579549 - Considerations suggested by the establishment of a second college in Connecticut
10579548 - History of the University of Edinburgh, from 1580 59 1646 ; to which is prefixed, the charter granted to the college by James VI. of Scotland, in 1582
10579547 - A manual of prayers for the use of the scholars of Winchester college [by T. Ken]. By T. Ken
10579546 - Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Honourable Henry Home of Kames, One of the Senators of the College of Justice, and One of the Lords Commissioners of Justiciary in Scotland
10579545 - An account of the late proceedings in the Council of the Royal Society, in order to remove from Gresham-College into Crane-Court, in Fleet-Street. In a letter to a Friend
10579544 - A Collection of designs for household furniture and interior decorwtion in the most approved and elegant taste
10579543 - A Collection of Rare and Curious Tracts on Witchcraft and the Second Sight
10579542 - Valuable collection of Americana formed
10579541 - A collection of advertisements, letters and papers, and some other facts, relating to the last elections at Westminster and Hasting
10579540 - A collection of English vvords not generally used
10579539 - A Collection Of Emblemes, Ancient And Moderne
10579538 - List of the specimens of fish in the collection of the British museum
10579537 - Mackenzie collection
10579536 - A Collection of Several Relations & Treatises Singular and Curious
10579535 - A Collection Of Curious Travels & Voyages
10579534 - A collection of proverbs and popular sayings relating to the seasons, the weather, and agricultural pursuits
10579533 - A collection of all the treaties of peace, alliance, and commerce, between Great-Britain and other powers
10579532 - A collection of advertisements, advices, and directions relating to the Royal fishery within the British seas, &c. transcribed out of divers English writers
10579531 - A collection of poems
10579530 - The Taxidermist's Manual; or the art of collecting, preparing and preserving objects of natural history
10579529 - Taxidermy; or, The art of collecting, preparing and mounting objects of natural history [by S. Lee].
10579528 - Collecting data and specimens for study of economic plants
10579527 - Analectabiblion, ou, Extraits critiques de divers livres rares, oublis ou peu connus, tirs du cabinet du marquis D. R*** [and collected by him].
10579526 - Coorg songs, collected and arranged by A Graeter
10579525 - The Collected Writings of James Henley Thornwell: Theological and ethical
10579524 - Minstrelsy of the Scottish border: ballads, collected by sir W. Scott. Repr. of the orig. ed
10579523 - The collected works of Dugald Stewart
10579522 - Short family prayers for every day in the week, with a few prayers for sick persons, collected and tr. by R.C. Jenkins
10579521 - The life of Petrarch, collected [by S. Dobson] from Mmoires pour la vie de Petrarch [sic, of J.F.P.A. de Sade].
10579520 - The collected works ... of sir Humphry Davy, ed. by J. Davy
10579519 - The poems of Francis Bacon, collected and ed. after the original texts by A.B. Grosart
10579518 - Fragments of ancient poetry, collected in the highlands of Scotland, and tr. [by J. Macpherson.].
10579517 - The political and commercial works of Charles D'Avenant, collected and revised by sir C. Whitworth
10579516 - Irish minstrelsy, or Bardic remains of Ireland; with Engl. poetical translations. Collected and ed. with notes by J. Hardiman
10579515 - Letters and remains of the lord chancellor Bacon, collected by R. Stephens [ed. by J. Locker].
10579514 - Sermons on various subjects, (now first collected)
10579513 - The life of William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Lord High Chancellor of England in the reign of Henry VI, and founder of Magdalen College, Oxford, collected from records, registers, manuscripts, and other authentic evidences
10579512 - Tales of Fairies and of the Ghost World: Collected From Oral Tradition in South-West Munster
10579511 - A treatise of the disease called a cold
10579510 - Medical reports on the effects of water, cold and warm, as a remedy in fever and other febrile diseases ..
10579509 - The causes of heat and cold in the several climates and situations of this globe, so far as they depend upon the rays of the sun
10579508 - Diss. inaug. med. de coffee potus usu noxio
10579507 - A treatise on the nature and cultivation of coffee
10579506 - Tea and coffee
10579505 - A descriptive catalogue of the London traders, tavern, and coffee-house tokens current in the seventeenth century
10579504 - A treatise concerning the properties and effects of coffee
10579503 - An historical account of coffee
10579502 - Coffee in the Gourd
10579501 - Notice and extracts relating to the Lion's Head, which was erected at Button's Coffee-House, in the year 1713
10579500 - An historical and entertaining treatise on coffee, its first discovery, its virtues, and the mode of roasting and preparing it for use
10579499 - L' Hymnen rformateur des abus du mariage ou le code conjugal
10579498 - Code militaire des suisses, pour servir de suite a l'Histoire Militaire des Suisses, au service de la France
10579497 - Code Frderic; Ou Corps De Droit Pour Les tats De Sa Majest Le Roi De Prusse
10579496 - Les codes expliqus par leurs motifs, par des exemples et par la jurisprudence
10579495 - Le droit civil expliqu suivant l'ordre du Code. De la vente, ou commentaire du titre VI, livre III du Code civil
10579494 - La lgislation civile, commerciale et criminelle de la France, ou commentaire et complment des codes Franais
10579493 - Le droit civil franais, suivant l'ordre du Code, ouvrage dans lequel on a tach de runir la thorie a la pratique
10579492 - Les douze livres du code de l'empereur Justinien
10579491 - Code diplomatique
10579490 - Trois traitez de la philosophie naturelle, non encore imprimes; savoir, La turbe des philosophes, qui est appelee Le code de verite ou l'art autre que la latine, plus, La parole delaissee de Bernard Trevisan, et un petit traicte, tres-ancien, intitule, L
10579489 - Code des chasses; ou, Nouveau trait du droit des chasses
10579488 - The penal code of Alabama
10579487 - The penal code of France
10579486 - The United States naval signal code
10579485 - The Civil Code of Lower Canada
10579484 - Reynold's code: polyglot nautical telegraph, revised by F.G. Simpkinson
10579483 - The Indian Penal Code
10579482 - The Code of practice of the state of Louisiana
10579481 - The black code of the District of Columbia
10579480 - A copy of the penal code
10579479 - A code of signals for the use of vessels employed in the merchant service
10579478 - The code of 1650
10579477 - The Code of Federal regulations of the United States of America
10579476 - The American Diplomatic code
10579475 - Code Napoleon; Or, The French Civil Code
10579474 - Jahrbuch des Schweizer Alpen-Club
10579473 - Bollettino del Club alpino italiano
10579472 - The secret history of the Calves-head Club, complt
10579471 - Club-foot
10579470 - The Savage-club papers
10579469 - A treatise on the nature of club-foot and analogous distortions
10579468 - Lists of members and the rules, with a catalogue of the books printed for the Bannatyne Club since its institution in 1823
10579467 - Club Life of London with Anecdotes of the Clubs, Coffee-Houses and Taverns of the Metropolis during the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries
10579466 - Constitution and by-laws of the Somerset Club, with a list of members
10579465 - The standard of excellence in exhibition poultry, authorized by the Poultry club
10579464 - The Indian club exercise
10579463 - Cobden Club Essays
10579462 - Biographical introduction, 1658-1719. Proposals of a council of trade, 1700. 3 ed. Memoir upon expeditions against the Spanish West Indies, 1701. 2d ed. Dialogues upon the union of England and Scotland, at the Wednesday's club, in Friday street, 1706. 2d
10579461 - The club
10579460 - Musapdia, or Miscellany poems, never before printed. By several members of the Oxford poetical club, late of Eton and Westminster
10579459 - Publications of the Narragansett Club: John Cotton's answer to Roger Williams
10579458 - Hawaiian club papers
10579457 - On the nature and treatment of club-foot
10579456 - The miscellany of the Spalding Club
10579455 - The Miscellany of the Spalding Club
10579454 - Catalogue of the Fly Club of Harvard University, 1836-1911
10579453 - Catalogue of the Porcellian Club of Harvard University
10579452 - The history and records of the Elephant Club
10579451 - Streetology of London; or, The metropolitan papers of the Itinerant club, ed. by Jack Rag
10579450 - Poems on various subjects: viz. The legion club, by D--n S----t. The gymnasiad. The causidicade. An epistle to Dr. Thompson
10579449 - The Journal of a learned and political club of some young noblemen and gentlemen, sometime since established at London
10579448 - A letter to a member of the club, in Albemarle-street
10579447 - An authentick account of the important transactions of the last assembly of the Political Club
10579446 - A supplement to the advice from the Scandel Club
10579445 - The country book-club. A poem
10579444 - A letter to a member of the October-Club
10579443 - The words of the most favourite pieces, performed at the Glee club, the Catch club, and other public societies. Compiled by R. Clark
10579442 - The female jockey club, or A sketch of the manners of the age, by the author of the former Jockey club
10579441 - The Secret History of the October Club
10579440 - Miscellany of the Maitland club
10579439 - The jockey club; or A sketch of the manners of the age
10579438 - Malta Union Club
10579437 - The posthumous papers of the Pickwick club
10579436 - An essay on club foot
10579435 - The Whig club: or, A sketch of modern patriotism [by C. Pigott].
10579434 - The Club-book: The fatal whisper
10579433 - The Club-book: Introductory
10579432 - The club-book: original tales, by [G.P.R.] James [and others] ed. by the author of 'The dominie's legacy' 2 vols. in 1
10579431 - Catalogue of an exhibition of the Liber studiorum of J.M.W. Turner, at the rooms of the Grolier club ... New-York, January, 1888
10579430 - 4-H Club insect manual
10579429 - The pioneer of progress; or, The early closing movement in relation to the Saturday half-holiday and the early payment of wages, prize essay
10579428 - The closing events of the campaign in China
10579427 - Les lvres closes
10579426 - On the growth of plants in closely glazed cases
10579425 - Brand-clock [Ghegoten ten deele van de stoffe ghecomen wt de Camer der E.H.M. Heeren Staten soo der Geunieerde Provintien in 'tghemeyn, als int particulier van Hollandt] Noodich ghetrocken in dese bedroefde vruchtbare tijden der ghevaerlijcke, van ouds be
10579424 - Brand-clock (Ghegoten ten deele van de Stoffe ghecomen wt de Camer der E. H. M. Staten soo der Geunieerde Provintien in 'tghemeyn, als int particulier van Hollandt) noodich ghetrocken in dese bedroefde vruchtbare tijden der ghevaerlijcke, van ouds begrave
10579423 - A Rudimentary Treatise on Clock and Watch Making
10579422 - The autobiography of a clock, and other poems
10579421 - A rudimentary treatise on clock and watch making
10579420 - New and Complete Clock and Watchmakers' Manual
10579419 - History of the American clock business for the past sixty years
10579418 - Clock and watch work [by E. Beckett]. From the 8th ed. of the Encyclopdia Britannica, with improvements
10579417 - Kelly'S Directory OF THE Watch & Clock Trades 1880
10579416 - A catalogue of Greek, Roman and English coins, medallions and medals, of the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Oxford, deceas'd, which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Cock, at his house in the Great Piazza, Covent Garden, on Thursday March the 18th, 1741--2
10579415 - Master Humphrey's clock
10579414 - A catalogue of the valuable and highly interesting library of printed books and MSS., removed from Leeds Castle, in Kent; a great part of which was collected at different times by the Lords Fairfax, and added to by the Rev. Dr. Wilkins of Suffolk ... whic
10579413 - The clever woman of the family
10579412 - Clever girls of our time
10579411 - Obedience to civil government clearly stated: wherein the Christian religion is rescu'd from the false notions pretended to be drawn from it; and Mr. Hoadly's new scheme, in his last book Of the origin and form of government; is fully considered
10579410 - The Work of Jesus Christ, as an Advocate Clearly Explained
10579409 - Doctor Mead's short discourse explain'd being a clearer account of pestilential contagion and preventing
10579408 - The faithfulness of God, considered and cleared, in the great events of his word
10579407 - Primitive Episcopacy Stated and Cleared from the Holy Scriptures and Ancient Records
10579406 - The evidence of the resurrection cleared from the exceptions of a late pamphlet entitled, The resurrection of Jesus considered by a moral philosopher
10579405 - The authentic proceedings of the French King and his Parliament against the Jesuits of France. Setting in the most clear and impartial view the fundamental and political motives which urged his most Christian Majesty and his Parliament thereto, ... With p
10579404 - The principles of deism truly represented, and set in a clear light
10579403 - A Roman Catholick system of allegiance, in favour of the present establishment. ... Being a clear proof, that the method of requiring submission to King George, ... By P. R. Doctor utriusque juris
10579402 - A clear state of the case of Elizabeth Canning
10579401 - Holy David and his old English translators clear'd
10579400 - The London commercial dictionary, and sea-port gazetteer, exhibiting a clear view of the commerce and manufactures of all nations; and their several products
10579399 - Oliver's pocket looking-glass, new fram'd and clean'd, to give a clear view of the great modern Colossus [J. Churchill, duke of Marlborough].
10579398 - A pair of clean shoes and boots for a dirty baronet
10579397 - Oliver's pocket looking glass, new framed and clean'd, to give a clear view of the great modern Colossus ...
10579396 - De la mis
10579395 - Des classes ouvri
10579394 - Consid
10579393 - Syst
10579392 - Syst
10579391 - Recherches g
10579390 - Nosologia methodica, sistens morborum classes, genera et species, juxta Sydenhami mentem et botanicorum ordinem
10579389 - Ioannis Antonii Scopoli ... Flora carniolica, exhibens plantas Carnioliae indigenas et distributas in classes, genera, species, varietates, ordine linnaeano
10579388 - Nosologia methodica sistens morborum classes, genera et species
10579387 - Systema entomologiae, sistens insectorum classes, ordines, genera, species, adjectis synonymis, locis, descriptionibus, observationibus
10579386 - Tentamen dispositionis methodicae fungorum in classes, ordines, genera et familias. Cum supplemento adjecto
10579385 - Anatomie compar
10579384 - Joannis Ludovici Vivis Valentini Opera omnia, distributa et ordinata in argumentorum classes praecipuas a Gregorio Majansio ... ; item Vita Vivis scripta ab eodem Majansio ...
10579383 - Acta Sanctorum ordinis S. Benedicti in saeculorum classes distributa
10579382 - De l'ancienne France, contenant l'origine de la royante et de ses attributs, celle de la nation et de ses differentes classes, celles de la pairie et des pairs de France, des dignit
10579381 - Marie honor
10579380 - Regnum vegetabile iuxta systema naturae in classes, ordines et genera constitutum
10579379 - Lexique grec-fran
10579378 - Edmundi Hollyngi ... Medicamentorum oeconomia nova seu, quod idem est nova medicamentorum in classes, sedes atque familias distribuendorum ratio
10579377 - Caroli a Linn
10579376 - Caroli Linnaei ... Systema naturae sistens regna tria naturae, in classes et ordines genera et species redacta tabulisque aeneis illustrata
10579375 - Caroli Petri Thunberg ... Flora iaponica sistens plantas insularum iaponicarum secundum systema sexuale emendatum redactas ad 20. classes, ordines, genera et species ...
10579374 - Bibliotheca philosophica in suas classes distributa
10579373 - Cours de latinit
10579372 - Joh. Christ. Fabricii ... Entomologia systematica emendata et aucta, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species ...
10579371 - Obras poeticas posthumas que ... escrivio el maestro Don Manuel de Leon Marchante ... divididas en tres classes, sagradas, humanas y c
10579370 - Caroli a Linn
10579369 - De l'ancienne France, contenant l'origine de la royaut
10579368 - Syst
10579367 - Rapports et discussions de toutes les classes de l'institut de France sur les ouvrages admis au concours pour les prix d
10579366 - Lexique francais-latin a l'usage des basses classes ...
10579365 - Regnum animale in classes IX distributum
10579364 - History of the working and burgher classes
10579363 - Schola steganographica, in classes octo distributa
10579362 - Three years among the working-classes in the United States during the war
10579361 - The laboring classes of England
10579360 - Some habits and customs of the working classes
10579359 - sketches of the higher classes of colored society in philadeplphia
10579358 - Notes on Nursing for the Labouring Classes
10579357 - Reformatory Schools, for the Children of the Perishing and Dangerous Classes, and for Juvenile Offenders
10579356 - A manual of instruction for confirmation classes
10579355 - THE Peerage, Baronetage, AND Knightage, OF Great Britain AND Ireland, Including ALL THE Titled Classes
10579354 - The state of the poor; or, An history of the labouring classes in England, from the conquest to the present period
10579353 - Celebrated trials connected with the upper classes of society, in the relations of private life
10579352 - Regnum vegetabile speciale, plantarum descriptionem, classes et differentias, figuram, sapores, odores, colores, virtutes et usus proponens
10579351 - Emanuelis K
10579350 - catalogue of ancient and modern books in all classes of natural history.
10579349 - Remarks on the practicability of Mr. Robert Owen's plan to improve the condition of the lower classes ...
10579348 - A new spelling book, adapted to the different classes of pupils
10579347 - A catalogue of a curious and valuable collection of books, in various languages and classes of literature
10579346 - Reports of lectures on morality as modified by the various classes into which society is divided ...
10579345 - English grammar, adapted to the different classes of learners
10579344 - The classes and orders of the Linn
10579343 - History of the middle and working classes
10579342 - Eleganti
10579341 - The causes of the present condition of the labouring classes in the south of England
10579340 - An inquiry into the moral, social, and intellectual condition of the industrious classes of Sheffield [by G.C. Holland].
10579339 - Statement of the provision for the poor, and of the condition of the labouring classes, in a considerable portion of America and Europe
10579338 - An introductory grammar of the Latin language, for the use of the younger classes at Cheam school, taken principally from Zumpt
10579337 - Speeches ON THE Condition OF THE Working Classes
10579336 - Report to the County of Lanark of a plan for relieving public distress, and removing discontent, by giving permanent, productive employment, to the poor and working classes ...
10579335 - What Social Classes Owe to Each Other
10579334 - Theologiae, philosophiae, et humaniorum literarum professio, hoc est, Triplex sacrae Sorbonae decus triplici symbolo, auro, argento, ferro designatum, oratione apud Calvicos 3. Octobr. habit
10579333 - The general class-book, or interesting lessons in prose and verse
10579332 - The third-class reader
10579331 - A concise view of that class of prophecy which relates to the Messiah, connected with the leading doctrines of the Christian faith
10579330 - Japan's New Middle Class
10579329 - The speller and definer, or, Class-book no. 2
10579328 - The literary and scientific class book
10579327 - The class Pisces
10579326 - An address delivered before the senior class in Divinity College, Cambridge, Sunday evening, 15 July, 1838
10579325 - American school class-book
10579324 - The first class reader
10579323 - The Bible class text book or biblical catechism
10579322 - The theological class book
10579321 - Middle-Class Blacks in a White Society
10579320 - The Class Reptilia
10579319 - Caste, Class, and Power
10579318 - Historical class book
10579317 - The historical class book: or, Readings in modern history
10579316 - The Animal Kingdom Arranged in Conformity with Its Organization: The class Mammalia with specific descriptions by E. Griffith, C. H. Smith, and E. Pidgeon. 1827
10579315 - The young ladies' class book
10579314 - Catalogue of a class library, instituted in the year Mdcccxxiii for the use of the students of humanity in the University of Edinburgh
10579313 - The class book of natural theology
10579312 - The Theory of the Leisure Class
10579311 - President Dwight's decisions of questions discussed by the senior class in Yale College, in 1813 and 1814
10579310 - Speeches of the Earl of Shaftesbury ... upon subjects relating to the claims and interests of the labouring class
10579309 - Statement of claims of the British subjects interested in opium surrendered to Captain Elliot at Canton for the public service
10579308 - The exclusive claims of Puseyite Episcopalians to the Christian ministry indefensible
10579307 - List of claims filed with the Department of state
10579306 - 4 papers relating to claims to the barony of Athenry
10579305 - Falconry, Its Claims, History, and Practice
10579304 - The Works of Alexander Hamilton: Miscellanies, 1789-1795: France; Duties on imports; National bank; Manufactures; Revenue circulars; Reports on claims, etc
10579303 - A candid examination of the mutual claims of Great-Britain, and the Colonies
10579302 - Correspondence concerning claims against Great Britain
10579301 - The claims of Japan and Malaysia upon Christendom
10579300 - 8 papers relating to claims to the baronies of Botreaux, Hungerford, De Molyns and Hastings
10579299 - Statement of claims on the Portuguese government
10579298 - A defence of Dr. Charles T. Jackson's claims to the discovery of etherization
10579297 - 3 papers relating to claims by successive earls of Shrewsbury to the lord stewardship of Ireland
10579296 - Abstract of land claims
10579295 - Papers elucidating the claims of Sir Augustus d'Este, K.C.H.
10579294 - High-flown episcopal and priestly claims freely examin'd
10579293 - Report of the proceedings of the House of lords on the claims to the barony of Gardner; with an appendix, containing a collection of cases illustrative of the law of legitimacy. By D. Le Marchant
10579292 - 5 papers relating to claims to the barony of Braye
10579291 - A defence of the rights of the house of Austria, against the unjust claims of the king of Prussia [to certain parts of Silesia].
10579290 - The claims of the established church to exclusive attachment and support
10579289 - An exposition of the pretended claims of William Vans on the estate of John Codman
10579288 - Report upon the claims of mr. George Stephenson, relative to the invention of his safety lamp, by the committee appointed at a meeting holden in Newcastle
10579287 - The claims of the British Navy, subsequent to the termination of war with France and her allies
10579286 - Abstract of all the claims on the New forest ... entered at the lord chief justice in eyre's court ... 1670
10579285 - 3 vols. of papers relating to claims to the earldom of Perth
10579284 - The modern claims to the possession of the extraordinary gifts of the Spirit, stated and examined
10579283 - The claims of the landed interests to legislative protection considered
10579282 - Strong reasons for rejecting the Roman Catholic claims
10579281 - The claims of Japan and Malaysia upon Christendom...
10579280 - An examination of the report of the committee of the House of Commons on the claims of remuneration for the vaccine pock inoculation
10579279 - Dr. Williams's library, and the debate on the Roman Catholic claims, January 20th, 1829
10579278 - Report of the trial of Alexander Humphreys or Alexander, claiming the title Earl of Stirling, before the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, for the crime of forgery
10579277 - The Work Claiming to be the Constitutions of the Holy Apostles, Including the Canons, Whiston's Version
10579276 - Colonel Draper's answer, to the Spanish arguments, claiming the Galeon, and refusing payment of the ransom bills, for preserving Manila from pillage and destruction:
10579275 - The right of the United States of America to the north-eastern boundary claimed by them
10579274 - Resposta do governo portuguez
10579273 - A treatise on the law of set-off, recoupment, and counter claim
10579272 - Montague peerage. Case of Henry Browne ... on his claim to the title and dignity of viscount Montague
10579271 - Trial of Thomas Sims, on an issue of personal liberty, on the claim of James Potter, of Georgia, against him, as an alleged fugitive from service
10579270 - The Claim of the Colonies to an examption from internal taxes imposed by authority of Parliament
10579269 - A short state of the case, with relation to a claim made by Richard Francklin, bookseller, on David Mallet, esq
10579268 - The Roscommon claim of peerage, explained by the speeches delivered ... before the Lords' committee of privileges. Taken from the notes of mr. [J.] Gurney. Ed. by J.S. Taylor
10579267 - Claim of Molineux Disney, esq. to the barony of Hussey
10579266 - A narrative of the minutes of evidence respecting the claim to the Berkeley peerage
10579265 - Report of proceedings on the claim to the barony of L'Isle ...
10579264 - The duty of communion with the established church, and its claim to exclusive support demonstrated
10579263 - Reports of criminal law cases decided at the City-Hall of the City of New-York
10579262 - The City charter and ordinances of the City of Newark
10579261 - The city charter and the revised ordinances of the city of Peoria, Illinois
10579260 - History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk, and the City and County of the City of Norwich
10579259 - The Boston news-letter, and city record
10579258 - City biography
10579257 - The history and antiquities of the city of Dublin
10579256 - The History and Antiquities of Somersetshire: pt. 1. The parochial history continued, viz. The city and cathedral of Wells; the hundreds of Wells Forum and Whitstone. pt. 2. The general and ancient history of the county
10579255 - A dissertation on the pageants or dramatic mysteries anciently performed at Coventry, by the trading companies of that city
10579254 - A survey of the city of Worcester
10579253 - The Charter of the City of New-York
10579252 - Historical Memoirs of the City of Armagh for a Period of 1373 Years
10579251 - The history, topography and antiquities of the county and city of Waterford; with an account of the present state of the peasantry of that part of the South of Ireland
10579250 - An account of the epidemic fever which prevailed in the city of New York, during part of the summer and fall of 1795
10579249 - Ordinances of the mayor and city council ...
10579248 - Transactions of the Corporation of the Poor, in the city of Bristol, during a period of 126 years
10579247 - The Chichester guide, containing the history and antiquities of the city, and other interesting objects of curiosity, a description of the cathedral and its monuments and of the minor churches, together with some account of the antiquities and gentlemens'
10579246 - Remarkable antiquities of the city of Exeter
10579245 - The poll for members of Parliament, for the City and County of Norwich, taken the third and fourth of November, 1806,
10579244 - A short account of the city and close of Lichfield
10579243 - History of the city of Chester
10579242 - Plays: The city madam. The guardian. A very woman. The bashful lover. The old law
10579241 - History and description of the ancient City of York
10579240 - Memoranda, references, and documents relating to the Royal Hospitals of the city of London
10579239 - Federal Programs and City Politics
10579238 - The history and antiquities of Bicester, a market town in Oxfordshire: comp. from original records ... and containing translations of the princpal papers, charters, &c. in the Kennett's Parochial antiquities. To which is added An inquiry into the history
10579237 - Wholesale marketing of live poultry in New York City
10579236 - Memorabilia of the city of Perth: containing, a guide to Perth; historical memoranda [&c.].
10579235 - A candid enquiry into the right of jurisdiction in the City of London over the borough of Southwark
10579234 - A view of the city of Glasgow
10579233 - Hortus Elginensis: or catalogue of plants indigenous and exotic, cultivated in the Elgin botanic garden in the vicinity of the city of New York, established in 1801
10579232 - The story of a city arab. By the author of 'The story of a pocket Bible'.
10579231 - By-laws and ordinances of the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the City of New York
10579230 - The city of the Magyar, or Hungary and her institutions in 1839-40
10579229 - A catalogue of the Library of the Corporation of the City of London, instituted in the year 1824
10579228 - Historical memoirs of the city of Armagh
10579227 - The history and antiquities of the church and city of Lichfield:
10579226 - The Voice of the City
10579225 - Ancient and present state of the city of Oxford
10579224 - Evaluation of the refuse management system at the Jersey City operation breakthrough site
10579223 - The history and antiquities of the city of Carlisle [from The history of Cumberland].
10579222 - The Royal kalendar, and court and city register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the colonies
10579221 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Superior court of the city of New York [1828-1829]
10579220 - List of persons, copartnerships, and corporations who were taxed twenty-five dollars, and upward, in the city of Boston
10579219 - Eboracum: or, The history and antiquities of the city of York, from its original to the present times
10579218 - Review of New-York, or Rambles through the city
10579217 - Proceedings of the Conventions of the providence of Maryland, held at the city of Annapolis, in 1774, 1775, & 1776
10579216 - An historical account of the city of Hereford
10579215 - Journey through Arabia Petr
10579214 - City liberties
10579213 - A charge delivered to the grand jury, at the sessions of the peace held for the city and liberty of Westminster, on Wednesday the 16th of October, 1754. By Thomas Lediard, ...
10579212 - The ancient and present state of the county and city of Waterford
10579211 - A mirror for the burgesses and commonalty of the city of Bristol
10579210 - The Morning star, and city watchman
10579209 - The history and antiquities of the city and suburbs of Worcester ...
10579208 - The Royal kalendar, or Complete and correct annual register [afterw.] The Royal kalendar and Court and city register. [2 eds.].
10579207 - Westminster election. A poll taken ... 1837 for the election of two members to represent the city of Westminster in parliament
10579206 - The Politics of City Revenue
10579205 - Millan's universal register, of court and city offices
10579204 - The history of the city and state of Geneva
10579203 - The staple contract, betwixt the Royal Burrows of Scotland, and the city Campvere in Zealand
10579202 - The Roman history, from the foundation of the city of Rome, to the destruction of the Western Empire
10579201 - Power in the City
10579200 - Journal of the proceedings of a convention of literary and scientific gentlemen, held in the Common council chanber of the city of New York, October, 1830
10579199 - The city of the plague
10579198 - History of the City of Dublin
10579197 - The widow of the city of Na
10579196 - Silver City, Idaho
10579195 - History of the controversy in the University of the city of New York
10579194 - Behar (Patna city) and Shahabad
10579193 - The New-York City-hall recorder
10579192 - The second journal of the stated preacher to the hospital and almshouse in the city of New-York
10579191 - A description of the first discoveries of the antient city of Heraclea, found near Portici, a country palace belonging to the King of the two Sicilies. In two parts. ...
10579190 - Memorabilia of the city of Glasgow
10579189 - The Hereford guide: containing a concise history of the city [&c.] also an account of the principal seats in the neighbourhood [by W.J. Rees].
10579188 - An essay towards a description of the city of Bath
10579187 - The rise and progress of the city of Glasgow
10579186 - Charter and by-laws of the city of Burlington
10579185 - The history, topography, and antiquities, of the county and city of Limerick
10579184 - County and city data book
10579183 - The city of the Magyar, or Hungary and her institutions in 1839-40
10579182 - The London City Mission magazine
10579181 - An account of the yellow fever, which occurred in the city of New-York, in the year 1822
10579180 - Oxoniana: or anecdotes relative to the university and city of Oxford
10579179 - A topographical and historical account of the city and county of Norwich [by J. Stacy].
10579178 - The history and antiquities of the city and Cathedral-Church of Hereford:
10579177 - The Plays of Philip Massinger: The city madam. The guardian. A very woman. The bashful lover. The old law
10579176 - night scenes of city life
10579175 - The Emerald City of Oz
10579174 - A topographical and historical description of the University and city of Oxford, with views
10579173 - History of the city of Chester, from its foundation to the present time
10579172 - The ancient history and description of the city of Exeter
10579171 - History, gazetteer, and directory, of the west-riding of Yorkshire, with the city of York and port of Hull
10579170 - The university and city of Oxford;
10579169 - The History, Antiquities, Topography, and Statistics of Eastern India: Behar (Patna city) and Shahabad
10579168 - Detroit city directories
10579167 - An historical guide to the city of Dublin, illustrated by engravings, and a plan of the city
10579166 - Speeches, delivered at the City-hall of the city of New-York
10579165 - Review of the speech of Harrison Gray Otis, mayor of the city of Boston
10579164 - History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk, and the City and County of the City of Norwich
10579163 - The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith, M.B.: Letters from a citizen of the world, to his friend in the East. A familiar introduction to the study of natural history
10579162 - The Rights of an American Citizen
10579161 - The duties of an American citizen
10579160 - The Citizen (or, Dublin monthly magazine).
10579159 - Letters from a citizen of the world
10579158 - The citizen of the world; or, Letters from a Chinese philosopher
10579157 - Harrison's British Classicks: The Connoisseur. The Citizen of the world. The Babler
10579156 - The confessions of J.J. Rousseau, citizen of Geneva
10579155 - A Collection of the Most Esteemed Farces and Entertainments Performed on the British Stage: The citizen
10579154 - Experimental enquiries concerning the principle of the lateral communication of motion in fluids; ... By Citizen J.B. Venturi, ... Translated from the French
10579153 - The Dutch better Friends than the French, to the Monarchy, Church and Trade of England. In a Letter from a Citizen to a Country Gentleman
10579152 - An apology for the use of the English liturgy and worship; against the cavils and exceptions of the Presbyterians in North-Britain: in a letter to Francis Melvil, by a citizen of Aberdeen [W. Gordon.].
10579151 - A vindication of the right honourable the lord-mayor. [sir J. Barnard]. In answer to a letter address'd to his lordship [by S. Chandler], on occasion of his lordship's nomination of five dissenters ... to serve the office of sheriff of London. By a citize
10579150 - A letter from a citizen to a member of Parliament; occasion'd by the bill now depending for regulating elections in the City of London, and for preserving the peace, good order, and government of the said city
10579149 - The life of Mr. Thomas Firmin, citizen of London
10579148 - The life and errors of John Dunton, citizen of London
10579147 - A copy of the poll for a citizen for the city and liberty of Westminster;
10579146 - the citizen soldiers at north point and fort mchenry
10579145 - Letters from a citizen of the world to his friends in the East ...
10579144 - The citizen of the world ...
10579143 - The Citizen
10579142 - The Origin of the Distinction of Ranks Or an Inquiry Into the Circumstances which Give Rise to Influence and Authority in the Different Members of Society
10579141 - The principal motives & circumstances that induced Moses Marcus to leave the Jewish, & embrace the Christian faith
10579140 - A history of the English poor law, in connexion with the legislation and other circumstances affecting the condition of the people
10579139 - The Origin, Progress, & Existing Circumstances, of the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews
10579138 - A complete history and development of all the extraordinary circumstances and events connected with the murder of Mr. Weare
10579137 - General view of the agriculture and mineralogy, present state and circumstances of the County Wicklow
10579136 - A statement of the facts and circumstances relative to the operation of the pilot laws of U.S., with particular reference to New-York
10579135 - Poems on his domestic circumstances
10579134 - A letter to ... the duke of York, or, An exposition of the circumstances which led to the late appointment of sir Hew Dalrymple
10579133 - Appendix to the General report of the agricultural state, and political circumstances, of Scotland
10579132 - A view of the natural, political and commercial circumstances of Ireland
10579131 - Physiologie m
10579130 -
10579129 - La circulation et la consommation des richeses
10579128 - Lettre a vn Docteur et Proffeseur en Medicine, touchant la connoissance du chyle, & de ses vaisseaux qui le portent au coeur ; ensemble la nouvelle descouuerte de la noble valuule, qui confirme entierement la doctrine de la circulation du sang, & establit
10579127 - L'Anatomie de l'homme suivant la circulation du sang et les derni
10579126 - Avis au roi sur la libre circulation des grains, et la r
10579125 - Trait
10579124 - Nouvelle anatomie de l'homme, suivant la circulation du sang, & les dernieres d
10579123 - L'anatomie de l'homme, suivant la circulation du sang, et les nouvelles d
10579122 - American Notes for General Circulation
10579121 - American notes for general circulation
10579120 - Stifford and its neighbourhood, past and present. Printed for private circulation
10579119 - An Anatomical description of the diseases of the organs of circulation and respiration
10579118 - A critical and experimental essay on the circulation of the blood
10579117 - Report of the committee appointed by the General Assembly of the State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations to investigate the charges in circulation against freemasonry and masons in said state
10579116 - A guide to aeration/circulation techniques for lake management
10579115 - Trait
10579114 - Exp
10579113 - A history of prices, and of the state of the circulation, from 1793 to 1837
10579112 - Automated Circulation Systems in ARL Libraries
10579111 - Experiments upon the circulation of the blood throughout the vascular system
10579110 - An essay on circulation and credit
10579109 - Thoughts on currency and the means of promoting national prosperity by the adoption of "an improved circulation" ...
10579108 - An inquiry into the claims of Doctor William Harvey to the discovery of the circulation of the blood
10579107 - A history of Prices and of the state of Circulation ...
10579106 - Observations on the Harveian doctrine of the circulation of the blood
10579105 - Histoire de la ville de Mons, ancienne et nouvelle, contenant... la chronologie des comtes de Hainau... une ample description de l'
10579104 - Reports of decisions rendered in the Circuit and District Courts of the United States
10579103 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Chancery of the State of New York [1843-1847, before the Hon. Lewis H. Sandford, assistance vice-chancellor of the first circuit
10579102 - Reports of Chancery cases decided in the First Circuit of the State of New York
10579101 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Circuit court of the United States
10579100 - Report of the conspiracy trial, in the Wayne county Circuit court, Michigan
10579099 - Reports of Chancery cases decided in the First Circuit of the state of New York by the Hon. William T. McCoun, Vice-Chancellor
10579098 - A compendious account of the antient and present state of the northern circuit
10579097 - Reports of cases civil and criminal in the United States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, from 1801 to 1841
10579096 - Reports of cases determined in the Circuit court of the United States, in and for the Third circuit, comprising the Eastern district of Pennsylvania, and the state of New Jersey
10579095 - Reports of cases determined in the Circuit court of the United States for the First Circuit
10579094 - The opinion of the Circuit court of the United States, in and for the Eastern district of Pennsylvania, on the will of Sarah Zane...
10579093 - The Family Topographer: The midland circuit: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutlandshire, Warwickshire. 1835
10579092 - The crown circuit companion
10579091 - The Family Topographer: The Oxford circuit: Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire. 1834
10579090 - The Family Topographer: The Norfolk circuit: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Suffolk. 1833
10579089 - Reports of cases, determined at nisi prius, in the courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, and on the circuit
10579088 - A digest of the decisions in the Supreme court, Circuit courts, and District courts of the United States
10579087 - Reports of cases decided by the Honourable John Marshall, late chief justice of the United States, in the Circuit court of the United States, for the district of Virginia and North Carolina, from 1802 to 1833 [i.e. 1836] inclusive
10579086 - Reports of cases argued and ruled at nisi prius, in the courts of King's bench & Common pleas, and on the circuit: from the sittings in Michaelmas term, 1823, to [Easter term, 4 Vict. 1841] ...
10579085 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Circuit court of the United States, for the Third circuit
10579084 - The Crown circuit companion
10579083 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Circuit court of the United States, for the Second circuit, comprising the districts of New York, Connecticut, and Vermont
10579082 - Reports of cases decided in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Fourth Circuit
10579081 - Reports of cases argued and decided in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Seventh Circuit
10579080 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Circuit Court of the United States for the First Circuit
10579079 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Second Circuit
10579078 - Contributions to mathematics, comprising chiefly the rectification of the circle to 607 places of decimals
10579077 - Chapters on the modern geometry of the point, line, and circle
10579076 - Chapters on the modern geometry of the point, line, and circle; lectures
10579075 - Orr's Circle of the Sciences
10579074 - An Authentic Exposition of the "K.G.C.", "Knights of the Golden Circle"
10579073 - A Million of Facts, of Correct Data, and Elementary Constants in the Entire Circle of the Sciences and on All Subjects of Speculation and Practice
10579072 - The Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. In which the Whole Circle of Human Learning is Explained, and the Difficulties Attending the Acquisition of Every Art, Whether Liberal Or Mechanical, are Removed, in the Most Easy and Familiar Manner ...
10579071 - The Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. In which the Whole Circle of Human Learning is Explained, and the Difficulties Attending the Acquisition of Every Art, Whether Liberal Or Mechanical, are Removed, in the Most Easy and Familiar Manner ...
10579070 - A New System of Geography: Part of Germany, viz. Bohemia, Moravia, Lusatia, Austria, Burgundy, Westphalia, and the circle of the Rhine
10579069 - Circle of the seasons, and perpetual key to the calendar and almanack [by T.I.M. Forster.].
10579068 - The Mother's magazine and family circle
10579067 - The circle of the mechanical arts
10579066 - Dangerous Connections: a Series of Letters, Selected from the Correspondence of a Private Circle; and Publisherd for the Instruction of Society
10579065 - The History of the Church of Malabar ...
10579064 - The life & death of the Most Reverend and Learned Father of our Church Dr. James Usher
10579063 - The mystery of phanaticism, or, The artifices of dissenters to support their schism, set forth in several letters to a friend, by a divine of the Church of England [A.B.].
10579062 - History of the Church of Christ
10579061 - The church member's guide
10579060 - The faith and practice of a Church of England-man
10579059 - The History of the Knights Templars, the Temple Church, and the Temple
10579058 - The Antiquities of the Anglo-Saxon Church
10579057 - Reasons for not taking the test, for not conforming to the established Church, and for not deserting the ancient faith
10579056 - Gleanings of the vintage; or Letters to the spiritual edification of the Church of Christ [ed. by E. Huntington].
10579055 - An original church of Christ
10579054 - Dodd's Church History of England from the Commencement of the Sixteenth Century to the Revolution in 1688. With Notes, Additions and a Continuation ...: Elizabeth (cont.) Appendix
10579053 - Tales of the ancient British Church
10579052 - The history and antiquities of the metropolitical church of Canterbury
10579051 - The sacrament of baptism considered, with an especial reference to the Church of England
10579050 - The history and antiquities of the conventual and cathedral church of Ely
10579049 - A short view of the history of the Christian Church
10579048 - The history of the Reformation of the Church of England
10579047 - Sermons on the principles upon which the reformation of the Church of England was established
10579046 - Church Principles Considered in Their Results
10579045 - The constitutional history of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
10579044 - The Christian guardian (and Church of England magazine).
10579043 - Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of the United States of America: A narrative of events connected with the rise and progress of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Maryland
10579042 - A Summary View of the Millennial Church
10579041 - A treatise of church-lands & tithes
10579040 - A sermon preached at the parish-church of St. George, Hanover-Square
10579039 - Hymns of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America
10579038 - Observations concerning the present state of religion in the Romish church
10579037 - Church psalmody
10579036 - The History of the reformation of the Church of England ... in six volumes
10579035 - The literary policy of the Church of Rome exhibited
10579034 - A sermon preached in St. Andrew's Church, Dublin, on Sunday, 21st April, 1811
10579033 - Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic church ...
10579032 - The general history of the Christian Church
10579031 - John Foxe and the Elizabethan Church
10579030 - The notes of the Church considered
10579029 - The fathers of the English church
10579028 - A second letter to a gentleman dissenting from the Church of England
10579027 - A selection from the writings of the reformers and early Protestant divines of the Church of England
10579026 - A history of the church
10579025 - A rationale upon the Book of common prayer of the Church of England
10579024 - Remarks on the present position of the Church of Scotland
10579023 - Lambeth and the Vatican: or, Anecdotes of the Church of Rome, of the reformed churches, and of sects and sectaries
10579022 - The history, doctrine and discipline of the Evangelical Lutheran church
10579021 - A course of nine sermons, intended to illustrate some of the leading truths contained in the liturgy of the Church of England
10579020 - Considerations touching the likeliest means to remove hirelings out of the church
10579019 - A key to the writings of the principal fathers of the Christian church, who flourished during the first three centuries
10579018 - An oration, delivered in the Independent, or Congregational Church, Charleston
10579017 - Periodical accounts relating to the missions of the Church of the United Brethren established among the heathen
10579016 - Origines ecclesiastic
10579015 - Christian researches in Syria and the Holy land in Mdcccxxiii and Mdcccxxiv, in furtherance of the objects of the Church missionary society. With an appendix, containing the journal of J. Greaves, on a visit to Tunis
10579014 - Letters on the ministry, ritual and doctrines of the Protestant Episcopal Church
10579013 - A discourse on the holy catholic Church, by a clergyman
10579012 - A series of tracts on the doctrines, order, and polity of the Presbyterian church in the United States of America
10579011 - A general history of the Christian church
10579010 - A history of the Methodist Episcopal church
10579009 - The principal acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland ....
10579008 - Narrative of a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews from the Church of Scotland in 1839
10579007 - Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard
10579006 - The history of the Church of Christ
10579005 - The accomplishment of the Scripture prophecies, or, The approaching deliverance of the church ...
10579004 - A vindication of the government, doctrine, and worship, of the Church of England, established in the reign of Queen Elizabeth
10579003 - History of the church of Ireland ...
10579002 - Reasons for not taking the Test; for not conforming to the Established Church; and for not deserting the ancient faith [&c.].
10579001 - Considerations on the Coronation Oath, to Maintain the Protestant Reformed Religion, and the Settlement of the Church of England
10579000 - The Church of England quarterly review
10578999 - Biography of the early church
10578998 - The secret and true history of the church of Scotland from the Restoration to the year 1678
10578997 - The History of the Reformation of the Church of England: Reigns of the Queens Mary and Elizabeth
10578996 - Select colloquies out of Erasmus Roterodamus; pleasantly representing several superstitious levities that were crept into the Church of Rome in his days
10578995 - History of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren
10578994 - The history of the Presbyterian church in Ireland
10578993 - The present condition and prospects of the Greek, or Oriental, Church
10578992 - The history of the Christian church
10578991 - The Magazine of the Reformed Dutch church
10578990 - A treatise on the Church of Christ
10578989 - A history of the church from the earliest ages to the reformation
10578988 - Documentary annals of the reformed Church of England
10578987 - Discourses comprising a history of the First Congregational Church in Providence
10578986 - ,
10578985 - ,
10578984 - The Boston Handel and Haydn Society Collection of Church Music
10578983 - -1
10578982 - The Church Historians of England: pt.1. John of Hexham. History of the church of Hexham
10578981 - Trials and sufferings for religious liberty in New England; and, The Oldest Baptist Church in America not the Providence Church
10578980 - Controversy between the Rev. John Hughes, of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Rev. John Breckinridge, of the Presbyterian Church
10578979 - The Church chronicle, a monthly record of Church life and Church work
10578978 - A historical and statistical report of the Presbyterian church in Canada in connection with the Church of Scotland for the year 1866
10578977 - The present position of the Church of Scotland explained and vindicated, by a lay member of the Church [J. Hamilton].
10578976 - The History of the Reformation of the Church of England: The third part of the History of the Reformation of the Church of England. A general index to the History... A collection of records, letters, and original papers with other instruments referred to
10578975 - pt. 1 The history of the Reformation of the Church of England. Of the progress made in it during the reign of King Henry VIII
10578974 - Le petit chose
10578973 - De l'autorit
10578972 - L'eloge de quelque chose
10578971 -
10578970 - A Pleasant Conceited Comedy Wherein is Shewed how a Man May Choose a Good Wife from a Bad (etc.)
10578969 - The "luta ifi hindee", or Hindoostanee jest-book, containing a choice collection of humorous stories in the Arabic and Roman characters
10578968 - A choice selection of fables, in French, with a tr. by W. Fenton
10578967 - The tea-table miscellany: a collection of choice songs, Scots and English. 2 vols. [in 1].
10578966 - Choice specimens of English literature
10578965 - The register of electors to vote in the choice of ... members to serve in parliament for the county of Oxford
10578964 - Songs of the bards of the Tyne; or, A choice selection of origional songs chiefly in the Newcastle dialect. Ed. by J.P. Robson
10578963 - The life and choice works of Isaac Watts
10578962 - Moses his choice, with his eye fixed upon heaven
10578961 - The Tyne songster, a choice selection of songs in the Newcastle dialect
10578960 - The Drawing-room magazine: or, Ladies book of fancy needlework and choice literature
10578959 - The choice of a dwelling
10578958 - British synonymy, or, An attempt at regulating the choice of words in familiar conversation
10578957 - A choice collection of Tyneside songs, by E. Corvan [and others]. To which is added A guide to Newcastle
10578956 - Technology: processes of assessment and choice
10578955 - Reform or ruin; take your choice!
10578954 - Freedom of choice in housing: opportunities and constraints
10578953 - On the choice of books
10578952 - Whitney's "Choice of emblemes."
10578951 - The choice works of the Rev. Stephen Charnock, B.D.
10578950 - Scarcity, Choice, and Public Policy in Middle Africa
10578949 - 'Choice sayings of dying saints'.
10578948 - Scottish jests and anecdotes. To which are added, a selection of choice English and Irish jests
10578947 - A Choice of Pearls
10578946 - Medicinal experiments, or a collection of choice and safe remedies for the most part simple and easily prepared ...
10578945 - The Englishman's Choice, and True Interest
10578944 - A Choice Collection of Riddles,charades,and Conundrums
10578943 - Catalogue of the choice, curious, and splendid London library of George Watson Taylor
10578942 - Choice observations upon the art of painting
10578941 - A choice selection of evangelical hymns ...
10578940 - The distinction between words esteemed synonymous in the English language, pointed out, and the proper choice of them determined ...
10578939 - Catalogue of the choice, curious, and extensive library of the late George Nassau
10578938 - England's conversion and reformation compared, or, The young gentleman directed in the choice of his religion
10578937 - The judgement. Sachem's-wood. Discourses: I. On the choice of an era in epic and tragic writing. II. On the relations of literature to a republican government. III. On the life and services of Lafayette. The hermit of Warkworth, by Bishop Percy
10578936 - A choice selection of hymns and spiritual songs
10578935 - Catalogue of the splendid, choice, and curious library of P. A. Hanrott
10578934 - Choice in Currency
10578933 - Luther's table talk; or, Some choice fragments from the familiar discourse of that godly man
10578932 - The Choice
10578931 - Choice works
10578930 - Chips from a German Workshop: Essays on the science of religion
10578929 - Flint chips
10578928 - Uses for sawdust, shavings, and waste chips
10578927 - The children of the abbey...
10578926 - A sermon of the education of children
10578925 - The Christian education of children and youth
10578924 - A sermon of the education of children
10578923 - Poetry for children, ed. by J. Aikin
10578922 - Reminiscences for my children. Private..
10578921 - A short but comprehensive system of the geography of the world: by way of question and answer, principally designed for children & common schools
10578920 - Divine songs, attempted in easy language. For the use of children
10578919 - Toward a national policy for children and families
10578918 - The blind farmer and his children
10578917 - City scenes: or, A peep into London, for good children, by the author of Rural scenes [revised by A. and J. Taylor].
10578916 - Children as they are, or, Tales and dialogues for young readers, by the author of 'The transformation of a beech tree'.
10578915 - Tales and essays for children
10578914 - A practical treatise upon dentition or The breeding of teeth in children
10578913 - Observations on the education of children
10578912 - Conversations of a father with his children
10578911 - The substance of a sermon [on 1 Chron. xxviii] preached ... to the children of the Methodist Sunday-schools in London
10578910 - Marshall's New Testamant lessons for children
10578909 - Commentaries on diseases of the stomach and bowels of children
10578908 - A spiritual treasury for the children of God
10578907 - The Union primer; or, First book for children
10578906 - The principles of midwifery; including the diseases of women and children
10578905 - Stories for Children
10578904 - Key to the one book, for teaching children to read
10578903 - The village pastor and his children
10578902 - An Essay on the Signs of Murder in New Born Children
10578901 - Caroline and her mother or, Familiar conversations for children, by a lady
10578900 - Infancy, or the management of children: a didactic poem, in six books
10578899 - Peter Parley's Book of Bible Stories for Children and Youth
10578898 - A Collection of Several Pieces of Mr. John Toland: The Roman education. The breeding of children. The behaviour of married women. The death of Atilius Regulus. Some letters of Pliny [translated into English] A description of Epsom. The constitution of the
10578897 - The children of the abbey
10578896 - Reciprocal duties of parents and children
10578895 - The story of Paradise lost for children
10578894 - A sermon [on 2 Tim. iii, 14,15] preached ... June 1, 1809, the time of the yearly meeting of the children educated in the charity-schools in London and Westminster. To which is annexed, An account of the Society for promoting Christian knowledge
10578893 - Second Catechism for the Susoo children
10578892 - Sermons to children
10578891 - City scenes, or, A peep into London, for good children
10578890 - Lessons for children: or, Rudiments of good manners, morals, and humanity
10578889 - Elements of morality, for the use of children
10578888 - Immigrants and their children, 1920
10578887 - A practical essay on distortion of the legs and feet of children, &c
10578886 - Hymns in prose for children
10578885 - Data on the growth of public school children
10578884 - A token of remembrance from a mother to her absent children
10578883 - A Token for Children
10578882 - Poems for children
10578881 - Pretty lessons in verse, for good children; with some lessons in Latin in easy rhyme
10578880 - The Children of Odin
10578879 - Progress in meeting protein needs of infants and preschool children
10578878 - Essays on the duty of parents and children
10578877 - Lessons for Children
10578876 - Hymns in prose for children, by the author of Lessons for children. By mrs. Barbauld
10578875 - Early religion seen in the peaceful happy end of thirteen young children, with short sermons to little children
10578874 - The child's first Latin book
10578873 - Charles Dickens's works. Charles Dickens ed. [18 vols. of a 21 vol. set. Wanting A child's history of England; Christmas stories; The mystery of Edwin Drood].
10578872 - The Child's Own Book of Standard Fairy Tales
10578871 - The child's book of nature
10578870 - The Child's preacher
10578869 - A child's history of England
10578868 - The child's book on the soul
10578867 - The child's guide to knowledge, by a lady [F. Ward].
10578866 - A child's history of Rome
10578865 - Child's first history of Rome
10578864 - The little child's fable book, arranged in words of 1, 2, and 3 syllables. (Taken from The ladder to learning).
10578863 - The Child's own magazine
10578862 - The child's arithmetic
10578861 - THE Child'S Picture Bible
10578860 - The child's grammar
10578859 - The history of the Fairchild family; or, The child's manual
10578858 - Child's paper
10578857 - A child's history of the world; or, Glimpses of the world's history, in familiar letters
10578856 - The child's history of the United States
10578855 - Child's book of American geography
10578854 - Child's friend and youth's magazine
10578853 - The child's own book
10578852 - The child's own story book; or, Tales and dialogues for the nursery
10578851 - The managers pro and con: or, An account of what is said at Child's and Tom's coffee-houses for and against dr. Sacheverell [by sir J. St. Leger].
10578850 - The child's book on the Sabbath
10578849 - The child's botany
10578848 - The Child's companion
10578847 - The child's Christian education
10578846 - The history of the Fairchild family; or, The child's manual
10578845 - The Child's first book of thought
10578844 - Child's magazine
10578843 - A proper new interlude of The world and the child, otherwise called Mundus et infans
10578842 - The deeper wrong; or, Incidents in the life of a slave girl, written by herself [signed Linda Brent] ed. by L.M. Child
10578841 - The stolen child
10578840 - The unwelcome child; or, The crime of an undesigned and undesired maternity
10578839 - My own story; or, The autobiography of a child
10578838 - A treatise on the law of Scotland relative to parent and child and guardian and ward
10578837 - Child of the sea
10578836 - English and Scottish ballads, selected and ed. by F.J. Child
10578835 - Pictures and flowers for child-lovers
10578834 - The interlude of the disobedient child
10578833 - Child-pictures from Dickens
10578832 - Conversations between mother and child; or, An attempt to simplify great truths
10578831 - The Diseases of Women with Child ...
10578830 - The separation of mother and child by the law of "custody of infants" considered
10578829 - Trait
10578828 - A new discourse of trade, by sir J. Child
10578827 - The ordinary of Newgate, his account of the behaviour, confession, and dying words, of the malefactors who were executed at Tyburn, on Monday the 9th of this instant October 1732, being the eight execution in the mayoralty of the Rt. Hon. Sir Francis Chil
10578826 - The child of nature
10578825 - Goethe's Correspondence with a Child. For His Monument
10578824 - The blind child, or Anecdotes of the Wyndham family, written for the use of young people
10578823 - Letters of Lydia Maria Child
10578822 - The Clergyman's Orphan, Or The Child of Providence
10578821 - Letters to a child
10578820 - Ernestine; or, The child of mystery, by a lady of fashion [miss Blackwell] 3 vols
10578819 - The Spoiled child
10578818 - A practical treatise on bills of exchange, checks on bankers, promisory notes, bankers' cash notes, and bank notes
10578817 - A treatise of the law of bills of exchange
10578816 - The law of bills of exchange, promissory notes, bank-notes, bankers notes, drafts, and checks
10578815 - Commentaries on the law of promissory notes, and guaranties of notes, and checks on banks and bankers
10578814 - Two lectures on the checks to population
10578813 - The law of bills of exchange, promissory notes, checks, &c
10578812 - A digest of the law relating to bills of exchange, promissory notes, and bankers' checks
10578811 - A practical treatise on bills of exchange, promissory notes, and bankers' checks
10578810 - Check lists of the shells of North America
10578809 - The first part of an equal check to Pharisaism and Antinomianism
10578808 - Farrand's Course of Latin studies, or Classical selections; published in a cheap, correct and improved form
10578807 - Fome FOR ALL: OR A NEW, Cheap, Convenient
10578806 - Cheap repository tracts: entertaining, moral, and religious
10578805 - Cheap cotton by free labor
10578804 - A catalogue of many thousand volumes lately purchased, including the valuable libraries of the Rev. Tho. Maningham, ... Thomas Gordon, ... and Geo. Cheselden, ... Which will be sold very cheap ... on Monday February 11, 1750-51, and continue till midsumme
10578803 - Cheap repository tracts;
10578802 - Cheap living
10578801 - Cheap magazine
10578800 - The Beginnings of Cheap Steel
10578799 - Cheap repository tracts for Sunday reading:
10578798 - Recherches sur l'epoque de l'equitation et de l'vsage des chars equestres chez les anciens ...
10578797 - Recherches sur l'
10578796 - Lettre de Brutus sur les chars anciens et modernes
10578795 - A report of the trial of Pedro Gibert ... [et al.], before the United States Circuit Court, on an indictment charging them with the commission of an act of piracy, on board the brig Mexican, of Salem
10578794 - Pratique r
10578793 - Pratique r
10578792 - The Works of Francis Bacon: Letters, continued. Letters, speeches, charges, advices, etc. first pub. by Dr. Birch, in one volume in octavo in 1763
10578791 - Trial by a court martial of Lieut. Col. Grenville Temple Winthrop, on charges preferred against him by Adjutant Gen. William H. Sumner
10578790 - The Works of Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount St. Alban, and Lord High Chancellor of England: Letters, continued. Letters, speeches, charges, advices, etc. first pub. by Dr. Birch in one volume in octavo in 1763
10578789 - The epistolary correspondence, visitation charges, speeches, and miscellanies, of the Right Reverend Francis Atterbury ...
10578788 - The true believers
10578787 - The mysteries of neutralization, or, The British Navy vindicated from the charges of injustice and oppression towards neutral flags
10578786 - A defence of the doctrines, establishment, and conduct, of the Church of England, from the charges of the Rev. Joseph Berington, and the Rev. John Milner. By James Williamson, ...
10578785 - An examination of the charges maintained by messrs. Malone, Chalmers and others, of Ben Jonson's enmity ... towards Shakespeare
10578784 - Sermons, charges, and circular letters
10578783 - The Athanasian creed vindicated and explained, 3 charges
10578782 - A collection of the charges, opinions, and sentences of general courts martial
10578781 - The Works of William Paley, D.D.: Charges and sermons
10578780 - Charges and extracts of charges on moral and religious subjects
10578779 - The trial of Reuben Crandall, M.D., charged with publishing seditious libels, by circulating the publications of the American Anti-Slavery Society, before the Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, held at Washington, in April, 1836, occupying the co
10578778 - An introduction to the defence of Abner Kneeland, charged with blasphemy, before the Municipal Court, in Boston, Mass. at the January term, in 1834
10578777 - Penetration of charged particles in matter
10578776 - Studies in penetration of charged particles in matter
10578775 - Tritheism charged upon Dr. Sherlock's new notion of the Trinity
10578774 - The crusaders; or, Scenes, events, and characters, from the times of the crusades
10578773 - Sketches of conspicuous living characters of France
10578772 - Fisher's River (North Carolina) scenes and characters
10578771 - Chronicles and characters of the Stock exchange
10578770 - The women of Israel; or, Characters and sketches from the holy Scriptures, and Jewish history
10578769 - Essays on Shakespeare's dramatic character of Sir John Falstaff, and on his imitation of female characters
10578768 - The lives and portraits of remarkable characters, drawn from the most authentic sources
10578767 - Shakespeare-characters; chiefly those subordinate
10578766 - Sermons on the characters of the Old Testament
10578765 - Life's painter of variegated characters in public and private life
10578764 - Memoirs of celebrated characters [tr. from Vies des grands hommes].
10578763 - The Mayflower, or, Sketches of scenes and characters among the descendants of the Pilgrims
10578762 - The lives and characters, of the officers of the crown, and of the state in Scotland
10578761 - The Mahawanso in Roman characters, with the translation subjoined and an introductory essay on Pali Buddhistical literature
10578760 - Hxvrbdmh Xvyksm, Hebrew characters derived from hieroglyphics
10578759 - Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, Describing Characters, Customs, Manners, Laws, and Productions of Nature and Art
10578758 - Minor characters of the Bible
10578757 - A book of characters, selected from the writings of Overbury, Earle, and Butler
10578756 - Eccentric biography; or, Sketches of remarkable characters, ancient and modern
10578755 - A treatise on the external characters of fossils
10578754 - Sixty curious and authentic narratives and anecdotes respecting extraordinary characters
10578753 - The chronicles of crime; or, The new Newgate calendar, a series of memoirs and anecdotes of notorious characters
10578752 - Essayes and characters of a prison and prisoners, by G.M. Repr
10578751 - The Tower menagerie: comprising the natural history of the animals contained in that establishment; with anecdotes of their characters and history. [by E.T. Bennett.].
10578750 - The moral characters of Theophrastus
10578749 - The Aberdeen worthies; or, Sketches of characters resident in Aberdeen during the end of the last and beginning of the present century
10578748 - The characters of Schiller
10578747 - Scripture characters
10578746 - Observations, anecdotes, and characters of books and men
10578745 - The life and errors of John Dunton, written by himself. Together with the lives and characters of a thousand persons now living in London, &c
10578744 - Familiar letters between the principal characters in David Simple
10578743 - Naval biography; or, The history and lives of distinguished characters in the British Navy
10578742 - The Life of Sir Astley Cooper Interspersed with Sketches from His Note-Books of Distinguished Contemporary Characters
10578741 - The Works of Mons. de la Bruyere: The characters, or Manners of the age
10578740 - The Decree of Canopus, in hieroglyphics and Greek, with tr., and an explanation of the hieroglyphical characters, by S. Sharpe
10578739 - The heroines of Shakspeare: comprising the principal female characters in the plays, engr. under the direction of C. Heath from drawings by eminent artists
10578738 - Biographical anecdotes of the founders of the french republic and of other eminent characters, who have distinguished themselves in the progress of the revolution
10578737 - Letters developing the characters and views of the Hartford convention
10578736 - Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters
10578735 - Biographical and Descriptive Sketches of the Distinguished Characters which Compose the Unrivalled Exhibition and Historical Gallery of Madame Tussaud and Sons ...
10578734 - Legends of Old Testament characters, from the Talmud and other sources
10578733 - A treatise on the external characters of minerals
10578732 - Characters of Shakespear's plays
10578731 - Shakespeare's Female Characters
10578730 - Amenities of literature, sketches and characters of English literature
10578729 - A synopsis of British plants, in Mr. Ray's method, with their characters, descriptions, places of growth, time of flowering, and physical virtues
10578728 - Portraits of the principal female characters in the Waverley novels
10578727 - Remarks on some of the characters of Shakespeare
10578726 - Doubtful plays: Titus Andronicus. Pericles. The two noble kinsmen. Plays ascribed to Shakspere. Appendix: Dedication, address, and commendatory verses, prefixed to the editions of 1623 and 1632. A history of opinion on the writings of Shakspere
10578725 - The female rebels: some remarkable incidents of the lives, characters, and families of the titular duke and dutchess of Perth [&c.]. Repr
10578724 - Index filicum: a synopsis, with characters, of the genera, extensively illustrated
10578723 - A Collection of Telugu Proverbs translated, illustrated and explained; together with some Sanscrit Proverbs printed in the Devan
10578722 - Finden's Byron beauties: or, The principal female characters in lord Byron's poems, engr. under the superintendence of W. and E. Finden
10578721 - Falkland : a review of the principal characters of the Irish House of Commons
10578720 - Whimzies; or, A new cast of characters ...
10578719 - A universal biographical dictionary, containing the lives of the most celebratd characters of every age and nation
10578718 - An English and Oordoo dictionary, in roman characters
10578717 - Essays on Shakespeare's dramatic characters, with an illustration of Shakespeare's representation of national characters, in that of Fluellen
10578716 - Ta diapheronta, or, Divine characters
10578715 - The lives and characters of the most eminent writers of the Scots nation
10578714 - The sacred wreath, or, Characters and scenes of the Holy Scriptures
10578713 - Notices and Anecdotes Illustrative of the Incidents, Characters, and Scenery Described in the Novels and Romances of Sir Walter Scott, Bart
10578712 - The life of the Right Honourable Francis North, baron of Guilford, lord keeper of the great seal, under King Charles II. and King James II. wherein are inserted the characters of Sir Matthew Hale, Sir George Jeffries, Sir Leoline Jenkins, Sidney Godolphin
10578711 - Sporting scenes, and country characters by Martingale
10578710 - The Gothic Gospel of saint Matthew ... with the corresponding English, or Saxon ... in Roman characters; a literal Engl. lesson of each: and notes [&c.] by S. Henshall. [2 other copies of no.1, with an individual title-leaf reading] The first number of Th
10578709 - Public characters
10578708 - The Criminal Recorder; Or, Biographical Sketches of Notorious Public Characters
10578707 - Maxims, opinions and characters, moral, political, and economical
10578706 - A chronological account of the history of France. To which is added a biographical dictionary of eminent French characters
10578705 - Biographical sketches of eccentric characters
10578704 - A new biographical dictionary, of 3000 cotemporary public characters, British and foreign, of all ranks and professions
10578703 - Public characters of all nations
10578702 - All his novels and histories. His select letters, characters, &c
10578701 - Characters
10578700 - Wonderful characters
10578699 - A treatise on the external, chemical, and physical characters of minerals
10578698 - Delaplaine's repository of the lives and portraits of distinguished American characters
10578697 - Classification of Medicago sativa L. using legume characters and flower colors
10578696 - Strictures on the lives and characters of the most eminent lawyers of the present day
10578695 - Biographical anecdotes of the founders of the French republic, and of other eminent characters, who have distinguished themselves during the progress of the revolution
10578694 - Palmyrene inscriptions, taken from Wood's Ruins of Palmyra and Balbec, transcr. into the ancient Heb. characters and tr. by S. Salome
10578693 - Review of the characters of the principal nations in Europe
10578692 - Angelo's Pic nic; or, Table talk, including numerous recollections of public characters
10578691 - Amelia (cont.) Essay on conversation. Essay on the knowledge of the characters of men
10578690 - Characters of the late Charles James Fox
10578689 - The Mah
10578688 - Portraits, memoirs, and characters, of remarkable persons,
10578687 - Physiognomical portraits, 100 characters from originals, engr. by British artists
10578686 - The Koran: or, Essays, sentiments, characters, and callimachies, of Tri juncta in uno, M.N.A. or Master of no arts
10578685 - Hebrew characters derived from hieroglyphics
10578684 - Scripture characters
10578683 - An expeditious method of writing in common characters
10578682 - Legibility of Alphanumeric Characters and Other Symbols
10578681 - Lives & portraits of public characters ...
10578680 - The Animal Kingdom: Synopsis of the species of the class Mammalia, as arranged with reference to their organization by Cuvier and other naturalists : with specific characters, synonyma, &c. &c. 1827
10578679 - Political essays, with sketches of public characters ...
10578678 - Sketches and characters of the most eminent and most singular persons now living, by several hands [really by P. Thicknesse].
10578677 - Inheritance of morphologic characters in Avena
10578676 - Characters and anecdotes collected in the reigns of William Rufus, Charles the Second, and King George the Third
10578675 - Portraits, memoirs and characters of remarkable persons from the reign of Edward II. to the revolution
10578674 - Kirby's wonderful and eccentric museum; or, Magazine of remarkable characters. Including all the curiosities of nature and art, from the remotest period to the present time, drawn from every authentic source. Illustrated with one hundred and twenty-four e
10578673 - Sketches of public characters drawn from the living and the dead
10578672 - Sketches of public characters
10578671 - Restituta; or, Titles, extracts, and characters of old books in English literature, revived. 4vols
10578670 - English botany, or, Coloured figures of British plants, with their essential characters, synonyms, and places of growth
10578669 - The characters of Theophrastus
10578668 - Public characters [Formerly British public characters] of 1798-9 - 1809-10
10578667 - Character plantarum naturalis,
10578666 - A priest to the temple or The country parson, his character and rule of holy life
10578665 - Findens' Tableaux of National Character, Beauty and Costume
10578664 - A memoir of the life and character of Thomas Wilson, Esq., Treasurer of Highbury College
10578663 - A grammar of the Hindustani language in the Oriental and roman character
10578662 - Malice rebuked, or a character of R. Baxters abilities ...
10578661 - The universal character, by which all the nations in the world may understand one anothers conceptions
10578660 - Reflections, notes and original anecdotes, illustrating the character of Peter the Great. To which is added a tragedy in five acts, entitled Alexis, the czarewitz
10578659 - The spirit of Buncle, or, The surprising adventures of that original and extraordinary character John Buncle, Esq
10578658 - An essay upon national character [ed. by T.P. Knox].
10578657 - A discourse on the life, services and character of Stephen Van Rensselaer
10578656 - Remarks on the character and writings of John Milton
10578655 - Sketches of American character
10578654 - The appeals of the nobility and people of Malta, to the justice, public faith, and policy, of the British government, for the fulfilment of the conditions upon which they gave up their island to the king, namely, their ancient rights, under a free constit
10578653 - An eulogy on the life and character of Nathaniel Bowditch ...
10578652 - An inquiry into the character and tendency of the American Colonization, and American Anti-Slavery Societies
10578651 - Memoir of the Life and Character of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke
10578650 - The exemplary life and character of James Bonnell, Esq; late accomptant General of Ireland
10578649 - Memoirs of the life, character, and writings of Sir Matthew Hale ...
10578648 - Indian traits; sketches of the manners and character of the North American natives
10578647 - Reflections on the character and objects of all science and literature, and on the relative excellence and value of religious and secular education, and of sacred and classical literature
10578646 - Remarks on the character of Napoleon Bonaparte
10578645 - The life and character of the late Lord Chancellor Jefferys
10578644 - Memoir of the life and character of Walter Venning, Esq ...
10578643 - Essays and sketches of character
10578642 - M.T. Cicero De oratore, or, His three dialogues upon the character and qualifications of an orator
10578641 - A discourse, on the importance of character and education, in the United States
10578640 - An essay on the dramatic character of Sir John Falstaff ...
10578639 - The character of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Bradbury, taken from his own pen
10578638 - Memoirs of the life, writings, and character, of ... Thomas Hinderwell
10578637 - The character of st. Paul, as a minister of the gospel, a sermon
10578636 - Pencil sketches; or Outlines of character and manners
10578635 - An essay on the character and practical writings of Saint Paul
10578634 - Sketches of the life and character of the Rev. Lemuel Haynes, A. M.
10578633 - The works of... P. Doddridge [ed. by E. Williams and E. Parsons. Preceded by] Memoirs of the life, character and writings of ... P. Doddridge, by J. Orton
10578632 - Traits of Indian character
10578631 - History and character of American revivals of religion
10578630 - The true character of the Church of England, as exhibited in her antiquity, orders, and liturgy
10578629 - The general character of the dog: illustrated by a variety of original and interesting anecdotes
10578628 - Sketches of a tour to the lakes
10578627 - Living for immortality, delineating the evident indications of moral character pertaining to the future state
10578626 - The life, character, and literary labours, of Samuel Drew, by his eldest son [J.H. Drew. With] Appendix
10578625 - The life and character of John Paul Jones
10578624 - Lectures on the pastoral character
10578623 - A guide for young shepherds; or, Facts and observations on the character and value of merino sheep
10578622 - The sketch book of character
10578621 - An essay on the character of Henry the Fifth, when prince of Wales
10578620 - The life and character of John Howe, M.A.
10578619 - The literary character
10578618 - Sketches of character
10578617 - A character of King Charles the Second
10578616 - An account of the life, character, and poems of Mr. Blacklock
10578615 - Sketches of the character, manners and present state of the Highlanders of Scotland
10578614 - Memoirs of the life and character of the late Rev. Cornelius Winter
10578613 - The life and character of Edmund Geste S.T.P.
10578612 - Shades of character; or, The infant pilgrim
10578611 - The character of Richard St[ee]le, Esq
10578610 - Sketches of Portuguese life, manners, costume, and character
10578609 - Eight sermons on the nativity, personal character, crucifixion and death, resurrection and ascension of Christ
10578608 - Description of the Character, Manners, and Customs of the People of India
10578607 - Memoir of the life and character of Ebenezer Porter, D. D., late president of the Theological seminary, Andover
10578606 - The character of a good minister, considered in a sermon
10578605 - Character, object, and effects of trades' unions
10578604 - An account of the life and character of Alexander Adam, LL.D., rector of the High School of Edinburgh
10578603 - An essay on the character and influence of the stage
10578602 - A series of groups, illustrating the physiognomy, manners, and character of the people of France and Germany
10578601 - An inquiry with a view to ascertain how far nature and education respectively determine the moral and intellectual character of man
10578600 - Essays on the formation of the human character
10578599 - Memoir of the life and character of Rev. Joseph Vaill
10578598 - The character and conduct of the female sex,
10578597 - The life and character of Henry-Frederic, Prince of Wales
10578596 - Life and character of Gerhard Tersteegen, with selections from his letters and writings
10578595 - The life and character of Thomas Letchworth
10578594 - The book of human character
10578593 - The Mathematical and Philosophical Works of the Right Rev. John Wilkins, Late Lord Bishop of Chester: III. An abstract of his essay towards a real character, and a philosophical language
10578592 - An Essay Upon National Character
10578591 - Fortran IV enhanced character graphics
10578590 - The Life and Character of the Late Reverend, Learned, and Pious Mr. Jonathan Edwards
10578589 - Sketches of the life and character of Patrick Henry
10578588 - Hints towards forming the character of a young princess ...
10578587 - A discourse on the professional character and virtues of the late William Wirt
10578586 - The life and character of that eminent and learned prelate, Dr. Edward Stillingfleet, lord bishop of Worcester
10578585 - A new view of society: or, Essays on the principle of the formation of the human character. By one of his majesty's justices of peace [R. Owen. Pt.1,2. Pt.2, numbered Essay 2nd, is a proof copy].
10578584 - The Scripture-account of the attributes and worship of God; and of the character and offices of Jesus Christ [ed. by J. Blackburne].
10578583 - The excellency of the female character vindicated
10578582 - An eulogy on the life and character of James Madison
10578581 - The identity of Junius with a distinguished living character [sir P. Francis] established [by J. Taylor. With] Suppl
10578580 - Davidica, 12 practical sermons on the life and character of David, king of Israel
10578579 - A review of the life and character of the Right Rev. Dr. Thomas Secker, ... By Beilby Porteus
10578578 - Our town; or, Rough sketches of character, manners, & c
10578577 - Memoirs of the life and a view of the character of the late Dr. John Fothergill. Drawn up at the desire of the Medical Society of London. By Gilbert Thompson, M.D. ...
10578576 - The wisdom and genius of Shakspeare: comprising moral philosophy, delineations of character with notes and scriptural references
10578575 - Sermons on the mission and character of Christ, and on the Beatitudes
10578574 - An examination of the divine testimony concerning the character of the son of God. ...
10578573 - History of the rise, progress, genius, and character of American Presbyterianism
10578572 - An inquiry into the moral character of Lord Byron ...
10578571 - Excitements to beneficence, held out to mankind in the character ... of Richard Reynolds
10578570 - Acadian geology. [With] Suppl. chapter. [With]
10578569 - Observations on the first book of Samuel, Chapter VI, verse XIX.
10578568 - A critical dissertation upon the seventh verse of the fifth chapter of St. John's First Epistle
10578567 - An Exposition of The Ninth Chapter of the Epistle to the Romans with the banner of Justification Displayed
10578566 - Revised statute, Chapter X.
10578565 - The exile from Eden, meditations on the third chapter of Genesis, tr. by W. Hare
10578564 - The apostolic ministry, and the question of its restoration considered, in an exposition of part of the fourth chapter of the Epistle to the Ephesians
10578563 - A chapter in population sampling
10578562 - An examination of the fourteenth chapter of Sir Isaac Newton's observations upon the prophecies of Daniel
10578561 - Short comments on every chapter of the holy Bible
10578560 - Turris Babel sive iudiciorum de fraternitate rosaceae crucis chaos
10578559 - Vom Hylealischen, das ist Pri-materialischen Catholischen oder Allgemeinen Nat
10578558 - Vom Hylealischen, Das ist/
10578557 - Magnum Chaos Inter Confessionem Augustanam, & Confessionem Augustinianam
10578556 - Chaos veterum maxime fabulosum, materiaeque Mosaicae caute accommodandum
10578555 - Chaos del tri per uno
10578554 - Von der Scheidung der vier Elemente aus dem ersten Chaos
10578553 - Der hundert-Augige blinde Argos, und zwey-Gsichtige Janus, Oder Latinum Chaos
10578552 - Alchymisch philosophisches Bekenntnis vom universellen Chaos der naturgem
10578551 - Chaos An etliche Principaliter, Interressirte vnd impartirte in dem jetzigen confundirten universal paroxismo, des l
10578550 - Von Hylealischen, d. i. Primaterialischen Catholischen oder Algemeinem Naturlichen Chaos ...
10578549 - Three physico-theological discourses, concerning the primitive Chaos, and creation of the world
10578548 - Planned Chaos
10578547 - Sailing directions for Magellan Strait, and channels leading to the Gulf of Pe
10578546 - European Commerce, Shewing New and Secure Channels of Trade with the Continent of Europe
10578545 - Meteorological Essays, Concerning the Origin of Springs, Generation of Rain, and Production of Wind : with a Rational and Historical Account of the Causes and Course of the Tide : Its Propagation Thro' the Great Ocean : and Its Reception Into the Narrow S
10578544 - Memoirs: comprising the navigation to and from China, by the China sea, and through the various straits and channels in the Indian archipelago; also the navigation of Bombay harbour [by J. Horsburgh
10578543 - Flow measurement in open channels and closed conduits
10578542 - Plans of the principal harbours, bays, & roads, in St. George's and the Bristol Channels, from surveys made under the direction of the Lords of the Admiralty
10578541 - Home sketches on both sides of the Channel, a diary
10578540 - Charles the Second in the Channel Islands
10578539 - The Channel islands pilot, or, Sailing directions for Guernsey, Serk, Alderney, and Jersey
10578538 - The Channel Islands, a guide
10578537 - The new British channel pilot, containing sailing directions from London to Liverpool [&c.].
10578536 - The book of South Wales, the Bristol Channel, Monmouthshire, and the Wye
10578535 - The Channel islands
10578534 - Sailing directions for the river Thames, from London, to the Nore and Sheerness, and thence to Rochester, in the river Medway; also from the Nore, through the Swin and King's channel, to Harwich, Hollesley bay, Orfordness, & Yarmouth: and through the Quee
10578533 - Thoughts of a project for draining the Irish channel
10578532 - Le petit Neptune fran
10578531 - Stanfield's coast scenery, a series of views in the British channel
10578530 - The Channel islands: Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, etc
10578529 - Sailing directions for the English Channel
10578528 - Le Petit Neptune fran
10578527 - Primiti
10578526 - Principles of geology: or, The modern changes of the earth and its inhabitants, considered as illustrative of geology
10578525 - Trait
10578524 - Trait
10578523 - L'art des lettres de change, suivant l'usage des plus c
10578522 - Manuel des agents de change et courtiers de commerce
10578521 - De la lettre de change et du billet
10578520 - Nouveau tarif g
10578519 - The Political Writings of John Dickinson, Esquire, Late President of the State of Delaware and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Volume 2 of 2
10578518 - Letterpress The Crisis; or, The change from error and misery to truth and happiness, ed. by R. Owen
10578517 - The revolution in the mind and practice of the human race, on the coming change from irrationality to rationality
10578516 - The Census Bureau, a numerator and denominator for measuring change
10578515 - Report of Lieut. Col. James H. Simpson, Corps of Engineers, U.S.A., on the change of route west from Omaha, Nebraska Territory
10578514 - Poetry and Change
10578513 - Technological innovation and forces for change in the mineral industry
10578512 - Climate, climatic change, and water supply
10578511 - A second letter to Charles Purton Cooper, on the appointment of a permanent judge in the Court of Chancery in the place of the Lord Chancellor, and a change in the appellate jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery and in the House of Lords
10578510 - Change and Decline
10578509 - The climate of Great Britain; or Remarks on the change it has undergone, particularly within the last fifty years
10578508 - Exposition de la th
10578507 -
10578506 - Des moyens de soustraire l'exploitation des mines de houille aux chances d'explosion
10578505 - The doctrine of chances, or, The theory of gaming, made easy
10578504 - An essay towards making the doctrine of chances easy to those who understand vulgar arithmetick only
10578503 - The Works of Francis Beaumont, and Mr. John Fletcher: The chances; The bloody brother; The wild-goose chace; A wife for a month; The lover's progress; The pilgrim
10578502 - Taking Chances
10578501 - The Doctrine of Chances
10578500 - The Dramatick Works of Beaumont and Fletcher: Chances. Tragedy of Rollo, duke of Normandy. Wild-goose chase. A wife for a month. Lovers' progress. Pilgrim
10578499 - The logic of chance
10578498 - The laws of chance
10578497 - The laws of chance
10578496 - What is chance? A dialogue
10578495 - The nature and laws of chance
10578494 - The whole art and mystery of modern gaming fully expos'd and detected; containing an historical account of all the secret abuses practis'd in the games of chance, ...
10578493 - Choice and Chance
10578492 - J
10578491 - Trait
10578490 - Epistre apologitique de Didier Erasme de Roterodam, a reverend ... prince Christophe evesque de Basse [Basle], touchant la deffense de manger chair et autres semblables constitutions humaines, non encore jamais imprimee
10578489 - Le combat de la chair et de l'esprit, ou sermon sur Gal. 5, 17
10578488 - Traicte pour l'entretenement de sante: auquel est declaree la faculte de toutes sortes de pain, vin, eau, chair, poisson & plusierus autres choses ... nouullement reueu & corrige en Francois
10578487 - Les combats de la chair contre l'esprit
10578486 - Trait
10578485 - Octroy, par sa maieste consenti aux quatre Membres de Flandres, pour leuer certaines nouvelles impositions sur les grains, vins, bieres, chair, hareng & poisson sal
10578484 - Mr. Burke's speech, on the 1st December 1783, upon the question for the Speaker's leaving the chair, in order for the House to resolve itself into a committee on Mr. Fox's East India Bill..
10578483 - The legend of Saint Peter's chair
10578482 - De la Chair de J
10578481 - The daisy chain
10578480 - Armilla catechetica: a chain of principles
10578479 - The demonstration of true religion, in a chain of consequences from certain and undeniable principles ...
10578478 - Bradbury's Golden chain of Sabbath school melodies
10578477 - Siris: a chain of philosophical reflexions and inquiries concerning the virtues of tar water,
10578476 - Siris: a chain of philosophical reflexions and inquiries concerning the virtues of tar water. [Another]
10578475 - The Tangled Chain
10578474 - A connected view of the principles and rules by which the living oracles may be intelligibly and certainly interpreted
10578473 - La cabale chim
10578472 - La cabale chim
10578471 - Report of Her Majesty's commissioners appointed to inquire into the revenues and management of certain colleges and school, and the studies pursued and instruction given therein
10578470 - Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches in the time of Queen Elizabeth of famous memory
10578469 - An Inquiry Into Certain Errors Relative to Insanity
10578468 - Repertorium. A letter to a friend. Christian morals. Certain miscellany tracts. Unpublished papers
10578467 - Ancient faiths embodied in ancient names: or, An attempt to trace the religious belief ... of certain nations
10578466 - Letters of certain Jews to Monsieur Voltaire
10578465 - An essay on certain points of resemblance between the ancient and modern Greeks / by Fred. Sylv. North Douglas
10578464 - Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches in the time of Queen Elizabeth
10578463 - Four letters, and certain sonnets
10578462 - Report of Her Majesty's Commissioners Appointed to Inquire Into the Revenues and Management of Certain Colleges and School, and the Studies Pursued and Instruction Given Therein: Evidence, pt. 1
10578461 - American Lutheranism vindicated, or Examination of the Lutheran symbols on certain disputed topics
10578460 - Notes and comments upon certain plays and actors of Shakespeare
10578459 - On the curability of certain forms of insanity, epilepsy, catalepsy, and hysteria in females
10578458 - Fac-similes of certain portions of the Gospel of St. Matthew, and of the Epistles of Ss. James & Jude
10578457 - Certain selected spiritual epistles
10578456 - A vindication of certain passages in a discourse
10578455 - Certain select dialogues of Lucian
10578454 - The origin of certain place names in the United States
10578453 - Reflections on the revolution in France, and on the proceedings of certain societies in London relative to that event
10578452 - Letter ... relative to the Read pedigree; and copies of several reports from the attornies and solicitors general of Ireland respecting certain claims to baronies in Ireland
10578451 - Notes in answer to certain parts of three recent publications on future punishment
10578450 - Reports of certain remarkable cases in the Court of Session, and trials in the High Court of Justiciary
10578449 - Sure and certain methods of attaining a long and healthful life
10578448 - Remarks upon Dr. Priestley's second letters [sic] to the Archdeacon of St. Alban's, with proofs of certain facts asserted by the Archdeacon
10578447 - Navigation and conservancy of the river Thames, report on a view of certain impediments in the navigation of the river Thames, pursuant to a resolution of the Navigation committee. 7th December, 1802
10578446 - Observations upon certain passages in Mr. Jefferson's Notes on Virginia
10578445 - Certain ancient tracts concerning the management of landed property reprinted
10578444 - Watson's 'Important considerations', being Important considerations in the name of certain secular priests [really by T. Bluet] ed. with a preface and notes by J. Mendham
10578443 - Observations on the treatment of certain severe forms of hemorrhoidal excrescence
10578442 - Sir Edward Seaward's narrative of his shipwreck and consequent discovery of certain Islands in the Carribean Sea
10578441 - Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the Proceedings in Certain Societies in London Relative to that Event
10578440 - Observations on the prohibition of marriage in certain cases of relationship by affinity
10578439 - The dignity of human nature; or, A ... certain ... means for attaining the true end of our existence
10578438 - Sir Thomas Browne's Works: Repertorium. A letter to a friend. Christion morals. Certain miscellany tracts. Unpublished papers
10578437 - The true interest of America impartially stated, in certain strictures on a pamphlet intitled Common sense
10578436 - On secondary enlargements of mineral fragments in certain rocks,
10578435 - A certain dutiful son's lamentation for the death of a certain Right Reverend
10578434 - An historical discourse on the civil and religious affairs of the colony of Rhode-Island and Providence plantations from 1638 to the end of first century
10578433 - The history of the Reformation, and other ecclesiastical transactions ... about the Low-countries, from the ... eighth century down to the ... synod of Dort ...
10578432 - Merlin's life and prophecies. Who flourish'd in the fifth century, and foretold the fates and fortunes of all the kings and queens ... His prediction relating to the late contest about the rights of Richmond Park. ...
10578431 - Fragments of English and Irish history in the ninth and tenth century
10578430 - A century of surgeons on gonorrhoea, and on strictures of the urethra
10578429 - Dodd's Church history of England from the commencement of the sixteenth century to the revolution in 1688
10578428 - A century of new fables
10578427 - A New History of Ecclesiastical Writers:: New ecclesiastical history of the sixteenth century, containing an impartial history of the reformation of religion, and other ecclesiastical affairs ... together with the lives and writings of the ecclesiastical
10578426 - The penitential Discipline of the primitive church for the first 400 years after Christ: together with its declension from the fifth century downwards to its present state
10578425 - A View of the Principal Deistical Writers of the Last and Present Century
10578424 - Arcana gallica: or, The secret history of France, for the last century
10578423 - The Anglo-Irish of the nineteenth century
10578422 - An ecclesiastical history, ancient and modern, from the birth of Christ to the beginning of the eighteenth century
10578421 - Welsh Poems, Sixth Century to 1600
10578420 - A general collection of voyages and travels from the discovery of America to commencement of the nineteenth century
10578419 - Anecdotes of the Manner and Customs of London during the eighteenth century
10578418 - Notices and documents illustrative of the literary history of Glasgow, during the greater part of the last century
10578417 - England in the Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century
10578416 - A half-century sermon delivered at Norfolk, October 28, 1811
10578415 - The XVIth Century
10578414 - Considerations on Milton's early reading and the prima stamina of his Paradise Lost, together with extracts from a pact of the sixteenth century, in a letter to William Falconer
10578413 - The Works of Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount St. Alban, and Lord High Chancellor of England: Sylva sylvarum (century IX-X) Physiological remains. Medical remains. Medical receipts. Works moral: Colours of good and evil. Essays of counsels civil
10578412 - The history of English poetry, from the close of the eleventh to the commencement of the eighteenth century
10578411 - Pedestrianism; Or, An Account of the Performances of Celebrated Pedestrians During the Last and Present Century
10578410 - Literary anecdotes of the eighteenth century;
10578409 - The history of the church of Christ, from the diet of Augsburg, 1530, to the eighteenth century
10578408 - A century discourse delivered in Hamilton on Thursday, October 27, 1814
10578407 - Trait
10578406 - Moyens d'extirper l'usure, ou Projet d'
10578405 - Manuscrit de mil huit cent-treize, contenant le pr
10578404 - Londres en mil huit cent vingt ou recueil de lettres sur la politique, la litt
10578403 - Histoire du retour et du r
10578402 - Histoire critique des projets form
10578401 - Anti-hexaples, ou analyse des cent et une proposotions du "nouveau testament "du P. Quesnel condamn
10578400 - Histoire de la guerre de mil sept cent quarante & un
10578399 - Manuscrit de mil huit cent douze
10578398 - Julia S
10578397 - Histoire des Cent-jours, ou, Dernier r
10578396 - Erp
10578395 - Manuscrit de mil huit cent douze, contenant le pr
10578394 - Commentatio iuridica succincta, de usurarum centesimarum usu hodierno, in casibus iure Romano expressis, von Interessen zu 12. pro cent. ad fori usum accommodata
10578393 - Cent fables nouvelles en quatrains
10578392 - M
10578391 - Manuscrit de mil huit cent treize, contenant le pr
10578390 - Manuscrit de mil huit cent douze
10578389 - L'esprit de David ou nouvelle traduction des cent cinquante Pseaumes avec des r
10578388 - L'an deux mille quatre cent quarante
10578387 - Les cent contes droslaticques [!]
10578386 - La v
10578385 - Alterh
10578384 - Deux cent cinquantes pie
10578383 - L' Espagne en mil huit cent huit
10578382 - Tableau historique et politique de l'ann
10578381 - Cent quatrains de la vie et de la mort
10578380 - L'esprit de cour, ou les conversations galantes. Divis
10578379 - Campagne de dix-huit cent quinze ou Relation des op
10578378 - A complete collection of abstracts of acts of Parliament and cases with opinions of the judges upon the following taxes, viz. upon houses, windows, servants, horses, carriages and dogs, the duties upon hair-powder certificates, and also the twenty per cen
10578377 - Frank Leslie's ten cent monthly
10578376 - Les cent-et-une nouvelles nouvelles des cent-et-un
10578375 - L'histoire des Pays-Bas depuis l'an mil cinq cent soixante jusqu'
10578374 - Tables de tous les diviseurs des nombres, calcul
10578373 - Derni
10578372 - Preston's tables of interest, at five, six, and seven per cent
10578371 - The whole art of dress! or, The road to elegance and fashion, at the enormous saving of thirty per cent!!! By a cavalry officer
10578370 - A Universal Biography: 3d series. [15th-16th cent
10578369 - Angela; or, The moss-grown cell, a poem
10578368 - A faithfvll admonition of the Paltsgraves Churches, to all other Protestant Churches in Dutschland. That they wovld consider the great danger that hangeth ouer their heads as well as ours by the Popedome, and therefore Christianly and brotherly cease the
10578367 - A letter from a parishioner of St. Clement Danes, to Edmund, bishop of London, occasion'd by his lordship's causing the picture, over the altar, to be taken down
10578366 - Histoire du minist
10578365 - Les causes du flux et reflux de la mer
10578364 - M
10578363 - Histoire du minist
10578362 - Recherches historiques et critiques sur les causes des progr
10578361 - Essais historiques sur les causes et les effets de la R
10578360 - Causes c
10578359 - Recueil des causes c
10578358 - Abr
10578357 - Recherches sur la nature et les causes de la richesse des nations
10578356 - De la charit
10578355 - Commentaries on the Causes, Forms, Symptoms, and Treatment, Moral and Medical, of Insanity
10578354 - The history of the Norman conquest of England
10578353 - Historical causes and effects
10578352 - A treatise on the practice of courts of admiralty in civil causes of maritime jurisdiction
10578351 - The diseases of woman, their causes and cure familiarly explained
10578350 - A treatise on the causes and principles of meteorological phenomena
10578349 - Causes and cure of diseases of the feet
10578348 - Outlines of lectures on the nature, causes and treatment of insanity
10578347 - A treatise on removable and mitigable causes of death, their modes of origin and means of prevention
10578346 - An essay on the causes of the revolution and civil wars of Hayti
10578345 - Annals OF THE American Revolution; Record OF THE Causes AND Events
10578344 - Purdon's veterinary hand-book. The diseases of horses, cattle, sheep [&c.], their causes, symptoms, and treatment
10578343 - Juvenile crime: its causes, character and cure
10578342 - The Avoidable causes of disease, insanity, and deformity
10578341 - Causes of the Civil War in America
10578340 - THE American Conflict: A History OF THE Great Rebellion IN THE United States OF America, 1860-'65. ITS Causes, Incidents, AND Results: Intended TO Exhibition Especially ITS Moral AND Political Phases, With THE Drift AND Progress OF American Opinion Respec
10578339 - An essay on the causes and remedies of poverty
10578338 - On spermatorrhoea: its causes, symptomatology, pathology, prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment
10578337 - Spermatorrhoea: its causes, symptoms, results, and treatment
10578336 - Historic Papers on the Causes of the Civil War
10578335 - A treatise on the nature, causes, and treatment of erysipelas
10578334 - Social evils: their causes and their cure
10578333 - Prospects on the Rubicon: or, An investigation into the causes and consequences of the politics to be agitated at the meeting of parliament [by T. Paine.].
10578332 - Investigation into the causes of the gold panic
10578331 - The causes and treatment of lateral curvature of the spine
10578330 - Researches and observations on the causes of scrofulous diseases
10578329 - The causes of the corruption of Christianity
10578328 - Cholera, dysentery, and fever, pathologically and practically considered; or The nature, causes, connexion, and treatment of these diseases, in all their forms
10578327 - Quackery unmasked, or, A Consideration of the most prominent empirical schemes of the present time, with an enumeration of some of the causes which contribute to their support
10578326 - Memoirs of convicted prisoners; accompanied by remarks on the causes and prevention of crime, by H.S. Joseph
10578325 - A Practical treatise on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of spermatorrh
10578324 - Magdalenism: a inquiry into the extent, causes, and consequences, of prostitution in Edinburgh
10578323 - The causes of the French revolution
10578322 - Causes and prevention of accidents in the iron and steel industry, 1910-1919
10578321 - General debility and defective nutrition: their causes, consequences, and treatment
10578320 - Manhood: the causes of its premature decline
10578319 - Report of the committee appointed by the citizens of Cincinnati, April 26, 1838, to enquire into the causes of the explosion of the Moselle
10578318 - The causes of the American Civil War
10578317 - A treatise on the nature, symptoms, causes, and treatment of insanity
10578316 - The great Indian mutiny of 1857: its causes, features and results
10578315 - A review of the causes and consequences of the Mexican War
10578314 - The Seats and Causes of Diseases
10578313 - Practical observations on the causes and cure of insanity
10578312 - The causes of illegitimacy, particularly in Scotland
10578311 - The secrets of the mash tun; or, The real causes of failure in producing good ale or beer exposed: by a brewer of 25 years' standing
10578310 - An Enquiry Into the Causes of the Late Increase of Robbers, &c
10578309 - History of the causes and effects of the confederation of the Rhine
10578308 - A scriptural view of the character, causes, and ends
10578307 - Scrofula; its nature, its causes, its prevalence, and the principles of treatment
10578306 - Lectures on female prostitution: its nature, extent, effects, guilt, causes, and remedy
10578305 - A treatise of civil power in ecclesiastical causes
10578304 - An inquiry into the extent and causes of juvenile depravity
10578303 - A critical dissertation on the nature, measures, and causes of value
10578302 - An exposition of views respecting the principal facts, causes and peculiarities involved in spirit manifestations
10578301 - Report of the committee for investingating the causes of the alarming increase of juvenile delinquency in the metropolis
10578300 - Choix de nouvelles causes c
10578299 - Observations on smoky chimneys, their causes and cure; with considerations on fuel and stoves
10578298 - An Inquiry Into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae
10578297 - The symptoms, nature, causes, and cure of the febricula, or little fever
10578296 - Poverty: its illegal causes and legal cure
10578295 - An authentic narrative of the causes which led to the death of Major Andr
10578294 - Recherches sur les causes particulieres des phenomenes electriques
10578293 - An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations With a Life of the Author
10578292 - An essay on the nature, causes and treatment of water in the brain
10578291 - An inqury into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations
10578290 - The Works of Adam Smith: The nature and causes of the wealth of nations
10578289 - A narrative of the proceedings of the people of South-Carolina, in the year 1719: and of the true causes and motives that induced them to renounce their obedience to the Lords Proprietors, as their governors, and to put themselves under the immediate gove
10578288 - A letter to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Melbourne, on the causes of the recent derangement in the money market, and on bank reform
10578287 - The curse of Britain: an essay on the evils, causes and cure of intemperance
10578286 - An enquiry into the causes of popular discontents in Ireland
10578285 - Opinions on the causes and effects of the disease denominated tic douloureux
10578284 - An essay towards attaining a true idea of the character and reign of King Charles the First and the causes of the civil war
10578283 - Spring, or, The causes, appearances, and effects of the seasonal renovations of nature in all climates
10578282 - Intermarriage; or The mode in which, and the causes why, beauty, health and intellect, result from certain unions, and deformity, disease and insanity, from others
10578281 - A letter to the Hon. Daniel Webster, on the causes of the destruction of the steamer Lexington
10578280 - An essay on the causes and cure of the usual diseases in voyages to the West-Indies
10578279 - An enquiry into the causes and production of poverty, and the state of the poor: together with the proposed means for their effectual relief. By John Vancouver
10578278 - An Essay on the Causes of the Variety of Complexion and Figure in the Human Species
10578277 - The antient religion of the gentiles, and causes of their errors consider'd
10578276 - An inquiry into the influence of physical causes upon the moral faculty
10578275 - The defects of police the causes of immorality and the continual robberies committed
10578274 - Letters from Paris on the causes and consequences of the French revolution
10578273 - Medical essays ... on the effects of intestinal irritation ... on some effects of loss of blood ... on exhaustion and sinking from various causes
10578272 - The immediate causes and remote consequences of the peace, considered
10578271 - A treatise on the nature and causes of doubt in religious questions [by D.B. Baker].
10578270 - Observations on the nature, kinds, causes, and prevention of insanity
10578269 - An examination of the causes and conduct of the present war with France
10578268 - Strictures and remarks on the Earl of Selkirk's Observations on the present state of the Highlands of Scotland, with a view of the causes and probable consequences of emigration
10578267 - Considerations on volcanos, the probable causes of their phenomena, the laws which determine their march, the disposition of their products, and their connexion with the present state and past history of the globe
10578266 - Observations on the nature, kinds, causes and prevention of insanity, lunacy or madness
10578265 - A mechanical enquiry into the nature, causes, seat and cure of the diabetes
10578264 - Considerations on the introduction of jury trial in civil causes into Scotland [by A. Maconochie].
10578263 - Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, and on Some of Its Causes
10578262 - An inquiry into the history, nature, causes, and different modes of treatment
10578261 - A review of the general and particular causes which have produced the late disorders and divisions in the Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in Philadelphia
10578260 - Letters on marriage, on the causes of matrimonial infidelity, and on the reciprocal relations of the sexes
10578259 - A collection of decrees by the Court of Exchequer in tithe-causes
10578258 - International classification of causes of sickness and death
10578257 - A view of the causes and consequences of the present war with France
10578256 - Considerations on the causes objects and consequences of the present war,
10578255 - A candid enquiry into the causes and motives of the late riots in the province of Munster
10578254 - a scriptural view of the character, causes, and ends of the present war.
10578253 - Principles of nature; or, A development [!] of the moral causes of happiness and misery among the human species
10578252 - An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
10578251 - Prostitution in London, with a comparative view of that of Paris and New York, with an account of the nature and treatment of the various diseases, caused by the abuses of the reproductive function
10578250 - The cause of truth defended
10578249 - Cause and Cure of Infidelity
10578248 - Lieut. James Moody's narrative of his exertions and sufferings in the cause of government, since the year 1776
10578247 - The philosophy of earthquakes, natural and religious, or, An inquiry into their cause, and their purpose
10578246 - Prostitution considered in relation to its cause and cure
10578245 - The physical cause of the death of Christ
10578244 - The cause of god and truth ...
10578243 - The wrongs of man exemplified; or, An enquiry into the origin, the cause, and the effect, of superstition, conquest, and exaction, separate and united
10578242 - The flies that cause myiasis in man
10578241 - A theory of natural philosophy on mechanical principles divested of all immaterial chymical properties, showing for the first time the physical cause of continuous motion
10578240 - Memoir on the immediate cause of bunt or smut of wheat
10578239 - Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents
10578238 - The tryal and cause of the Roman Catholics
10578237 - Memoires d
10578236 - The symptoms, nature, cause, and cure of a gonorrhoea
10578235 - The son of Erin, or The cause of the Greeks, a play
10578234 - An authentic report of the testimony in a cause at issue in the Court of Chancery of the State of New Jersey, between Thomas L. Shotwell, complainant, and Joseph Hendrickson and Stacy Decow, defendants
10578233 - Dundonnell cause, second trial
10578232 - National sins the cause of national sufferings, a sermon
10578231 - A letter to the earl of Liverpool [in reply to his speech of Feb.. 26] on the agricultural distress of the country; its cause demonstrated in the unequal system of taxation; and a just system suggested
10578230 - Modes of statement of cause of death and duration of illness upon certificates of death
10578229 - The nature and necessity of religious resolution, in the defence and support of a good cause, in times of danger and trial. A sermon
10578228 - The cause and cure of a wounded conscience
10578227 - An essay on the cause and seat of the gout
10578226 - A small tract entitled A candid and impartial exposition of the various opinions on the subject of the comparative quality of the wheat and flour in the northern and southern sections of the United States, with a view to develop the true cause of the diff
10578225 - Speech of Robert Goodloe Harper, Esq., at the celebration of the recent triumphs of the cause of mankind, in Germany
10578224 - A letter to the Earl of Liverpool on the cause of our present embarrassment and distress
10578223 - A verbatim report of the cause Doe dem. Tatham v. Wright
10578222 - An account [by C.M. de la Condamine?] of a savage girl [M.A. Memmie le Blanc] caught wild in the woods of Champagne, tr. from the Fr. of madam H-t
10578221 - The Cheshire huntress, and the old fox caught at last
10578220 - The Second Part of Conny-catching; Contayning the Discouery of Certaine Wondrous Coosenages, Either Superficialli Past Ouer, Vtterlie Vntoucht in the First
10578219 - The Defence of Conny Catching, Or, A Confvtation of Those Two Injurious Pamphlets Published by R.G. Against the Practitioners of Many Nimble-witted and Mysticall Sciences
10578218 - The Third and Last Part of Conny-catching; with the New Deuised Knauish Arte of Foole-taking
10578217 - An antidote against melancholy: made up in pills. Compounded of witty ballads, jovial songs, and merry catches
10578216 - Lyric poetry of glees, madrigals, catches, rounds, canons, and duets
10578215 - Cage and singing birds; how to catch, keep, breed and rear them
10578214 - Cobwebs to Catch Flies
10578213 - The Works of Thomas Middleton, Now First Collected: Trick to catch the old one. The family of love. Your five gallants. A mad world, my masters. The roaring girl, by Middleton and Dekker
10578212 - Trait
10578211 - Trait
10578210 - Eloge de Monsieur de Fontenelle... par M. Le Cat, [Pi
10578209 - La science sacr
10578208 - Le petit cat. de Heid., accompagn
10578207 - Cat
10578206 - Addition
10578205 - Serm
10578204 - Relacion sucinta de las fiestas celebradas en la M. N. y M. L. Ciudad de Leon con motivo de la restituci
10578203 - Entretiens Familiers, En Forme De Cat
10578202 - Descripcion Hist
10578201 - The cat-fight
10578200 - Memoirs of the celebrated persons composing the Kit-Cat club;
10578199 - Cassette ouverte de l'illustre Criole
10578198 - La Cassette des biioux [par A. Torch
10578197 - Un-deux-trois-quatre, ou la cassette pr
10578196 - Cases in Parliament
10578195 - Reports of cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
10578194 - Several miscellaneous and weighty cases of conscience, learnedly and judiciously resolved by the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr. Thomas Barlow ... viz
10578193 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals of Maryland in 1826 ...[to] 1829
10578192 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme court of judicature of the state of Indiana
10578191 - Reports of cases determined in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Third Circuit
10578190 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the English ecclesiastical courts
10578189 - Reports of cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
10578188 - Reports of cases, decided in the High Court of Chancery
10578187 - Reports of cases decided in the High court of chancery of Maryland. [1811-1832]
10578186 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Queen's Bench
10578185 - The history of the cases of controverted elections
10578184 - Cases in equity during the time of the late Lord Chancellor Talbot [1730-1737]
10578183 - Reports of cases in the reigns of Hen. VIII, Edw. VI, Q. Mary, and Q. Eliz. [1513-1582]
10578182 - Minutes of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Chancery
10578181 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Circuit Court of the United States for the First Circuit
10578180 - Reports of cases heard in the House of Lords
10578179 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Judicature of the State of Vermont
10578178 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of the State of Maine
10578177 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of common pleas, and other courts
10578176 - New reports of cases heard in the House of Lords, on appeals and writs of error
10578175 - Cases decided by the House of Lords on appeals and writs of error
10578174 - Religious cases of conscience
10578173 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of King's bench
10578172 - Reports of cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
10578171 - Reports of cases determined in the Appeal and Chancery divisions and selected cases in the King's Bench and at Chambers of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick
10578170 - Cases in bankruptcy
10578169 - A summary of the law relative to pleading and evidence in criminal cases
10578168 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Common Pleas, and other courts
10578167 - Reports of cases at law and in chancery
10578166 - Cases decided in the House of Lords
10578165 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Vermont
10578164 - Reports of two cases determined in the Prize court for New York district
10578163 - Reports of cases heard and decided in the House of lords on appeals and writs of error
10578162 - Reports of cases adjudged in the Court of common pleas of the first judicial district of Pennsylvania [1801-1814]
10578161 - Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the Court of King's bench
10578160 - Reports of cases in bankruptcy
10578159 - Reports of cases, upon appeals and writs of error, in the High Court of Parliament
10578158 - Chirurgical observations and cases
10578157 - Reports of cases adjudged in the Court of King's Bench
10578156 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of King's Bench , with tables of the names of the cases and the principal matters
10578155 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the courts of Exchequer & Exchequer chamber
10578154 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of exchequer
10578153 - Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the King's courts at Westminster ... [1742-1774]
10578152 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Common Pleas, and other courts
10578151 - Report of the great conspiracy case
10578150 - Celebrated speeches of Chatham, Burke, and Erskine, to which is added the arguement of Mr. Mackintosh in the case of Peltier
10578149 - Stewartiana, containing the case of Robert ii. and Elizabeth Mure, and question of legitimacy of their issue
10578148 - Opinion of Hon. Charles Sumner, of Massachusetts, in the case of the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States
10578147 - Case of Passmore Williamson
10578146 - The case of Thomas, lord Cochrane, K. B.
10578145 - the case of dred scott in the united states supreme court
10578144 - The case of labourers in husbandry
10578143 - The case of John Atherton, Bishop of Waterford in Ireland: fairly represented
10578142 - Report of the case of Edward Prigg against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
10578141 - Report of the case of John W. Webster
10578140 - Historical and legal examination of that part of the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Dred Scott case
10578139 - The case of Ireland's being bound by Acts of Parliament in England stated
10578138 - Case between Sir William Clayton, Bart. and the Duchy of Cornwall
10578137 - A report of the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States and the opinions of the judges thereof, in the case of Dred Scott vs. John F. A. Sandford, December term, 1856
10578136 - Proceedings of the High court of impeachment, in the case of the people of the state of Tennessee, vs. Thomas N. Frazier, judge, etc
10578135 - Report of the case of Alexander Bain, appellant, vs. Samuel F.B. Morse, respondent
10578134 - Case of ... Lucius, lord Inchiquin ... on his claiming the right to vote at the election of representative peers for Ireland. [With] Minutes of evidence
10578133 - Review of a report to the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on the case of William Vans
10578132 - A further illustration of the case of the Seneca Indians in the state of New York
10578131 - Report of the case between the Rev. Cave Jones & the rector & inhabitants of the city of New-York in communion of the Protestant Episcopal church in the state of New York ...
10578130 - Case of the Black Warrior
10578129 - Report of the trial in the case of Thelwall v. Yelverton
10578128 - A certified report of the investigation of the case of Rev. Garret J. Garretson ...
10578127 - Case of the slave-child, Med
10578126 - The case and memoirs of the late Rev. Mr. James Hackman
10578125 - Case of ... Theobald Fitzwalter Butler ... on his claim to the title and dignity of baron of Dunboyne. [With] Minutes of evidence
10578124 - Case of the Somers' mutiny
10578123 - A clear state of the case of Elizabeth Canning
10578122 - History rescued, in answer to 'History vindicated' [by A. Stewart] a recapitulation of the 'Case for the Crown'. [With] The case for the Crown in re the Wigtown martyrs proved to be myths
10578121 - A reply to The Hertford letter [of P.D.]: wherein the case of mrs. Stout's death is more particularly considered: and mr. Cowper vindicated
10578120 - The great case of tithes
10578119 - Substance of the evidence delivered before the ... Privy council, in the case of governor Picton
10578118 - The Works of Ben. Jonson: Underwoods. Timber; or, Discoveries made upon men and matter. Horace, Of the art of poetry [with an English translation by Jonson]. The English grammar. Leges convivales, rules for the Tavern Academy. The case is altered
10578117 - A succinct statement of the Kaffer's case
10578116 - A full report of the case of Stacy Decow, and Joseph Hendrickson, vs. Thomas L. Shotwell
10578115 - A fair, candid, and impartial state of the case between Sir Isaac Newton and Mr. Hutchinson
10578114 - An answer to Mr. Jefferson's justification of his conduct in the case of the New Orleans batture
10578113 - The case of the Dutch ships considered
10578112 - . 1917-1920.
10578111 - The case of the dissenting ministers
10578110 - A report of the case of the Jeune Eugenie
10578109 - A true state of the case of the Commonwealth
10578108 - A review of the Chandos peerage case, adjudicated 1803, and of the pretensions of Sir Samuel-Egerton Brydges, bart., to designate himself per legem terrae Baron Chandos of Sudeley
10578107 - The case of opposition stated, between the Craftsman and the people
10578106 - The Case for Socialism
10578105 - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
10578104 - Mr. Read's case: published for prevention of scandal to his brethren & people
10578103 - The case of the Seneca Indians in the state of New York
10578102 - Case of Great Britain and America
10578101 - The surprising case of Rachel Baker, who prays and preaches in her sleep
10578100 - A complete collection of the genuine papers, letters, &c. in the case of John Wilkes, esq
10578099 - The case of the forty-shilling freeholders of Ireland, in a letter
10578098 - An epitome of the case of Irish corporations
10578097 - A complete collection of the genuine papers, letters, &c. in the case of John Wilkes, Esq. elected knight of the shire for the county of Middlesex March Xxviii, Mdcclxviii.
10578096 - The report of Hiram Maxwell's case, decided at the City-hall of the city of New-York, on the 3d day of February, 1823
10578095 - A report of the case of the Louis, Forest, master
10578094 - Case of the Protestants of Ireland
10578093 - Report of the case of the borough of Petersfield ... tried and determined by two select committees of the House of commons in 1820 and 1821 [ed. by R.S. Atcheson].
10578092 - The case of Ireland, setting forth various difficulties experienced in its commercial intercourse with Great Britain since the union, a letter
10578091 - The Writs of Assistance Case
10578090 - The continuation of the narrative of Miss Margaret M'Avoy's case
10578089 - A full and faithful report of the proceedings in his majesty's Court of exchequer in Ireland, in the case of ... mr. justice Johnson, revised and corrected by J.S. Emerson
10578088 - A full and faithful report of the proceedings in His Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland, in the case of the Honorable Mr. Justice Johnson
10578087 - Case studies in maritime innovation
10578086 - The case put, concerning the succession of ... the duke of York
10578085 - The case and conduct of mr. Lowe ... from ... 1807 to 1811, clearly stated [by himself].
10578084 - Record in the case of the United States of America versus Fernando M. Arredondo and others
10578083 - Proposals for carrying on certain public works in the city of Edinburgh
10578082 - Proposals for carrying on the war with vigour, raising the supplies within the year, and forming a national militia. ...
10578081 - An account of the island of Newfoundland, with the nature of its trade, and method of carrying on the fishery
10578080 - The conduct of the allies, and of the late ministry, in beginning and carrying on the present war ...
10578079 - The grand design of the papists, in the reign of ... Charles the i. and now carried on against his present majesty [letters from A. ab Habernfeld and sir W. Boswell to W. Laud.].
10578078 - A handbook of the manufacture and proof of gunpowder, as carried on at the Royal Gunpowder Factory, Waltham Abbey
10578077 - A Relation of the Barbarous and Bloody Massacre of about an Hundred Thousand Protestants, Begun at Paris, and Carried on Over All France by the Papists, in the Year 1572
10578076 - A Relation of the Barbarous and Bloody Massacre of about an Hundred Thousand Protestants Begun at Paris, and Carried on Over All France by the Papists in the Jear 1572
10578075 - The discourse which carried the pr
10578074 - Operations carried on at the pyramids of Gizeh in 1837: with an account of a voyage into Upper Egypt, and an appendix
10578073 - Journals of sieges carried on by the army under the duke of Wellington, in Spain, between the years 1811 and 1814
10578072 - Official documents, relative to the negotiations carried on by Tippoo Sultaun, with the French nation, and other foreign states, for purposes hostile to the British nation
10578071 - Operations carried on at the pyramids of Gizeh in 1837:
10578070 -
10578069 - Fears and cares
10578068 - The cure of cares; or A short discourse, declaring the condition of worldly cares
10578067 - The Works of Daniel Defoe, Carefully Selected from the Most Authentic Sources
10578066 - THE Immortality OF THE Soul AND THE Final Condition OF THE Wicked Carefully Considered
10578065 - The Works of Shakespeare: the Text Carefully Restored According to the First Editions: Editor's preface Didication Commendatory verses Tempest Two gentlemen of Verona Merry wives of Windsor Twelfth night
10578064 - Psalms, carefully suited to the Christian worship in the United States of America
10578063 - A careful and strict inquiry into modern prevailing notions of that freedom of the will
10578062 - A Careful and Strict Enquiry Into the Modern Prevailing Notions of that Freedom of Will
10578061 - Complete works. Ed. with careful rev. and new tr., by C.J. Hempel
10578060 - A treatise on the care, treatment, and training of the English race horse
10578059 - An inquiry concerning the indications of insanity, with suggestions for the better protection and care of the insane
10578058 - Annals of the classis of Bergen, of the Reformed Dutch church, and of the churches under its care
10578057 - Rodents: standards and guidelines for the breeding, care, and management of laboratory animals
10578056 - Observations on the management of trusts for the care of turnpike roads
10578055 - King Alfred's West-Saxon version of Gregory's Pastoral care
10578054 - A history of American baptist missions in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, under the care of the American Baptist Missionary Union...
10578053 - Study of engineering in medicine and health care
10578052 - Report of Vincent Colyer, ... on the reception and care of the soldiers returning from the war, presented September 14th, 1865
10578051 - Health care for American veterans
10578050 - Children under institutional care and in foster homes, 1933
10578049 - Standards and guidelines for the breeding, care, and management of laboratory animals
10578048 - Implications of guaranteeing medical care
10578047 - Present needs for research on the use and care of natural resources
10578046 - Coturnix (Coturnix coturnix japonica): standards and guidelines for the breeding, care, and management of laboratory animals
10578045 - Proposal for the support and regulation of the poor, by subjecting them to the care, and maintaining them at the charges of their respective parishes ...
10578044 - Family expenditures for personal care, gifts, selected taxes, and miscellaneous items
10578043 - Nonhuman primates: standards and guidelines for the breeding, care, and management of laboratory animals
10578042 - A letter, written by the late Rev. Mr. Pearsall, of Taunton in the county of Somerset, addressed to the Church of Christ, under his pastoral care: ...
10578041 - Begone dull care
10578040 - A commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews. Republ. under the care of E. Henderson
10578039 - A discourse of the pastoral care. revised; with notes by a member of the Univ. of Cambridge
10578038 - Facts and Speculations on the Origin and History of Playing Cards
10578037 - Researches into the history of playing cards; with illustrations of the origin of printing and engraving on wood
10578036 - Fortune-Telling by Cards
10578035 - La Reina di Scotia tragedia di Carlo Ruggeri. All'Illustriss. & Reuerendiss. card. Spinelli
10578034 - Synodvs Lvcana ab eminentiss.et reverendiss. D. Francisco tit. S. Stephani in Monte Coelio S.R.E. presb. Card. Bonvisio episcopo Lvcano
10578033 - M
10578032 - Constituciones sinodales del Exmo. y Rmo. Sr. D. Baltasar de Moscoso y Sandoval Card. Arzobispo de Toledo
10578031 - Negociations ou lettres d'affaires ecclesiastiques et politiques, escrittes au Pape Pie IV. et au Card. Borrom
10578030 - Poesie Toscane del Card. Maffeo Barberino Hoggi Papa Urbano Ottavo
10578029 -
10578028 - Manifeste ou deux lettres de Mgr. Le Card. de Buillon a Mrs. les Doyen, et Chanoines de l
10578027 -
10578026 -
10578025 -
10578024 - De Pathmo Lutheri in arce Warteburg prope Isenacum, animadversiones historicae adversus Card. Pallavicinum aliosq[ue] historiographos Romanenses
10578023 - ,
10578022 - ,
10578021 - ,
10578020 - Breviarium Ambrosianum Sancti Caroli Card. Arch. jussu editum etc
10578019 - Annales ecclesiastici ab anno quo desinit Card. Caes. Baronius M.C.Xcviii usque ad annum M.D.Xxxiv. continuati, ex regestis pontificum, et literis auctoritate publica fideque munitis ...: Ab anno M.Cccc.Xvii. usque ad annum M.Cccc.Lviii
10578018 - Elenchus... S. R. E. cardinalium, ab anno 1294 ad annum 1430 ex bibliotheca... card. Barberini,... Vita Martini Quinti. Authore Felice Cantelorio,...
10578017 - Animadversiones in historiam et decreta concilii tridentini adversus card. Pallavicinum
10578016 - Haec accurata recognitio trium voluminum operum clariss. P. Nicolai Cusae Card. ...
10578015 - Annales ecclesiastici ab anno Mcxcviii ubi Card. Baronius desinit auctore Odorico Raynaldo...
10578014 - Lettre du Roy
10578013 - De Scriptoribvs Ecclesiasticis, Quos attigit Eminentiss. S. R. E. Card. Robertvs Bellarminvs, Philologica Et Historica Dissertatio
10578012 - Congregatione sacrorum rituum siue ... Card. Carpineo Toletana beatificationis [et] canonizationis ven. serui Dei Francisci Ximenez de Cisneros ... S.R.E. Cardinalis [et] Archiepiscopi Toletani. Summarium super dubio an constet de virtutibus tam theologal
10578011 - Angeli Mari
10578010 - Advertissement sur les lettres octroy
10578009 - Livre d'
10578008 - Angeli Mariae Card. Quirini,... Liber singularis de optimorum scriptorum editionibus quae Romae primum prodierunt post... typographiae inventum, a Germanis opificibus in eam urbem advectum... Recensuit, annotationes, rerumque notabiliorum, indicem adjecit
10578007 - Refutation du libelle intitule: Excommunication politique lancee contre le clerge, contre les sentiments de mons. le card. de Retz (etc.)
10578006 - Brevissima depulsio errorum indiculi formati a sapientissimo scriptore responsionum ad capitula quarumdam objectionum Mansuetarum, depellitur sigillatim imaginata irreverentia in Emin. Card. de Aguirre
10578005 - Hadrianus TT. S. Chrysogoni, S.R.E. Presb. Card. Botoien. de sermone Latino, & modis Latine loquendi
10578004 - Relatio facta in consistorio secreto coram S. D. N. Gregorio P. XV [a Francisco Maria Episcopo Portuensi Card. ... d. 19. Jan. 1622] super vita, sanctitate ... actis cononizationis et miraculis B. Francisci Xavier e S. J.
10578003 - Memoires anecdotes de la Cour et du Clerg
10578002 - Reuerendiss. in Christo Patris D. Dominici Card. Iacobatii De Concilio tractatus
10578001 - Augustini Valerii ... Commentarius de Consolatione Ecclesiae ad Ascanium Card. Columnam Libri VI.
10578000 - Compendium Summae Card. Toleti
10577999 - Epistola ad ... Principem Franciscum Barberinum ... Card
10577998 - Relaciones del Card. Bentivollo
10577997 - Benedicti XIV Pont. Opt. Max. olim Prosp. Card. de Lambertinis ... De Sacrosancto Missae Sacrificio libri tres ...
10577996 - Constitutiones, et extravagantes ordinis monachorum sancti P. Hieronymi... ab... Vincentio,... card. Petra... nunc denuo compilatae...
10577995 - Sac. Rituum Congregatione Eminentissimo, & Reverendissimo D. Card. Petro Otthoboni Gebennen Beatificationis, & Canonizationis Ven. Servae Dei Jo. Franciscae Fremiot de Chantal Fundatricis, Primae Monialis, & Primae Superiorissae Ordinis Monialium a Visita
10577994 - Revelationes Sanctae Brigittae olim a card. Turrecremata recognitae nunc a Consalvo Duranto a Sancto Angelo in Vato presb. notis illustratae...
10577993 - Compendio delle Virt
10577992 - Lettera Scritta al. Card. Gio. Ant. Guadagni Suo vicario in Roma sopra la Benedizione data colla S. Pisside in cui era il venerab. Sagramento dd. Rom 27. Juli 1755
10577991 - Index Librorum expurgatorum iussu Gasp. Quiroga Card. et Arch. Tolet. ac Generalis Inquisitoris editus
10577990 - Congregatione sacrorum rituum siue Eminentisimo ... Card. Gaspare Carpineo granatem canonizationis beati Ioannis de Deo Ordinis fate ben fratelli Fundatoris ...
10577989 - F. Joannis Andreae Coppensteinii ... ad Epitome R.ss P. Bellarmini Card. supplementum
10577988 - Concioni, elogi, lettere familiari del card
10577987 - Compendium summae Card. Toleti..., in septem libros, & duos tractatus distinctum
10577986 - Vita del B. Nicolo Albergati Card. di S. Croce
10577985 - Dispunctio notarum quatraginta, quas Script. anonymus Card. Cael. Sfondrati Libro, cui titulus: Nodus Praedestinationis inussit
10577984 - Augustiniana celleriae romanae doctrina a Card. Sfondrati nodo exprica per varios S. Augustini descipulos
10577983 - Della historia vinitiana di M. Pietro Bembo Card. volgarmente scritta libri XII
10577982 - Philippi Labbe, Biturici societatis Iesu theologi, De scriptoribus ecclesiasticis quos attigit eminentiss. S. R. E. Card. Robertus Bellarminus philologica et historica dissertatio... duobus tomis
10577981 - Dispunctio notarum quadraginta, quas scriptor anonymus eminentissimi Card. Caelestini Sfondrati libro cui titulus
10577980 - Rotae Romanae Desiciones coram R.P.D. Petro Otthobono... nunc Presb. Card
10577979 - The trial of Jane Leigh Perrot, wife of James Leigh Perrot, esq, charged with stealing a card of lace, in the shop of Elizabeth Gregory, haberdasher and milliner, at Bath, before Sir Soulden Lawrence, knight ... at Taunton assizes, on Saturday the 29th da
10577978 - Annales Ecclesiastici ab anno Mcxcviii ubi Card. Baronius desinit
10577977 - The history of playing cards, with anecdotes of their use in conjuring, fortune-telling, and card-sharping
10577976 - The development of punch card tabulation in the Bureau of the Census, 1890-1940
10577975 - Planning for the future of the card catalog
10577974 - Card drawing
10577973 - The Future of card catalogs
10577972 - Acta ecclesiae Mediolanensis a S. Carolo Card
10577971 - De jure statuum imperii, dandae civitatis; resp. Car. Augustus Clusius
10577970 - De jure ex patientia alterius acquirendo; resp. Car. Otto Klopstock
10577969 - Ern. Frid. Car. Rosenm
10577968 - Opera omnia ... in lucem emisit Fronto Ducaeus ... ed. noviss. a Car. Desiderio Roger de Mommecaeio
10577967 - Hellenika seu antiquissimae Graecorum historiae res insigniores usque ad primam Olympiadem cum geographicis descriptionibus e scriptoribus graecis collegit, digessit et usui secundae classis scholarum accomodavit M. Car. Godfr. Sibelis
10577966 - Prima scde. S. Tho. cum commen. Car. Caietani
10577965 - Car. Traugott Gottlob Schoenemann, reg. bibl. Acad. Goetting. a secretis, Bibliotheca historico-literaria patrum Latinorum
10577964 - Natalem trigesimum secundum Serenissimi ac Potentissimi Domini, Domini Friderici Guilielmi, Principis Electoralis, Consortis Regiminis Hassiae ... ab Academia Marburgensi die XX Augusti oratione in auditorio maiori habenda celebrandum indicit Car. Franc.
10577963 - Valerius Maximus De dictis factisque memorabilibus et Jul. Obsequens de prodigiis cum supplementis Conradi Lycosthenis et selectis eruditorum notis quos recensuit novisque accessionibus locupletavit Car. Benedict. Hase ...
10577962 - Car. Ottonis de Madai ... commentatio iuris Romani de vi publica et privata
10577961 - Flosculi historiarum in areolas suas distributi...ed. sexta aucta et emendata...[cum epistolis Caesaris car. Fachenetti]
10577960 - Sermons Sur Les Evangiles Du Careme, Et Sur Divers Sujets De Morale
10577959 - Index verborum ac phrasium Luciani, sive Lexicon Lucianeum ad editiones omnes, maxime novissimam Wetstenianam concinnatum a Car. Conr. Reitzio
10577958 - Sermons Pour L'Avent, Le Careme, Et Les Principales Fetes De L'Ann
10577957 - Ern. Frid. Car. Rosenm
10577956 - Ern. Frid. Car. Rosenm
10577955 - Istoria del ritrovamento delle spoglie mortali di Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, con l'aggiunta delle notizie annedote raccolte dal car. P.E. Visconti, e una canzone del marchese L. Biondi
10577954 - Nicephori Gregorae Byzantina historia, graece et latine, cum annotationibus Hier. Wolfli, Car. Ducangii, Jo Boivini et Cl. Capperonnerii, cura Ludovici Schopeni. Nicephori Gregorae Historiae Byzantinae libri postremi ab Immanuele Bekkero nunc primum editi
10577953 - Jo. G. Roedereri et Car. G. Wagleri Tractatus de morbo mucoso
10577952 - Biblia hebraica ad optimas editiones inprimis Everardi van der Hooght ex recensione Aug. Hahnii expressa. Praefatus est Ern. Fr. Car. Rosenm
10577951 - Tout est au mieux car on le dit
10577950 - Historical Collections of Private Passages of State: The second part. Containing the principal matters ... from the dissolution of the parliament, on the 10th of March, 4 Car. I. 1628
10577949 - The life, adventures, and pyracies, of the famous Captain Singleton
10577948 - The voyages and adventures of captain Robert Boyle, in several parts of the world. Intermix'd with the story of Mrs. Villars, an English lady, with whom he made his surprising escape from Barbary: likewise including The history of an Italian captive; and
10577947 - An enquiry into the conduct of Captain M------n
10577946 - The proceedings on the trial of Captain G------, late of His Majesty's ship the Severn, on an action on the case wherein the damages sued for was 10,000 l. for crim. con. with Ad----l K-----s's Lady
10577945 - Memoirs, of the late Captain Hugh Crow, of Liverpool
10577944 - Genuine and curious memoirs of ... captain Thurot
10577943 - Works of Captain Marryatt
10577942 - The mad captain
10577941 - The life and adventures of Captain John Smith
10577940 - A deed of gift to my dear son, Captain Matt. Page
10577939 - Adventures in Australia; or, The wanderings of Captain Spencer in the bush and the wilds
10577938 - A missionary voyage to the southern Pacific Ocean, performed in the years 1796-1798, in the ship Duff, commanded by Captain James Wilson
10577937 - The adventures of captain Blake; or, My life
10577936 - A review of a pamphlet purporting to be Documents in relation to the differences which subsisted between the late Commodore Oliver H. Perry, and Captain Jesse D. Elliott
10577935 - A narrative of the voyages round the world performed by Captain James Cook
10577934 - Reflections on mr. Burchet's Memoirs, or, Remarks on his account of captain Wilmot's expedition to the West-Indies
10577933 - Captain Rock in London, or, The Chieftain's gazette
10577932 - The trial of Harriet Errington ... for comitting adultery with Aug. Murray Smith, Captain Buckley
10577931 - The private journal of Captain G.F. Lyon, of H.M.S. Hecla
10577930 - The rambles and surprising adventures of Captain Bolio
10577929 - Sardanapalus. The two Foscari. Notes on Captain Medwin's Conversations of Lord Byron
10577928 - The Bible and spade; or, Captain Brenton's account of the ... Children's friend society
10577927 - Captain Kyd, or, The wizard of the sea
10577926 - Memoirs of Captain Rock
10577925 - The Zoology of Captain Beechey's Voyage
10577924 - Proceedings of a court of enquiry, held at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, New York, upon Captain James Barron
10577923 - Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait, to Co-operate with the Polar Expeditions, Performed in His Majesty's Ship "Blossom", Under the Command of Captain F.W. Beechey[...] in the Years 1825, 26, 27, 28
10577922 - Memoir of the late Captain Peter Heywood, R. N.
10577921 - The Three Voyages of Captain Cook Round the World
10577920 - Appendix to Captain Parry's Journal of a second voyage for the discovery of a north-west passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, performed in His Majesty's ships Fury and Hecla, in the years 1821-22-23..
10577919 - Trial of Captain Thomas Atchison of the Royal Artillery, by a general court martial at Malta
10577918 - The voyages and adventures of Captain Robert Boyle
10577917 - The adventures of a post captain: by a naval officer [A. Thornton?].
10577916 - The Irish freebooter, or, Surprising adventures of Captain Redmond O'Hanlan, a celebrated robber ... together with The life and adventures of Humphrey Kynaston
10577915 - Narrative of a Voyage Round the World, in the Uranie and Physicienne Corvettes, Commanded by Captain Freycinet, During the Years 1817, 1818, 1819, and 1820
10577914 - Memoirs of Captain George Carleton, an English officer
10577913 - The death of Captain James Cook
10577912 - Captain Rock in London; or, The chieftain's gazette for the year 1825
10577911 - The complete works of Captain F. Marryatt
10577910 - Proceedings of the second expedition, 1831-1836, under the command of Captain Robert Fitz-Roy
10577909 - Biographical sketches of General Nathaniel Massie, General Duncan McArthur, Captain William Wells, and General Simon Kenton
10577908 - The narrative of Captain David Woodard and four seamen
10577907 - A narrative of the voyages round the world, performed by captain James Cook, with an account of his life
10577906 - The life and character of Stephen Decatur
10577905 - The voyages of Captain James Cook round the world
10577904 - The Life Of Captain James Cook
10577903 - The adventures of Captain John Patterson
10577902 - Memoirs and confessions of captain Ashe
10577901 - An authentic narrative of a voyage performed by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke, in His Majesty's ships Resolution and Discovery, during years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780
10577900 - Proceedings of the general court martial convened for the trial of Commodore James Barron, Captain Charles Gordon, Mr. William Hook, and Captain John Hall, of the United States' ship Chesapeake, in the month of January, 1808
10577899 - Viagem da corveta Dom Jo
10577898 - Der geschwinde Procent Rechner oder Interessen-Tabellen von 1 Thaler oder Gulden bis 9000 Thaler oder Gulden Capital, f
10577897 - Farmacopea mexicana formada y publicada por la Academia farmac
10577896 - M
10577895 - Opusculum aureum ad de indaganda in Instrumento Pacis Osnabrugensis et Monasteriensis comprehensum, et Constitutionem Imperii Ratisbonensem de anno Mdcliv, Von Schuld-Sachen, Capital und Zinsen, etc
10577894 - Cr
10577893 - Memoria sobre los medios de destruir la mendicidad, y de socorrer los verdaderos pobres de esta capital
10577892 - Descripcion de los obsequios, que a SS. MM. y A. ha hecho la M.N., M.L. y S.H. ciudad de Zaragoza el 18, 19, y 20 de junio de 1840, dias de su permanencia en esta capital
10577891 - Noticia dos manuscriptos pertencentes ao direito publico externo diplomatico de Portugal, e
10577890 - Sermon funebre en las honras y exequias, que en noble y magnifca [sic] correspondencia de su leal amor consagr
10577889 - Memorias sobre la j
10577888 - El indicador de Madrid para el a
10577887 - Memorias para la historia de la santa Iglesia Metropolitana de Santaf
10577886 - Labor and other capital
10577885 - The sights and secrets of the national capital
10577884 - The capital of the tycoon
10577883 - The resources of Turkey considered with especial reference to the profitable investment of capital in the Ottoman empire
10577882 - Capital, currency, and banking
10577881 - The Capital of the Tycoon: A Narrative of a Three Years Residence in Japan
10577880 - A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate States Capital
10577879 - Narrative of a residence at the capital of the kingdom of Siam
10577878 - The history and results of the present capital punishments in England
10577877 - A year in Tasmania: including some months' residence in the capital
10577876 - London: being a complete guide to the British capital
10577875 - Vacation thoughts on capital punishments
10577874 - Narrative of a journey to Musardu, the capital of the western Mandingoes
10577873 - The mexican war
10577872 - A defence of capital punishment
10577871 - Y
10577870 - Report of the capital punishment commission
10577869 - A letter to lord Melbourne on the executions in Canada, with remarks on the principle of capital punishments, by a modern moralist
10577868 - The pure theory of capital
10577867 - A rough sketch of modern Paris; or, letters on society ... and amusements, in that capital [by J.G. Lemaistre].
10577866 - The journal of Frederick Horneman's travels, from Cairo to Mourzouk, the capital of the kingdom of Fezzan, in Africa, in the years 1797-8..
10577865 - The last days of a condemned, from the Fr., with observations on capital punishment by sir P.H. Fleetwood
10577864 - St. Petersburgh, a journal of travels to and from that capital
10577863 - Reports on the abolition of capital punishment
10577862 - Polygraphy or short-hand made easy to the meanest capacity
10577861 - Polygraphy or Short-hand made easy to the meanest capacity
10577860 - The capacity of negroes for religious and moral improvement considered
10577859 - The capacity and extent of the human understanding
10577858 - A history of the United States of America, on a plan adapted to the capacity of youth ...
10577857 - A memoir of the construction, cost, and capacity of the Croton Aqueduct
10577856 - The decimal system, as a whole, in its relation to time, measure, weight, capacity, and money, in unison with each other
10577855 - Practical measuring made easy to the meanest capacity, by a new set of tables ...
10577854 - An equal capacity in the subjects of Great Britain for civil employment, the best security to the government, and the Protestant religion
10577853 - Characterization of stream reaeration capacity
10577852 - Direct support and general support maintenance manual for truck, lift, fork, GED, solid rubber tired wheels, 4000 lbs capacity, 100 and 180 inch lift, (Army model MHE-231, Allis Chalmers models ACC40-24PS100 and ACC40-24PS180, (NSN 3930-00-490-7814) (100
10577851 - Brachygraphy: or Short-writing made easy to the meanest capacity
10577850 - Evaluation of mammary-gland development in Holstein and Jersey calves as a measure of potential producing capacity
10577849 - Performance capacity
10577848 - Principles of general grammar, adapted to the capacity of youth, tr. by D. Fosdick. 1st Amer. ed
10577847 - Practical measuring made easy to the meanest capacity
10577846 - America AND HER Resources; OR A View OF THE Agricultural, Commercial, Manufacturing, Financial, Political, Literary, Moral, AND Religious Capacity AND Character OF THE American People
10577845 - The principles of christian religion explained to the capacity of the meanest
10577844 - Dissertation sur la question: lequel de l'homme ou de la femme est plus capable de constance
10577843 - Lettres sur la profession d'avocat et sur les
10577842 - Les aventures de la Madona et de Fran
10577841 - Capitulaire auquel est trait
10577840 - Capitulaire auquel est trait
10577839 - Line upon line; or, A second series of the earliest religious instruction the infant mind is capable of receiving, with verses illustrative of the subjects, by the author of the 'Peep of day'.
10577838 - London Labour and the London Poor: the Condition and Earnings of Those that Will Work, Cannot Work, and Will Not Work
10577837 - The family Shakespeare in which those words are omitted which cannot with propriety be read aloud in a family
10577836 - Sir Courtly Nice: or, It cannot be
10577835 - The poems of Charles Churchill
10577834 - The candidate. A poem. By C. Churchill
10577833 - The Candidate
10577832 - The life of William Henry Harrison, (of Ohio,) the people's candidate for the presidency
10577831 - General William Henry Harrison, candidate of the people for president of the United States
10577830 - The people's presidential candidate
10577829 - Poems: The conference. The author. The duellist. Gotham. The candidate. The farewell. The times. Independence. Fragment of journey
10577828 - Tertius Can. Auic. cum amplissima Gentilis Fulgi. expositione. Demum co[m]mentatia nuper addita videlicet Iacobi de partibus sup[er] Fen VI [et] Xiiii. Ite[m] Io. Matthei de gradi super Fen Xxii quia Ge[n]tilis in eis defecit
10577827 - Guida a Tivoli divisa in 2 parti, descritta dal Can. co D. Stanislao Rinaldi
10577826 - The king can do no wrong
10577825 - La divina commedia di Dante Alighieri can comento analitico di Gabriele Rossetti ; in sei volumi
10577824 - Iacobi Hvgonis Can. Theol. Belgae ... Vera historia romana, sev, Origo Latii vel Italiae ac Romanae vrbis
10577823 - Lingua, dat is de tonghe: leerende hoe de mensche zijn tonghe bedwinghen sal, t'welck een cleyn lidt is, maer het can veel quaets ende goets doen ; in dese sorchelicke tijden, voor alle menschen seer bequaem om lesen
10577822 - Conclusiones can. de iurisdictione et iudicis ordinar. potestate
10577821 - Den vermakelycken dagh van een christen-mensch. Hoe men den selven tot loff ende eere vande Goddelycke Majesteyt, ende tot fyns selfs verlusten can overbrenghen...
10577820 - Diss. inaug. iur., publ. can. civ. de principis saecularis potestate, pro territorio suo ferendi leges indirecte etiam ecclesias & monasteria concernentes, per quinque quaestiones dilucidata
10577819 - Diss. inaug. iur. Germ. hist. can. publ. de diversarum religionum in eodem territorio tolerantia ac receptione generica & speciali
10577818 - Gabrielis Albaspini,... Notae et observationes in Can. II, III, IV, XL, LV,LVI, LIX concilii Eliberini, ex ipsius observationum libris decerptae et seorsim editae ad illustrationem loci Actor. XIX, V. 311, et controversiae de idolatria indirecta
10577817 - Diss. inaug. theol. qua decreta Synodi Tridentinae, Sess. VI. C. 6, 7 et 8. nec non Can. 10. et 11. facta, et his innixa Pontificiorum Dogmata de fide, ut dispositione, ex congruo meritoria, ad iustificationem, tanquam gratiae infusionem
10577816 - Theologia moralis in quinque libros partitae...tom. lus cui accedunt quaestiones can...additis de apostasia...F. Car. Tirelli...et Tom. secundus
10577815 - Tractatus can. leg. de pactis et contractibus in genere
10577814 - Can you forgive her?
10577813 - Disp. inaug. iur. can. civ. de iudice
10577812 - The great mystery; or, How can Three be One?
10577811 - A century of the names and scantlings of such inventions as at present I can call to mind. Repr
10577810 - Can woman regenerate society?
10577809 - Second report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the manner in which railway communications can be most advantageously promoted in Ireland
10577808 - Can You Forgive Her?
10577807 - The two clerks of Oxenford; and Where can it be?
10577806 - A cup of sweets that can never cloy
10577805 - Stephani Simonini Sequani S. Th. et I. Can. Doct. Silvae Urbanianae seu gesta Urbani VIII. Pont. Opt. Max
10577804 - The history of the campaign in Flanders, 1709, faithfully collected by an officer in the English forces. To which is added, the maps of Tournay and Mons
10577803 - The German and French Journals of the Late Campaign in Italy: Confronted Together
10577802 - The History of the campaign in Flanders, in the year 1708
10577801 - Dutch faith: being an enquiry, founded on facts, into the probability of the success of the British arms, on the continent, next campaign. ... To which is annex'd, a copy of the articles, ...
10577800 - An answer to that part of the Narrative of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, K. B. which relates to the conduct of Lieutenant-General Earl Cornwallis, during the campaign in North-America, in the year 1781
10577799 - The campaign of 1781 in the Carolinas
10577798 - The campaign of 1346, ending with the battle of Crecy
10577797 - History of the campaign in France
10577796 - The History of the campaign of 1796 in Germany and Italy
10577795 - A short narrative of the late campaign of the British Army under the orders of the Right Honourable the Earl of Chatham, K.G.
10577794 - A narrative of the campaign in India which terminated the war with Tippoo Sultan, in 1792
10577793 - The campaign of Mdcccxv
10577792 -
10577791 - ( )
10577790 - ,
10577789 -
10577788 -
10577787 -
10577786 -
10577785 -
10577784 -
10577783 -
10577782 -
10577781 -
10577780 - . 5.
10577779 -
10577778 -
10577777 -
10577776 -
10577775 -
10577774 -
10577773 -
10577772 -
10577771 - Political recollections relative to Egypt ... with a narrative of the ever memorable British campaign in the spring of 1801
10577770 - The history of the campaign in Germany, for the year 1704. Under the command of his grace John Duke of Marlborough, ...
10577769 - The Documentary History of the Campaign Upon the Niagara Frontier ...: . In the year 1812
10577768 - A narrative of the campaign of the British armny in Spain
10577767 - Bulletins of the campaign [compiled from the London gazette]. [Continued as] Bulletins of State intelligence, &c
10577766 - A narrative of the campaign in Russia, during the year 1812
10577765 - Campaign in Germany and France
10577764 - A circumstantial narrative of the campaign in Russia
10577763 - Campaign of the Indus, a series of letters from an officer of the Bombay division [T.W.E. Holdsworth.].
10577762 - Campaign of General Buonaparte in Italy, in 1796-7
10577761 - Journal of the Late Campaign in Egypt
10577760 - A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England, showing three generations of those who came before May, 1692
10577759 - The life of Oliver Sansom, shewing his convincement of truth, the exercises, trials and sufferings to which came upon him for his obedience thereunto
10577758 - Fiat Money Inflation in France; how it Came
10577757 - A trve Relation of the vnivst, crvell, and barbarovs proceedings against the English at Amboyna in the East-Indies, by the Netherlandish Governovr and Covncell there: : A translate of a Dutch Pamphlet, entituled. A trve declaration of the Newsthat came ou
10577756 - The ladies calling, by the author of The whole duty of man. [Another]
10577755 - The Gentleman's calling
10577754 - The Ladies Calling
10577753 - The proceedings relative to calling the conventions of 1776 and 1790
10577752 - Monro, His expedition with the worthy Scots regiment (called Mac-Keyes-regiment) levied in August 1626
10577751 - Description of the Western Isles of Scotland, called Hybrides
10577750 - A grammar for learning the principles of the Malabar language, properly called Tamul or the Tamulian language. By the English missionaires of Madras
10577749 - Baronia Anglica Concentrata, Or, A Concentrated Account of All the Baronies Commonly Called Baronies in Fee
10577748 - A collection of hymns, for the use of the people called Bible Christians
10577747 - A plaine description of the Barmudas, now called Sommer Ilands
10577746 - A description of the unique exhibition, called Ancient Mexico collected on the spot in 1823 and now open for public inspection at the Egyptian hall, Piccadilly
10577745 - Identity of the religions called druidical and Hebrew
10577744 - An exposition of the book of Solomon's Song, commonly called Canticles
10577743 - A history of New England with particular reference to the denomination of Christians called Baptists
10577742 - Concerning the Earths in Our Solar System, which are Called Planets
10577741 - Narrative of an expedition to explore the river Zaire, usually called the Congo
10577740 - A collection of hymns, for the use of the people called Methodists
10577739 - The works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington
10577738 - Gospel truth demonstrated, in a collection of doctrinal books, given forth by that faithful minister of Jesus Christ, George Fox: containing principles essential to Christianity and salvation, held among the people called Quakers
10577737 - The life and adventures of John Connor, commonly called Jack the bachelor. To which is added, The pleasures of a single life, or, The miseries of matrimony, a poem
10577736 - A concise view of the origin, constitution and proceedings of the Honorable Society of the governor and assistants of London of the New Plantation in Ulster, within the realms of Ireland, commonly called the Irish Society
10577735 - A retrospect of the portraits lately delineated in a pamphlet called A short review of the political state of Great-Britain
10577734 - An appeal in favor of that class of Americans called Africans
10577733 - Minutes of several conversations at the ... yearly conference of the people called Methodists ...
10577732 - The history of the ancient and royal foundation, called the Abbey of St. Alban,
10577731 - An account of a religious society in Norway, called Saints
10577730 - Neonomianism Unmask'd Or, The Ancient Gospel Pleaded, Against the Other, Called A New Law Or Gospel
10577729 - The Koran, commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed
10577728 - A General History of the Turks, Moguls and Tatars, Vulgarly Called Tartars
10577727 - History of Philip's war, commonly called the great Indian war, of 1675 and 1676
10577726 - The history of the drainage of the great level of the Fens, called Bedford level; with the constitution and laws of the Bedford level corporation. 2 vols. [and map].
10577725 - A careful and free inquiry into the true nature and tendency of the religious principles of the Society of Friends, commonly called Quakers
10577724 - The trial of Charles Random de Berenger, Sir Thomas Cochrane, commonly called Lord Cochrane, the Hon. Andrew Cochrane Johnstone, Richard Gathorne Butt, Ralph Sandom, Alexander M'Rae, John Peter Holloway and Henry Lyte for a conspiracy
10577723 - A history of the people called Quakers
10577722 - The poll for knights of the shire to represent the county of Sussex; ... Taken at Chichester in 1774, ... Candidates, the Right Hon. George Henry Lennox, commonly called Lord George Henry Lennox; Sir Thomas Spencer Wilson, Bart. Sir James Peachey, Bart
10577721 - An easy grammar of the primaeval language commonly called hebrew entitled on the "straight path" to real knowledge
10577720 - Miscellanies [by J. Swift and others]. [4, called vol.3].
10577719 - The elements of that mathematical art commonly called algebra
10577718 - Remarks of William Swanton, on some passages in a learned book called A vindication, &c
10577717 - The genuine memoirs of Dennis O'Kelly, esq., commonly called Count O'Kelly
10577716 - A memoir of the proceedings of the Society called Quakers, belonging to the monthly meeting of Hardshaw, in Lancashire, in the case of the author of a publication
10577715 - The Chinese Classical Work Commonly Called the Four Books
10577714 - A catalogue of the library of the college of St. Margaret and St. Bernard, commonly called Queen's College in the University of Cambridge
10577713 - The history of the rise, increase, and progress of the Christian people called Quakers
10577712 - A Chronological History of the people called Methodists ... from 1729 - 1812
10577711 - An account of charity-schools lately erected in those parts of Great Britain called, England and Wales:
10577710 - The true history of the State prisoner, commonly called the Iron mask
10577709 - The historie of Cambria, now called Wales
10577708 - Some account of the Pennsylvania Hospital from its first rise to the begining of the fith month, called may, 1754
10577707 - The principles of religion, as professed by the Society of Christians, usually called Quakers
10577706 - A collection of testimonies concerning several ministers of the Gospel amongst the people called Quakers, deceased
10577705 - The life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called the Magnificent
10577704 - A dissertation on the disorder of death; or that state of the frame under the signs of death called suspended animation
10577703 - A history of the rise and progress of the people called Quakers, in Ireland, from the year 1653 to 1700
10577702 - Remarks on the disease called hydrophobia
10577701 - The history of Nadir Shah, formerly called Thamas Kuli Khan, the present Emperor of Persia
10577700 - Memoirs of the rise, progress and persecutions of the people called Quakers
10577699 - Travels through that part of North America formerly called Louisiana
10577698 - The late, and much admired play, called Pericles, Prince of Tyre
10577697 - Miscellanies [by J. Swift and others]. Vol.1-[3, called the last vol.] 5,6
10577696 - Historical record of the Royal regiment of Scots dragoons: now the Second, or Royal North British dragoons, commonly called the Scots greys, to 1839
10577695 - An historical account of the great level of the Fens, called Bedford level, and other fens, marshes and low-lands in this kingdom, and other places
10577694 - Observations on the nature, causes, and cure of those disorders which have been commonly called nervous, hypochondriac, or hysteric
10577693 - An essay on the disease called yellow fever
10577692 - Illustrations, historical and critical, of the Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called the Magnificent
10577691 - The history of the College of Corpus Christi and the B. Virgin Mary (commonly called Bene't) in the University of Cambridge,
10577690 - The history of the drainage of the great level of the fens, called Bedford Level
10577689 - Call's decimal arithmetic
10577688 - An abstract of the sufferings of the people call'd Quakers
10577687 - The Life of the Lady VVarner of Parham in Suffolk. In Religion Call'd Sister Clare of Jesus. Written by a Catholic Gentleman
10577686 - A solemn call on Count Zinzendorf
10577685 - A serious call to a devout & holy life, abridged
10577684 - An abridgment of Mr. Law's serious call to a holy life
10577683 - A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, Adapted to the State and Condition of All Orders of Christians ...
10577682 - Call of the Wild
10577681 - Lunar and horary tables, for new and concise methods of performing the calculations necessary for ascertaining the longitude by lunar observations, or chronometers
10577680 - Account of the observations and calculations, of the principal triangulation; and of the figure, dimensions and mean specific gravity, of the earth as derived therefrom
10577679 - The Scripture Chronology Demonstrated by Astronomical Calculations
10577678 - Account of the observations and calculations, of the principal triangulation
10577677 - Hirsch's collection of examples, formul
10577676 - The elements of commercial calculations
10577675 - Time tables, on a new construction, whereby four hundred calculations may be made in one hour
10577674 - A Stirling Engine Computer Model for Performance Calculations
10577673 - Hirsch's collection of examples, formul
10577672 - Tables to facilitate the necessary calculations in nautical astronomy ...
10577671 - Tables for facilitating the calculations of nautical astronomy
10577670 - Calculations relating to the equipment, displacement, etc. of ships and vessels of war
10577669 - Kurtzer doch gr
10577668 - A Calculation of Foreign Exchanges, as Transacted on the Royal Exchange of London
10577667 - Hydraulic tables, to aid the calculation of water and mill power, water supply, and drainage of towns, and improvement of navigable rivers
10577666 - Tables for facilitating the calculation of earth work in the cuttings and embankments of railways, canals, and other public works
10577665 - Tables for facilitating the calculation of earthwork in the construction of railways, roads, canals, dams, etc
10577664 - The principles of analytical calculation
10577663 - Popular Instructions on the Calculation of Probabilities
10577662 - The calculation of solar eclipses without parallaxes
10577661 - Calculation of the properties of vacancies and interstitials
10577660 - Reghels ende oeffeninghen van devotie voor het broederschap [...] van het alder-heylighste herte [...] by de capucinerssen
10577659 - Vrankryks val ofte Gewisse krenking bewezen uyt de vergelyking van deszelfs tegenvvoordige inkomsten en lasten, tegens de voorgaande, by soo verre den oorlog, die de geallieerden daar meede hebben, blyft duuren
10577658 - The fair wanderer; or, The history of Caroline Dormer, written by herself
10577657 - A sermon of the credibility of the mysteries of the Christian religion. [Followed by] Appendix
10577656 - Lux in tenebris, hoc est propheti
10577655 - Le secret des cours, ou Les m
10577654 - Isra
10577653 - Ordonnantien ghemaeckt by myne heeren vanden Raede van Vlaenderen op het beleet vande processen criminel in t'stuck van tooverye
10577652 - Gheestelycke oeffeninghen van thien daghen, ... by welcke ghevoeght is een seer devote oeffeninge van de passie Christi
10577651 - Historia flagellantium [by J. Boileau].
10577650 - Two discourses: the first, Of man's enmity to God ... The second, Of the salvation of sinners. Publ. by E. Veel
10577649 - Layings on of hands asserted: or, A plain discovery of the truth thereof 1. Upon persons for healing. 2. Upon persons to office. 3. Upon believers baptized. To which is annexed a confutation of four chapters written by some person in opposition to this pr
10577648 - Reflections upon the Late Horrid Conspiracy contrived by some of the French Court, to murther His Majesty in Flanders : and for which Monsieur Grandvall, one of the Assassinates, was Executed
10577647 - A treatise of prayer, two qu
10577646 - Wolcke der getuygen, ofte het tweede deel, van het theologisch advys over 't gebruyck van kerckelijcke goederen. Hier by komt een kort verhael van den oorspronck enz. der canonicken. Als oock een wederlegginge van eenige objectien enz. ...
10577645 - Den overtuyghden Cartesiaen, ofte clare aenwysinge uyt de bedenckingen van Irenaeus Philalethius, dat de stellingen en allegatien in de nader openinge tot laste der Cartesianen, in saecken de theologie raeckende, nae waerheyt ... zijn by een gebracht
10577644 - Historia de las guerras civiles de Granada [by G. P
10577643 - Pneumatica, ofte leere van de geesten, zijnde denkende en redelike wesens. In welke bewesen word, dat de selve geesten, en wel bysonder de engelen, zoo goede, als quade, oefenen dadelike werkingen, volgens hare nature op lichamen ... Uytgegeven by gelegen
10577642 - Viervoudige beantwoordinge van beswaarnissen, voorgesteld aan Balthasar Bekker ... over zijn boek, genaamd De betoverde weereld. Zynde I. Extracten, door Gecommitteerden des Kerkenraads, met de korte aantekeningen van den auteur ... II. De XIII. artykelen
10577641 - Justificatie vande proceduyren, gehouden by heer Jeronimus van Tuyll van Serooskercken, heer van Stavenisse, impetrant van mandement van complainte: op ende jegens burgemeesters en schepenen der stede Tholen, mitsgaders Meester Willem Vrybergen, pensionar
10577640 - Acts passed by the General Assembly of Georgia
10577639 - The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe: a New and Complete Edition: with a Preliminary Dissertation, by the Rev. George Townsend ...
10577638 - Reminiscences of Michael Kelly of the King's theatre, and Theatre royal, Drury lane [ed. by T.E. Hook].
10577637 - A sentimental journey through France and Italy, by mr. Yorick
10577636 - The public and general statutes passed by the Congress of the United States of America
10577635 - The history of the rise, progress, and accomplishment of the abolition of the African Slave-trade by the British parliament
10577634 - Beschryvinge van het ... landt Guajana, waer inne gelegen is de ... landt-streke genaemt Serrenamme, die jegenwoordigh beseten wort by den staet van de Vereenighde Nederlantsche Provintien. Mitsgaders aenwysinge van de groote vermaeckelijckheden, voordeel
10577633 - Advertissement omme de P.P. Predick-heeren, Carmeliten, ende Augustynen... der stadt van Ghendt, rescribenten ter eender zyde. Jeghens kerck-meesters, ende andere regierders vande ... kercke van S.te Baefs, en andere parochiale kercken ... heersschers by
10577632 - Brief Aan sijn Excellentie, de Heer Graaf van Portland, &c. &c. Rakende de Persoon en het gevoelen van Dr. B. Bekker, en 't geen tegen hem, by eenige van sijn Partyen, word verwagt, en uytgestrooyd, ten opsigte van sijn Koninglijke Majesteyt van Groot Bri
10577631 - Aanmerkinge op de handelingen der twee laatste Noordhollandsche synoden, in de sake van B. Bekker, ten opsighte van sijn boek genaamd de Betoverde Weereld; nu versch t'Enkhuisen gedrukt. En de verschoninge derselve gemaakt in de voorrede daar voor, mitsga
10577630 - Foxe's book of martyrs. With notes by rev. J. Milner. With an essay on popery and additions to the present time by I. Cobbin [Wanting pp. 337-480].
10577629 - Paul Clifford, by the author of 'Pelham'. by sir E. Bulwer-Lytton [with an appendix entitled] Tomlinsoniana; or, The posthumous writings of A. Tomlinson [really by sir E. Bulwer-Lytton?].
10577628 - The four years voyages of capt. George Roberts. Written by himself [really by D. Defoe].
10577627 - The well-bred doll [by J. Delafaye-Br
10577626 - Sessional Papers Printed by Order of the House of Lords, Or Presented by Royal Command, in the Session 1840, (30 & 40 Victori
10577625 - The Scotch Presbyterian eloquence; or, The foolishness of their teaching discovered; and some remarks on mr. Rule's late Vindication of the Kirk [signed Jacob Curate]. [Followed by] An answer to the Scotch Presbyterian eloquence [by G. Ridpath
10577624 - The orthodox doctrine of the apostolic Eastern Church; or, A compendium of Christian theology [by Platon, metropolitan of Moscow] tr. [by G. Potessaro].
10577623 - Calmet's Great Dictionary of the Holy Bible: Scripture illustrated, by means of natural science ... in two parts ... I, An expository index .. II, Inquiries and discussions ... conducted principally by the editor of Calmet's dictionary
10577622 - Endymion; or, The man in the moon, by John Lyly. History of Antonio and Mellida; What you will; and Parasitaster, by John Marston
10577621 - The celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras county, and other sketches, by Mark Twain, ed. by J. Paul
10577620 - Wonder of a kingdom; Old Fortunatus, by Thomas Dekker. Bussy D'Ambois; Monsieur D'Olive, by George Chapman
10577619 - A series of views of the most interesting remains of ancient castles of England and Wales; engr. by W. Woolnoth and W. Tombleson, with hist. descriptions by E.W. Brayley
10577618 - The autobiography of Joseph Lister, to which is added a contemporary account of the defence of Bradford and capture of Leeds by the parliamentarians in 1642. Ed. by T. Wright
10577617 - A comparative grammar of the Sanscrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, Lithuanian, Gothic, German and Sclavonic languages
10577616 - Memoirs of Vidocq, written by himself. Tr. [by H.T. Riley]. [with plates, cm.16].
10577615 - A manual of piety (prayers from a work by W. Hill) ed. by W. Mason
10577614 - The London and Birmingham railway, with the home and country scenes on each side of the line. By T. Roscoe, assisted by P. Lecount
10577613 - Festus, a poem [by P.J. Bailey]. By P.J. Bailey
10577612 - Lilliput levee [poems, by W.B. Rands]. With illustr. by J.E. Millais and G.J. Pinwell
10577611 - Facts versus fiction; or, Sir Wm. Symonds' principles of naval architecture vindicated by a compilation of official and other documents; with intr. remarks, by One who has served
10577610 - The Works of Jonathan Swift: Miscellanies in prose, by Mr. Pope, Dr. Arbuthnot, Mr. Gay ... Miscellanies in verse by Mr. Pope, Dr. Arbuthnot, Mr. Gay, etc. Prose miscellanies by Swift and Sheridan
10577609 - Old English Plays: Wonder of a kingdom; Old Fortunatus, by Thomas Dekker. Bussy D'Ambois; Monsieur D'Olive, by George Chapman
10577608 - The works of John Hunter, with notes, ed. by J.F. Palmer. 4 vols., illustr. by a vol. of plates
10577607 - The children on the plains; or, The reward of piety, by the author of 'The Jewish twins'. By aunt Friendly
10577606 - The Corruption of the Times by Money, a Satyr by Robert Gould
10577605 - A collection of pedigrees of the family of Travers, abstracts of documents, collected by S.S. Travers, arranged by H.J. Sides
10577604 - An abstract from a book [by J. Graham] ... intituled 'Medical transactions at the Temple of health in London in ... 1780'; or, An account of ... cures performed ... by dr. Graham's ... medicines
10577603 - Memoir on the radical cure of stuttering by a surgical operation, tr. by J. Travers
10577602 - The History of Olivaires of Castile, and Arthur of Dalgarve, translated out of the Spanish into the Italian tongue, by Francesco Portonari. And from the Italian made English by Mark Micklethwait M. A.
10577601 - Sessional Papers Printed by Order of the House of Lords, Or Presented by Royal Command, in the Session 40 & 50 Victori
10577600 - Some thoughts concerning education [by J. Locke.]. By J. Locke
10577599 - The history of the bucaniers of America containing, i. The exploits and adventures of Le Grand [&c., by A.O. Exquemelin, and works by 3 other authors].
10577598 - The Bible cyclop
10577597 - THE Sessional Papers Printed BY Order OF THE House OF Lords, OR Presented BY Royal Command, IN THE Session 4 AND 5 Victoriae AND THE Session 5 Victoriae 1841 VOL. Xviii
10577596 - The sexagenarian; or, The recollections of a literary life [by W. Beloe, ed. by T. Rennell].
10577595 - THE Sessional Papers Printed BY Order OF THE House OF Lords, OR Presented BY Royal Command, IN THE Session 1837-38, (1 & 2 Victoriae) Arranged IN Fifty-ONE Volumes.
10577594 - Travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt, and Barbary During the Years 1806 and 1807 /c by F.A. de Chateaubriand ; Translated from the French by Frederic Shoberl
10577593 - A history of Egyptian Mummies and an account of the worship, and embalming of the sacred animals by the Egyptians
10577592 - Errors of pronunciation, and improper expressions used ... chiefly by the inhabitants of London, to which are added, those in similar use, chiefly by the inhabitants of Paris
10577591 - Sermons by the rev. Robert Bruce, with collections for his life, by R. Wodrow, ed. by W. Cunningham
10577590 - The vale royal of England, or, The county palatine of Chester illustrated (by W. Smith and W. Webb, publ. by D. King), abridged and revised with notes, historical and explanatory, by T. Hughes
10577589 - A NEW, Greatly Improved, AND Cheap Edition OF THE Encyclopaedia Britannica, Being THE Seventh, Including THE Recent Supplement TO That Work: With Preliminary Dissertations ON THE History OF THE Sciences, BY THE Late Professors Stewart AND Playfiar, AND BY
10577588 - Catalogue of the heraldic and miscellaneous library, illustrated manuscripts, portraits, prints stained glass with paintings, &c. &c. &c. of the late Philip Absalom ... which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Evans, no. 93, Pall Mall, on Wednesday, June
10577587 - A collection of, private devotions: in the practise of the antient Church, called, The hours of praiers. Taken out of the holy Scriptures, the antient fathers, and the divine service of our own Church [by J. Cosin]. By John, late bp. of Durham
10577586 - The wars of the Jews: tr. by sir R. L'Estrange. Containing The life of Flavius Josephus: written by himself. Revised
10577585 - Illustrations of the Bible, by Westall and Martin. With descriptions by H. Caunter
10577584 - Penal code of the Hawaiian Islands, passed by the House of Nobles and Representatives on the 21st of June, A.D. 1850, to which are appended the other acts passed by the House of Nobles and Representatives during their general session for 1850
10577583 - Encyclop
10577582 - Self control [by M. Brunton]. by M. Brunton
10577581 - General zoology, or, Systematic natural history, by G. Shaw [continued by J.F. Stephens].
10577580 - Journal Analysis of the islands discovered by the Rurick in the Great Ocean, by Krusenstern. On the diseases of the crew, by Dr. Eschscholtz. Remarks and opinions of the naturalist of the expedition, A. v. Chamisso
10577579 - The second tour of doctor Syntax in search of consolation, a poem [by W. Combe, illustr. by T. Rowlandson].
10577578 - The spiritual doctrine of ... Louis Lallemant [collected by J. Rigoleuc, ed. by P. Champion]. Transl. Ed. by F.W. Faber
10577577 - Saducismus Triumphatus Or Full and Plain Evidence Concerning Witches and Apparitions... by Joseph Glanvil... with a Letter of Dr. Henry More... and an Authentick... Story of Certain Swedish Witches Done Into English by Anth. Horneck...
10577576 - A catalogue and detailed account of the ... collection of manuscripts, collected in Hindostan ... by the late dr. Samuel Guise. To which is added, his library ... which will be sold by auction
10577575 - Commentaries on the epistles of Paul the apostle to the Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians, tr. and ed. by J. Pringle. [Followed by] Four sermons on important practical subjects, together with a dissertation and commentary on the eighty-seventh Ps
10577574 - A topographical history of Surrey, by E.W. Brayley assisted by J. Britton and E.W. Brayley, jun. The geological section by G. Mantell
10577573 - Utopia, tr. by R. Robinson, ed. by E. Arber
10577572 - A descriptive, analytical, and critical catalogue of the manuscripts bequeathed into the University of Oxford by Elias Ashmole ... also of some additional manuscripts contributed by Kingsley, Lhuyd, Borlase, and others
10577571 - Lex, rex: the law and the prince, a dispute for the just prerogative of king and people, containing the reasons and causes of the defensive wars of the kingdom of Scotland, and of their expedition for the ayd and help of their brethren of England. In whic
10577570 - A description of Fonthill abbey, Wiltshire, illustr. by views drawn and engr. by J. Storer
10577569 - Biography, by Boayle St. John. Diary, etc. [tr. by William Hazlitt] Letters [tr. by William Hazlitt] Appendix
10577568 - Alice's adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. With illustr. by J. Tenniel
10577567 - A full declaration of the true state of the secluded members case, in vindication of themselves and their privileges [by W. Prynne.].
10577566 - A discours of the Empire, and of the election of a king of the Romans [by] J.H.
10577565 - Encyclop
10577564 - A catalogue of the ... library of ... James Bindley, which will be sold by auction, by mr. Evans, Dec. 7 [&c.]. [with MS. prices, pt.1 also with purchasers].
10577563 - A new general English dictionary; to which is prefixed a compendious English grammar, begun by T. Dyche and finish'd by W. Pardon
10577562 - Tottel's miscellany. Songes and sonettes by H. Howard, sir T. Wyatt, N. Grimald, and uncertain authors [ed.] by E. Arber
10577561 - Pantologia. A new (cabinet) cyclop
10577560 - Wales illustrated, views engr. from drawings by H. Gastineau, accompanied by descriptions
10577559 - Columbarium: or, The pigeon-house. [Followed by] An account of some medicines prepar'd by John Moore
10577558 - Chronicles of the Crusades, contemporary narratives of the crusade of Richard c
10577557 - United States Digest: Digest of the decisions ... by Theron Metcalf and Jonathan C. Perkins. v. 2-3. Digest of the decisions ... by George Ticknor Curtis. [v. 4-5.] A supplement to the United States digest ... by John Phelps Putnam
10577556 - The nomenclature of diseases, drawn up by a joint committee appointed by the Royal college ofphysicians of London. (Subject to decennial revision.).
10577555 - The Pictorial edition of the works of Shakspere, ed. by C. Knight. 8 vols., including a vol. entitled William Shakspere, by C. Knight. 8 vols. The vol. containing the biogr. is of the 3rd ed
10577554 - Tracts relating to the Reformation (containing treatises on the sacraments [&c.]; Antidote to the Council of Trent [&c.]) by J. Calvin, with his life by T. Beza, tr. by H. Beveridge
10577553 - Essays on suicide and the immortality of the soul. With remarks by the editor. To which are added two letters on suicide, from Rousseau's Eloisa. [Followed by] On the immortality of the soul, and a future state, by mr. Addison
10577552 - Some account of the proposed improvemnts of the western part of London, by the formation of the Regent's park, the New street, the New sewer &c. &c. Illustr. by plans and accompanied by critical observations
10577551 - Memorials of the Late War
10577550 - A dictionary of science, literature, and art
10577549 - Hamlet by William Shake-speare, 1603; Hamlet by William Shakespeare, 1604: being exact reprints of the first and second editions, with a bibliographical preface by S. Timmins
10577548 - A relation of the life of Christina queen of Sweden [tr. from Brieve relation de la vie de Christine reyne de Suede]. Whereunto is added, her genius [tr. from Le genie de la reyne Christine, by-Saint-Maurice]. Tr. by I.H.
10577547 - (Siege of Sebastopol, 1854-5). Journal of the operations conducted by the Corps of royal engineers, by H.C. Elphinstone (sir H.D. Jones) Pt.1,2. [With] Maps and plans. by W.E.M. Reilly [entitled] An account of the artillery operations conducted by the Roy
10577546 - A voyage to the East Indies: containing an account of the manners, customs, &c. of the natives ... Collected from observations made ... between 1776 and 1789 ... By Fra Paolino da San Bartolomeo ... With notes and illustrations by John Reinhold Forster ..
10577545 - Morning exercises at Cripplegate [ed. by S. Annesley] St. Giles in the fields [ed. by T. Case] and in Southwark [ed. by N. Vincent] sermons preached A.D. 1659-1689, by several ministers of the gospel
10577544 - Home stories, collected by the brothers Grimm, tr. by M.L. Davis, illustr. by G. Thompson
10577543 - Brutes turn'd criticks, or Mankind moraliz'd by beasts: done into Engl. [by J. Savage, from Lettere missive, e responsive delle bestie].
10577542 - The plays (poems) of Shakespeare, ed. by H. Staunton, the illustr. by J. Gilbert engr. by the brothers Dalziel
10577541 - A biographical and critical dictionary of painters and engravers, from the revival of the art under Cimabue, and the alleged discovery of engraving by Finiguerra, to the present times with the ciphers, monograms, and marks, used by each engraveur: by Mich
10577540 - Catalogue of the choicer portion of the magnificent library formed by M. Guglielmo Libri ... which will be sold by auction by messrs. S. Leigh Sotheby & John Wilkinson ... on monday, 1st of august, 1859 ...
10577539 - The Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, Under the Command of Captain Fitzroy, R.N., During the Years 1832 to 1836: Birds, by J. Gould [with notice of their habits and ranges by C. Darwin, and with an anatomical appendix by T.C. Eyton. 1841. 4 p. l., i
10577538 - A dissertation on reading the classics, and forming a just style [by H. Felton]. By H. Felton
10577537 - The lives
10577536 - Encyclop
10577535 - University of St. Andrews
10577534 - Practical carpentry, joinery, and cabinet-making [by P. Nicholson. by P. Nicholson, revised by T. Tredgold. [2 pt. Followed by] The elements of geometry [and] The Metropolitan building act, 1855
10577533 - Eighty Years Progress of the United States: Agriculture, by C.L. Flint. Cultivation of cotton, by C.F. McCay. Commerce and trade, by T.P. Kettell. Social and domestic life, by F.B. Perkins. Arts of design, by T.A. Richards. Education, by H. Barnard
10577532 - The Works of Thomas Middleton, Now First Collected: Honest whore, by Dekker and Middleton. The witch. The widow, by B. Johnson, J. Fletcher, and T. Middleton. A fair quarrel, by Middleton and W. Rowley. More dissemblers besides women
10577531 - A compleat dictionary English and Dutch, to which is added a grammar for both languages, aygmented by E. Buys
10577530 - Abstract en bewijs, van proceduren tot Utrecht, tusschen Joan Webster, ridder, baronet, heer van Wulvenhorst, enz. ... ende de heeren Justus Baeck, Gilbert Philips de Flinis en Jan Buys ter andere zijde, voorden ed. mo. heeren Gerard van der Nijpoort, en
10577529 - Histoire en abr
10577528 - Country homes, and how to save money to buy a home ...
10577527 -
10577526 - Examen de la religion, attribu
10577525 - Discours moral du dernier but de l'homme dans la vie pr
10577524 - La franc-ma
10577523 - Note secrette exposant les pr
10577522 - Restitution du tombeau de Porsenna, ou dissertation dont le but est d'expliquer et de justifier la description de ce monument faite par Varron, et rapport
10577521 - Essai sur la nature, le but et les moyens de l'imitation dans les beaux-arts
10577520 - Journal d'une exp
10577519 - Quelques aper
10577518 - The first part of the Institutes of the laws of England: or, A commentary upon Littleton, not the name of the author only, but of the law it self ...
10577517 - R
10577516 - The councils of the church from the council of Jerusalem A.D. 51, to the council of Constantinople A.D. 381, chiefly as to their constitution, but also as to their objects and history
10577515 - A spiritual, but real union and communion of the worthy receiver with God, through Christ and his Holy Spirit, by means of the holy sacraments, asserted and prov'd:
10577514 - Short, but yet plain elements of geometry
10577513 - The present state of the sugar plantations consider'd; but more especially that of the island of Barbadoes. [by W.Cleland].
10577512 - Three letters relating to the navy, Gibraltar and Portmahon wrote in the years 1747 and 1748, but now first published, being very applicable to the present time ...
10577511 - Sinners saved by Jesus Christ, as preached in Holy Scripture: but Church, and Fathers, and Clergy, are no sure guides to heaven
10577510 - Spirit works; real but not miraculous
10577509 - Cursory but curious observations of Mr. Ab-l R--er, upon a late famous pamphlet, entituled, Remarks on the preliminary articles offer'd by the F. K. in hopes to procure a general peace
10577508 - Truth, but no treason: or, oppression often the cause of rebellion. Being a necessary caution to the people of Great Britain, that they do not, whilst they are laudably endeavouring to keep out the one, widen the door for the other, ... Humbly dedicated t
10577507 - All but lost
10577506 - Ecclesia versa, non eversa; or, The Churches swept, not tumbl'd down, turned, not overturned, but prop'd up to their just height, neither too low nor too high ...
10577505 - The whole duty of man, laid down in a plain and familiar way for the use of all, but especially the meanest reader
10577504 - Ankographia, sive convallium descriptio. In which are briefly but fully expounded the origine, course and insertion; extent, elevation and congruity of all the valleys and hills, brooks and rivers, ... of East-Kent. ... By Christopher Packe, M.D.
10577503 - Mercy and judgment; or, intestine war but soon over: ... A sermon occasioned by the general fast; on Wednesday January 7, 1746. ... To which is added, An hymn to the Creator ... and a letter of expostulation to the ladies of Manchester, ... By Edward Lewi
10577502 - Short but sufficient confutation of the Rev. Dr. Wartburton's projected defence
10577501 - A serious admonition to doctor Kennet, in order to perswade him to forbear the character of an impartial historian. To which is added, a short but compleat answer to mr. Marshall's late treatise, call'd A defence of our constitution in Church and State
10577500 - A vocabulary of words used in modern Armenian but not found in the ancient Armenian lexicons
10577499 - Jessie Graham, or, Friends dear, but truth dearer
10577498 - A representation of the advantages that would arise to this kingdom by the erecting and improving of manufactories, but more especially by that of woollen-cloath
10577497 - A nievve herball, or historie of plantes : wherin is contayned the vvhole discourse and perfect description of all sortes of herbes and plantes: their diuers [and] sundry kindes: their straunge figures, fashions, and shapes: their names, natures, operatio
10577496 - A short but true history of the rise, progress, and happy suppression, of several late insurrections commonly called rebellions in Ireland
10577495 - The doctrine of the Trinity, founded neither on Scripture, nor on reason and common sense, but on tradition and the infallible Church, an essay
10577494 - A Collection Of Scarce and Valuable Tracts, On The Most Interesting and Entertaining Subjects: But chiefly such as relate to the History and Constitution of these Kingdoms
10577493 - The first part of the Institutes of the laws of England, or, A commentary upon Littleton : not the name of the author only, but of the law itself
10577492 - A briefe discourse of the true (but neglected) use of charact'ring the degrees
10577491 - A genealogical and heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank, but uninvested with heritable honours
10577490 - The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth: the Catholic Church vindicated, 2 letters to G. Hodson in reply to his pamphlet entitled 'The Church of Rome's traffic in pardons'. Letter 1,2
10577489 - Secret reasons why the intended invasion on England was projected, but not accomplished
10577488 - A short but comprehensive system of the geography of the world
10577487 - Christian weapons not carnal but spiritual
10577486 - Remarks on the history and philosophy but particularly on the medical efficacy of electricity in the cure of nervous and chronic disorders
10577485 - Interesting collection of curious anecdotes, scarce pieces, and genuine letters: in which some obscure, but important, historical facts are cleared up, and set in a just light, by a gentleman, formerly of Brazen-nose college, Oxford [J. Mansfield].
10577484 - Not Paul, But Jesus
10577483 - The Whole Duty of Man, Laid Down in a Plain and Familiar Way for the Use of All, But Especially the Meanest Reader
10577482 - Hortus Bengalensis, or, A catalogue [by W. Roxburgh] of the plants growing in the ... East India company's botanic garden at Calcutta. [Followed by] A catalogue of plants described by dr. Roxburgh in his MSS. Flora Indica but not yet introduced into the b
10577481 - The Elements of Euclid [book 1-6, 11,12] explain'd, in a new, but most easie method, by C.F. Milliet de Charles, done into Engl. [by W. Hallifax].
10577480 - Recollections of a busy life
10577479 - Wandering recollections of a somewhat busy life
10577478 - The report of the General Committee for directing, managing, and transacting the business, affairs, estate, and effects of the Corporation of the Governors and Guardians of the Hospital for the maintenance and education of exposed and deserted young child
10577477 - The true state of England, containing the particular duty, business and salary of every officer ... in all the publick offices of Great Britain
10577476 - Nashville business directory
10577475 - Boyd's Lancaster county business directory ...
10577474 - Everybody's lawyer and counsellor in business
10577473 - Nashville city and business directory ...
10577472 - A general introduction to trade and business
10577471 - Indianapolis directory and business mirror for ...
10577470 - A practical treatise on business: or, How to get, save, spend, give, lend, and bequeath money: with an inquiry into the chances of success and causes of failure in business
10577469 - United States census of business, 1948
10577468 - Retail trade, summary statistics. 5 v
10577467 - Major retail center statistics. 2 v
10577466 - County business patterns
10577465 - BCD; business cycle developments
10577464 - The British calculator, consisting of tables for the use of the gentleman, farmer, land-steward, and man of business, in Scotland, England, and Ireland, for turning acres, roods, and falls, into money--shewing the links of the Scotch chain in feet--laying
10577463 - 1963 censuses of business, manufactures and mineral industries
10577462 - The Theory and Measurement of Business Income
10577461 - Business Information Sources
10577460 - Census of business: 1935
10577459 - The Works of Sir William Temple, Bart. ...: Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands. Miscellanea. Memoirs. The third part. From the peace concluded 1679, to the time of the author's retirement from publick business. Memoirs ... from ...
10577458 - Style-book of business English, designed for use in business courses, regents' and teachers' examinations
10577457 - Vie du r
10577456 - Alexii Aurelii Pelliccia de Christianae Ecclesiae, primae, mediae et novissimae aetatis politia libri sex duobus tomis comprehensi, quibus accedit tomus tertius in dua bus partis distributus
10577455 - Andreas Hammerschmiedt's Fest- Bus- und Dank-Lieder
10577454 - Gabriel Biel sup[er] canone misse cu[m] additioni[bus]
10577453 - Algemeen verslag wegens den staat van den landbouw, over het jaar 1828; ingediend aan zijne excellentie den burggraaf Du Bus de Gisignies, minister van Staat, kommissaris-generaal over Nederlandsch Indi
10577452 - Cleander et Eudoxus seu de provincialibus litteris dialogi, quibus societas Jesu a gravi bus adversantium calumniis vindicatur Juxta editionem Puteolanam 1695 prima in Germania
10577451 - Trias fortium : David. I. Robertus de Arbrisselo, fundator Fontebraldensis : II. S. Bernardus, apis gallica, Claravallensium pater ; III. Homo Dei, Caesar de Bus, autor Congregationis doctrinae christianae ; sacra dictio triplex R. P. Theophili Raynaudi,.
10577450 - The selection and training of school bus drivers
10577449 - Epitaphs from the old burying-ground in Cambridge
10577448 - Recueil Memorial des lettres patentes du changement de nom du chasteau ... de Bury
10577447 - A guide to the town, abbey and antiquities of Bury St. Edmunds
10577446 - Proceedings of the Bury & West Suffolk Archaeological Institute
10577445 - Wills and inventories from the registers of the commissary of Bury St. Edmunds and the archdeacon of Sudbury
10577444 - An illustration of the monastic history and antiquities of the town and abbey of St. Edmund's Bury
10577443 - Diary illustrative of the times of George the fourth, interspersed with letters from queen Caroline and other persons [by lady C.S.M. Bury] (ed. by J. Galt).
10577442 - 'Alla giornata'; or, To the day [by lady C.S.M. Bury].
10577441 - A concise description of Bury St. Edmund's
10577440 - The murdered queen! Or, Caroline of Brunswick, by a lady of rank [lady C.S.M. Bury.].
10577439 - The buried city of the East, Nineveh
10577438 - The buried cities of Campania; or, Pompeii and Herculaneum, their history, their destruction, and their remains
10577437 - The funeral of the mass: Or, The mass dead and buried, without hope of resurrection
10577436 - Record of the Federal dead buried from Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton prisons, and at City Point, and in the field before Petersburg and Richmond
10577435 - The funeral of the mass; or, The mass dead and buried [tr. by S.A.] 5th [Irish] ed
10577434 - Bulletin
10577433 - Bulletin des lois de la R
10577432 - Bulletin de la Soci
10577431 - Bulletin universel des sciences et de l'industrie. 8
10577430 - Bulletin of the Lloyd Library of Botany, Pharmacy and Materia Medica
10577429 - Proceedings. [Continued as] Bulletin
10577428 - Bulletin of the Essex Institute
10577427 - The Sanitary Commission bulletin
10577426 - The Sanitary Commission bulletin
10577425 - Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
10577424 - American journal of numismatics, and bulletin of the American Numismatic and Arch
10577423 - Bulletin of the National Institute for the Promotion of Science
10577422 - Appleton's literary bulletin
10577421 - The Pennsylvania freedmen's bulletin
10577420 - Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology
10577419 - Bulletin of new books, no.--
10577418 - Bulletin of the American Art Union
10577417 - American journal of numismatics and bulletin of the American Numismatic and Archaeological Society
10577416 - Bulletin of the proceedings of the National Institution for the Promotion of Science
10577415 - American journal of numismatics, and bulletin of American numismatic and arch
10577414 - Daily commercial bulletin
10577413 - United States Sanitary Commission bulletin
10577412 - New-York medico-chirurgical bulletin
10577411 - USDA Technical Bulletin
10577410 - Bulletin of the Department of Labor
10577409 - Bulletin
10577408 - Quarterly bulletin
10577407 - Reply to a letter published by Henry Orne, in the Boston evening bulletin. With an appendix. ...
10577406 - Bulletin of the Lloyd Library of Botany, Pharmacy and Materia Medica
10577405 - Bulletin of the Bureau of Labor Statistics
10577404 - How we built the Union Pacific railway
10577403 - New one-family homes, contractor-built: 1963 to 1967
10577402 - A treatise on isometrical drawing as applicable to geological and mining plans, picturesque delineations of ornamental grounds, perspective views and working plans of buildings and machinery, and to general purposes of civil engineering ...
10577401 - Specifications for Practical Architecture, Preceded by an Essay on the Decline of Excellence in the Structure and in the Science of Modern English Buildings
10577400 - London lions for country cousins and friends about town, being all the new buildings, improvements and amusements in the British metropolis
10577399 - The book of farm-buildings, their arrangement and construction, by H. Stephens and R.S. Burn
10577398 - Seismic Design for Buildings
10577397 - The metropolitan buildings act. 7th & 8th. Vict. cap. 84. With notes ..
10577396 - On the history and art of warming and ventilating rooms and buildings
10577395 - An attempt to discriminate the styles of English architecture, from the Conquest to the Reformation. Preceded by a sketch of the Grecian and Roman orders, with notices of nearly five hundred English buildings [and an Appendix].
10577394 - Select designs for public buildings
10577393 - On the history and art of warming and ventilating rooms and buildings, by Walter Bernan
10577392 - 1974 Census of Agriculture: Farms : number, acreage, value of land and buildings, land use, size of farm, farm debt
10577391 - A collection of the most approved examples of doorways, from ancient buildings in Greece and Italy, expressly measured and delineated for this work, preceded by an essay on the usages of the ancients respecting doorways
10577390 - Dublin delineated in twenty-six views of the principal public buildings
10577389 - Flemish relics; architectural, legendary, and pictorial, as connected with public buildings in Belgium
10577388 - Specimens of Gothic architecture and ancient buildings in England
10577387 - A catalogue of pictures, statues, busts, antique columns, bronzes, fragments of antique buildings, tables of Florentine and Roman mosaic, scagliola and inlaid wood, Indian, Neapolitan and other china ... at Hendersyde Park ...
10577386 - Woodward's graperies and horticultural buildings
10577385 - Greenwich: its history, antiquities, improvements, and public buildings
10577384 - Ventilation and warming of buildings
10577383 - A rudimentary treatise on the acoustics of public buildings
10577382 - A critical review of the publick buildings
10577381 - D.N. Skillings and D.B. Flint's Illustrated catalogue of portable sectional buildings, patented 1861
10577380 - Parentalia or memoirs of the family of the Wrens viz. of Mathew bishop of Ely, Christopher Dean of Windsor ... but chiefly of --- surveyor-general of the royal buildings ... now published by Stephen Wren
10577379 - Political arithmetick, or a discourse concerning the extent and value of lands, people [and] buildings
10577378 - Buildings & monuments, modern and mediaeval
10577377 - Professional observations on the architecture of the principal ancient and modern buildings in France and Italy [&c.].
10577376 - New methods of heating buildings
10577375 - Principles of design in architecture traced in observations on buildings primeral egiptian, phenician or syriam, grecian, roman etc
10577374 - Report of the Custodian of Public Buildings and Property to the Governor of Iowa, for the years ...
10577373 - Illustrations of the public buildings of London
10577372 - Inscriptiones Pompeianae, Or, Specimens and Facsimiles of Ancient Inscriptions Discovered on the Walls of Buildings at Pompeii
10577371 - Plans of farm buildings for southern states
10577370 - Designs for farm buildings
10577369 - Condensation control in buildings
10577368 - Tentative provisions for the development of seismic regulations for buildings
10577367 - Political arthmetick, or a discourse concerning the extent and value of lands, people, buildings, husbandry, manufacture, commerce etc
10577366 - A popular treatise on the warming and ventilation of buildings
10577365 - A narrative of the proceedings at the laying of the first stone of the new buildings at Bethlem hospital
10577364 - Views of the most remarkable public buildings, monuments and other edifices in the city of Dublin
10577363 - The etymological compendium, or, Portfolio of origins and inventions .. containing a particular account of London and its public buildings ...
10577362 - A new guide to the city of Edinburgh: containing a description of all the public buildings, and a concise history of the city, from the earliest periods to the present time
10577361 - Windows and glass in the exterior of buildings
10577360 - Expansion joints in buildings
10577359 - Performance Concept in Buildings
10577358 - Building effective minority programs in engineering education
10577357 - The rudiments of architecture and building
10577356 - Building permits in the principal cities of the United States in 1923
10577355 - New building research, fall 1960
10577354 - Treatises on architecture, building, masonry, joinery, and carpentry
10577353 - Earthquakes ; Volcanoes ; and, Mountain-building
10577352 - The Building news and engineering journal
10577351 - A short narrative of the proceedings of the gentlemen, concerned in obtaining the Act, for building a bridge at Westminster; and of the steps, which the Honourable the Commissioners, appointed by that act, have taken to carry it into execution. In a lette
10577350 - The acts of Parliament relating to the building fifty new churches in and about the cities of London and Westminster
10577349 - Rudimentary dictionary of terms used in architecture, civil, architecture, naval, building and construction
10577348 - Naval architecture or the rudiments and rules of ship-building
10577347 - The Roman history, from the building of Rome to the ruin of the commonwealth... New ed
10577346 - Titus Liviu's Roman history from the building of the city
10577345 - Porcelain enamel in the building industry
10577344 - A Narrative of the Material Facts in Relation to the Building of the Two Greek Frigates
10577343 - Associations and societies of the building industry in the United States
10577342 - Adhesives in Building
10577341 - Adhesives and sealants in building
10577340 - Proposals for new building research
10577339 - Building illumination
10577338 - A treatise on ship-building and navigation
10577337 - Architectural Magazine, and Journal of Improvement in Architecture, Building, and Furnishings in the Various Arts and Trades Connected Therewith
10577336 - Plastics in building
10577335 - Industrialized building in the Soviet Union
10577334 - A Treatise on Ship-Building and Navigation in Three Parts
10577333 - Building technology project summaries
10577332 - A study of conservation in building construction
10577331 - The double doubt. (cont.). The tragedy of the Truenfels. The prisoner of the Pfalz. Countess Kunigund. Heidelberg Castle and its legends. The legend of the wolf's brun. The legend of Ruprecht's building
10577330 - the roman history from the building of rome to the ruin of the commonwealth
10577329 - An Introductory Outline of the Practice of Ship-building, &c. &c
10577328 - The Roman history, from the building of Rome to the ruin of the commonwealth
10577327 - Pigot & co.'s metropolitan guide & book of reference to every street ... and public building in the cities of London & Westminster [&c.].
10577326 - The Elements[!] of Naval Architecture, Or A Practical Treatise on Ship-building
10577325 - The commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem
10577324 - Bug-Jargal
10577323 - The Gold-Bug and Other Tales
10577322 - Resistance of sorghums to the chinch bug
10577321 - Harangue du chancelier Michel de L'Hospital, sur un budget du XVIe si
10577320 - Rede des Abgeordneten, Grafen von Tauffkirchen-Kleeberg, gehalten in der
10577319 -
10577318 - Loi du 23 Juillet 1820 relative
10577317 - Discours prononc
10577316 - Budget des recettes et des d
10577315 - Projet de loi ... portant fixation du budget g
10577314 - Discours sur le budget du minist
10577313 - Annuaire du budget, ou dictionnaire annuel
10577312 - Sam Weller's budget of recitations
10577311 - The budget of the Bubble family
10577310 - Saunders, Otley, & co.'s Literary budget
10577309 - A budget of humorous poetry ...
10577308 - SPEC kit on preparation and presentation of the library budget
10577307 - Evenings at home; or, The juvenile budget opened [by J. Aikin and A.L. Barbauld].
10577306 - Evenings at home; or, The juvenile budget opened
10577305 - The actor's budget
10577304 - Estimates of Federal budget outlays
10577303 - The budget opened. Or, an answer to a pamphlet intitled, A letter from a Member of Parliament to his friends in the country, concerning the duties on wine and tobacco..
10577302 - Five-year budget projections, fiscal year 1978-1982
10577301 - Five-year budget projections, fiscal years 1979-1983
10577300 - The budget
10577299 - Evenings at home; or, The juvenile budget opened [by J. Aikin and A.L. Barbauld]. By J. Aikin and mrs Barbauld
10577298 - The rape of the bucket
10577297 - Baldi Angeli Abbatii Physici Eugubini. De admirabili viperae natura 2 de mirificis ejusdem facultatibus (Ep. ded. S. Brown K. Digby. Praef. V. Concioli. Carmina P. M. Vanni, G. Guidarelli, T. Oeconomici, P. F. Bonifacii Sentinatis, P. M. Abati)
10577296 - Elementos de medicina practica fundados sobre el sistema de Brown
10577295 - Prospecto de medicina sencilla y humana o Nueva doctrina de Brown
10577294 - Exposition d'un syst
10577293 - Speeches, messages, and other writings of the Hon. Albert G. Brown
10577292 - The correspondence of Thomas Gray and William Mason ; with letters to the Rev. James Brown
10577291 - The autobiography of John Brown the cordwainer, ed. by a clerical friend [G. Huntington].
10577290 - Memoir of John Brown ...
10577289 - Life, times, and correspondence of James Manning, and the early history of Brown university
10577288 - The John Brown invasion
10577287 - Mr. Pisistratus Brown, M.P., in the Highlands [by W. Black].
10577286 - A Complete Edition of the Poets of Great Britain..: Young. Gray. B. West. Lyttleton. Moore. Boyce. Thompson. Cawthorne. Churchill. Falconer. Lloyd. Cunningham. Green. Cooper. Goldsmith. P. Whitehead. Brown. Grainger. Smollet. Armstrong
10577285 - The works of Mr. Thomas Brown, in prose and verse
10577284 - A simple woman, by the author of 'Nut-brown maids'.
10577283 - The miscellaneous botanical works of Robert Brown
10577282 - The nut-brown maids; or, The first hosier and his hosen [by H. Keddie].
10577281 - Memoir of Catharine Brown
10577280 - The travels and adventures of Edward Brown ...
10577279 - Narrative of William W. Brown, a Fugitive Slave
10577278 - Life of General Jacob Brown
10577277 - The Life and Letters of Captain John Brown
10577276 - The anti-slavery history of the John-Brown year
10577275 - Examination of Mr. Thomas C. Brown
10577274 - The Novels of Charles Brockden Brown: Ormond, or, The secret witness. Clara Howard, or, The enthusiasm of love
10577273 - The Novels of Charles Brockden Brown: Wieland, or, The transformation
10577272 - The struggles of Brown, Jones, and Robinson
10577271 - The foreign tour of Messrs. Brown, Jones, and Robinson
10577270 - A commentary, critical and explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments, by R. Jamieson, A.R. Fausset and D. Brown. (Portable comm.).
10577269 - Dialogues in Telugu and English [by C. P. Brown].
10577268 - Peach brown rot
10577267 - Memoir of Rev. Abel Brown
10577266 - The public life of Capt. John Brown
10577265 - Report to the corporation of Brown university
10577264 - The Life, Trial, and Execution of Captain John Brown
10577263 - Brown university in the Civil war, a memorial [ed. by H. S. Burrage].
10577262 - A catalogue of the library of Brown university
10577261 - Letters from the dead to the living, by T. Brown, capt. Ayloff, H. Barker, &c
10577260 - A collection of all the dialogues written by Mr. Thomas Brown ...
10577259 - Narrative of William W. Brown, an American slave, written by himself
10577258 - Memoirs of Tarleton Brown
10577257 - The brown semicostate and costate species of Colaspis in Mexico and Central America (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
10577256 - The posthumous works of the late Rev. Mr. John Brown, minister of the Gospel at Haddington
10577255 - Chaucer.- Surrey.- Wyat.- Sackville.- v. 2. Spenser.- Shakespeare.- Davies.- Hall.- v. 3. Drayton.- Carew.- Suckling.- v. 4. Donne.- Daniel.- Browne.- P. Fletcher.- G. Fletcher.- Jonson.- Drummond.- Crashaw.- Davenant.- v. 5. Milton.- Cowley.- Waller.- Bu
10577254 - A sermon occasion'd by the death of Mrs. Mary Brown
10577253 - The life of Charles Brockden Brown
10577252 - A sketch of the the life of the rev. John Brown, sometime minister ... in Wamphray; with notes and a historical appendix
10577251 - The Fudges in England, by Thomas Brown the younger. [In verse. Followed by] Trifles, reprinted
10577250 - The works of Mr. Thomas Brown, serious and comical, in prose and verse
10577249 - Memoirs of prince Alexy Haimatoff, translated from the original Latin MSS ... by John Brown, esq
10577248 - Selections from the works of Taylor, Latimer, Hall, Milton, Barrow, South, Brown, Fuller and Bacon
10577247 - The Investigator (or, Quarterly magazine) [ed. by W.B. Collyer, T. Raffles and J.B. Brown].
10577246 - Memoirs of Charles Brockden Brown, the American Novelist
10577245 - Stenography Compleated Or the Art of Short-hand Brought to Perfection
10577244 - The history and topography of the United States of North America, brought down from the earliest period ...
10577243 - A tour in Ireland; with general observations on the present state of that kingdom: made in the years 1776, 1777, and 1778. And brought down to the end of 1779
10577242 - An inquiry into the merits of the American colonization society: and a reply to the charges brought against it
10577241 - Hidden workes of darkenes brought to publike light
10577240 - Truth brought to light: or The gross forgeries of dr. Hollingworth, in his pamphlet intituled, The character of king Charles the first, from the declaration of Mr. Alexander Henderson, &c. detected. To which is annex'd, A manifest proof that dr. Gauden, n
10577239 - A chronological list of the captains of his majesty's Royal navy; commencing 1673, and brought down to 1783
10577238 - Anecdotes, personal traits, and characteristic sketches of Victoria the first, brought down to the period of her majesty's maarriage. By a lady
10577237 - Socinianism brought to the test, or, Jesus Christ proved to be either the adorable God, or a notorious imposter
10577236 - Encyclopaedia Americana : a popular dictionary of arts, sciences, literature, history, politics, and biography, brought down to the present time
10577235 - History of Stirlingshire. Corrected and brought down to the present time by W.M. Stirling
10577234 - Willis' survey of St. Asaph, considerably enlarged and brought down to the present time;
10577233 - The Modern history of Hindostan, comprehending that of the Greek empire of Bactria, and other great Asiatic kingdoms... commencing at the period of the death of Alexander, and intended to be brought down to the close of the eighteenth century [by Thomas M
10577232 - Roman Misquotation or certain Passages from the fathers adduced in a work entitled "the faith of catholics" etc. brought to the Text of the originals and their perverted character demonstrated
10577231 - Willis' Survey of St. Asaph, considerably enlarged and brought down to the present time. By E. Edwards
10577230 - The head-stone brought forth
10577229 - A master-key to the rich ladies treasury. Or, The widower and batchelor's directory, containing an exact alphabetical list of the duchess dowagers [&c.] by a younger brother [signing himself B. M-n].
10577228 - Life of Tecumseh, and of his brother the prophet
10577227 - The brother clerks
10577226 - Memoirs of the lives of Robert Haldane of Airthrey, and of his brother, James Alexander Haldane
10577225 - Brother Reginald's golden secret, by F.M.S.
10577224 - The bloody brother; or, Rollo. A tragedy. Written by Mr. Francis Beaumont, and Mr. John Fletcher
10577223 - The diverting history of John Bull and Brother Jonathan
10577222 - Brother Mason, the circuit rider
10577221 - Brother Jonathan
10577220 - The confidential correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte with his brother Joseph ...
10577219 - Plays: Life. The loyal brother. The disappointment. Sir Anthony Love
10577218 - Ahiman rezon: or, A help to a brother; shewing the excellency of secrecy, and the first cause, or motive, of the institution of free-masonry [&c. Followed by] A choice collection of masons songs
10577217 - The correspondence of Henry Hyde, Earl of Clarendon and his brother Laurence Hyde, Earl of Rochester;
10577216 - On the principles of common, or inceptive discipline, the eighth of a series of letters to a brother curate. By a superanumerary [J. Pring].
10577215 - Brother Jonathan
10577214 - The trial of Sir Archibald Gordon Kinloch, of Gilmerton, bart., for the murder of Sir Francis Kinloch, bart., his brother-german
10577213 - Six letters to a brother curate, on professional topics of various interest and importance. By a supernumerary [J. Pring].
10577212 - Eustace Conway, or, The brother and sister
10577211 - Letters on the subject of the Catholics, to my brother Abraham ...
10577210 - Peter Faultless to his brother Simon; Tales of nights; and other poems, by the author of 'Night'.
10577209 - The history of Mr. John Decastro and his brother Bat, commonly called Old Crab
10577208 - The history of mr. John Decastro and his brother Bat, commonly called Old Crab
10577207 - Brother Peter to brother Tom
10577206 - A true interpretation of ... the whole book of the Revelation of St. John. A true interpretation of the witch of Endor. The neck of the Quakers broken. A letter sent to Thomas Taylor. A looking-glass for George Fox. The answer to William Penn. An answer t
10577205 - The Works of John Ford: Introduction by Gifford. List of plays. Commendatory verses. The lover's melancholy. 'Tis pity she's a whore. The broken heart
10577204 - The broken vow, and other poems
10577203 - Broken bracelet, and other poems
10577202 - The broken sword
10577201 - Arithmetic in whole and broken numbers
10577200 - Devotions. Second part. The four gospels in one, broken into lessons, with responsories [by J. Austin].
10577199 - Paper-credit considered: particularly relative to the late failures of bankers and receivers in Ireland. With a scheme for supplying the broken banks with cash, ...
10577198 - Admiral Sir P. B. V. Broke ...
10577197 - M-------c L-------n's cabinet broke open; or, his private list of all the duchess dowagers ... and misses of honour ... in England
10577196 - Account of an insurrection of the negro slaves in the colony of Demerara, which broke out on the 18th of August, 1823
10577195 - A Bubble that Broke the World
10577194 - Short history of the yellow fever, that broke out in the city of Philadelphia, in July, 1797
10577193 - Hell broke-loose; upon Doctor S--ch--ve--l's sermons
10577192 - Industry brings plenty
10577191 - Directions for bringing over seeds and plants from the East Indies
10577190 - Bringing in sheaves
10577189 - An examine of the expediency of bringing over immediately the body of Hanoverian troops taken into our pay
10577188 - The remembrancer: or, Caleb's seasonable exhortation. With the Patriots collection of remarks upon instances of the usages of former Parliaments in relation to publick taxes, and the bringing to justice evil and corrupt ministers. ...
10577187 - A letter to a member of parliament, containing a proposal for bringing in a bill to revised ... certain obsolete statutes, commonly called the Ten commandments [by J. Hildrop].
10577186 - The art of hatching and bringing up domestick fowls of all kinds at any time of the year
10577185 - Kort anvisning till nordiska fornspr
10577184 - THE Loyal West IN THE Times of the Rebellion; Also, Before AND Since: Bring AN Encyclopedia AND Panorama OF THE Western States, Pacific States AND Territories OF THE Union
10577183 - A true narrative of an unhappy contention in the church at Ashford, and the several methods used to bring it to a period
10577182 - Ensayo hist
10577181 - Speeches OF John Bright, M.P. ON THE American Question
10577180 - Faith and life, readings, compiled from ancient writers, by W. Bright
10577179 - The Iroquois; or, The bright side of Indian character
10577178 - Daisy Bright
10577177 - Elements of the practice of medicine, by R. Bright and T. Addison
10577176 - Vervolg van de Aardige Duyvelary, voorvallende in dese dagen. Begrepen in een twede Brief van een Heer t'Amsterdam, geschreven aan een van sijn vrienden te Leeuwaerden, in Vriesland
10577175 - Wederlegging, van B. Bekkers Betoverde wereldt, het eerste deel. Ingestelt door Jacobus Koelman ... Met een aanhangsel, van den Duyvel van Tedworth, en van een brief van ... Henricus Morus ... uit het Engels vertaalt
10577174 - Remonstrantie van Mr. Ericus Walten, doctor in de theologie ... By forme van een brief, gesonden aan de ... heeren van wet ... der stad Rotterdam,
10577173 - Historische en Theologische Redeneringe, over het onlangs uitgegeeve Boek van ... B. Bekker, strekkende tot bevestinge der Waarheit en Authoriteit van de H. Schriftuur. Uit het Latijn overgebragt ... Waar achter gevoegt is een Brief van de Hr. D'Aillon ..
10577172 - Den Jalourssen Buurman en de Onderdrukte Onnoselheyt. Zynde een ... verhaal van de Twistsake, verhandelt voor de Eerw. Kerkenstraat van de Geref. Gemeente tot Amsterdam. Tusschen Peter Schibaan, Brief-bestelder, als klager, en Petrus Dittelbach, Bedien. d
10577171 - Een Brief Aan een Vrind, Wegens de Fransche Invasie
10577170 - Brief aan twee eerwaardige predikanten D.Joannes Aalstius tot Hoornaar, ende D. Paulus Steenwinkel tot Schelluinen...
10577169 - Brief outline of the study of theology
10577168 - A brief account of the researches and discoveries in upper Egypt, made under the direction of Henry Salt
10577167 - Karamania, or, A brief description of the south coast of Asia-Minor and of the remains of antiquity
10577166 - A brief notice of American slavery, and the abolition movement
10577165 - A brief account, together with observations, made during a visit in the West Indies, and a tour through the United States of America, in parts of the years 1832-3
10577164 - A brief history of the Christian Church, from the first century to the Reformation
10577163 - A brief account of the descendents of John and Elinor Whitney, of Watertown, Mass
10577162 - A brief history of the Mass. Sabbath School Society
10577161 - A brief memoir of the life of John Gisborne, to which are added, Extracts from his diary
10577160 - A short history of the Methodists in the United States. To which is prefixed, a brief account of their rise in England
10577159 - Brief sketch of the life of Thomas Paine. Common sense. Epistle to Quakers. The crisis. Public good. Letter to the Abbe Raynal. Dissertations on government, the affairs of the bank, and paper money. Miscellaneous
10577158 - A brief outline of the evidences of the Christian religion
10577157 - Brief biographical sketches of some of the early ministers of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church
10577156 - A brief exposition of the established principles and regulations of the United Society of believers, called Shakers
10577155 - Brief history of evangelical missions
10577154 - A brief illustration of the principles of war and peace
10577153 - A brief history of the church of Christ
10577152 - A brief discourse on wine
10577151 - Annals of Commerce, Manufactures, Fisheries, and Navigation with Brief Notices of the Arts and Sciences Connected with Them
10577150 - Essays and Poems, with a Brief Autobiographical Memoir
10577149 - Brief memoirs of the members of the class graduated at Yale College in September, 1802
10577148 - Brief biographies of inventors of machines for the manufacture of textile fabrics
10577147 - Brief narrative of the Baptist mission in India
10577146 - Rambles in Northumberland and on the Scottish border ; interspersed with brief notices of interesting events in border history
10577145 - A brief sketch of the early history of the Catholic Church on the island of New York
10577144 - A brief history of the British Reformation
10577143 - A brief account of the life of Howell Harris, Esq;
10577142 - A brief topographical and statistical manual of the state of New-York
10577141 - A brief account of the settlement of Ellicott's Mills
10577140 - A brief memoir of the life, and revolutionary services, of Major William Hazzard Wigg, of South Carolina
10577139 - A brief account of the causes that have retarded the progress of the colony of Georgia, in America; attested upon oath. Being a proper contrast to A state of the province of Georgia. Attested upon oath; and some other misrepresentations on the same subjec
10577138 - A brief sketch of the first settlement of Deerfield, Mass
10577137 - A descriptive geography and brief historical sketch of Palestine
10577136 - A brief historical relation of state affaires from September 1678 to April 1714
10577135 - A brief popular account of all the financial panics and commercial revulsions in the United States, from 1690 to 1857
10577134 - A brief history of the First Baptist Church in Cambridge
10577133 - Brief narrative of facts relative to the new orphan houses, on Ashley Down, Bristol, and other objects of the Scriptural Knowledge Institution For Home and Abroad
10577132 - An historical and topographical sketch of Knole, with a brief genealogy of the Sackville family
10577131 - A brief description of the burrough and town of Preston, and its government
10577130 - A scripture-line of time, drawn in brief from the lapsed creation, to the restitution of all things
10577129 - A brief description of thirty-two ancient Greek painted vases
10577128 - Brief summary of the law of intestate succession in Scotland
10577127 - A brief account of the coronation of ... George iv
10577126 - A brief Greek syntax and hints on Greek accidence
10577125 - A Brief historical sketch of the life and sufferings of Leonard Trask, the wonderful invalid
10577124 - A brief account of the author's interview with his countrymen, and of the parts of the Emerald Isle, whence they emigrated
10577123 - A History of Edinburgh from the earliest period to the completion of the half century 1850, with brief notices of eminent of remarkable individuals
10577122 - A brief enquiry into the true nature and character of our Federal Government
10577121 - A brief description of New York
10577120 - A brief review of the settlement of Upper Canada by the U.E. loyalists and Scotch Highlanders, in 1783
10577119 - A brief narrative of the shipwreck of the transport "Premier"
10577118 - A brief memoir of Urcilla Gebbie
10577117 - Narrative of the voyage of H.M.S. Samarang, during the years 1843-46, employed surveying the islands of the Eastern Archipelago, accompanied by a brief vocabulary of the principal languages
10577116 - A brief history of the new gold regions of Colorado territory
10577115 - A brief account of the rise and progress of the people called Quakers
10577114 - A brief biographical dictionary
10577113 - A brief commentarie or exposition upon the prophecy of Obadiah, together with usefull notes delivered in sundry sermons
10577112 - An history of the ancient town and borough of Congleton, with an appendix, containing a brief history and description of Astbury church [&c.].
10577111 - Brief memorials of Jean Fr
10577110 - A brief narrative, proving the right of the late William Symington ... to be considered the inventor of steam land carriage locomotion
10577109 - A brief exposition on the XII smal prophets
10577108 - A brief concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament
10577107 - A brief account of the guildhall of the city of London
10577106 - A brief description and historical notices of the Island of Jersey,
10577105 - A brief history of Dover-Castle; or a description of Roman, Saxon and Norman, fortifications
10577104 - A brief description of the property belonging to the Lycoming Coal Company
10577103 - Two brief discourses
10577102 - A brief sketch of the Lancasterian system
10577101 - The armorial bearings of the several incorporated companies of Newcastle upon Tyne, with a brief historical account of each company. With notices of the Corpus Christi plays anciently performed by the trading societies. By J. Walker & M.A. Richardson
10577100 - A brief history of epidemic and pestilential diseases
10577099 - A brief report of the debates in the Anti-masonic state convention of the commonwealth of Massachusetts
10577098 - A brief history of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints (commonly called Mormons)
10577097 - A brief account of the solar system in English
10577096 - Sermons on various practical subjects. By T. Watson. To which is prefixed a brief memoir of his life and writings [by C. Watson].
10577095 - Hints of Ledbury, a brief description, by a native inhabitant [J.W. Gibbs?].
10577094 - A brief history of the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church, at Princeton, New Jersey
10577093 - A Brief Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages which Respectively Attend France and Great Britain, with Regard to Trade
10577092 - A brief view of the writ ne exeat regno as an equitable process
10577091 - Piety promoted, in brief memorials, of the virtuous lives, services, and dying sayings, of some of the people called Quakers, formerly publ. in 8 parts, by J. Tomkins, and others, now revised by J.Kendal, and placed in the order of time
10577090 - Brief reflections relative to the emigrant French clergy
10577089 - A brief review of parliamentary acts and bills relating to compositions for tithes in Ireland [by E. Stopford].
10577088 - Messiah's kingodn, or, A brief inquiry concerning what is revealed in Scripture
10577087 - A brief statement of the sufferings of Mary Dyer
10577086 - The Wall's end miner; or, A brief memoir of the life of William Crister
10577085 - Scrapiana; or, A brief chronicle of the times: being a summary of the contents of the London daily newspapers, and the price of stocks each day, during the year 1819, as published in the Durham county advertiser
10577084 - The works of Robert Hall. With a brief memoir of his life, by dr. Gregory; and observations on his character as a preacher, by J. Foster. Publ. under the superintendence of O. Gregory
10577083 - A brief examination of Lord Sheffield's Observations on the commerce of the United States
10577082 - A brief narrative of the travels and literary life, of ... John F. Usko, written by himself
10577081 - Brief remarks on the chronology of the Egyptian dynasties, shewing the fallacy of the system laid down by messrs. [J.F.] Champollion [and J.J. Champollion-Figeac] in two letters on the museum of Turin
10577080 - A brief essay towards an history of the Baptist Academy at Bristol
10577079 - A brief account of the Mechitaristican Society founded on the island of St. Lazaro
10577078 - A brief account of the subversion of the papal government. 1798
10577077 - twelve sermons brief and explanatory
10577076 - A brief account of the Shaws water scheme, and present state of the works
10577075 - A brief display of the origin and history of ordeals, trials by battle, courts of chivalry or honour, and the decision of private quarrels by single combat
10577074 - Biographia Scoticana: or, A brief historical account of the ... most eminent Scots worthies. As also, An appendix. [2 pt. Frontisp. mutilated].
10577073 - Miscellaneous works of Robert Robinson: to which are prefixed brief memoirs of his life and writings
10577072 - A brief view of the policy and resources of the United States [by R. Hare]; comprising some strictures on a Letter on the genius and dispositions of the French government [by R. Walsh].
10577071 - A brief outline of an examination of the Song of Solomon
10577070 - A brief exposition of the Apostles Creed
10577069 - Domesday book, for the county of Warwick, tr. by W. Reader; to which is prefixed, a brief dissertation and biographical notices
10577068 - A brief narrative of the life of Gilbert Latey
10577067 - The progress of human life: Shakspeare's seven ages of man; illustrated by a series of extracts in prose and poetry. Introduced by a brief memoir of Shakspeare and his writings
10577066 - Brief sketch of the life and writings of Father C.J. Beschi
10577065 - Remains of the late Rev.Charles Wolfe,A.B. with a brief memoir of his Life
10577064 - A brief enquiry into the prospects of the Church of Christ, in connexion with the second advent of our Lord Jesus Christ
10577063 - A brief history of Worcester; or, Worcester guide' improved [signed R. G.].
10577062 - A sermon [on 1 Cor. xv. 22]; preached ... on occasion of the ... death of Robert Cappe. With an appendix containing brief memoirs of his life
10577061 - Sermons; with a brief memoir of the author
10577060 - A Brief history of the church at Rockaway, New Jersey
10577059 - Brief statement, supported by original documents of the important grants conceded to the Eastern Coast of Central America Commercial and Agricultural Company by the state of Guatemala
10577058 - A Brief Exposition of the Science of Mechanical Electricity
10577057 - A brief retrospect of the eighteenth century
10577056 - American Unitarianism: or A Brief history of "The progress and present state of the Unitarian Churches in America."
10577055 - The Church of England vindicated, remarks on 'A brief account of the reasons which have induced ... T.C. Cowan to secede from the established Church, by a layman'.
10577054 - A brief enquiry concerning the dignity of the ordinance of the Lord's supper
10577053 - The history of Greece. To which is prefixed a brief memoir of the author, by lord Redesdale
10577052 - A brief view of the writ ne exeat regno
10577051 - A brief censure upon two bookes
10577050 - Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion, and Other Various Occurrences in the Church of England, During Queen Elizabeth's Happy Reign: Brief annals of church and state, under Queen Elizabeth. A supplement of records and original papers, to
10577049 - Times of trial, a brief narrative of the progress of the Reformation
10577048 - The woodland companion; or, A brief description of British trees, with some account of their uses
10577047 - A brief exposition of the whole book of Canticles, or Song of Solomon
10577046 - A Brief Explication of the Psalms
10577045 - An Historical, Topographical, and Descriptive View of the County of Northumberland, and of Those Parts of the County of Durham Situated North of the River Tyne, with Berwick Upon Tweed, and Brief Notices of Celebrated Places on the Scottish Border. ...
10577044 - A brief survey of physical and fossil geology, 2 lectures
10577043 - Dredge's suspension bridge explained upon the principles of the lever
10577042 - A work on bridge building
10577041 - The Kansas City bridge
10577040 - Review of the case of the free bridge between Boston and Charlestown
10577039 - The works of the Rev. William Bridge ...
10577038 - Bridge piers as channel obstructions
10577037 - History of Shotley spa, and vicinity of Shotley bridge
10577036 - A history of the rencounter at Drumclog, and battle at Bothwell Bridge, in the month of June, 1679, and reflections on political subjects
10577035 - Account of Leslie's Retreat at the North Bridge in Salem, on Sunday Feb'y 26, 1775
10577034 - The works of the Rev. William Bridge, M.A.
10577033 - General theory of bridge construction
10577032 - The Bridge of History Over the Gulf of Time
10577031 - A dissertation on ancient bridges and bridge chapels, and especially that ... edifice on Wakefield Bridge ...
10577030 - Chronicles of London Bridge
10577029 - Digital Divide in Estonia and How To Bridge It
10577028 - Twenty one several books of mr. William Bridge
10577027 - The works of William Bridge
10577026 - A Treatise on Bridge Architecture
10577025 - The history and antiquities of Croyland-abbey, in the county of Lincoln [by R. Gough. With] Appendix [and] Mr. Essex's Observations on Croyland abbey and bridge; and other additions to the history of that abbey
10577024 - The sham-robbery, committed by Elijah Putnam Goodridge, on his own person, in Newbury, near Essex bridge, Dec. 19, 1816
10577023 - History of the Wars of the French Revolution, from the Breaking Out of the War, in 1792, to the Restoration of a General Peace in 1815
10577022 - The great danger of covenant-breaking, &c
10577021 - The day breaking if not the sun rising of the gospel with the Indians in New England
10577020 - Wednesday club-law, or, The injustice, dishonour and ill policy of breaking into parliamentary contracts for public debts [by - Broome].
10577019 - A method of breaking horses, and teaching soldiers to ride
10577018 - Breaking of bread
10577017 - Beames of divine light, breaking forth from severall places of holy Scripture, in xxi. sermons
10577016 - An account of the stopping of Daggenham Breach ...
10577015 - The conduct of the Dutch, relating to their breach of treaties with England
10577014 - An impartial account of the frauds and abuses at Dagenham Breach;
10577013 - An account of the stopping of Daggenham breach: with the accidents that have attended the same from the first undertaking. ... To which is prefix'd, a plan of the levels which were over-flow'd by the breach. By Capt. John Perry
10577012 - Om v
10577011 - Relation du voyage de Mr Evert Isbrand, envoy
10577010 - Chirurgische Abhandlungen
10577009 - Geschichte des Marktes Neunkirchen am Brand und des ehemaligen Klosters mit R
10577008 - Beknopte geschiedenis der stad Hoorn, en verhaal van de stichting, voltooijing en verfraaijing van de groote kerk, tot op den brand, die haar vernielde op den 3den augustus 1838
10577007 - The brand of Dominic
10577006 - History And Directory of Kent County, Michigan Containing A History of Each Township, and the City of Brand Rapids
10577005 - Memoirs of Thomas Brand-Hollis ...
10577004 - Das von der g
10577003 - Les int
10577002 - Les int
10577001 - Livre contenant la genealogie et descente de cevx de la Maison de Croy tant de la ligne principale estant chef dv nom et armes d'Icelle qve des branches et ligne collaterale de ladicte maison
10577000 - Remarques sur plusieurs branches de commerce et de navigation
10576999 - Raisonnement Divise En Deux Parties ... sur la planche Hieroglyphique Et Genealogique ... representant Les Deux Branches Des Augustes Maisons d'Autriche et de Lorraine avec les Six Renouvellemens de l'Ancienne Parente, par autant de mariages entre les Pri
10576998 - Remarques sur plusieurs branches de commerce et de navigation
10576997 - The laurel, containing various branches of poetry
10576996 - The compleat system of the revenue of Ireland, in its several branches of import, export, and inland duties
10576995 - Observations Upon Liberal Education, In all its Branches
10576994 - A treatise of the laws of England, on the various branches of conveyancing
10576993 - The history of the most serene house of Brunswick-Lunenburgh, in all the branches thereof, ffrom its origin to the death of Queen Anne
10576992 - Elements of the branches of natural philosophy connected with medicine
10576991 - Discourses on all the principal branches of natural religion and social virtue
10576990 - Catalogue of twelve thousand tracts, pamphlets and unbound books, in all branches of literature
10576989 - A survey of the British Customs containing the rates of merchandize...Also a Distinct and Practical Account of the several branches of the Revenue called the Customs...
10576988 - Curialia: or An historical account of some branches of the royal household. &c
10576987 - A genealogical history of the house of Yvery, in its different branches of Yvery, Luvel, Perceval and Gournay
10576986 - The new and complete Newgate calendar; or, Villany displayed in all its branches
10576985 - New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and the Collateral Branches of Science
10576984 - Remarks on the classification of the different branches of human knowledge
10576983 - A selection of leading cases, on various branches of the law
10576982 - Questions in political economy, politics, morals, metaphysics, polite literature, and other branches of knowledge
10576981 - Experiments and observations on different kinds of air
10576980 - An account of the fishes found in the river Ganges and its branches
10576979 - A treatise on the art of painting, in all its branches
10576978 - Angling in all its branches, reduced to a complete science
10576977 - Transactions of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
10576976 - Our branch and its tributaries
10576975 - The olive-branch; or, Poems on peace, liberty, friendship, &c
10576974 - Journal of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
10576973 - The olive branch
10576972 - A catalogue of a very select collection of books in all languages, and every branch of literature:
10576971 - The Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland
10576970 - Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
10576969 - Commentaries on the Law of Partnership, as a branch of commercial and maritime Jurisprudence, with occasional illustrations from the civil and foreign Law
10576968 - Olive branch
10576967 - Genealogy of one branch of the Wood family, from 1638 to 1870
10576966 - The Builder's Practical Guide: Containing a Complete Explanation of the Principles of Science, as Applied to Very Branch of Building ...
10576965 - The Olive branch and Christian inquirer
10576964 - A catalogue of the library of the North China branch of the Royal Asiatic society ... systematically classed
10576963 - The London Medical Dictionary, Including Under Distinct Heads Every Branch of Medecine
10576962 - Experiments with forage crops at the Fort Hays Branch Station, Hays, Kans., 1913 to 1928
10576961 - Ioh. van Bevervviick Van de wtnementheyt des vrouwelicken geslachts ... als oock Latijnsche, ende Nederlantsche verssen van Mr. Corn. Boy
10576960 - Labrum aeneum sacerdotale sive instructio sacerdotum ad SS. Missae sacrificium ... celebrandum. Ex SS. patribus, et ecclesiae doctoribus ... concinnata ... Opus san
10576959 - The Story of a Bad Boy
10576958 - The Whiteheaded Boy: A Comedy in Three Acts
10576957 - The forest boy
10576956 - The printer boy
10576955 - History of James Mitchell, a boy born blind and deaf
10576954 - Vignettes of Derbyshire, by the author of 'The life of a boy'
10576953 - THE Autobiography OF A Beggar BOY
10576952 - The boy makes the man: a book of anecdotes and examples for the use of youth
10576951 - Chapters in the life of a Dundee factory boy, an autobiography [by J. Myles].
10576950 - Robert Henry Hendershot; or, The brave drummer boy of the Rappahannock
10576949 - Ernie Elton, the lazy boy
10576948 - The story of the peasant-boy philosopher, or, "A child gathering pebbles on the sea-shore"
10576947 - The story of Ned the shepherd boy
10576946 - The cabin boy
10576945 - Redburn; Being the sailor-boy confessions and reminiscences of the first voyage of the son of a gentleman in the merchant service
10576944 - Rollo at Work
10576943 - Right about face; or, Ben the Gordon boy
10576942 - That boy of Norcott's
10576941 - A new miscellany. Containing, I. The judgment of Tiresias. II. The Queen of May. III. The smock-fac'd boy. ... XXXI. The difference between the Papists and Presbyterians determined
10576940 - The boy of Mount Rhigi
10576939 - Benjamin Franklin, the printer boy
10576938 - The blind boy
10576937 - The post-boy robb'd of his mail: or, the pacquet broke open
10576936 - Further adventures of the boy spy in Dixie
10576935 - The orphan boy, or, A journey to Bath
10576934 - The wild Irish boy
10576933 - The farmer's boy;
10576932 - The beggar boy
10576931 - The Munster cottage boy
10576930 - Life and adventures of Michael Armstrong, the factory boy
10576929 - The Italian taylor, and his boy
10576928 - The stolen boy
10576927 - C
10576926 - Self-denial, The social glass, The last herring, and The passionate boy
10576925 - The Dramatic Works of Colley Cibber, Esq. In Five Volumes. ...: C
10576924 - Collateral bee-boxes
10576923 - Preston's cubical estimates of boxes, bales, and casks
10576922 - Capt. James Box's adventures and explorations in new and old Mexico
10576921 - The Christmas Box;
10576920 - Letter box
10576919 - The gray champion. Sunday at home. The wedding knell. The minister's black veil. The may-pole of Merry Mount. The gentle boy. Mr. Higginbotham's catastrophe. Little Annie's ramble. Wakefield. A rill from the town pump. The great carbuncle. The prophetic p
10576918 - A Treatise ON A BOX OF Instruments AND THE Slide-Rule
10576917 - Matty's hungry missionary-box, and the message it brought, by the author of 'Copsley annals'.
10576916 - Uncle Sam's money-box
10576915 - Paddy Whiskey's Christmas box for 1792
10576914 - The protocol; or, Selections from the contents of a red box, found in the neighbourhood of St. James's square
10576913 - An English green box
10576912 - Groatsworth of Witte: Bought with a Million of Repentance (etc.) Newly Corr
10576911 - An appendix, to The cure of Deism, in answer to a book, intitled, The moral philosopher: or, a dialogue between a Christian Deist, and a Christian Jew. With the other additions to this edition, interspersed in the two volumes, for the benefit of those who
10576910 - The merry conceited humors of Bottom the weaver
10576909 - The Book of common prayer, explained by a paraphrase at the bottom of each page
10576908 - The Selenastrum Capricornutum Printz Algal Assay Bottle Test
10576907 - The fountain and the bottle
10576906 - The delights of the bottle
10576905 - The delights of the bottle: or, The compleat vintner. A poem. By the author of the Cavalcade
10576904 - Of the art both of writing & judging of history
10576903 - The speech of His Highness the Lord Protector, made to both Houses of Parliament at their first meeting on Thursday the 27th of Jan. 1658
10576902 - The history of Non-Conformity, as it was argued and stated by Commissioners on both sides, in 1661. ...
10576901 - New improvements of planting and gardening, both philosophical and practical
10576900 - Secret memoirs and manners of several persons of quality of both sexes
10576899 - Outlines of physiology, both comparative and human
10576898 - The Lady's miscellany, or, Weekly visitor, for the use and amusement of both sexes
10576897 - The parliamentary guide, a concise biography of the members of both houses of parliament
10576896 - New and conclusive physical demonstrations, both of the fact and period of the Mosaic deluge, and its having been the only event of the kind that has ever occurred upon the earth
10576895 - A Catalogue Raisonn
10576894 - A Summary of Geography and History, Both Ancient and Modern ...
10576893 - The Works of Sir William Temple, Bart: Letters written by Sir William Temple, bart., and other ministers of state, both at home and abroad: containing an account of the most important transaction that pass'd in Christendom from 1665 to 1672 ... pub. by Jo
10576892 - The journal of the proceedings of the Lds Commissioners of both nations, in the treaty of union,
10576891 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Common Pleas, and other courts, from Easter term, 36 Geo. III, 1796 to [Hilary term, 44 Geo. III, 1804] ... both inclusive : with tables of the cases and principal matters
10576890 - A topographical description of the province of Lower Canada : with remarks upon Upper Canada : and on the relative connexion of both provinces with the United States of America
10576889 - A compendious law dictionary, containing both an explanation of the terms and the law itself
10576888 - Seamanship, both in theory and practice
10576887 - An account of the Indexes, both prohibitory and expurgatory, of the Church of Rome
10576886 - Flora diaetetica: or, History of esculent plants, both domestic and foreign
10576885 - A Catalogue Raisonn
10576884 - Hear both sides: a comedy
10576883 - The history, debates, and proceedings of both Houses of Parliament of Great Britain from the year 1743 to the year 1774
10576882 - An essay on the inventions and customs of both ancients and moderns in the use of inebriating liquors
10576881 - Practical Masonry, Bricklaying and Plastering, Both Plain and Ornamental
10576880 - Observations on the reports of the select committees of both Houses of Parliament, on the subject of the timber trade and commercial restrictions
10576879 - A Complete Dictionary of the English Language, Both with Regard to Sound and Meaning
10576878 - The Works of Sir William Temple, Bart: Letters written by Sir William Temple, bart., and other ministers of state, both at home and abroad: containing an account of the most important transactions that pass'd in Christendom from 1665 to 1672 ... pub. by J
10576877 - The American manual; or, New English reader: consisting of exercises in reading and speaking, both in prose and poetry
10576876 - Psalms, Hymns, and spiritual songs. [2 pt., both with a title-leaf dated 1832].
10576875 - A chronological register of both houses of the British Parliament, from the union in 1708, to the third Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in 1807
10576874 - Both sides of religious ceremonies
10576873 - Onania Or the Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution
10576872 - Faustus: his life, death, and descent into hell, tr. from the Germ. [of F.M. von Klinger, by G. Borrow].
10576871 - Maine in the war for the Union: a history of the part borne by Maine troops in the suppression of the American rebellion, by W.E.S. Whitman and C.H. True
10576870 - Root Diseases and Soil-Borne Pathogens
10576869 - Lucifer Wittenbergensis, Oder der Morgen-Stern Von Wittenberg, Das ist: Vollst
10576868 - Lucifer Wittenbergensis oder der Morgen-Stern von Wittenberg : das ist vollst
10576867 - Gemmarum et lapidum historia, quam olim edidit Anselmus Boetius de Boot, postea Adrianus Tollius Tertia Editio Cui accedunt Ioannis de Laet libri II, et Theophrasti liber De Lapidibus, Gr. et Lat cum brevibus notis
10576866 - Le Parfait Joaillier, ou Histoire des pierreries
10576865 - Eenen swerten Treck-plaester, op dat schrickelijcke gheswel van G. Boot, nu onlanghs, tot schade vant ghemeene lichaem, tot Gorcum hem gheopenbaert
10576864 - Gemmarum et lapidum quam olim edidit Anselmus Boetius de Boot... nunc vero recensuit... Adri nus Toll... [Scazon C. Barlaei]
10576863 - Le pot aux roses ou Correspondance secrete et familiere de l'honorable Thomas Boot, avec Sa Majest
10576862 - The art and mystery of the gentle craft, an essay on boot and shoe making
10576861 - Copie eens Briefs gheschreven uyt Antwerpen den tweeden Julij 1606. aen sijnen Vrient tot Berghen op den Zoom, Inhoudende de groote beroerte ende Oploop, die aldaer is geweest tusschen die Boot-ghesellen ende de Spaenjaerden van het Casteel, ...
10576860 - Two books of Mr. Sydrach Simpson...
10576859 - Annotations upon some difficult texts in all the books of the New Testament
10576858 - A compleat history of the canon and writers of the books of the Old and New Testament
10576857 - A commentary on the five books of Moses:
10576856 - His six books, of epicurean philosophy, done into English verse with notes
10576855 - Catalogue of books printed by William Bradford
10576854 - Euclid's Elements of geometry, the first six, the eleventh and twelfth books; tr from dr. Gregory's ed., with notes and additions. By E. Stone
10576853 - A catalogue of a large and curious collection of books, including the elegant library of George Andrews, ... which will be sold, ... this day, July 1781, ... by Thomas Payne and Son, ...
10576852 - Catalogue of the books belonging to the Loganian library
10576851 - A catalogue of the books belonging to the library of the New-York Hospital
10576850 - The truth of the christian religion in six books
10576849 - The first six books of the elements of Euclid
10576848 - The two books of Francis, lord Verulam
10576847 - The Life, Travels and Books of Alexander Von Humboldt
10576846 - Bibliotheca Spenceriana, or a descriptive catalogue of the books printed in the fifteenth century, and of many valuable first editions, in the library of George John Earl Spencer ...
10576845 - A catalogue of books, relating principally to America
10576844 - A catalogue of books in every department of oriental literature
10576843 - A bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account ... of ... books
10576842 - Catalogue of books in the library of Yale College
10576841 - Bibliotheca heraldica Magn
10576840 - An index of prohibited books, by command of ... Gregory xvi. in 1835
10576839 - The deposition books of Bristol
10576838 - Sketch of the plan of the American Sunday-school union for supplying a choice library of moral, religious, and instructive books, for public and private schools, families, factories, &c., with a descriptive catalogue of the library
10576837 - A catalogue of the books, relating to British topography, and Saxon and northern literature,
10576836 - A catalogue of the printed books in the library of the Society of antiquaries of London
10576835 - Catalog of Copyright Entries. Part 1. [A] Group 1. Books. New Series
10576834 - A vindication of the Sacred Books and of Josephus
10576833 - The Staple Court books of Bristol
10576832 - The London Catalogue of Books, with Their Sizes, Prices, and Publishers
10576831 - Encyclopaedia Perthensis; or Universal dictionary of the arts, sciences, literature, &c. intended to supersede the use of other books of reference
10576830 - The first four books of Aur. Corn. Celsus De re medica
10576829 - A descriptive catalogue of books, in the library of John Holmes, F.S.A.
10576828 - Anecdotes of literature and scarce books
10576827 - A catalogue of books, in the various branches of literature
10576826 - Catalogue of first editions, and books printed in the fifteenth century [&c.].
10576825 - Catalogue of the books belonging to the Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia
10576824 - A bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account ... of ... books
10576823 - A catalogue of books contained in the Library of the Medical Society of London
10576822 - Encyclopaedia perthensis, or, Universal dictionary of the arts, sciences, literature, etc. : intended to supersede the use of other books of reference
10576821 - The veracity of the Five Books of Moses
10576820 - Elements of Geometry, Containing the First Six Books of Euclid
10576819 - The Tusculan questions of Marcus Tullius Cicero in five books
10576818 - Sir Thomas Browne's Works: Religio medici. Pseudoxia epidemica, books 1-3
10576817 - A bibliographical catalogue of books privately printed
10576816 - A catalogue of the books belonging to the Library company of Philadelphia
10576815 - The genuine works of Flavius Josephus: Containing four books of the Jewish war
10576814 - The London catalogue of books
10576813 - Biblical criticism on the first fourteen historical books of the Old Testament
10576812 - The charter, laws, and catalogue of books, of the Library company of Philadelphia
10576811 - The five books of Machabees in English with notes and illustrations
10576810 - Lectures on the four last books of the Pentateuch
10576809 - A catalogue of the books, &c. belonging to the Library Company of Baltimore
10576808 - The work of Mr. Richard Hooker
10576807 - Scripture politicks: or An impartial account of the origin and measures of government ecclesiastical and civil, taken out of the books of the Old and New Testament
10576806 - The nine books of the history of Herodotus
10576805 - Gospel truth demonstrated, in a collection of doctrinal books, given forth by that faithful minister of Jesus Christ, George Fox: containing principles essential to Christianity and salvation, held among the people called Quakers
10576804 - The Three Books of M. Terentius Varro Concerning Agriculture
10576803 - Bookbinding, and the Care of Books
10576802 - Critical observations on books, antient and modern ...
10576801 - Commentaries on the laws of England: in four books
10576800 - Anecdotes, observations, and characters, of books and men
10576799 - Aur. Cor. Celsus on medicine, in eight books, Latin and English
10576798 - A catalogue of upwards of fifty thousand volumes, of ancient & modern books, English & foreign, in all classes of literature & the fine arts, including rare & curious books, manuscripts, etc...now on sale...
10576797 - Catalogue of manuscripts, of books printed upon vellum, of editiones principes et Aldinae, and of books in foreign languages
10576796 - Catalogue of books selling
10576795 - A commentary on the five books of Moses: with a dissertation concerning the author or writer of the said books
10576794 - The Whole Book of Psalms
10576793 - A commentary on the book of Psalms
10576792 - Critical pronouncing spelling book
10576791 - Bibliomania or book madness
10576790 - The Book of Common Prayer
10576789 - The Freedmen's Book
10576788 - A chronological essay, on the ninth chapter of the book of Daniel: or, An interpretation, of the prophecy of the seventy weeks
10576787 - A commentary upon the first book of Moses, called Genesis
10576786 - A brief explanation of the obscure phrases in the Book of Psalms
10576785 - Book of Common Prayer
10576784 - A rational illustration of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England
10576783 - A Compendium of Mechanics Or Text Book for Engineers, Mill-wrights, Machine-makers, Founders, Smiths, Etc
10576782 - A first book in Greek ...
10576781 - Every little boy's book
10576780 - Robinson Crusoe's own book
10576779 - The arranged as said edition of the Book of common prayer
10576778 - Abridgement of the Book of Common Prayer
10576777 - The Book of Common Prayer
10576776 - Gunn's New Domestic Physician, Or, Home Book of Health
10576775 - The book of the Mainyo-i-khard
10576774 - The rifleman's hand-book
10576773 - Boy's own book
10576772 - The Every-day Book and Table Book
10576771 - The book of nature and the book of man
10576770 - The Puritan prayer-book. [The new book of Scotland. Communion-office of King Edward VI. Bishop Rattray's Liturgy of Jerusalem
10576769 - The every-day book and table book, or Everlasting calendar of popular amusements,sports, pastimes,ceremonies,manners,customs,and events incident to each of the three hundred and sixty-five days in past and present times,forming a complete history of the y
10576768 - The general short-horned herd-book, by G. Coates. [Vol.2 entitled] A supplement. The herd-book
10576767 - The handy-book to C
10576766 - The hand-book for Australian emigrants
10576765 - First book in astronomy
10576764 - The book of common prayer
10576763 - The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel
10576762 - The table book
10576761 - An exact book of entries, of the most select judicial writs used in the common-law
10576760 - American Girl's Book
10576759 - The young conchologist's book of species. Univalves
10576758 - Modern domestic cookery, and useful receipt book
10576757 - The book of family crests
10576756 - The Matter of My Book
10576755 - The Girl's Own Book
10576754 - Thucydides: Arguments. Peloponnesian War, Book III (cont'd.)-VI
10576753 - The Book of Kudzu
10576752 - The book of Enoch, the prophet
10576751 - The Life and Acts of John Whitgift, D.D., the Third and Last Lord Archbishop of Canterbury in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth: The life and acts of John Whitgift, Book 4
10576750 - Notes, critical and practical, on the book of Genesis
10576749 - The book of rights
10576748 - Owen's new book of fairs
10576747 - Commentary upon the first[-fifth] book of Moses ...
10576746 - The literary and scientific class book
10576745 - English book-plates
10576744 - The Book of Saints and Heroes
10576743 - The Book of Days
10576742 - The Literary Remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Preface. Formula fidei de ss. Trinitate. Nightly prayer. Notes on the book of common prayer; Hooker; Field; Donne; Henry More; Heinrichs; Hacket; Jeremy Taylor; The pilgrim's progress; John Smith. Letter to
10576741 - The book of the Roman-Catholic Church
10576740 - The American first class book, or, Exercises in reading and recitation
10576739 - The Young Lady's Book
10576738 - Heath's book of beauty
10576737 - Book of Martyrs
10576736 - The spirit of "The book;" or, Memoirs of Caroline Princess of Hasburgh,
10576735 - A critical and practical elucidation of the Book of Common Prayer
10576734 - The American builder's general price book and estimator
10576733 - The sketch book of Geoffrey Crayon, gent
10576732 - The book of private devotion, a series of prayers and meditations
10576731 - Ovid: The Metamorphoses, Book X-XV. The Epistles
10576730 - The West India sketch book ...
10576729 - A General Introduction to Domesday Book
10576728 - The book of the church
10576727 - The Book of Tea
10576726 - The scrap book
10576725 - The Book of Miso
10576724 - The book of nature
10576723 - The Book of Enoch
10576722 - An abridgement of The Book of Martyrs
10576721 - The Book of trades, or Library of the useful arts..
10576720 - The Book of Ceremonial Magic: Including Sorcery and Necromancy
10576719 - The Sketch Book
10576718 - The Book of Mormon
10576717 - The Book of Mormon
10576716 - Foxe's Book of Martyrs
10576715 - The Jungle Book
10576714 - Homer: The Iliad, Book 14-24. The Odyssey, Book 1-4
10576713 - The ladies' hand-book of knitting, netting, and crochet, by the author of 'The ladies' hand-book of fancy needlework and embroidery'.
10576712 - M
10576711 - Vermont Year Book, Formerly Walton's Register
10576710 - Phrase book: or, Idiomatic exercises in English and Tamil
10576709 - The History of Tiverton, in the County of Devon: book III. Public donations. book IV. Antiquities, public buildings, and biographical notices
10576708 - book IV. Present inhabitants. book V. Agriculture. book VI. Government and commerce
10576707 - Indian good book
10576706 - The four ancient books of Wales [Black book of Carmarthen, Book of Haneirin, Book of Taliesin, Red book of Hergest] containing the Cymric poems attributed to the bards of the sixth century, by W.F. Skene
10576705 - Magnalia Christi Americana: book 4. Sal gentium. 1853. book 5. Acts and monuments. 1853. book 6. Thaumaturgus. 1853. book 7. Ecclesiarum pr
10576704 - Every-body's business, is no-body's business
10576703 - Every man mind his own business, or, Private piques no publick precedents: an answer to Every-body's business is no-body's business [by D. Defoe]. In a letter
10576702 - A description of the arteries of the human body
10576701 - Holden's manual of the dissection of the human body
10576700 - Health and beauty; or, Corsets and clothing, constructed in accordance with the physiological laws of the human body
10576699 - The power of the mind over the body
10576698 - The house I live in; or The human body
10576697 - The influence of metallic tractors on the human body
10576696 - On the structure of the simple tissues of the human body
10576695 - Anatomical atlas, illustrative of the structure of the human body
10576694 - Pyritologia: or, A history of the pyrites, the principal body of the mineral kingdom ...
10576693 - A complete body of divinity
10576692 - The tripartite nature of man, spirit, soul, and body, applied to illustrate and explain the doctrines of original sin, the new birth, the disembodied state, and the spiritual body
10576691 - A body of divinity
10576690 - Observations on fungus haematodes or soft cancer, in several of the most important orgns of the human body
10576689 - Engravings of the skeleton of the human body
10576688 - Body composition in animals and man
10576687 - A body of divinitie
10576686 - Children's body measurements for sizing garments and patterns
10576685 - The history of St. Cuthbert, or, An account of his life, decease, and miracles, of the wanderings with his body at intervals during CXXIV years, of the state of his body from his decease until A.D. 1542, and of the various monuments erected to his memory
10576684 - Funeral oration delivered at the Capitol in Washington over the body of Hon. Jonathan Cilley
10576683 - Phrenology, or, The doctrine of the mind; and of the relations between its manifestations and the body
10576682 - A Body of Practical Divinity
10576681 - A concise anatomical description of the arteries of the human body
10576680 - A Demonstration of the Nerves of the Human Body
10576679 - A general treatise of the dominion of the sea: and a compleat body of the sea-laws
10576678 - The anatomy of the absorbing vessels of the human body
10576677 - The Anatomy of the Human Body
10576676 - An essay on man; or The mortal body, and the immortal soul, exemplified
10576675 - A Complete Body of Husbandry
10576674 - An annotated list of literature references on garment sizes and body measurements
10576673 - A description of the arteries of the human body
10576672 - An essay on the identity and general resurrection of the human body
10576671 - Elements of the anatomy of the human body in its sound state
10576670 - A Compleat Body Of Husbandry
10576669 - The Works of the Celebrated Mrs. Centlivre ...: Love's contrivance. Busy body. Marplot in Lisbon. Platonic lady. Perplexed lovers. Cruel gift
10576668 - A treatise on the nature and cure of intestinal worms in the human body
10576667 - The morbid anatomy of some of the most important parts of the human body
10576666 - A Compleat Body of Chirurgical Operations
10576665 - The surgical anatomy of the arteries of the human body
10576664 - Muscular motions of the human body
10576663 - The Busy body, or Men and manners, ed. by Humphrey Hedgehog
10576662 - A synopsis of the bones, ligaments, muscles, blood-vessels, and nerves of the human body
10576661 - The Busy Body
10576660 - The anatomy of the human body
10576659 - The wonders of the human body
10576658 - A complete body of conveyancing
10576657 - On the motion of points constrained and resisted, and on the motion of a rigid body
10576656 - Dedication to the collective body of the People of England
10576655 - A lecture introductory to a course of popular instruction on the constitution and management of the human body. By Thomas Beddoes, ...
10576654 - An Inquiry Into the Effects of Ardent Spirits Upon the Human Body and Mind
10576653 - The Nervous System of the Human Body
10576652 - The History of the Human Body
10576651 - A Christian's groans in the mortal body; and desires of the heavenly happiness. A sermon occasioned by the death of the late Reverend Mr. John Billingsly; ... preached at Crutched-Fryers, May 13. 1722. By W. Harris. ...
10576650 - An essay, medical, philosophical, and chemical, on drunkenness, and its effects on the human body
10576649 - A compleat body of divinity [&c.].
10576648 - A body of divinity
10576647 - Elements of general anatomy, or, A description of every kind of organs composing the human body
10576646 - A Christian Directory, Or, A Body of Practical Divinity and Cases of Conscience: Christian politics, (or duties to our rulers and neighbours
10576645 - The anatomy and physiology of the human body
10576644 - A dissertation on the influence of the passions upon disorders of the body
10576643 - The natural method of cureing the diseases of the body and the disorders of the mind, depending on the body
10576642 - The anatomy of the human body abridg'd, or A short and full view of all the parts of the body
10576641 - A system of chemistry of inorganic bodies
10576640 - An introduction to mineralogy: founded on the chemical composition of mineral and metallic bodies
10576639 - Religious Bodies, 1936: pt. 1. Denominations, A to J : statistics, history, doctrine, organization, and work
10576638 - Wesleyan Methodist conference: its union with the conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Canada, in August 1833, and its separation from the Canada conference, in August, 1840: consisting of the official proceedings and correspondence of both bodi
10576637 - On compound bodies
10576636 - Chemistry of Organic Bodies, Vegetables
10576635 - A treatise on practical geometry, mensuration, conic sections, gauging, and land-surveying, with an essay on the specific gravity of bodies [&c.] for the use of the Irish national schools [issued by the Commissioners of national education in Ireland].
10576634 - Micrographia: or, some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses. With observations and inquiries thereupon
10576633 - Religious Bodies: 1916: Separate denominations, history, description, and statistics
10576632 - The nile boat, or Glimpses of the land of Egypt
10576631 - Code of flotilla and boat squadron signals for the United States Navy
10576630 - Adrift in a boat
10576629 - Boat life in Egypt and Nubia
10576628 - The cruise of the Challenger life boat, and voyage from Liverpool to London, in 1852
10576627 - Francis' metallic life-boat company
10576626 - The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races ...
10576625 - THE Life-Boat
10576624 - Boat armament of the U.S. navy
10576623 - Dangerous voyage of Captain Bligh, in an open boat, over 1200 leagues of the ocean, in the year 1789
10576622 - The steam boat companion; and stranger's guide to the Western islands and Highlands of Scotland
10576621 - Lumsden & Son's Steam-boat companion, or, Stranger's guide to the Western Isles and Highlands of Scotland
10576620 - Governor's message and reports of the public officers of the state, of the boards of directors, and of the visitors, superintendents, and other agents of public institutions or interests of Virginia
10576619 - Governor's message and annual reports of the public officers of the state, and of the boards of directors, visitors, superintendents, and other agents of public institutions or interests of Virginia
10576618 - Annual reports of the boards to the General Assembly
10576617 - Report on strikes and lock-outs in the United Kingdom ... and on conciliation and arbitration boards ...
10576616 - A vindication of the conduct of captain Christopher Middleton in a late voyage on board ... the Furnace [written by himself] in answer to certain objections of A. Dobbs. With an appendix
10576615 - The minutes of a court-martial, held on board His Majesty's ship the Lenox, in Portsmouth harbour, on the 31st of January last
10576614 - Minutes taken at a court-martial, asembled on board His Majesty's ship Torbay
10576613 - Documents and proceedings relating to the formation and progress of a board in the city of New York
10576612 - Annual report of the Board of Public Works to the General Assembly of Virginia, with the accompanying documents
10576611 - A report of the proceedings and opinion of the board of general officers, on their examination into the conduct ... of ... sir John Cope ... Peregrine Lascelles, and ... Thomas Fowke. [With] Appendix
10576610 - Annual report, together with the report of the Secretary of the Board
10576609 - Proceedings of the board of trustees
10576608 - Communications to the Board of agriculture, on subjects relative to the husbandry and internal improvement of the country
10576607 - Report of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
10576606 - Federal oil conservation board
10576605 - A narrative of the mutiny, on board the ship Globe, of Nantucket, in the Pacific Ocean, Jan. 1824
10576604 - Annual report of the Board of Managers of the Prison Discipline Society
10576603 - A narrative of the proceedings of the Board of trustees of Dickinson college, from 1821 to 1830
10576602 - Annual report of the Board of Education
10576601 - Life on board a man-of-war; including a full account of the battle of Navarino, by a British seaman
10576600 - The Unions' and parish officers' year-book [afterw.] The Union, parish, and board of health officers' pocket almanac and guide [afterw.] The Local government officers' almanac and guide [afterw.] The Local government directory, almanac and guide
10576599 - Intercepted letters. Letters intercepted on board the Admiral Aplin, captured by the French and inserted by the French government in the Moniteur
10576598 - The Plough boy, and journal of the Board of Agriculture
10576597 - Journal written on board of his majesty's ship Cambridge, from Jan. 1824 to May 1827, by H.S.
10576596 - Hilaria, the festive board
10576595 - Report of the Board of Directors of Internal Improvements of the State of Massachusetts
10576594 - Letters written on board ... the Northumberland, and at Saint Helena; in which the conduct and conversations of Napoleon Buonaparte, and his suite ... are faithfully described
10576593 - A report made to the Board of trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, at a stated meeting on Tuesday the 4th of November, 1834, concerning the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, in England
10576592 - The Plough boy, and journal of the Board of Agriculture
10576591 - General View of the Agriculture of Cheshire with Observations Drawn Up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement
10576590 - General view of the agriculture in the county of Perth: with observations on the means of its improvement. By James Robertson, D.D. ... Drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvement
10576589 - Report of the Board of Regents
10576588 - Little Blue hood
10576587 - and 6 bound in brown cloth, brown leather label on spines, stamped in gold; v. 2 bound in red cloth, stamped in gold; v. 3 bound in drab paper boards, purple cloth shelfback, fragment of printed paper label on spine; v. 7 bound in pale blue paper boards,
10576586 - The Light blue, a Cambridge university magazine
10576585 - The blue coats and how they lived, fought and died for the Union
10576584 - Goa, and the Blue Mountains
10576583 - Blue book of the State of Wisconsin
10576582 - Extracts from the manuscript of Kooch's Blue book for the county of Philadelphia
10576581 - The Blue Laws of Connecticut
10576580 - The Dark Blue
10576579 - The boys in blue
10576578 - The trial of the Honourable Augustus Keppel, Admiral of the Blue Squadron
10576577 - Rambles among the Blue-Noses
10576576 - The history of the blue blanket
10576575 - Blue-stocking Hall
10576574 - The Blue laws of New Haven colony
10576573 - Recollections of a blue-coat boy, or, A view of Christ's Hospital
10576572 - Japanese Blue Collar
10576571 - Blue devils
10576570 - Boyd's Blue Book
10576569 - Death blow to corrupt doctrines
10576568 - A kiss for a blow: or, A collection of [47] stories for children, showing them how to prevent quarrelling
10576567 - The nullity of the Romish faith, or A blow at the root of the Romish Church
10576566 - Dictionnaire g
10576565 - Positiones juridic
10576564 - Biographical memoirs of William Ged; including a particular account of his progress in the art of block-printing
10576563 - The installation of wood block finish flooring by adhesive bonding
10576562 - Map-book for beginners. [With] The book of blank maps
10576561 - A translation of the first book of the Georgics of Virgil, in blank verse, with notes. By R. Hoblyn
10576560 - An essay on war, in blank verse; Honington green, a ballad; The culprit ... and other poems
10576559 - A topographical history and description of Bawtry and Thorne, with the villages adjacent, by [blank. Signed W.P.].
10576558 - The Metamorphoses, in Engl. blank verse, tr. by J.J. Howard
10576557 - The comedies of Aristophanes, tr. into familiar blank verse, with notes, by C.A. Wheelwright
10576556 - The blank book of a small colleger [by E. Neale.].
10576555 - A catalogue of the library of ... John, duke of Roxburghe, which will be sold, by auction, in ... Kelso, Sept. 16, 1813 and the [blank] following days
10576554 - Much to blame, by a celebrated author
10576553 - Black Beauty. In modern Greek
10576552 - The Extraordinary Black Book
10576551 - Mineral deposits of the Cerbat Range, Black Mountains, and Grand Wash Cliffs, Mohave county, Arizona
10576550 - Three voyages in the Black Sea to the coast of Circassia
10576549 - Illustrations of ancient state and chivalry from manuscripts preserved in the Ashmolean museum [ed. by W.H. Black].
10576548 - A history of the life of Edward the black prince
10576547 - The gentleman in black
10576546 - Black Hills National Forest, 50th anniversary
10576545 - Witchcraft detected and prevented, or the School of Black Art newly opened ...
10576544 - The Black Book
10576543 - The Black Death in the Fourteenth Century
10576542 - mrs. royall's southern tour. or second series of the black book
10576541 - Forest conditions in the Black Mesa Forest Reserve, Arizona
10576540 - Seven letters to the Common Council of the City of London, and one to the livery, relative to their committees, the expenditure of the City cash, Black Friars Bridge, the state of the prisons, ... By Fidelio, ...
10576539 - Black Heart
10576538 - The Italian, Or The Confessional of the Black Penitents
10576537 - Selections from the works of the baron de Humboldt [as tr. by J. Black] relating to ... Mexico. With notes by J. Taylor
10576536 - A concise view of Black Rock
10576535 - British Theatre: Oroonoko, by Thomas Southern. 1791. Lady Jane Gray, by N. Rowe. 1791. Edward the Black prince, by W. Shirley. 1791
10576534 - The black watch ...
10576533 - A memoir on the commerce and navigation of the Black Sea and the trade and maritime geography of Turkey and Egypt
10576532 - Black Scare
10576531 - The black robber. 3vols
10576530 - Black Beauty
10576529 - Bizarre
10576528 -
10576527 - Bitten, Winke, Ansichten
10576526 - On seats and saddles, bits and bitting, and the prevention and cure of restiveness in horses
10576525 - Tit-bits
10576524 - An essay on the bite of a mad dog
10576523 - A new method of preventing and curing the madness caused by the bite of a mad dog
10576522 - Emendatae pronuntiationis catholici indices denuo recusi, aucti, castigati: cum Erudito Sacrae Scripturae lectore, gemino indice vocum difficiliorum et XLIII dissertationibus philologicis sive analectis prosodicis, R. P. Philippi Labbe, Bit. Societatis Ie
10576521 - Ain sermon Doctor Martini Luthers, so er auf dem hinweg zu K. M. gen Wormbs zuziehen, au
10576520 - Autobiographies of a lump of coal, a grain of salt, a drop of water, a bit of old iron, a piece of flint
10576519 - Biology of the Japanese Beetle
10576518 - Career opportunities in biology
10576517 - Biology pamphlets. supplement
10576516 - Elements of electro-biology, or the voltaic mechanism of man of electro-pathology, especially of the nervous system and of electro-therapeutics
10576515 - Biology and Health
10576514 - Biology and ecology of nitrogen
10576513 - Biology and control of the lima-bean pod borer in southern California
10576512 - The Molecular Biology of Plant Cells
10576511 - Biology and ecology of two predators
10576510 - Conference on Molecular and Radiation Biology
10576509 - Pamphlets on Biology
10576508 - Biology of the foxglove aphid in the Northeastern United States
10576507 - Systematic biology
10576506 - The biology and ecology of the red-headed pine sawfly
10576505 - Studies in the Philosophy of Biology
10576504 - Rhizoctonia Solani
10576503 - The Biology of Diatoms
10576502 - The art of book-binding, its rise and progress; including a descriptive account of the New York book-bindery
10576501 - The fourth commandment abrogated by the Gospel: or, the fourth commandment's enjoining the observance of the seventh day of the week, as a religious rest, was only obligatory and binding within the Jewish state....
10576500 - Skrifter: Flateyjarb
10576499 - Teutsche Rede-, Bind- und Dicht-Kunst
10576498 - A letter to the Right Honourable George Canning on the bill of 1825 for removing the disqualifications of His Majesty's Roman Catholic subjects, and on his speech in support of the same
10576497 - The factory question, considered in relation to its effects on the health and morals of those employed in factories, and the "Ten hours bill" in relation to its effects upon the manufactures of England, and those of foreign countries ...
10576496 - Speeches on the passage of the bill for the removal of the Indians
10576495 - Considerations on the corn laws, with remarks on the observations of Lord Sheffield on the corn bill, which was printed by order of the House of Commons in December, 1790
10576494 - Substance of the speeches made in the House of Commons, on Wednesday, the 15th of December, 1779. on Mr. Burke's giving notice of his intention to bring in a bill ... for the retrenchment of public expences, ...
10576493 - Speech ... in the House of lords ... July 18, 1833, on the second reading of the Church temporalities (Ireland) bill
10576492 - Remarks on emigration, with a draft of a bill
10576491 - An inquiry into the principle and tendency of the bill now pending in parliament, for imposing certain restrictions on cotton factories
10576490 - A treatise on the pleadings in suits in the Court of Chancery by English bill
10576489 - Papers respecting the East-India labourer's bill
10576488 - The effects to be expected from the East India Bill
10576487 - A letter to ... dr. Burgess ... bishop of Salisbury, in reply to a letter ... from his lordship to ... the duke of Wellington, on the bill ... for the ... settlement ... of the question usually termed Catholic emancipation
10576486 - Scotland's opposition to the Popish Bill
10576485 - Speech in the House of Commons, March 16, 1832, on moving the second reading of the Factories' Regulation Bill
10576484 - Authentic copies of A declaration of the rights of Englishmen; a bill for a reform in Parliament: and a letter to Lieut. Col. Sharman, by His Grace the Duke of Richmond. To which is subjoined, extracts from the speech of the Right Hon. William Pitt, on a
10576483 - The adventures of Big-foot Wallace
10576482 - Funny big socks
10576481 - Flood of 31 July 1976 in Big Thompson Canyon, Colorado
10576480 - Forms of bidding prayer, with intr. and notes [by H.O. Coxe].
10576479 - Aenmerckingen van Religie en Staet, op d' uyt-schrijvinghe van 't ghebodt, vanden al-ghemeenen Bid-dagh, ende Vast-dagh, bevolen ende in-ghestelt door die Rebelle Staten op den 24 deser tegenwoordighe maendt Oogst 1633. Waer door men by provisie sal moge
10576478 - Bid-wyser ofte Bestieringhe des ghebedts
10576477 - Beyond the Mississippi
10576476 - Beyond THE Breakers. A Story OF THE Present DAY.
10576475 - Adventures of captain Bonneville, or Scenes beyond the Rocky mountains of the Far west
10576474 - A journey beyond the Rocky mountains in 1835, 1836, and 1837
10576473 - The journal of Lewis and Clarke to the mouth of the Columbia River beyond the Rocky Mountains in the years 1804-5, & 6
10576472 - The home beyond; or, A happy old age
10576471 - Narrative of a journey in Egypt and the country beyond the cataracts
10576470 - Scenes beyond the grave
10576469 - Papers Relative to the Condition and Treatment of the Native Inhabitants of Southern Africa, Within the Colony of the Cape of the Good Hope, Or Beyond the Frontier of that Colony
10576468 - Journal of an Exploring Tour Beyond the Rocky Mountains
10576467 - The Wood Beyond the World
10576466 - Beyond the Codices
10576465 - Beyond Good and Evil
10576464 - A True & Faithful Relation of what Passed for Many Yeers Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits
10576463 - The proceedings upon the bill of divorce between His Grace the Duke of Norfolke and the Lady Mary Mordant ...
10576462 - An inquiry into the principal points of difference, real or imaginary, between the Two Churches
10576461 - The true constitutional means for putting an end to the disputes between Great-Britain and the American colonies
10576460 - Swedenborgianism depicted in its true colours; or, A contrast between the holy Scriptures and the writings of baron Swedenborg
10576459 - Liaison Bulletin Between Development Research and Training Institutes 1971 Num. 2
10576458 - History of the political connection between England and Ireland
10576457 - An investigation of the currents of the Atlantic ocean, and of those which prevail between the Indian ocean and the Atlantic [ed. by J. Purdy].
10576456 - Speech of M. Portalis, on the 15th germinal, year X. 5th April, 1802, to the legislative body of France, on presenting the convention made between the French republic and the Holy See
10576455 - The history of the late war in Germany, between the King of Prussia, and the Empress of Germany and her allies
10576454 - An account of what has passed between the India directors and Alexander Dalrymple
10576453 - The difference between words, esteemed synonymous, in the English language
10576452 - Conversation on the sacrament of the Lord's supper: between a minister of the Church of England and some of his parishioners
10576451 - Chronicle of the war between the English and the Scots in 1178 and 1174
10576450 - Historical view of the Commission for enquiring into the losses, services, and claims of the American loyalists, at the close of the war between Great Britain and her colonies, in 1783
10576449 - A complete collection of the treaties and conventions at present subsisting between Great Britain & foreign powers
10576448 - Forty years' correspondence between geniusses ov boath sexes, and James Elphinston
10576447 - Letters between Lord Hervey and Dr. Middleton concerning the Roman Senate
10576446 - Sketches of the war, between the United States and the British isles
10576445 - Treaties between the United States of America and the several Indian tribes, from 1778 to 1837
10576444 - A review of all that hath pass'd between the courts of Great Britain and Spain, relating to our trade and navigation from the year 1721, to the present convention; ...
10576443 - Love-letters between a nobleman and his sister
10576442 - A complete collection of all the marine treaties subsisting between Great-Britain and France, Spain, Portugal ...
10576441 - A treatise on the law of property arising from the relation between husband and wife
10576440 - The Conflict Between the California Indian and White Civilization
10576439 - The oeconomy of the covenants, between God and man
10576438 - Travels and adventures in Canada and the Indian territories, between the years 1760 and 1776,...
10576437 - An enquiry into the learning of Shakespeare, with remarks on several passages of his plays. In a conversation between Eugenius and Neander. By Peter Whalley, ...
10576436 - Report of the proceedings connected with the disputes between the Earl of Selkirk and the North-west company
10576435 - The Works of the Right Reverend Father in God, Joseph Butler ...: Sermons. A charge delivered to the clergy at the primary visitation of the diocese of Durham, in the year Mdccli. Notes to the charge, by the editor. Correspondence between Dr. Butler and D
10576434 - The treaty and alliance between the commissioners of the most Christian King of France and Navarre on one part, and the extraordinary ambassadors of the States General of the United-Provinces of the low-countries on the other
10576433 - Epistles in verse, between Cynthio and Leonora
10576432 - The American diplomatic code embracing a collection of treaties and conventions between the United States and foreign powers: from 1778 to 1834
10576431 - Philosophical Letters Between the Late Learned Mr. Ray and Several of His Ingenious Correspondents, Natives and Foreigners
10576430 - The Late war between Great Britain and the United States of America
10576429 - Travels in Europe between the years 1824 and 1828; adapted to the use of travellers; and comprising an historical account of Sicily, with a guide for strangers in that island
10576428 - The trial between W. Leworthy, and the Globe Insurance Company
10576427 - A general plan for a mail communication by steam between Great Britain and the eastern and western parts of the world
10576426 - correspondence of the subject of the emigration of indians, between the 30th november, 1831k, and 27th December, 1853
10576425 - Correspondence between the Hon. John Adams, late president of the United States, and the late Wm. Cunningham, Esq
10576424 - The moderator between an infidel and an apostate
10576423 - Reform considered; or, A comparison between the ancient and the reformed constitutions, in a letter
10576422 - Some remarks on the Barrier treaty, between Her Majesty and the States-General
10576421 - A concise view of the principal points of controversy between the Protestant and Roman churches
10576420 - An impartial examination of the dispute between Spain and her American colonies
10576419 - An impartial and correct history of the war between the United States of America, and Great Britain
10576418 - Tracts, historical and philosophical, relative to the important discussions which lately took place between the members of the university and the presbytery of Edinburgh, respecting the election of Mr. Leslie to the professorship of mathematics in that un
10576417 - Enchiridion theologicum anti-Romanum, tracts on the points at issue between the Churches of England and Rome [ed. by E. Cardwell
10576416 - The economy of the covenants between God and man
10576415 - An authentick history of the late war between the United States and Great Britain ...
10576414 - Works on terms of communion, and the difference between Christian baptism and the baptism of John
10576413 - Comparative views of the controversy between the Calvinists and the Arminians
10576412 - Memoir upon the negotiations between Spain and the United States of America, which led to the treaty of 1819
10576411 - Letters from Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, to Mrs. Montagu, between the years 1755 and 1800
10576410 - Debate on the evidences of Christianity, held between R. Owen and A. Campbell [ed. by A. Campbell].
10576409 - On the relation between the holy Scriptures and some parts of geological science
10576408 - The life of William Bedell [by G. Burnet. Followed by] The copies of certain letters which have passed between Spain & England in matter of religion, between J. Waddesworth and W. Bedell. By G. Burnet. To which are subjoyned Certain letters [&c.].
10576407 - Report on the exploration of the country between Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement, and between the latter place and the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan
10576406 - The Works of Jonathan Swift: Epistolary corresondence. Letters from October 30, 1736, to February 14, 1750. Appendix to the original correspondence between Dean Swift and his friends. Correspondence between Swift and Miss Vanhomrigh. Index
10576405 - Remarks on the enormous expence in the education of young men in the University of Cambridge; with a plan for the better regulation of the discipline of that University
10576404 - Toward better utilization of scientific and engineering talent
10576403 - A comparative statement of the two bills, for the better government of the British possessions in India,
10576402 - The history of the worthy martyr of God, the rev. John Nicolson, better known by the name of John Lambert, who was burned in Smithfield, in the year 1538
10576401 - Bet ha-midrash
10576400 - Sefer bet Ya`aqov
10576399 - Frommer Christen Betendes Hertz und Singender Mund: Oder Altdorfisches Bet- und Gesang-B
10576398 - Geistreiche alt und neue Ges
10576397 - Sefer Bet Yehudah,
10576396 - Memorie of beknopt Verhaal van het gansche gedragh van het Hoff van Turin geduyrende den oorlogh in Italien, en van alle de Intrigues en Handelingen die tusschen de Ministers van Vrankrijk en den Hertogh van Savoyen, tot het maken van een separate Vrede,
10576395 - Den verlichten herder, dienende alle godtvruchtighe zielen om wel te beginnen, beter te vervolghen, best te voleynden
10576394 - Consideratien over den toestant der tegenwoordige staatszaken van Nederlandt, door een Liefhebber van 't Gemeene Best. Met byvoeging van d'Unie van Utrecht, d'instructie voor den Raad-Pensionaris van Holland etc. en de copyen van brieven, memorialen, reso
10576393 - First report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire as to the best means of establishing an efficient constabulary force in the counties of England and Wales
10576392 - The fairy book; the best popular fairy stories selected and rendered anew, by the author of 'John Halifax gentleman'.
10576391 - The golden treasury of the best songs and lyrical poems in the English language
10576390 - The Standard poetry book, selected from the best authors
10576389 - A Treatise on Hemp, Including a Comprehensive Account of the Best Modes of Cultivation and Preparation as Practised in Europe, Asia, and America
10576388 - Andalucia, Ronda and Granada, Murcia, Valencia, and Catalonia; the portions best suited for the invalid
10576387 - The speech of ... John, earl of Clare ... in the House of lords of Ireland on a motion made by him on February 10, 1800, 'that in order to promote ... the essential interests of Great Britain and Ireland ... it will be adviseable to concur in such measure
10576386 - Readings in poetry: a selection from the best English poets, from Spenser to the present times; and specimens of several American poets
10576385 - Best of everything, by the author of 'Enquire within'.
10576384 - A memoir on the cultivation of the vine in America, and the best mode of making wine
10576383 - A Handbook for Travellers in Spain: Andalucia, Ronda and Granada, Murcia, Valencia, and Catalonia; the portions best suited for the invalid
10576382 - The Newtonian system of the world, the best model of government
10576381 - What is the best unit of length?
10576380 - Cargoes Best Sea Stories
10576379 - High farming, under liberal covenants, the best substitute for protection
10576378 - The antiquities of the abbey or cathedral church of Durham. Also a particular description of the county palatine of Durham, compiled from the best authorities and original manuscripts. ...
10576377 - The history of Charles xii. king of Sweden: a late tr. from the best Paris ed
10576376 - The vocal gleaner, and universal melodist, containing a selection of the best songs, duets, glees, &c. in the English language, particularly those of C. Dibdin, Burns, Byron, &c. as sung at the royal and minor theatres, public and private concerts, &c
10576375 - The best of husbands
10576374 - The school-Shakspeare; or, Plays and scenes from Shakspeare illustr. for the use of schools, with glossarial notes selected from the best annotators by J.R. Pitman. 26 plays & extr. from 9 others & from the sonnets
10576373 - Selection of Hymns, from the Best Authors, Including a Great Number of Originals
10576372 - The method of cultivating madder, as it is now practised by the Dutch in Zealand: (where the best madder is produced) with their manner of drying, stamping, and manufacturing ... the method ... in England ...
10576371 - Half-hours with the best authors
10576370 - Portraits of celebrated painters, with medallions from their best performances
10576369 - A general collection of the best and most interesting voyages and travels in various parts of America
10576368 - Selections from the best Spanish poets
10576367 - Observations on the importance of Greek literature and the best method of studying the classics
10576366 - A collection of the best English plays
10576365 - The works of Dr Jonathan Swift, Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin. Accurately corrected by the best editions. With the author's Life and character; Notes historical, critical, and explanatory; Tables of contents, and indexes. More complete than any preceding e
10576364 - The young man's best companion, and book of general knowledge
10576363 - The History Of Candid; Or, All For The Best
10576362 - Murray's English reader: or, Pieces in prose and poetry, selected from the best writers...
10576361 - THE Plain Englishman: Comprehending Original Compositions AND Selections From THE Best Writers, Under THE Head OF THE Christian Monitor; THE British Patriot; THE Firedside Companion. Volume II
10576360 - The timber-tree improved, or, The best practical methods of improving different lands with proper timber
10576359 - A catalogue of a large collection of the best books. Which will be sold Oct. 12, 1761
10576358 - The works of the British poets, collated with the best editions
10576357 - The emigrant's best instructor, or, The most recent ... information respecting the United States of America
10576356 - An essay on the utility of collecting the best works of the ancient engravers of the Italian school
10576355 - The cabinet of poetry, containing the best entire pieces in the works of the British poets [ed. by S.J. Pratt].
10576354 - Fables and poems selected from the best poets
10576353 - A general collection of the best and most interesting voyages and travels in various parts of Asia
10576352 - Dissertations on the importance and best method of studying the original languages of the Bible
10576351 - Rondeaulx [by P. Gringore] tr. from the ed. of 1527 by J.R. Best
10576350 - The new Latin tutor; or exercises in etymology, syntax and prosody: compiled chiefly from the best English works
10576349 - Heaven upon earth, or, The best friend, in the worst times
10576348 - An essay on the best means of civilising the subjects of the British Empire in India, and of diffusing the light of the Christian religion throughout the Eastern world
10576347 - The young man's best companion and guide to useful knowledge
10576346 - The English reader, or, Pieces in prose and poetry, selected from the best writers
10576345 - The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
10576344 - A general catalogue of the best editions of law books
10576343 - The poetical works of Edward Young. Collated with the best eds.: by T. Park
10576342 - A select collection of the best modern English plays
10576341 - The new pocket dictionary of the french and english languages, containing all words of general use and authorized by the best writers
10576340 - The instructor: or, Young man's best companion. To which is added. The family's best companion [&c.].
10576339 - Tables of discount or interest ... besides a complete cent table
10576338 - The cause of truth, containing, besides a great variety of other matter, a refutation of errors in the political works of T. Paine, and other publications of a similar kind, in a series of letters
10576337 - Propagation of the Gospel in the east: being an account of the success of the Danish missionaries, sent to the East-Indies, for the conversion of the heathen in Malabar. Extracted from the accounts of the said missionaries formerly publish'd, and brought
10576336 - May day, by George Chapman. Spanish gipsy; The changeling, by T. Middleton and W. Rowley. More dissemblers besides women, by T. Middleton
10576335 - Old English Plays: May day, by George Chapman. Spanish gipsy; The changeling, by T. Middleton and W. Rowley. More dissemblers besides women, by T. Middleton
10576334 - The antient and modern history of the loyal town of Rippon: ... Besides are added, travels into other parts of Yorkshire ... Faithfully and painfully collected by Tho. Gent, ...
10576333 - The Works of Thomas Middleton, Now First Collected: Honest whore, by Dekker and Middleton. The witch. The widow, by B. Johnson, J. Fletcher, and T. Middleton. A fair quarrel, by Middleton and W. Rowley. More dissemblers besides women
10576332 - The fable of the bees : or, private vices, publick benefits
10576331 - Account of the Levant company; with some notices of the benefits conferred upon society by its officers [by R. Walsh].
10576330 - Pictures of slavery and anti-slavery. Advantges of Negro slavery and the benefits of Negro freedom. Morally, socially, and politically considered
10576329 - On the mischiefs of self-ignorance, and the benefits of self-acquaintance
10576328 - Speculum gratitudinis, or, David's thankfulness unto God for all his benefits, a sermon
10576327 - Economic benefits from oceanographic research
10576326 - The temporal benefits of Christianity
10576325 - An Impartial Enquiry Into the Benefits and Damages Arising to the Nation from the Present Very Great Use of Low-priced Spirituous Liquors
10576324 - Remarks upon a late book, entituled, The fable of the bees, or Private vices, public benefits
10576323 - Private vices, public benefits
10576322 - Benefits of the gospel
10576321 - Of the benefits of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, to mankind
10576320 - The excellency, and benefits, of a religious education. A sermon preach'd in the parish-church of St. Sepulchre, June the ixth, 1715. Being Thursday in Whitson-week, at the anniversary meeting of the children educated in the charity-schools in and about t
10576319 - Shampooing; or, Benefits resulting from the use of the Indian medicated vapour bath
10576318 - A true scripture account of the nature and benefits of the holy eucharist,
10576317 - Remarks on the prospective and past benefits of cathedral institutions, in the promotion of sound religious knowledge and of clerical education
10576316 - The fable of the bees; or, Private vices, public benefits
10576315 - The moral efficacy and the postitive benefits of the ordinances of the gospel
10576314 - Mutual benefit building and loan associations
10576313 - Observations on the importance of the American Revolution, and the means of making it a benefit to the world
10576312 - The uniform trade list circular for the benefit of publishers, booksellers, news dealers, and stationers, and every branch of trade connected with these interests
10576311 - An Account of the Grand Musical Festival, Held in September, 1823, in the Cathedral Church of York; for the Benefit of the York County Hospital, and the General Infirmaries at Leeds, Hull, and Sheffield
10576310 - The rights of man, for the use and benefit of all mankind
10576309 - The Benefit of Christ's Death
10576308 - God crowneth the year with his goodness. A sermon preached at St. Thomas's, January 1, 1760. for the benefit of the Charity-school in Gravel-Lane, Southwark. By Thomas Amory. ...
10576307 - Perspectives on benefit-risk decision making
10576306 - Rights of God, written for the benefit of man, or, The impartiality of Jehovah vindicated
10576305 - Returns ... of charitable donations for the benefit of poor persons within the county of Devon
10576304 - The Minor Theatre: Garrick, D. The guardian. Foote, S. The minor. Murphy, A. The citizen. Garrick, D. High life below stairs. Murphy, A. The upholsterer
10576303 - High life below stairs
10576302 - Jus Academicum Or a Defence of the Peculiar Jurisdiction which Belongs of Common Right to Universities in General
10576301 - Report of a search made in England for a property reported to belong to the Gibb's in U.S.A., in the years 1847-'48
10576300 - GT
10576299 - Levi's Urim and Thummim found with Christ. A discourse on Deut. xxxiii. 8. Wherein some account is given of the Urim and Thummim, and in what sense they belong to Christ. By John Gill
10576298 - List of Post-offices in the United States, with the Names of the Post-masters, of the Counties and States, to which They Belong
10576297 - A statement of reasons for not believing the doctrines of Trinitarians
10576296 - Peace in believing
10576295 - The reasonableness of believing in Christ, and the unreasonableness of infidelity
10576294 - The necessity of believing a future state, in order to the being truly religious
10576293 - Zerah, the believing Jew
10576292 - Peace in believing
10576291 - Believe hooghe ende moghende heeren [...] vande [...] Kamer van Vlaenderen, in 't oversien ende termineren vande sake van [...] den hertogh van Nieuburgh heesschere ende impetrant van requeste civile, [...] den prince van Schwartzenberg intervevenient [!]
10576290 - Believe as you list
10576289 - Duty of Sinners to Believe in Jesus Christ
10576288 - The gospel worthy of all acceptation, or The duty of sinners to believe in Jesus Christ
10576287 - The Church of Rome examined: or, Can I ever enter the Church of Rome, so long as I believe the whole Bible? Tr. by J. Cormack
10576286 - The Christian's consolation; or, The preciousness of Christ to all who believe
10576285 - A form of prayer to be used on Wednesday the twenty ninth day of this present April, being the fast-day appointed by proclamation
10576284 - A form of prayer to be used on Wednesday the tenth day of May; being the fast-day appointed by proclamation
10576283 - A form of prayer to be used on Wednesday the three and twentieth day of this instant May; being the fast-day appointed by proclamation
10576282 - A form of prayer to be used ... on Wednesday the twenty eighth day of April; being the fast-day appointed by proclamation
10576281 - A catalogue, of the most remarkable collection of prints ever offered to the public; being matchless both for number, variety, beauty, and scarcity
10576280 - A demonstration of the being and attributes of God
10576279 - The revised liturgy of 1689: being the Book of common prayer
10576278 - The doctrine of permutations and combinations, being an essential and fundamental part of the doctrine of chances;
10576277 - The History of the Church of Malabar, from the Time of Its Being First Discover'd by the Portuguezes in the Year 1501
10576276 - Hymen's pr
10576275 - Surgical observations; being a quarterly report of cases in surgery; treated in the Middlesex Hospital, in the cancer establishment, and in private practice
10576274 - British entomology, being illustrations and descriptions of the genera of insects found in Great Britain and Ireland
10576273 - The Leigh peerage: being a history of the claim of G. Leigh, to the dormant title of baron Leigh, of Stoneley, Warwick; comprising a report of the evidence taken before the Lord's committee for privileges
10576272 - The Art of Being Happy
10576271 - The visions of John Bunyan, being his last remains
10576270 - Physico-theology, or, A demonstration of the being and attributes of God, from his works of creation
10576269 - A further report from the Committee of Secresy, appointed to enquire into the conduct of Robert Earl of Orford, during the last ten years of his being First Commissioner of the Treasury, and Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of His Majesty's Exchequer. Publi
10576268 - A sermon, preached November 26, 1829, being the day of Thanksgiving
10576267 - Peter Langtoft's chronicle [in verse] as illustrated and improv'd [and tr.] by Robert of Brunne, publ. by T. Hearne. To which are added, A roll concerning Glastonbury abbey, being a survey, taken by king Hen. the eighth's order [&c.].
10576266 - The apophthegms of the ancients: being an historical collection of the most celebrated, elegant, pithy and prudential sayings of all the illustrious personages of antiquity
10576265 - Tales of the castle ; or, Stories of instruction and delight, being Les veillees du chateau /written in French by Madame La comtesse de Genlis ; translated into English by Thomas Holcroft
10576264 - The Polish exile, being an historical, statistical [&c.] account of Poland. Ed. by N.F. Zaba, and P. Zaleski
10576263 - The introduction; being the ancient state of Britain. Bedforshire - Essex
10576262 - The Slavery of the British West India Colonies Delineated: Being a delineation of the state in point of law
10576261 - The farmer's tour through the east of England, being the register of a journey through various counties of this Kingdom, to enquire into the state of agriculture (etc.)
10576260 - Cheskian anthology: being a history of the poetical literature of Bohemia with translated specimens
10576259 - London; being an accurate history and description of the British metropolis and its neighbourhood
10576258 - The necessity of a revelation of the being and will of God, and the adaption of the present revelation to that necessity
10576257 - A discourse concerning the being and attributes of God
10576256 - Pen and pencil sketches, being the journal of a tour in India
10576255 - Discourses on various subjects, relative to the being and attributes of God
10576254 - The Quaker, being a series of sermons by members of the Society of Friends ...
10576253 - The new American practical navigator: being an epitome of navigation
10576252 - A plain, practical, and experimental discourse on the infinite and eternal trinity. ... Being an answer to Mr. Eben Hewlett's letter, wherein he asserts, that our Lord Jesus Christ is no more than a creature, ... By A. P.
10576251 - Museum Southgatianum, being a catalogue of the valuable collection of books, coins, medals, and natural history, of the late Rev. Richard Southgate ...
10576250 - The nature, folly, sin, and danger of being righteous over-much
10576249 - The key of truth; or, A new theory on the existence of things: being a philosophical explanation of the essence of God and nature - as well as the manner in which all things derive their existence from the same
10576248 - The mariner's chronicle: being a collection of ...
10576247 - A Discourse Concerning the Being and Attributes of God, the Obligations of Natural Religion, and the Truth and Certainty of the Christian Revelation
10576246 - The ne plus ultra : being the only correct practice of valuing spirituous liquors
10576245 - Visits of mercy; being the journal (second journal)of the stated preacher to the hospital and almshouse, in New-York
10576244 - The farmer's tour through the east of England, being the register of a journey through various counties of this Kingdom, to enquire into the state of agriculture (etc.)
10576243 - Reasons assigned by the Church in North Wrentham for withdrawing from their masonic brethren and others and being formed into a distinct and separate church ...
10576242 - Librarian, being an account of scarce, valuable, and useful english books, manuscript libraries, public records
10576241 - Religion and learning capable of being rendered mutually serviceable, or mutually prejudicial, to each other
10576240 - Journal OF THE Senate OF THE United States OF America Being THE Second Session OF THE Twenty-Fifth Congress Egan AND Held AT THE City OF Washington December 4, 1837
10576239 - Vox stellarum; being an almanack. By F. Moore
10576238 - A compendium of natural philosophy, being a survey of the wisdom of God in the Creation
10576237 - The picture of London, enlarged and improved, being a correct guide for the stranger, and useful compendium for the inhabitant
10576236 - The Muse's mirror: being a collection of poems ...
10576235 - Churchman's remembrancer: Being a collection of scarce and valuable tracts in defence of the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England
10576234 - The New-England patriot: being a candid comparison, of the principles and conduct of the Washington and Jefferson administrations
10576233 - Remarks on London: being an exact survey of the cities of London and Westminster, Borough of Southwark, and the suburbs and liberties contiguous to them, ... By W. Stow
10576232 - The report of the proceedings of the court of king's bench, in the guildhall, London, on the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th days of October; being the mock trials of Richard Carlile, for alledged blasphemous libels
10576231 - Divine light displayed, or, A compendious discourse upon the being and attributes of God
10576230 - W
10576229 - The Quaker, being a series of sermons by members of the Society of Friends ...
10576228 - the tourist's companion; being of ripon, studley park, fountains abbey, hackfall, brimham crage, newby hall, knaresbrough, harrogate, harewood house
10576227 - The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope: Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot, being the prologue to the satires. Satires, epistles, and odes of Horace imitated. Epitaphs. The Dunciad, in four books
10576226 - Public documents of the state of maine; being the reports of the various public officers and departments
10576225 - Two lectures on classical literature, being part of a course delivered at the New-York Athenaeum in February and March, 1826
10576224 - The flights of fancy, being a miscellaneous collection of original poems, epigrams, prologues, songs, &c. Entirely new, never yet published, and adapted to the present times. By William Francis Sullivan, ...
10576223 - A new century of inventions, being designs & descriptions of 100 machines
10576222 - England in 1835: being a series of letters. Tr. by S. Austin (H.E. Lloyd).
10576221 - The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, being the second and last part of his Life
10576220 - The fool: being a collection of essays and epistles
10576219 - The Taunus : or, Doings and undoings, being a tour in search of the picturesque, romantic, fabulous and true
10576218 - Breviarium chronologicum, being a treatise describing the terms ... us'd in chronology. Done into Engl. with additions [by R. Sault]. Done into Engl. by R. Sault
10576217 - Topography of Thebes, and general view of Egypt. Being a short account of the principal objects worthy of notice in the valley of the Nile [&c.].
10576216 - Zelotes and Honestus reconciled: or The second part of An equal check to Pharisaism and Antinomianism, being the first part of the Scripture scales
10576215 - Mr. Pope's literary correspondence for thirty years; from 1704 to 1734. Being, a collection of letters, which passed between him and several eminent persons. Volume the first
10576214 - pt. 1. Being a supplement to the two former parts
10576213 - The law, practice and principles of church-rates, being a report of the proceedings of a numerous vestry meeting in Louth, Oct. 2nd, 1834, when a church rate was refused
10576212 - An elucidation of the prophecies, being an exposition of the books of Daniel and the Revelation
10576211 - Urh-ch
10576210 - The trial of the Right Honourable Lord George Sackville, at a court-martial held at the Horse-Guards, February 29, 1760, for an enquiry into his conduct, being charged with disobedience of orders, while he commanded the British Horse in Germany. Together
10576209 - An Apology for the True Christian Divinity, being an explanation and vindication of the principles and doctrines of the People called Quakers
10576208 - Behind a Mask
10576207 - Behind The Scenes
10576206 - Before the footlights and behind the scenes: a book about "the show business" in all its branches: from puppet shows to grand opera
10576205 - Delia's doctors; or, A glance behind the scenes
10576204 - Masks and faces; or, Before and behind the curtain, a comedy by T. Taylor and C. Reade
10576203 - What we found behind the scenes in European research
10576202 - Flora Selwyn; or, How to behave
10576201 - Public Documents Printed BY Order OF THE Senate OF THE United States, During THE First Sesssion OF THE Twenty-Sixth Congress Begun AND Held AT THE City OF Washington, December 2, 1839.
10576200 - An history of the war with America, France, Spain, and Holland begun in ... 1775, and ended in 1783
10576199 - Relations and observations, historical and politick, upon the Parliament, begun anno Dom. 1640
10576198 - The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641
10576196 - The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641. 3 vols. [each in 2 pt.].
10576195 - Public Documents Printed BY Order OF THE Senate OF THE United States. Third Session OF THE Twenty-Fifth Congress Begun AND Held AT THE City OF Washington, December 3, 1838 AND IN THE Sixty-Third Year OF THE Independence OF THE United States IN Five Volume
10576194 - Reports OF Committees OF THE House OF Representatives, AT THE First Session OF THE Twenty-Second Congress, Begun AND Held AT THE City OF Washington, December 7, 1831.
10576193 - The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, Begun in the Year 1641
10576192 - The poll at the election of a knight of the shire for the county of Gloucester, begun on Monday the 6th, and continued until Friday the 17th of May, 1776. The Hon. George Cranfield Berkeley, William Bromley Chester, Esq. Candidates. Henry Lippincott, Esq.
10576191 - A pedigree, or genealogye, of the family of the Freke's, begun by R. Freke, augmented by J. Freke, reduced to this form by W. Freke. July 14th 1707
10576190 - An ecclesiastical history, ancient and modern, form the birth of Christ, to the beginning of the present century
10576189 - A new history of the Holy Bible, from the beginning of the world to the establishment of Christianity
10576188 - Historical sketch of the progress of discovery, navigation, and commerce, from the earliest records to the beginning of the nineteenth century
10576187 - Historical collections of private passages of state, weighty matters in law, remarkable proceedings in five Parliaments beginning the sixteenth year of King James, anno 1618, and ending the fifth year of King Charls, anno 1629
10576186 - Arcana Ccelestia: OR Heavenly Mysteries Contained IN THE Sacred Scriptures, OR Word OF THE Lord, Manifested AND Laid Open: Beginning With THE Book OF Genesis Interspersed IN THE World OF Spirits AND THE THE Heaven OF Angels.
10576185 - Prices of corn in Oxford in the beginning of the fourteenth century
10576184 - A History of New York, from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty ...
10576183 - The End of Nero and beginning of Galba
10576182 - An ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century
10576181 - Kerkgeschiedenis van Nederland v
10576180 - Ontledingen en Ontdekkingen van het begin der Planten in de zaden van Boomen
10576179 - Oorsprong, begin en aanvank der Nederlandsche oorlogen, geduurende de regeeringe van de hertoginne van Parma, hertog van Alba, en de groot commandeur don L. de Requezens
10576178 - Historie ofte Iaerlijck verhael van de verrichtinghen der Geoctroyeerde West-Indische compagnie, zedert haer begin, tot het eynde van't jaer sesthien-hondert ses-en-dertich. Begrepen in derthien boecken, ende met verscheyden koperen platen verciert
10576177 - Oorsprongh, begin, ende vervolgh Der Nederlantsche Oorloghen
10576176 - Het begin en den ingang van alle menschen in de wereld
10576175 - Nederlandsche zeereizen, in het laatst der zestiende, zeventiende en het begin der achttiende eeuw: Korte aanteekeningen uit de eerste reis van Willem Barendsz. Derde zeilaadje benoorden om naar de koninkrijken Cathaij en China, in den jare 1596 [G. de Ve
10576174 - Begin ende voortgangh der Vereenighde Nederlantsche geoctroyeerde Oost-Indische compagnie
10576173 - Der rupsen begin, voedzel en wonderbaare verandering
10576172 - Des menschen begin, midden en einde : vertoonende en het kinderlyk bedryf en aanwas, in een en vyftig konstige figuuren. Met Godlyke spreuken en stichtelyke verzen
10576171 - Nederlandsche zeereizen in het laatst der zestiende, zeventiende en het begin der achttiende eeuw
10576170 - Chroniick van Hoorn, daer in verhaelt werden des selven stads eerste begin, opcomen, en gedenckweerdige geschiedenissen, tot op den jare 1630 ... Als mede corte beschrijvinghe van den ... staet van de stadt: des selven ontwerp: en oock een kort verhael va
10576169 - Aanmerkingen over het verhaal van het eerste begin en opkomen der Rynsburgers
10576168 - Suplemento a la obra de L. J. Begin titulada Nuevos elementos de medicina y cirug
10576167 - 'T Begin van Hollant in Dordrecht. Mitsgaders der eerster stede beschrijvinge, regeringe, ende regeerders: als oock de gedenckwaerdighste geschiedenissen aldaer gevallen
10576166 - Romeinsche geschiedenissen: Behelzende de geschiedenis van het gemeenebest van het begin van den eersten Carthaagschen oorlog tot aan den dood van koning Hiero
10576165 - A catalogue of the libraries of ... John Conybeare ... Thomas Gale [&c.]. Which will begin to be sold this day at T. Osborne's and J. Shipton's
10576164 - Staat van Nederlandsch Indi
10576163 - Recueil des voyages qui ont servi
10576162 - Oorsprongk, begin, en vervolgh der Nederlandsche oorlogen, beroerten, en borgelyke oneenigheden: Beginnende met het vervolgh van de belegeringh van Sluys, onder den Prins van Parma, in den jare 1587, en eyndigende met het jaer 1594
10576161 - Librorum in omni facultate & scienti
10576160 - Oorsprongk, begin, en vervolgh der Nederlandsche oorlogen, beroerten, en borgelyke oneenigheden: Beginnende met de regeeringe van Ernestus in den jaare 1595, en eyndigende onder de regeeringe van Albertus in den jaare 1600
10576159 - Nederlandsche jaerboeken, inhoudende een verhael van de merkwaerdigste geschiedenissen, die voorgevallen zyn binnen den omtrek der Vereenigde Provinti
10576158 - Schilderkonst der Antycken
10576157 - Verhandeling over de oorzaken, waardoor ons vaderland, in't begin der 17. eeuw, in't voortbringen van voortreffelijke schrijvers, dichters ... zoo zeer heeft uitgemunt, enz
10576156 - Beschryving van het begin
10576155 - Beknopte geschiedenis der letteren en wetenschappen in de Nederlanden, van de vroegste tijden af, tot op het begin der negentiende eeuw
10576154 - Public Documents Printed BY Order OF THE Senate OF THE United States, First Session OF THE Twenty-Eighth Congress Begin AND Held AT THE City OF Washington, December 4, 1843, IN THE Sixty-Eighth Year OF THE Indepencence OF THE United States.
10576153 - Manifest, ofte reden van den oorlogh tusschen Portugael, ende de Vereenichde Provintien van de Nederlanden, met de aenwijsinge vande oorsaeck waer uyt die ontstaen is: tot Lisbon in de Portugesche en Castiliaensche taelen gedruckt ende uytgegeven, in 't j
10576152 - Oorspronck, begin, en voortganck, der oorloge, tusschen de Cosakken, Polen, Moscoviters, en Sweeden van 't jaer 1650 tot desen teghenwoordigen tijt toe. Mitsgad. de gheleghentheden der steden, manier van wapenen, natuer der volckeren en landen
10576151 - A catalogue of the library of books, of ... Abraham Hall. Which will begin to be sold this and every day till 1st Sept. at Tho. Osborne's ... And at the same time, will continue selling the libraries of Edward Webbe and others ...
10576150 - Catalogue of books, being the library of the late Most Rev. Dr. William Newcome, Archbishop of Armagh, ... which will begin to be sold by auction, by James Vallance, on Monday, the 31st of March, 1800, at his sale room, No. 6, Eustace-Street. ...
10576149 - A catalogue of a valuable collection of books; consisting of several libraries, and particularly those of the Rev. Thomas Negus, ... and Mr. William Price, ... which will begin selling ... On Tuesday, March 18, 1766, ... By Benjamin White, ...
10576148 - A catalogue of the libraries of the several gentlemen under mentioned, viz. 1. Col. Bladen, 2. Governor Winthorp [&c.]. To which is added, an Appendix, of the library of T. Harris. Which will begin to be sold 26th Apr. 1748
10576147 - A catalogue of a very large and valuable collection of books; including the libraries of R. Cust and of T. Waldgrave. The books will begin selling Feb. 1785
10576146 - A catalogue of an extensive and curious collection of books in every language, and class of literature; containing two entire valuable libraries, ... The sale will begin on Monday, the 13th of February, 1792, by Benjamin White and Sons, ...
10576145 - A catalogue of the libraries of the late Nicholas Munckley ... and several other gentlemen. Which will begin to be sold Aug. 5th, 1765
10576144 - A catalogue of the libraries of ... Heneage Finch, earl of Winchelsea, and ... John Creyke [&c.]. Which will begin to be sold 26th Apr. 1758
10576143 - An exposition of the practice relative to the right to begin and the right to reply
10576142 - A catalogue of the libraries of the following ... persons, deceased, viz. ... Thomas Gale ... Roger Gale [&c.]. Which will begin to be sold this day at T. Osborne's and J. Shipton's, and will continue selling to 1st Jan. 1758
10576141 - Leisure hours employed for the benefit of those who would wish to begin the world as wise as others end it
10576140 - The first volume (for the year 1757) of a catalogue of the libraries of many eminent persons, lately deceas'd; ... Which will begin to be sold this day, and continue selling to the first of January 1758, ... at T. Osborne's and J. Shipton's ...
10576139 - A catalogue of the entire library of the rev. Ellis Jones ... and of several other valuable collections of books. The sale will begin on Feb. 1, 1786
10576138 - Proceedings of the Hon. House of Assembly of Jamaica, on the sugar and slave-trade, in a session which began the 23d of October, 1792
10576137 - The visitation of Middlesex began in 1663, by W. Ryley and H. Dethick [ed. by sir T. Phillipps.].
10576136 - An history of the transactions betwixt the crown of England and the states of the Netherlands, since they first began to be a republique [by W.W.].
10576135 - A collection of political and humorous letters, poems, and articles of news, publish'd in an evening paper, intitled, The National Journal, or, Country Gazette. Which began to be publish'd on Saturday, March 22d, 1746, and was suppress'd on Thursday, June
10576134 - Porcupine's Works;: Selections from Porcupine's gazette (from July, 1799, to January, 1800) ; A concise and comprehensive history of Prince Suworrow's campaign in Italy, in 1799 ; The American rush-light : Nos. 1-V ...continued: ... v. XII. Historical doc
10576133 - Narratives of the extraordinary work of the Spirit of God, at Cambuslang, Kilsyth, &c began 1742. Written by Mr. James Robe, and others. ...
10576132 - The use, value, and improvement of various readings shewn and illustrated, in a sermon preached before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's, on Sunday, Oct. 18. 1761. By William Worthington, ...
10576131 - An oration pronounced before the literary societies of Amherst College
10576130 - A sermon [on Ps. lviii, 10,11] preached before the ... lord mayor ... of London
10576129 - A sermon on 1 Corinthians ii. 12, preached before the University of Oxford ... Feb. 6, 1831
10576128 - Report of the case of the borough of West Looe, in the county of Cornwall, tried before a committee of the House of commons, April, 18, 1822
10576127 - Miscellanea aulica; or, A collection of state-treatises never before publish'd ...
10576126 - A sermon preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts; at their anniversary meeting in the parish church of St. Mary-le-Bow, on Friday February 20, 1756
10576125 - The right notion of honour: as it was delivered in a sermon before the king, Octob.4, 1674. With annotations
10576124 - An answer to the observations on a sermon preach'd before the corporation of Bristoll, and the Lord Chief Justice Hardwicke, on Sunday the 16th day of August, Mdccxxxv.
10576123 - 'Then said the high priest are these things so?' A sermon [on Acts vii, 1, 2] preached before the bishop of Exeter at his visitation
10576122 - The poll for the election of two knights for the county of Southampton, ... taken at Winchester, ... in June, 1790, before George Dacre, ... Candidates, Lord John Russell, Sir William Heathcote, Baronet, Jervoise Clarke Jervoise, Esq. William Chute, Esq.
10576121 - A serious examination of the Roman Catholic claims, as set forth in the petition, now pending before parliament
10576120 - A sermon [on Ps. lxxvii. 10-12] preached at White-hall, before the queen
10576119 - A sermon [on Titus ii.14] preached before the court of guardians of the poor in the city of Bristol, Apr.13th.1699
10576118 - A sermon preach'd before the Honourable House of Commons at St Margaret's Westminster on Wednesday, December 18, 1745. ... By Thomas Newton, ...
10576117 - Journal of sentimental travels in the southern provinces of France, shortly before the revolution
10576116 - Reports of cases before the High Court and circuit courts of justiciary in Scotland
10576115 - The New Italian, English and French Pocket-dictionary: Containing the English before the French and the Italian
10576114 - Letters on the Prevalence of Christianity, before its civil Establishement
10576113 - A sermon preached before the Society corresponding with the Incorporated Society in Dublin, for promoting English protestant working-schools in Ireland
10576112 - The collected works of Sir Humphry Davy ...: Discourses delivered before the Royal society. Elements of agricultural chemistry, pt. I
10576111 - Positive institutions not to be compar'd with or preferr'd before moral duties and virtues, as to their rank, order, excellency, intrinsick value, &c
10576110 - Minutes of evidence taken before a select committee appointed by the House of Commons, to inquire into the state of the police of the metropolis
10576109 - A correct, full, and impartial report, of the trial of Her Majesty, Caroline, queen consort of Great Britain, before the House of peers
10576108 - An anniversary discourse, delivered before the New York historical society, Dec. 7, 1818
10576107 - Travels of Anacharsis the younger in Greece, during the middle of the fourth century before the Christian
10576106 - Appendix to mr. Brougham's Letter [to sir Samuel Romilly] containing minutes of evidence taken before the Education committee [by H.P. Brougham.].
10576105 - The night before the bridal
10576104 - By permission of the High Sheriff. The poll for knights of the shire for the county of Norfolk; taken March 23, 1768, before William Woodley, Esq; High Sheriff. Candidates, Sir Armine Wodehouse, bart. Thomas de Grey, Esq. and Sir Edward Astley, bart. Wenm
10576103 - The doctrines of Unitarians examined, as opposed to the Church of England, in eight sermons preached before the University of Oxford, at the lecture founded by the late rev. J. Bampton
10576102 - Sermons, preached before the University of Oxford
10576101 - Anniversary poem delivered at New Haven, Conn., before the Connecticut alpha of the Phi beta kappa, Sept. 12, 1826
10576100 - A sermon preach'd before the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Exeter
10576099 - Memoir read before the Historical Society of the State of New-York, December 31, 1816
10576098 - Poems by Thomas Hoccleve, never before printed
10576097 - A discourse before the Young men's colonization society of Pennsylvania
10576096 - Digest of the evidence, before the committee of the Houses of lords and commons, in the year 1837, on the national system of education in Ireland
10576095 - A sermon, delivered before His Excellency Caleb Strong, esq., governor, the honorable the Council, Senate and House of representatives of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, May 26, 1802
10576094 - The stage
10576093 - Oration delivered before the biennial convention of the Alpha Delta Phi Society, at New Haven, Conn., Aug. 15, 1839, on the law and means of social advancement
10576092 - The Writings of George Washington: pt. I. Official letters relating to the French war, and private letters before the American revolution: March, 1754-May, 1775
10576091 - The antiquity of China or an historical Essay, endeavouring a probability that the language of the Empire of China is the Primitive Language spoken through the whole World before the Confusion of Babel
10576090 - An eulogium, pronounced 23d January, 1835, in the chapel of the College of Charleston, before the trustees, faculty and students; on the life and character of the late Elias Horry, Esq
10576089 - Sermons preached before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's Church, in the year Mdccxviii,
10576088 - Sermons preached before the University of Oxford in the year Mdcccvi.
10576087 - Reports of the proceedings before select committees of the House of Commons, in ... cases of controverted elections
10576086 - A sermon [on Luke ii, 32] preached before the Incorporated society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign parts. [Followed by] An abstract of the proceedings of the Society for the propagation of the gospel [and] A list of the members
10576085 - The trial of Sir Archibald Gordon Kinloch, of Gilmerton, bart. for the murder of Sir Francis Kinloch, bart. his brother-german. Before the High Court of Justiciary on Monday June 29. 1795. Taken in short hand, - and carefully revised by the agent and coun
10576084 - Criminal trials and other proceedings before the High Court of Justiciary
10576083 - A sermon, preached before the Massachusetts Society for the Suppression of Intemperance, at their annual meeting, June 1, 1821
10576082 - Trial of Col. Thomas H. Cushing before a General court martial
10576081 - Trials of the persons concerned in the late riots, before Chief Justice Tindal, and Justices Bosanquet and Taunton, which commenced Monday, January 2, and ended Saturday, January 14, 1832, at the Guildhall, in the city of Bristol
10576080 - The charges
10576079 - Royal Naval Biography : Or, Memoirs of the Services of All the Flag-officers, Superannuated Rear-admirals, Retired-captains, Post-captains, and Commanders, Whose Names Appeared on the Admiralty List of Sea Officers at the Commencement of the Present Year,
10576078 - Preface. A list of such come dias autos of Calderon as have been analyzed or partly translated into English (p.xxvi-xxviii) The constant prince (El principe constante) The secret in words (El secreto a voces) The Calder
10576077 - Report of the trial of the Hon. Samuel Chase, one of the associate justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, before the High court of impeachment, composed of the Senate of the United States, for charges exhibited against him by the House of Rep
10576076 - The Bible of every land, a history of the sacred Scriptures in every language and dialect into which translations have been made
10576075 - The warning voice of a hermit abroad, who has been compelled to write in his justification
10576074 - Bibliotheca scoto-celtica; or, An account of all the books which have been printed in the Gaelic language
10576073 - Anecdotes of painters, who have resided or been born in England
10576072 - British topography. Or, An historical account of what has been done for illustrating the topographical antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland. ...
10576071 - Confessions, trials, and biographical sketches of the most cold blooded murderers, who have been executed in this country from its first settlement down to the present time ...
10576070 - The dying speeches and behaviour of the several state prisoners that have been executed the last 300 years
10576069 - List of petitions filed from ... Oct. 25th, 1849 to July 28th, 1853, with index, showing what estates have been sold, and what petitions dismissed. Also, an appendix
10576068 - An illustrated history and description of state prison life by one who has been there
10576067 - De Quincey's Works ...: Letters to a young man whose education has been neglected; and other papers
10576066 - The universal spelling-book, or A new and easy guide to the english language to which have been added Murrary's English grammar and a copions introduction to Arithmetic
10576065 - An history of the memorable and extraordinary calamities of Margaret of Anjou, Queen of England; wherein may be seen the inconstancy of fortune, ... to which crowns and sceptres are subject. By the Chevalier Michael Baudier, ... Translated out of the orig
10576064 - A glossary; or, Collection of words ... which have been thought to require illustration, in the works of English authors
10576063 - The Statute Law of Kentucky: 1798-1801 To which is added, an appendix, comprehending all the facts of Parliament and of Virginia, of a general nature, remaining in force in the state of Kentucky, which have not been inserted in the first volume of this wo
10576062 - Reflections on the Revolution in France, and on the proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event, in a letter intended to have been sent to a gentleman in Paris
10576061 - The American Flora, or history of plants and wild flowers: containing a systematic and general description, natural history, chemical and medical properties of over 6000 plants, accompanied with a circumstantial detail of the medicinal effects, and of the
10576060 - New principles of gardening: or, The laying out and planting parterres, groves, wildernesses, labyrinths, avenues, parks, &c. after a more grand and rural manner, than has been done before
10576059 - A catalogue of all graduates in divinity, law, medicine, arts and music, who have regularly proceeded or been created in the University of Oxford, between October 10, 1659, and December 31, 1850
10576058 - A glossary; or collection of words, phrases, names and allusions to customs, proverbs, etc., which have been thought to require illustration in the works of English authors, particularly of Shakespeare, and his contemporaries
10576057 - James Montjoy, or, I've been thinking
10576056 - A Glossary; Or, Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions to Customs, Proverbs, Etc., which Have Been Thought to Require Illustration, in the Works of English Authors, Particularly Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
10576055 - Anecdotes of painters, who have resided or been born in England
10576054 - An historical account of the controversies that have been in the Church, concerning the doctrine of the Holy and everblessed Trinity
10576053 - An inquiry into the authenticity of various pictures and prints, which from the decease of the poet to our own times, have been offered to the public as portraits of Shakespeare
10576052 - A system of geography; or, A descriptive, historical, and philosophical view of the several quarters of the world, and of the various empires, kingdoms, and republics which they contain: particularly, detailing those alterations which have been introduced
10576051 - Dissertations on the prophecies which have remarkably been fulfilled
10576050 - The substance of a speech, intended to have been spoken in the House of lords, November 22d, 1803
10576049 - The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq: Satires. On receiving from the Right Honourable the Lady Frances Shirley, a standish and two pens. A fragment of an unpublished satire of Pope intitled One thousand seven hundred and forty. The plan of an epic poem, to ha
10576048 - An essay on the Welsh saints or the primitive Christians, usually considered to have been the founders of the churches in Wales
10576047 - Queen Mab, a philosophical poem, with notes. [reputed to have been given by the author to W. Francis. Wanting the title-leaf, dedication and part of the last leaf].
10576046 - Narrative respecting the various bills which have been framed for regulating the law of bankruptcy in Scotland. With a suppl. in which is considered the bill now pending in parliament
10576045 - The history of health, and the art of preserving it, or, An account of all that has been recommended by physicians and philosophers ...
10576044 - A second enquiry into the grounds on which the prophetic period of Daniel and st. John has been supposed to consist of 1260 years
10576043 - The lectures, corrected and improved, which have been delivered for a series of years in the College of New Jersey
10576042 - Memoirs of General La Fayette, embracing details of his public and private life, sketches of the American Revolution, he [!] French Revolution, the downfall of Bonaparte, and the restoration of the Bourbons. With biographical notices of individuals who ha
10576041 - Dissertations on some parts of the Old and New Testaments, which have been supposed unsuitable to the divine attributes
10576040 - A reply to Mr John James's Review of the several pamphlets and schemes, that have been offer'd to the publick, for the building of a bridge at Westminster;
10576039 - Reports from Committees of the House of Commons which Have Been Printed by Order of the House
10576038 - Report of the trial of Friends in the city of Philadelphia, June, 1828, before the Honorable Edward King, president judge of the Court of common pleas, for the first judicial district of Pennsylvania; or, The case of Edmund Shotwell, Joseph Lukins, Charle
10576037 - Kraam-bed of Kandeel-maal van Zaartje Jans, vrouw van Jan Klaazen
10576036 - Sermones dominicales Reuerendi Patris Nicolai ab Aqu[a]euilla Doctoris theologi, natione Anglici, & professione Minoritae quos ob sententiarum pondera Venerabili Bed[a]e in antiquo exemplari falso ascriptos dep[re]hendimus
10576035 - Cort Vertoogh van de Wtkomste, laetste discoursen ende woorden, gepasseert ende gevallen tusschen de Predicanten van de Gereformeerde Kercke tot Maestricht, ende de Conspirateurs van 't grouwelick Verraet tegens de selve Stadt, door de hand des Scherp-rec
10576034 - De cura pro mortuis gerenda, ad Paulinum, liber I. (Accessit Chrysostomi homilia, quod pro defunctis lugendum non sit, Bed orandum. )
10576033 - Death-bed Scenes
10576032 - Phosphate rocks of South Carolina and the "great Carolina marl bed"
10576031 - Breakfast in bed; or, philosophy between the sheets
10576030 - The pastor at the sick bed
10576029 - Some passages in the life and death of John Earl of Rochester, written by his own direction on his death-bed ...
10576028 - What to observe at the bed-side and after death in medical cases
10576027 - The Bed-load Function for Sediment Transportation in Open Channel Flows
10576026 - Early to Bed, and Early to Rise, Makes a Man Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, Or, Early Rising, a Natural, Social, and Religious Duty
10576025 - A letter from H---- G----g, Esq; one of the gentlemen of the bed-chamber to the young Chevalier, ... that attended him from Avignon, in his late journey through Germany, ... To a particular friend
10576024 - The nurse's guide or Short and safer rules for the management of women of each rank and condition in child-bed
10576023 - Death bed scenes; or, The Christian's companion; on entering the dark valley, by the author of The evangelical rambler
10576022 - The hazard of a death-bed-repentance
10576021 - Operator, organizational field maintenance manual
10576020 - Two proposals becoming England at this juncture to undertake
10576019 - How to become a successful engineer
10576018 - Is English destined to become the universal language of the world?
10576017 - Charity and truth: or, Catholicks not uncharitable in saying, that none are sav'd out of the Catholick communion, because the rule is not universal, by H. E.
10576016 - The boyhood of Martin Luther; or, The sufferings of the heroic little beggar-boy who afterwards became the great German reformer
10576015 - Practical falconry: to which is added, How I became a falconer
10576014 - Slovenly Peter reformed
10576013 - An introduction to the classics; containing, A short discourse on their excellencies; and directions how to study them to advantage. With an essay, on the nature and use of those emphatical and beautiful figures which give strength and ornament to writing
10576012 - Hypatia: or, the history of a most beautiful, most vertuous, most learned, and every way accomplish'd lady; who was torn to pieces by the clergy of Alexandria, ...
10576011 - Medulla poetarum romanorum, or, the most beautiful and instructive passages of the Roman poets
10576010 - Medulla Poetarum Romanorum, Or, The Most Beautiful and Instructive Passages of the Roman Poets
10576009 - The quintessence of English poetry, or, a collection of all the beautiful passages in our poems and plays, from the celebrated Spencer to 1688 ...
10576008 - The proper names of the Bible, New Testament, and Apocrypha ... to which is added a selection of some of the most beautiful scriptural pieces calculated to instruct youth in the art of reading with propriety ...
10576007 - An abridgement of Mr. Byrom's universal English short-hand, or The way of writing English in the most easy, concise, regular, and beautiful manner
10576006 - Beautiful Flowers and How to Grow Them
10576005 - The memoirs of the celebrated and beautiful Mrs. Ann Carson
10576004 - The sublime and beautiful of Scripture
10576003 - A selection of the most beautiful versions of psalms and ... hymns; a suppl. to the Countess of Huntingdon's collection of hymns, as used ... at Salem chapel near Soho square [ed. by M. James].
10576002 - A Philosophical Enquiry Into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful
10576001 - An essay on the picturesque, as compared with the sublime and the beautiful
10576000 - A Philosophical Inquiry Into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful
10575999 - Twenty years among the bulls and bears of Wall Street
10575998 - The story of the three bears [by R. Southey, versified by G.N.].
10575997 - Sermons bearing on subjects of the day
10575996 - Heraldry of fish; notices of the principal families bearing fish in their arms
10575995 - Divine inspiration; or, The supernatural influence exerted in the communication of divine truth; and its special bearing on the composition of the sacred Scriptures
10575994 - Facts and documents bearing upon the legal and moral questions
10575993 - The bearing strength of wood under bolts
10575992 - Pomo Bear Doctors
10575991 - Faith in the Holy Trinity, the doctrine of the Gospel, and Sabellian Unitarianism shewn to be "The God-denying apostacy" ...
10575990 - A summary of all the religious houses in England and Wales, with their titles and valuations at the time of their dissolution. And a calculation of what they might be worth at this day. Together with an appendix containing the several religious orders tha
10575989 - A catalogue of the entire and valuable library of the late Rev. Michael Lort, ... which will be sold by auction, by Leigh and Sotheby, ... on Tuesday, April 5, 1791, ...
10575988 - A catalogue of twenty thousand volumes; containing the libraries of R. Thornton, J. Mitchel [&c.]. Which will be sold this day, 1769, and continue till Easter
10575987 - Sermons Or Homilies, Appointed to be Read in Churches in the Time of Queen Elizabeth of Famous Memory
10575986 - The form and order of the service that is to be performed
10575985 - Lochandhu [by sir T.D. Lauder, purporting to be ed. by C.M. Montgomery].
10575984 - A catalogue of an extensive and valuable collection of ancient and modern books; consisting of many thousand volumes, ... to be sold this day, by Robert Faulder, ... 1797
10575983 - Tracts relating to the corn trade and corn laws: including the second report ordered to be printed by parliament
10575982 - Seasonable considerations on a navigable canal intended to be cut from the river Trent
10575981 - A catalogue of upwards of twenty thousand volumes of ... books; containing the library of mr. Hall [&c.]. Which will be sold this day 1773
10575980 - A British army, as it was, - is, - and ought to be
10575979 - A catalogue of the libraries of the following eminent and learned persons, deceased, viz. The Rev. Dr. Thomas Gale ... Roger Gale ... Mr. Henry Wotton ... Dr. Francis Dickens ... Counsellor Stukely ... Counsellor Owen ... Mr. Reynell ... and several other
10575978 - An Examination of the Letters, Said to be Written by Mary, Queen of Scots, to James, Earl of Bothwell: Appendix, containing I. The letters themselves, in Scottish, Latin and French. II. The conferences at York and Westminster, and other writings relative
10575977 - A catalogue of several libraries lately purchased, particularly of the Right Hon. Countess Dowager of Portland, George Proctor, ... Rev. Squire Payne, ... and Mr. Josiah Holder, ... Which will be sold very cheap, ... on Monday August 26th, 1751. and conti
10575976 - Report of the case of trespass & assault and battery
10575975 - History of Battery A
10575974 - What is a voltaic battery?
10575973 - The free-born Englishman's unmask'd battery; or, a short narrative of our miserable condition. Grounded upon undeniable facts, for the plain, honest information of the publick; ... By the author of Cry aloud and spare not
10575972 - Direct support and general support maintenance manual (including repair parts and special tools list) for periscope, battery command, M65 W/E, (1240-00-678-5577).
10575971 - Die Tapis in ihrer historisch-paedogogischen, wissenschaftlichen und moralischen Bedeutung; oder, Geschichte der Urreligion als Basis der Freimaurerei
10575970 - R.P. Doctoris Philippi Aranda ... In primam secundae S. Thomae libri duodecim de homine moraliter et supernaturaliter operante seu Moralis theologiae basis
10575969 - Geist des neuern Kriegssystems hergeleitet aus dem Grundsatze einer Basis der Operationen, auch f
10575968 - Basis botanica
10575967 - Peter Parley's Universal history, on the basis of geography
10575966 - Basis Pontificiae Jurisdictionis et Potestatis supremae
10575965 - Die kleine Speyerer Basis oder Beweis dass man ... durch eine kleine genau gemessene Linie die Grundlage einer grossen Triangulation bestimmen kann
10575964 - Der Republicanismus in der Naturwissenschaft und Medicin auf der Basis und unter der Aegide der Eclecticismus
10575963 - Basis universae medicinae
10575962 - Basis Historiae Ecclesiasticae
10575961 - Uranies noricae basis astronomico-geographica
10575960 - The scientific basis of education demonstrated
10575959 - Basis totius moralis theologiae, hoc est praxis opinionum limitata, per F. Julium Mercorum...
10575958 - Origin of the art. Anatomy the basis of drawing. The skeleton. The muscles of man and quadruped. Standard figure. Composition. Colour. Ancients and moderns. Invention
10575957 - Scientific basis of homoeopathy
10575956 - The two sons of oil, or, The faithful witness for magistracy and ministry upon a scriptural basis
10575955 - The principal forms of the skeleton and the teeth as the basis for a system of natural history and comparative anatomy
10575954 - An essay, in answer to the question: whether does the principle of competition, with separate individual interests; or, the principle of united exertions, with combined and equal interests; form the most secure basis for the formation of society? ...
10575953 - A Genealogical Dictionary Of The First Settlers Of New England, Showing Three Generations Of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, On The Basis Of Farmer's Register
10575952 - The freedom of the will as a basis of human responsibility and a divine government
10575951 - A textbook of chemical philosophy on the basis of Dr. Turner's Elements of chemistry
10575950 - Universal line-writing and steno-phonography; on the basis of 'Visible speech'.
10575949 - Q. Horatii Flacci opera. The works of Horace: the Odes on the basis of Anthon: the Satires and Epistles by McCaul: with notes by G.B. Wheeler
10575948 - A manual of chemistry, on the basis of Professor Brande's
10575947 - Rudiments of the Greek language, upon the basis of Wettenhall
10575946 - Views of the basis of the brain and cranium
10575945 - A system of operative surgery, founded on the basis of anatomy
10575944 - The ecological basis for subsistence change among the Sandawe of Tanzania
10575943 - Acta Regia or, An account of the treaties, letters and instruments between the monarchs of England and foreign powers, publish'd in Mr. Rymer's Foedera, which are the basis of the English history...
10575942 - Considerations on the basis and the means of the permanent security of the established Church of England
10575941 - A Basic Guide for Fire Prevention and Control Master Planning
10575940 - Basic Electricity
10575939 - A BASIC program for calculating dopant density profiles from capacitance-voltage data
10575938 - Basic chemical research in Government laboratories
10575937 - Census of graduate students in basic and applied natural sciences in the United States and possessions
10575936 - Basic problems and techniques in range research
10575935 - Operator organizational direct support and general support maintenance manual including basic issue items list and repair parts list
10575934 - Basic field manual
10575933 - Army Medical Department handbook of basic nursing
10575932 - Experiencias hechas con el aparato de medir bases perteneciente a la comision del mapa de Espa
10575931 - Experiencias hechas con el aparato de medir bases
10575930 - De l'irritation et de la folie, ouvrage dans lequel les rapports du physique et du moral sont
10575929 - Bases y leyes constitucionales de la Rep
10575928 - Trait
10575927 - Bases org
10575926 - Teor
10575925 - Arithmetica seraphica, omnibus ferme suis numeris
10575924 - Memorias politicas sobre as verdadeiras bases da grandeza das na
10575923 - Essai sur la d
10575922 - Registro de legislaci
10575921 - M
10575920 - Notices of insects that are known to form the bases of fungoid parasites
10575919 - Southeast Asia: Building the Bases
10575918 - Suecia antiqua et hodierna [based on paintings by E.J. Dahlberg].
10575917 - A new dictionary of the Italian and English languages, based upon that of Baretti, and containing, among other additions and improvements, numerous neologisms ... and a copious list of geographical and proper names ...
10575916 - Letters
10575915 - Christiade to' iest xivot i diela Isukarstova [a poem based on that by M.G. Vida. Ed. by Gior Palmotich].
10575914 - G
10575913 - Statistical papers based on the census of England and Wales, 1851
10575912 - Cellular pathology as based upon physiological and pathological histology
10575911 - Types of mankind: or Ethnological Researches, based upon the ancient monuments, paintings, sculptures and crania of races, and upon their natural, geographical, philosophical, and biblical history: illustrated by selections from the inedited papers of Sam
10575910 - An analysis of the potential effects of a movement toward a land value based property tax
10575909 - A method of estimating ground-water supplies based on discharge by plants and evaporation from soil
10575908 - Paris and its environs [based on the work by C.G.F. Gore], ed. by T. Forester
10575907 - The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee concordance of the Old Testament[based on the unpubl. work of W. De Burgh, ed. by G.V. Wigram.].
10575906 - An ordering of the NIOSH Suspected carcinogens list, based only on data contained in the list
10575905 - The Classification of Animals based on the Principle of Cephalization
10575904 - Clinical reports on continued fever based on analyses of one hundred and sixty-four cases
10575903 - A comparative English-German grammar based on the affinity of the two languages
10575902 - Manual of the international list of causes of death based on the fourth decennial revision by the International commission, Paris, October 16 to 19, 1929
10575901 - Colonial Triangular Trade: An Economy Based on Human Misery
10575900 - Information concerning the strength, views, and interests of the powers presently at war [based on J.G.M.R. de Montgaillard's
10575899 - Index of Generic Names of Fossil Plants, 1820-1950, Based on the Compendium Index of Paleobotany of the U.S. Geological Survey
10575898 - G
10575897 - La capitulation de l'empereur Fran
10575896 - Misura della base trigonometrica eseguita sulla via Appia per ordine del governo pontificio nel 1854-55
10575895 - Principes g
10575894 - Manuel peintures au blanc de zinc ou conseils aux peintres en batiments sur l'emploi et les avantages des peintures a base de zinc
10575893 - D
10575892 - De la caut
10575891 - Iscrittione della base della colonna rostrata gia nel romano foro dirizzata la C. Duillio
10575890 -
10575889 - Base central de la triangulaci
10575888 - Histoire du livre des Reflexions morales sur le Nouveau Testament (de Quesnel) et de la Constitution Unigenitus (pour servir de base aux H
10575887 - Di una base trigonometrica misurata in Toscana nell' autunno del 1817, memoria. Con addizioni
10575886 - Lecciones elementales de qu
10575885 - Le r
10575884 - Recherches sur la g
10575883 - Elementos de los afectos internos que sirven de base
10575882 - Le r
10575881 - Base du syst
10575880 - Recueil d'observations g
10575879 - La Pr
10575878 - La religion consid
10575877 - Elementos de los afectos internos que sirven de base
10575876 - Le r
10575875 - A companion to The thorough-base primer
10575874 - De Hermensaula saxonica enarratio succincta una cum statuae gloriosae Base structili
10575873 - Base du syst
10575872 - Troublesome Raigne of Iohn, King of England, with the Discouerie of King Richard Cordelions Base Sonne (vulgarly Named, the Bastard Fawconbridge) Also the Death of King Iohn at Swinstead Abbey, as it was Sundry Times Publikely Acted by the Queenes Maiesti
10575871 - A Faithful Narrative of the Base and Inhuman Arts that Were Lately Practised Upon the Brain of Habbakkuk Hilding [i.e. Henry Fielding], Justice, Dealer and Chapman,
10575870 - A review of the toxicology research program of the 6570th Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
10575869 - Behind the bars
10575868 - Plans, et Profils des principales villes des Duchez de Lorraine, et de Bar
10575867 - M
10575866 - Pr
10575865 - Samuelis Lib. Bar. de Pufendorf Jus feciale divinum sive de consensu et dissensu protestantium exercitatio posthuma
10575864 - Recherches sur les monnaies des comtes et ducs de Bar
10575863 - La vida de Carlos V, Duque de Lorena, y de Bar ...
10575862 - La Vie de Charles V duc de Lorraine et de Bar ...
10575861 - La Vie de Charles V. duc de Lorraine et de Bar... [par Jean de Labrune]
10575860 - Historia della vita di Carlo V, duca di Lorena e di Bar
10575859 - Histoire de L
10575858 - Oraison fun
10575857 - Recherches historiques...sur la ville et comt
10575856 - Testament politique de Charles Duc de Lorraine et de Bar
10575855 - Samuelis lib. bar. de Pufendorf exercitatio posthuma de consensu et dissensu inter Protestantes a calumniis tenebrionis cuiusdam Anonymi
10575854 - Memoires Du Marquis De Beauvau Pour servir
10575853 - Histoire g
10575852 - Histoire g
10575851 - La Vie de Charles V, duc de Lorraine et de Bar g
10575850 - Prospetto della storia letteraria di Sicilia nel secolo XIX, pubblicato dal bar. V. Mortillaro
10575849 - Histoire de Stanislas 1er, roi de Pologne, duc de Lorraine et de Bar
10575848 - Hermanni Conringii De Bibliotheca Augusta, quae est in arce Wolfenbuttelensi ad illustr. et generosum Joannem Christianum L. bar. a Boineburg epistola
10575847 - Histoire de Stanislas Ier, roi de Pologne, duc de Lorraine et de Bar
10575846 - Catalogue Raisonn
10575845 - La vie de Charles V, duc de Lorraine et de Bar, et g
10575844 - La vie de la S
10575843 - Histoire de Stanislas Premier, roi de Pologne, duc de Lorraine et de Bar
10575842 - Catalogue des effets pr
10575841 - Essai sur les duch
10575840 - Histoire des duch
10575839 -
10575838 - Notice de la Lorraine qui comprend les duch
10575837 - Diccionario geogr
10575836 - Lives of eminent serjeants-at-law of the English bar
10575835 - Sketches of the Irish bar
10575834 - The bar-sinister, or, Memoirs of an illegitimate [signed C.E.L.].
10575833 - The bench and bar of New-York
10575832 - Memoirs of the Rhode Island bar
10575831 - Memorials of Temple Bar; with some account of Fleet street, and the parishes of st. Dunstan and st. Bride, London
10575830 - The bench and bar of Georgia: memoirs and sketches
10575829 - The forum
10575828 - The leaders of the old bar of Philadelphia ....
10575827 - Reminiscences of George La Bar
10575826 - The proceedings against Sir John Fenwick, Bar. upon a bill of attainder for high treason
10575825 - A history of the French bar
10575824 - Ten nights in a bar-room, and what I saw there
10575823 - Temple bar
10575822 - The barrister: or, Strictures on the education proper for the bar
10575821 - Bench and bar
10575820 - Biographical Sketches of the Bench and Bar of South Carolina
10575819 - A synopsis of the members of the English Bar
10575818 - The trial at bar between Campbell Craig, lessee of James Annesley, esq. plaintiff, and the right honourable Richard Earl of Anglesey, defendant, before the honourable the Barons of the Exchequer, at the King's Court, Dublin, in Trinity term ... in the yea
10575817 - The speech of Sir Elijah Impey ... Delivered by him at the bar of the House of commons, on the fourth day of February, 1788
10575816 - The bench and the bar
10575815 - The Judgment of the Court of Demerara, in the Case of Odwin V. Forbes, on the Plea of the English Certificate of Bankruptcy in Bar, in a Foreign Jurisdiction, to the Suit of a Foreign Creditor as Confirmed in Appeal, with the Authorithies, and Foreign and
10575814 - Westminster hall, or, Professional relics and anecdotes of the bar, bench, and woolsack
10575813 - Les reports de divers special cases en le Common bank & en le Court del bank le roy
10575812 - Observations on the Establishment of the Bank of England and on the Paper Circulation of the Country
10575811 - Legislative and documentary history of the Bank of the United States
10575810 - Robbery of the Bank of Pennsylvania in 1798
10575809 - Report on the condition of the Bank of the United States, by the Committee of Inspection and Investigation
10575808 - A treatise on the law of bills of exchange, promissory-notes, bank notes, bankers' notes, and checks on bankers, in Scotland
10575807 - The life and adventures of the old lady of Threadneedle street [the Bank of England. By W. Reid].
10575806 - The life of Abraham Newland, esq., late principal cashier at the Bank of England
10575805 - A digest of the evidence on the bank charter taken before the committee of 1832
10575804 - Reply to a pamphlet entitled "A brief exposition of matters relating to the Bank of Maryland"
10575803 - A short account of the Edinburgh Bank for Savings
10575802 - The adventures of a bank-note ...
10575801 - A practical treatise on bills of exchange, checks on bankers, promissory notes, bankers' cash notes, and bank notes
10575800 - Upon the history, principles, and prospects of the Bank of British North America, and of the Colonial Bank
10575799 - Geschichte des Kirchenlieds und Kirchengesangs der christlichen, insbesondere der deutschen evangelischen Kirche: -7. Band. Die Dichter und S
10575798 - Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung vom Jahre 1799.Dritter Band.Julius,August,September.
10575797 - Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung vom Jahre.Zweyter Band.April,May,Junius.
10575796 - Allgemeine Literatur -Zeitung VOM Band, October, November, December
10575795 - Allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung vom Jahre 1793.Dritter Band.Julius,August,September
10575794 - Die Inhalations-therapie in Krankheiten der Respirations-Organe mit besonderer Ber
10575793 - Allgemeine Historie der Reisen zu Wasser und Lande, oder Sammlung aller Reisebeschreibungen, welche bis itzo in verschiedenen Sprachen von allen V
10575792 - Monumenta Zollerana: Bd.] Register zu Band II-VII. der Monumenta Zollerana
10575791 - Schriften: Abdallah. Die Br
10575790 - Betrachtungen
10575789 - th. Lustspiele: Die z
10575788 - Schriften: Bd. Abdallah. Die Br
10575787 - Miscellaneen der b
10575786 - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's Werke: F
10575785 - Abhandlung
10575784 - Fr
10575783 - Biologie, oder Philosophie der lebenden Natur f
10575782 - Ludwig Tieck's Schriften: bd. Abdaliah. Die br
10575781 - Die Monumenta Boica von I bis XVI. Band
10575780 - Die Monumenta Boica I. Bis XVI. Band
10575779 - Erster Band, [A-E]
10575778 - Welt-Gem
10575777 - Verhandlungen der Kammer der Reichsr
10575776 - Vollst
10575775 - Handbuch der Classischen Literatur der R
10575774 - Zweyter Band, [F-M]
10575773 - The Bradys in Death Swamp; or, Downing a Desperate Band and Other Stories
10575772 - The Band of Hope record
10575771 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of King's Bench :band upon writs of error from that court to the Exchequer Chamber, and in the Bail Courl : with a table of the names of the cases and a digest of the principal matters
10575770 - Apologie ou D
10575769 - Essai sur le patois lorrain des environs du comt
10575768 - Relation de ce qui s'est pass
10575767 - Notice sur Jean Fr
10575766 - Propositions g
10575765 - Vie de J. F. Oberlin, pasteur
10575764 - Bnabanowt'iwn imastasirakan kam tarerabanowt'iwn or
10575763 - Den Spaenschen ende Arragoenschen Spiegel. Inde welcke men mach claerlick ende waerachtich sien tot wat eynde ende meeninge eygentlick het voornemen is streckende van 't Spaensche Crijchsvolck, dat hem desen Winter heeft gehouden in den Westphaelschen Cre
10575762 - Lettres Dv Roy, Envoyees au Seneschal de Lyon, ou son Lieutenant, touchant l'exemption du Ban & Arriereban des Gentilz-hommes qui yront au seruice dudict Seigneur Roy, comme il leur est mand
10575761 - Apologie ou defense de tres illustre Prince Guillaume [...] prince d'Orange: [...] contre le Ban et Edict publi
10575760 - Memoirs of John Frederic Oberlin, pastor of Waldbach, in the Ban de la Roche
10575759 - Encyklop
10575758 - Neuester spielalmanach f
10575757 - Der Ball nach der Mode. Lustspiel in 1 Aufzuge. Nach dem Franz
10575756 - Roll of a tennis ball, through the moral world, a ser. of contemplations, by a solitary traveller [J. Stewart].
10575755 - The Works of Mrs. Amelia Opie: Temper. A woman's love. A wife's duty. The two sons. The opposite neighbour. Love, mystery, and superstition. After the ball. False or true. The confessions of an odd-tempered man. Illustrations of lying
10575754 - Verdi's opera The masked ball
10575753 - Eighteen sermons preached in Oxford. Publ. by J. Crabb, W. Ball, T. Lye. With a preface concerning the life of the author, by S. Gower
10575752 - Roll of a tennis ball through the moral world
10575751 - The ball; or, A glance at Almack's in 1829
10575750 - An election ball
10575749 - A collection of ball dances perform'd at court
10575748 - The ball
10575747 - The ball I live on; or, Sketches of the earth, by the author of 'Teachers' tales
10575746 - La Juste balance des cardinaux vivans, dans laquelle la principale partie de leurs actions, leur naissance, leurs int
10575745 - De trutina Europae quae vulgo adpellatur "Die Balance von Europa" praecipua belli et pacis norma
10575744 - Ludovici Martini Kahlii Philosophiae Et Ivris Vtrivsqve Doctoris Illivsqve Professoris Pvblici Ordinarii Commentatio Ivris Pvblici De Trvtina Evropae Qvae Vvlgo Adpellatvr Die Balance Von Evropa Praecipva Belli Et Pacis Norma
10575743 - La balance de l'Europe ou La rechertehe des dangers respectifs qu'il y a de donner la monarchie d'Espagne a l'empereur aussi bien qu'au roi Philippe
10575742 - La balance de l'Europe, ou la recherche des dangers respectifs qu'il y a de donner la monarchie d'Espagne
10575741 - La juste balance des cardinaux vivans, dans laquelle la principale partie de leurs actions, leur naissance, leurs interests, ... sont representez
10575740 - Den Portugaelsen donder-slagh, tot ontwakinge van alle trouhertighe Neder-landtsche regenten ende ondersaten. Om de balance van den Gheunieerden Staet wel te maken, tot voor-cominghe van ale onheyl [...]
10575739 - Tableav de la bonne foy et sincerit
10575738 - Balance pour peser en toute equit
10575737 - La balance chinoise, ou lettres d'un chinois lettr
10575736 - La balance de l'Europe consid
10575735 - Eutropii Philadelphi Oeconomiske Balance
10575734 - Neue Erl
10575733 - D
10575732 - The spirometer, the stethoscope, & scale-balance; their use in discriminating diseases of the chest [&c.].
10575731 - Commentatio ... de trutina Europae, quae vulgo adpellatur Die Balance von Europa, praecipua belli et pacis norma
10575730 - The Mizan ul haqq, or, Balance of truth
10575729 - The Balance and Columbian repository
10575728 - The Catholic balance
10575727 - An historical research into the nature of the balance of power in Europe ...
10575726 - England's treasure by foreign trade, or, The balance of our foreign trade is the rule of our treasure
10575725 - The perpetual balance
10575724 - The balance of comfort; or The old maid and married woman
10575723 - The Balance, and Columbian repository
10575722 - Review of the events and treaties which established the balance of power in Europe and the balance of trade in favor of Great Britain [by J. Bruce].
10575721 - Hampelmann's Bad- und Reise-Abentheuer
10575720 - 's Coninghs-bad vervattende vele soete ende troostelicke aenmerckinghen over den doop Christi
10575719 - Tal, om Kalla Bad ...
10575718 - Denkw
10575717 - Bad S[ank]t Wolfgang am Weichselbach in der Fusch, im Herzogthume Salzburg
10575716 - Briefe
10575715 - Das Alexis-Bad im Unter-Harz mit seinen Umgebungen
10575714 - Diss. inaug. ... de sale medicinali Carolinarum, Von der Krafft und W
10575713 - Beleuchtung der Bad-Emsischen Punktation
10575712 - Das neue Dampf-Bad, die orthopaedische Heilanstalt und der chirurgische Apparat
10575711 - Der Gesundbrunnen und das Bad bei Helmst
10575710 - Bad-Ordnung
10575709 - Good thoughts in bad times, and other papers
10575708 - Good thoughts in bad times
10575707 - The bad English of Lindley Murray and other writers on the English language
10575706 - Doctor Johann Stephan Strobelbergers, K
10575705 - A sad prognostick of approaching judgment; or The happy misery of good men in bad times
10575704 - Bad Mouth
10575703 - Greene's Philomela. Greene's Arcadia. Southwell's The triumphs over death. Breton's Characters, and his Good and bad. Nash's Christ's tears over Jerusalem
10575702 - Good thoughts in bad times; and Good thoughts in worse times
10575701 - Sermoonen van den Seer. Eerw. Heer Rumoldus Backs
10575700 - Background information for Brazil-U.S. Workshop on Science, Technology and Development
10575699 - Background papers on seafloor engineering
10575698 - Jacobi de Back ... Dissertatio de corde in qua agitur De nullitate spiritum, De hematosi, De viventium calore, &c. ... Annexo appendix pro circulatione Harveiana
10575697 - De bello Sicambrico libri IV; praemissa est epistola Cornelii Valerii Vonck ad virum illustrem Ianum De back
10575696 - Er
10575695 - Vrymoedige aanmerkingen over de verspreide gerugten aangaande de oorzaken van het ontslag door Haare Hoogheid gegeven aan den heer De Back van alle deszelfs ampten
10575694 - Vollst
10575693 - To Cuba and back
10575692 - Jacobi de Back ... Dissertatio de corde, cum copioso tam rerum quam capitum indice
10575691 - The Voyage Alone in the Yawl Rob Roy, from London to Paris and Back by Havre, the Isle of Wight, South Coast, &c., &c
10575690 - A Journey in the Back Country
10575689 - A journal from Grand Cairo to Mount Sinai, and back again
10575688 - Back of the buffalo seal
10575687 - Awful disclosures
10575686 - American slave trade; or, An Account of the manner in which the slave dealers take free people from some of the United States of America, and carry them away, and sell them as slaves in other of the states; and of the horrible cruelties practised in the c
10575685 - 'The flood came and took them all away', a sermon on the Holmfirth flood, to which is added a detailed account of the awful disaster
10575684 - The award of the Dean forest mining commissioners ... as to the coal and iron mines in her majesty's forest of Dean; and the rules and regulations for working the same: with preliminary observations [&c.].
10575683 - Message From THE President OF THE United States, Transmitting A Copy OF THE Opinon OF THE Attorney General, Upon THE Construction OF THE Award OF THE Emeror OF Russia, Under THE Treaty OF Ghent, &c. &c.; 20th Congress, 1ST Session.; [Doc. No. 256.] HO. OF
10575682 - Refutation of the reasons assigned by the arbitrators for their award in the case of the two Greek frigates
10575681 - Reflexions upon ridicule, or, What it is that makes a man ridiculous, and the means to avoid it
10575680 - A treatise on the law of marine insurance and average
10575679 - Hand-book of Marine Insurance and Average
10575678 - General average
10575677 - An essay on average
10575676 - Treatises on average, and adjustments of losses in marine insurance
10575675 - The art of travel, or, Shifts and contrivances available in wild countries
10575674 - Mr. Warburton's Anatomy bill, thoughts on its mischievous tendency; with suggestions for an entirely new one, founded upon an available anti-septic process
10575673 - The art of travel; or, Shifts and contrivances available in wild countries
10575672 - Reports on the extent and nature of the materials available for the preparation of a medical and surgical history of the rebellion
10575671 - Available research facilities for war use ...
10575670 - Catalog of selected charts available from U.S.D.A.
10575669 - A tour through Cornwall, in the autumn of 1808
10575668 - Travels in Sweden, during the autumn of 1812
10575667 - Journal of a horticultural tour through some parts of Flanders, Holland, and the north of France, in the autumn of 1817
10575666 - An autumn near the Rhine
10575665 - The last autumn at a favourite residence, with other poems. With recollections of mrs. Hemans
10575664 - A journey throughout Ireland, during the spring, summer, and autumn of 1834
10575663 - An autumn near the Rhine; or Sketches of courts, society, and scenery in Germany
10575662 - An autumn near the Rhine; or, Sketches of courts, society, scenery etc. in some of the German states bordering on the Rhine [by C.E. Dodd].
10575661 - Notes on Mexico, made in the autumn of 1822. Accompanied by an historical sketch of the Revolution
10575660 - Physics and automobile safety belts
10575659 - Physics and automobile safety belts
10575658 - Substitute catalysts for platinum in automobile emission control devices and petroleum refining
10575657 - A critique of the 1975-1976 Federal automobile emission standard for hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen
10575656 - Introduction. Reineke Fuchs (Reynard the Fox) numerous authors and editions of it. The pleasant history of Reynard the Fox. Howleglass, the merry jester. Doctor Faustus
10575655 - The arts of logick and rhetorick [adapted by J. Oldmixon from La mani
10575654 - The complete fabulist: or, A choice collection of moral and entertaining fables from the best authors, by G. Grey
10575653 - Catalogue of Standard English Authors
10575652 - A collection of hymns, from various authors
10575651 - Biographia Dramatica: Names of the dramas: M-Z. Latin plays by English authors. Oratorios. Appendix to v.2 and 3. Additions and corrections to v.2 and 3
10575650 - The opinions of different authors upon the punishment of death
10575649 - The case of authors by profession or trade, stated
10575648 - The Italian library. Containing an account of the lives and works of the most valuable authors of Italy
10575647 - The history of Oswestry, collected from various authors, with much original information [by W. Price].
10575646 - A manual of essays, selected from various authors
10575645 - The Credibility of the Gospel history, or the facts occasionally mention'd in the New Testament confirmed by passages of ancient authors... with an appendix concerning the time of Herod's death...
10575644 - The beauties of Shakespear: regularly selected from each play. With a general index, digesting them under proper heads. Illustrated with explanatory notes, and similar passages, from ancient and modern authors. By William Dodd, ... In three volumes
10575643 - The Works of Mr. Thomas Brown: Essays, poems, satires, and epigrams A collection of original letters on several occasions. Aristaenetus's epistles, translated from the original Greek. Epistles out of Pliny junior. M. Tully Cicero's epistles. Letters from
10575642 - English Minstrelsy Being A Selection of Fugitibe Poetry From The Best English Authors; With Some Orginal Pieces
10575641 - Clavis Virgiliana; or A vocabulary of all the words in Virgil's Bucolics, Georgics, and
10575640 - The sale of authors, a dialogue
10575639 - Observations on the poems attributed to Rowley, tending to prove that they were really written by him and other ancient authors ..
10575638 - Epitome of English literature; or, A concentration of the matter of standard English authors, ed. under the superintendence of A. J. Valpy
10575637 - A Dictionary of Quotations from Various Authors in Ancient and Modern Languages, with English Translations ...
10575636 - Literary memoirs of living authors of Great Britain
10575635 - The fruits of endowments: a list of works of authors who have, from the Reformation, enjoyed prebendal or other non-cure endowments of the Church of England [by F.R.A. Glover].
10575634 - A catalogue of the royal and noble authors of England, Scotland, and Ireland;
10575633 - Sive panzoologicomineralogia. Or a compleat history of animals and minerals, containing the summe of all authors, both ancient and modern
10575632 - Hymns selected from various authors
10575631 - Latin Synonyms with Their Different Significations and Examples Taken from the Best Latin Authors
10575630 - First editions of American authors
10575629 - Gleanings, moral and religious, from various authors
10575628 - A collection of essays and tracts in theology, from various authors,with biographical and critical notices
10575627 - The German Novelists: Introduction. Reineke Fuchs (Reynard the Fox) numerous authors and editions of it. The pleasant history of Reynard the Fox. Howleglass, the merry jester. Doctor Faustus
10575626 - The Works of the British poets, with lives of the authors
10575625 - The life of Bartolom
10575624 - Elegant extracts, or, useful and entertaining passages from the best English authors and translations
10575623 - A selection of hymns from the best authors, intended to be an appendix to dr. Watts's Psalms and hymns, by J. Rippon
10575622 - Sacred poetry, consisting of psalms and hymns selected from the Best authors, with variations and additions
10575621 - A catalogue of the royal and noble authors of England, with lists of their works [by H. Walpole].
10575620 - The Basia of Johannes Secundus Nicolaius; and the Pancharis of Johannes Bonnefons; newly tr. with notes, and lives of the authors
10575619 - The analytical compendium, or, Outlines of sermons, extracted from various authors
10575618 - A catalogue of the royal and noble authors of England
10575617 - A Classical Dictionary, Containing a Copious Account of All the Proper Names Mentioned in Antient Authors...
10575616 - The history of Russian literature, with a lexicon of Russian authors, tr. [from Lehrbuch der russischen Literatur] by G. Cox
10575615 - Vindication of the Divine Authority and Inspiration of the O. and N. T.
10575614 - Four discourses delivered to the clergy of the diocess of Sarum, concerning I. The truth of the Christian religion. II. The divinity and death of Christ. III. The infallibility and authority of the church. IV. The obligations to continue in the communion
10575613 - Minutes of proceedings of the Courts of inquiry and court martial, in relation to Captain David Porter: convened at Washington, D.C., on Thursday, the seventh day of July, A.D. 1825. Printed by authority from the offical record
10575612 - Public records; a description of the contents, objects, and uses of the various works printed by authority of the Record commission [by sir N.H. Nicolas.].
10575611 - An essay upon the original authority of the King's council
10575610 - Origines sacrae, or, A rational account of the grounds of Christian faith, as to the truth and divine authority of the Scriptures, and matters therein contained
10575609 - The dignity, office, and authority of the priesthood
10575608 - Jerusalem; a treatise on ecclesiastical authority and Judaism
10575607 - The apostolical Authority of the Epistle to the Hebrews
10575606 - The true doctrine of the Latin subjunctive mood proved upon the authority of the best Latin classics
10575605 - The truth, inspiration, authority, and end of the scriptures, considered and defended,
10575604 - State Papers Published Under the Authority of His Majesty's Commission: pt. III. Correspondence between the governments of England and Ireland, 1515-1546
10575603 - A description of the contents, objects, and uses of the various works printed by authority of the Record Commission
10575602 - The new instructor clericalis, stating the authority, jurisdiction, and modern practice of the Court of Common Pleas
10575601 - The evidence and authority of divine revelation
10575600 - The whole law relative to the duty and office of a justice of the peace, comprising also the authority of parish officers
10575599 - The use and authority of the pastoral office, and the rite of investiture with it, a sermon
10575598 - A Review of the Corrected Agricultural Survey of Lincolnshire, by Arthur Young Esq. Published in 1799 by Authority of the Board of Agriculture
10575597 - A collection of confessions of faith, catechisms, directories, books of discipline, &c. Of publick authority in the Church of Scotland
10575596 - Official papers, relative to the preliminaries of London and the Treaty of Amiens
10575595 - A new and full method of settling the canonical authority of the New Testament
10575594 - The various use of authority and experience in matters of religion
10575593 - A dissertation on the Scriptural authority, nature, and uses, of infant baptism
10575592 - The Works of the Honourable James Wilson, L.L.D., Late One of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, and Professor of Law in the College of Philadelphia: Lectures on law.- v. 3. Lectures on law (concluded) On the history of prop
10575591 - The Authority of Christian Princes Over Their Ecclesiastical Synods Asserted
10575590 - A new general atlas, constructed from the latest authorities
10575589 - The Book of Revelation in Greek edited from ancient authorities : with a new English version and various readings
10575588 - Dictionary of the English and French languages for general use with the accentuations and a literal pronunciation of every word in both languages, comp. from the best and most approved English and French authorities. ...
10575587 - The hundred Boston orators appointed by the municipal authorities and other public bodies, from 1770 to 1852
10575586 - The cotton planter's manual: being a compilation of facts from the best authorities on the culture of cotton
10575585 - Narrative of privations and sufferings of United States officers and soldiers while prisoners of war in the hands of the Rebel authorities
10575584 - A Collection of leading cases on the law of elections in the United States with notes and references to the latest authorities
10575583 - The Old and New Testament connected in the history of the Jews and neighbouring nations, from the declension of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the time of Christ. With an account of the rabbinic authorities by A. M'Caul
10575582 - Chinese Miscellany: General description of Shanghai and its environs, extracted from native authorities. 1850
10575581 - The complete works of Shakspeare, revised from the best authorities : with a memoir, and essay on his genius
10575580 - A compleat view of the birth of the Pretender, as collected from our histories, state tracts, and other authorities: with an abstract of the depositions taken at an extraordinary council held at Whitehall, the 22nd of October, 1688
10575579 - A general index to the Virginian law authorities [1790-1819]
10575578 - Specimens of ancient furniture drawn from existing authorities
10575577 - Military law authorities
10575576 - An history of the church of St. Peter, Westminster, commonly called Westminster Abbey. Chiefly from manuscript authorities. By Richard Widmore, ...
10575575 - A geographical view of the world, embracing the manners, customs, and pursuits of every nation; founded on the best authorities
10575574 - Scripture illustrated by engravings designed from existing authorities. Subjects selected from the Old Testament
10575573 - Chemical reporting and record-keeping authorities under 15 environmental and consumer acts
10575572 - A specimen of the conformity of the european languages particularly the english with the oriental languages especially the Persian in the orders of the alphabet with notes and authorities
10575571 - A selection of facts from the best authorities
10575570 - The principal, historical, and allusive arms, borne by families of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, with their respective authorities
10575569 - Harmonia evangelica, seu Evangelicae totius historiae tractatus... Author F. Prothasius Henriet
10575568 - De Nocte et nocturnis offciis, tam sacris quam prophanis, lucubrationes historico-philologico-juridicae... lectu jucundissimae et elegantiores his quae paucos ante annos author anonymus in lucem emisit, quarum author idem Jacobus Andreas Crusius,...
10575567 - The lively oracles given to us. Or The Christians birth-right and duty, in the custody and use of the holy Scripture. By the author of The Whole duty of man
10575566 - The honest grief of a Tory, expressed in a genuine letter from a burgess of ----, in Wiltshire, to the author of The Monitor, Feb. 17, 1759
10575565 - Romantic tales, /by M.G. Lewis, author of the Monk, Adelgitha, &c ; in four volumes
10575564 - The table of the Lord, by the author of the Listener
10575563 - Babylon destroyed; or The history of the empire of Assyria, compiled by the author of Lily Douglas
10575562 - A second volume of the writings of the author of The true-born Englishman
10575561 - The works of John Webster: now first collected with some account of the author and notes, by A. Dyce
10575560 - The Red rover, by the author of 'The spy'. Revised
10575559 - Alicia de Lacy, by the author of 'The loyalists'.
10575558 - Remarks on a book entitled Deism fairly stated, and fully vindicated, &c., in a letter to the author ...
10575557 - The country curate, by the author of 'The subaltern'.
10575556 - Destiny; or, The chief's daughter, by the author of 'Marriage'.
10575555 - Precaution, by the author of the 'Spy'.
10575554 - A calm exposure of the unfairness of the "General reply to all objections" of the author of "Ancient Christianity"
10575553 - The history of Ophelia, publ. by the author of David Simple
10575552 - A personal narrative of those transactions in the county Wexford, in which the author was engaged, during the awful period of 1798
10575551 - The pacha of many tales, by the author of 'Peter Simple'.
10575550 - Oxford and Cambridge nuts to crack: or, Quips, quirks, anecdote and faceti
10575549 - The Albigenses, a romance. By the author of "Bertram" ...
10575548 - Reverses; or, Memoirs of the Fairfax family, by the author of 'Conversations on the life of Christ'.
10575547 - The practical works of ... Richard Baxter, with a life of the author and a critical examination of his writings by W. Orme
10575546 - Bible stories, selected from the Old Testament, familiarized for the use of children by the author of Ellen Webster
10575545 - The novels, tales and romances of the author of Waverley
10575544 - The anti-jargonist, or a short introduction to the Hindoostanee language, ... Being partly an abridgment of The Oriental linguist, ... By the author of the Hindoostanee dictionary
10575543 - Notes and reflections during a ramble in Germany, by the author of 'Recollections in the Peninsula'.
10575542 - The works of John Dryden, with notes and a life of the author by sir W. Scott
10575541 - The Albigenses, by the author of 'Bertram'.
10575540 - The conduct of the understanding. To which is prefixed, a sketch of the life of the author
10575539 - The recess; or, A tale of other times, by the author of The chapter of accidents
10575538 - The poems, with critical notes; a life of the author; and an essay on his poetry; by the Rev. John Mitford
10575537 - The pilot, by the author of 'The spy'.
10575536 - Sermons on important subjects. With a memoir of the author, by S. Drew [&c.].
10575535 - The alchemist, by the author of 'Ornaments discovered' &c
10575534 - The practical works of Richard Baxter: with a life of the author and a critical examination of his writings by William Orme
10575533 - Emma, by the author of 'Pride and prejudice'. by Jane Austen
10575532 - A reply to an address to the author of ... 'A candid examination of the mutual claims of Great Britain and her colonies', &c., by the author of the Candid examination
10575531 - Plaidoyer Et Arrest Notable de la Cour de Parlement de Bourdeaux en l'Audience de la grand Chambre
10575530 - La Pr
10575529 - Arret de la cour de parlement, donne en l'audience de la grand'Chambre le 13. juin 1651 au profit de M. duc de Vandosme contre M. le Duc & madame la duchesse d'Elboeuf touchant les biens de la succession de feue madame la duchesse de Beaufort
10575528 - L' audience du juge de paix, ou le bureau de conciliation
10575527 - Analyse de la r
10575526 - A sermon preach'd in the audience of His Excellency William Shirley, ... the Honourable His Majesty's council, and the ... House of Representatives, of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England. May 29, 1754. ... By Jonathan Mayhew, ...
10575525 - Mathematics simplified and made attractive
10575524 - The newe attractive, shewing the nature, propertie, and manifold vertues of the loadstone. Repr
10575523 - Regrets d'une ame touch
10575522 - Nouvelle m
10575521 - National thoughts, recommended to the serious attention of the public. With an appendix, shewing the damages arising from a bounty on corn. By a land-owner
10575520 - Questions to be resolved: or, A new method of exercising the attention of young people
10575519 - Considerations on a comprehension, or union of Protestants, by reconciling and uniting the more moderate dissenters to the Church of England; submitted to the attention of our governors, and all denominations of Protestants. By an impartial hand
10575518 - Historical summary of facts attending the conversion of ... the prince of Salm-Salm from the Roman catholic religion to the christian evangelical worship of the confession of Augsburg, tr. by W.A. Evanson
10575517 - A narrative of the incidents attending the capture, detention, and ransom of Charles Johnston, of Botetourt County Virginia
10575516 - The Roll of Arms, of the Princes, Barons, and Knights who Attended King Edward I to the Seige of Caerlaverock, in 1300
10575515 - Observations on those diseases of females which are attended by discharges
10575514 - A correct statement of the circumstances that attended the last illness and death of Mrs. Southcott
10575513 - Journal of a voyage in the missionary ship Duff, to the Pacific Ocean in the years 1796, 7, 8, 9, 1800, 1, 2, &c.: comprehending authentic and circumstantial narratives of the disasters which attended the first effort of the "London missionary society.[si
10575512 - An account of the sore throat, attended with ulcers
10575511 - Shipwreck investigated for the cause of the great loss of lives with which it is frequently attended and a remedy provided in a portable and practicable life preserving apparatus ...
10575510 - Report from the committee appointed to examine the physicians who have attended His Majesty
10575509 - A concise, historical view of the difficulties, hardships, and perils which attended the planting and progressive improvements of New-England
10575508 - Exercices spirituelspour les dix jours de la retraite annuelle sur le sujet de l'
10575507 - Minutes of the proceedings of the committee, appointed on the 14th September, 1793, by the citizens of Philadelphia, the Northern Liberties, and the district of Southwark, to attend to and alleviate the sufferings of the afflicted with the malignant fever
10575506 - The advantages and disadvantages which will attend the prohibition of the merchandizes of Spain
10575505 - The difficulties and discouragements which attend the study of the scriptures
10575504 - A history of the attempts to establish the Protestant Reformation in Ireland
10575503 - Lives of uneducated poets, to which are added attempts in verse
10575502 - Brahminical fraud detected, or, The attempts of the sacerdotal tribe of India to invest their fabulous deities and heroes with the honours and attributes of the Christian messiah examined, exposed, and defeated
10575501 - Sir Francis Drake Revived: "The world encompassed by Sir Francis Drake. Offered now at last to publique view, both for the honour of the actor, but especially for the stirring up of heroicke spirits, to benefit their countrey, and eternize their names by
10575500 - The life of John Eliot, the apostle of the Indians: including notices of the principal attempts to propagate Christianity in North America, during the seventeenth century [by J. Wilson].
10575499 - A short history of the attempts that have been made to convert the popish natives of Ireland, to the establish'd religion;
10575498 - Origines Gentium Antiquissimae Or Attempts for Discovering the Times of the First Planting of Nations
10575497 - The Irish Rebellion, or, an History of the attempts of the Irish Papists to extirpate the Protestants in the Kingdom of Ireland
10575496 - Attempts to revive antient medical doctrines
10575495 - The history of Richard Potter, a sailor, and prisoner in Newgate, who was tried ... and received sentence of death for attempting, at the instigation of another sailor, to receive thirty-five shillings of prize-money due to a third sailor. Containing an a
10575494 - Observations on the attempted application of pantheistic principles to the theory and historic criticism of the Gospel
10575493 - A new and complete grammar, of the French tongue, in which the author has attempted to reduce the construction of the language to its simplest principles ...
10575492 - Narrative of the attempted escapes of Charles the First from Carisbrook Castle
10575491 - Poems attempted in the style of Milton
10575490 - Pharsalia and Philippi, or The two Philippi in Virgil's Georgics attempted to be explain'd and reconcil'd to history
10575489 - A dissertation on Revelations, chap.xi. ver.13. ... In which is attempted to be shewn, that there is some reason to believe this prophecy is completed by the late earthquake. By Peter Peckard, ...
10575488 - A Briefe Declaratio[n] of the Shews, Deuices, Speeches, and Inuentions, Done & Performed Before the Queenes Maiestie, & the French Ambassadours, at the Most Valiaunt and Worthye Triumph, Attempted and Executed on the Monday and Tuesday in VVhitson Weeke L
10575487 - An introduction to the critical study of ecclesiastical history, attempted in an account of the progress, and a short notice of the sources, of the history of the Church
10575486 - The history of the Old and New Testament attempted in verse
10575485 - A synopsis of the signs of the times, past, present, and future, attempted to be traced from the chronological prophecies in the original Scriptures
10575484 - A series of plays in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger passions of the mind: each passion being the subject of a tragedy and a comedy
10575483 - Divine and moral songs, attempted in easy language, for the use of children
10575482 - Divine songs attempted in easy language for the use of children
10575481 - The Question of church patronage in Scotland, attempted to be rightly stated, and fairly considered
10575480 - An improved version, attempted, of the Book of Job; a poem,
10575479 - Parochial antiquities attempted in the history of Ambrosden
10575478 - Report of the Committee on the Conduct of the War on the attack on Petersburg, on the 30th day of July, 1864
10575477 - Rights of man: being an answer to Mr. Burke's attack on the French revolution
10575476 - The mystery of life, an essay in reply to dr. Gull's attack on the theory of vitality in his Harveian oration for 1870
10575475 - Sir Charles Napier's Indian baggage-corps, reply to lieut.-col. Burlton's attack [in A few brief comments on sir Charles Napier's letter to sir John Hobhouse].
10575474 - A narrative of events in the south of France, and of the attack on New Orleans, in 1814 and 1815
10575473 - Papers concerning the attack on Hatfield and Deerfield by a party of Indians from Canada, September nineteenth, 1677
10575472 - Summary of the course of permanent fortification and of the attack and defence of permanent works
10575471 - The attack and defence of fortify'd places
10575470 - A letter to the editor of 'The John Bull', on his attack upon the bishop of London [occasioned by the bishop's Letter on the present neglect of the Lord's day].
10575469 - Deism Revealed OR, THE Attack ON Christianity
10575468 - The Semi-attached Couple
10575467 - A history of the colleges, halls, and public buildings attached to the University of Oxford
10575466 - Catalogue of maps, prints, drawings, etc. forming the geographical and topographical collection attached to the library of ... George the third
10575465 - Vies Int
10575464 - Recherches sur les modifications de l'atmosphere
10575463 - The Complete Works of Thomas Dick, Ll. D.: Christina philosopher, or, Science and religion. Celestial scenery. Sidereal heavens, planets, etc. Practical astronomer. Solar System. The atmosphere and atmospherical phenomena
10575462 - The Complete Works of Thomas Dick, Ll.D.: The Christian philosopher; or, The connection of science and philosophy with religion. Celestial scenery; or, The wonders of the planetary system displayed. The sidereal heavens and other subjects connected with a
10575461 - Upper atmosphere observatory
10575460 - The atmosphere and atmospherical phenomena
10575459 - Motins politicos; ou, Hist
10575458 - Historia genealogica da casa real Portugueza desde a sua origem ate' o presente, com as Familias illustres, que procedem dos Reys e dos Serenissimos Duques de Bragan
10575457 - Vita, Doctrina, Passio Domini nostri Iesu Christi, Symbolic
10575456 - Rela
10575455 - Rela
10575454 - Historia de Tangere que comprehende as noticias desde a sua primeira conquista ate a sua ruina
10575453 - Memorias chronologicas e criticas para a historia da cirurgia moderna ou Noticia dos principaes progressos, revolu
10575452 - Oracula divina, ex tribus primis geneseos capitibus, at Christianam Politicam expensa
10575451 - De singulari fratrum jure; resp. Georg Wilhelm Schenck von Winterst
10575450 - Problemata evangelica at plurimum emblematis coronata sive Quaestione curiosae in singula evangelia dominicarum totius anni
10575449 - Musaeum Tradescantium, or a collection of rarities preserved at South-Lamberth neer London
10575448 - Wikk
10575447 - Gr
10575446 - Etruscan Red-Figured Vase-Painting at Caere
10575445 - The eight volumes of letters writ by a Turkish spy, who liv'd five and forty years undiscover'd at Paris
10575444 - Reports of cases, determined at nisi prius, in the courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, and on the circuit
10575443 - The 'fan kwae' at Canton before treaty days
10575442 - A sermon, preached at Christ Church, Middlesex
10575441 - The Statutes at Large: 1827-1835
10575440 - Religion at home
10575439 - The speech of the Right Honourable Henry Earl of Warrington, Lord Delamere, to the Grand Jury at Chester, April 13. 1692
10575438 - The unreasonableness of infidelity. (4th sermon at mr. Boyle's lect., 1696).
10575437 - The perfection of the evangelical revelation. (1st sermon at mr. Boyle's lect., 1696).
10575436 - Letters Written by Sir W. Temple, Bart. And Other Ministers of State, Both at Home and Abroad
10575435 - Evenings at home, or, The juvenile budget opened
10575434 - The Missionary herald at home and abroad
10575433 - Reports of cases determined at nisi prius
10575432 - Poetical amusements at a villa near Bath
10575431 - The situation of the world at the time of Christ's appearance
10575430 - A report of the trial at bar, Rowe v. Brenton
10575429 - The history of the ancient palace and late houses of Parliament at Westminster ...
10575428 - Poems supposed to have been written at Bristol
10575427 - Reports of cases at law, argued and determined in the Supreme Court of North Carolina
10575426 - Cases argued and adjudged in the Court of King's Bench, at Westminster
10575425 - A sermon, preached at Haverhill, Mass., in remembrance of Mrs. Harriet Newell, wife of the Rev. Samuel Newell, missionary to India
10575424 - Speeches, by a Member of the Parliament, which began at Edinburgh the 6th of May 1703..
10575423 - Reports of cases determined at nisi prius, in the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas
10575422 - Proceedings of the first ten years of the American Tract Society instituted at Boston, 1814
10575421 - A discourse, delivered at Plymouth, December 22, 1820
10575420 - Proper lessons to be read at morning and evening prayer on the Sundays and other holy-days throughout the year..
10575419 - Laws of the State of Indiana, passed and published, at the ... session of the General Assembly
10575418 - The statutes at large, passed in the Parliaments held in Ireland
10575417 - A view of the political state of Scotland at the late general election. ...
10575416 - Shipwrecks and disasters at sea; or, Historical narratives of the most noted calamities and providential deliverances which have resulted from maritime enterprise ...
10575415 - Theological lectures at Westminster-abbey
10575414 - Julian, or, A discourse concerning the earthquake and fiery eruption which defeated that emperor's attempt to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem
10575413 - Notices of the original, and successive efforts, to improve the discipline of the prison at Philadelphia, and to reform the criminal code of Pennsylvania
10575412 - Regulations and Instructions Relating to His Majesty's Service at Sea
10575411 - Historical parallels [by A.T. Malkin].
10575410 - A sermon Preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, And the Court of Aldermen, at Guild-Hall Chappel, Upon the 30th of September, 1683
10575409 - Travels in South Africa, undertaken at the request of the Missionary society
10575408 - Some brief sacremental meditations preparatory for communion at the great ordinance of the Supper ...
10575407 - A Residence at Constantinople
10575406 - The statutes at large from the Magna Charta, to the end of the eleventh Parliament of Great Britain, anno 1761 [continued to 1806]. By Danby Pickering
10575405 - A report of the trial of Arthur Hodge, Esquire, (late one of the members of His Majesty's Council for the Virgin-Islands) at the island of Tortola, on the 25th April, 1811, and adjourned to the 29th of the same month, for the murder of his Negro man slave
10575404 - The philosophical history and memoirs of the Royal academy of sciences at Paris
10575403 - Bibliographical essay on the collection of voyages and travels, edited and published by Levinus Hulsius and his successors at Nuremberg and Francfort from anno 1598 to 1660
10575402 - Transactions of the Society, Instituted at London, for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce
10575401 - Acts passed at the session of the Legislature of the State of Louisiana
10575400 - A History of Shipwrecks, and Disasters at Sea
10575399 - The Maid-At-Arms
10575398 - Letters Written By The Late Right Honourable Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl Of Chesterfield, To His Son, Philip Stanhope, Esq. Late Envoy-Extraordinary At The Court Of Dresden
10575397 - Christ Knocking at the Door of Sinners' Hearts
10575396 - The statutes at large
10575395 - A liturgy collected for the use of the church at King's Chapel, Boston
10575394 - Athenian Letters Or the Epistolary Correspondence of an Agent of the King of Persia, Residing at Athens During the Peloponnesian War
10575393 - A view of the Brahminical religion in its confirmation of the truth of the sacred history, and in its influence on the moral character, a series of discourses preached at the lecture founded by John Bampton
10575392 - Theological works, published at different times, and now collected
10575391 - The way to bring the world to rights: or, honesty the best policy at all times, and in all places
10575390 - The state of the nation, at the commencement of ... 1822, considered [by lord Lyndhurst] under the four departments of the finance-foreign relations-home department-colonies and Board of trade
10575389 - Several discourses preached at the Temple Church
10575388 - Reasons for altering the method used at present in letting church and college leases,
10575387 - The theory and practice of finding the longitude at sea or land
10575386 - Experiments And Observations On Electricity, Made At Philadelphia in America
10575385 - The accounts of the Great chamberlains of Scotland
10575384 - Letters written by the late Right Honourable Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, to his son, Philip Stanhope esq; late envoy extraordinary at the court of Dresden
10575383 - Fifteen sermons preached at Rolls Chapel
10575382 - Report of the committee appointed to enquire into the causes of the disturbances at the seat of government, in December, 1838
10575381 - A Supplement to the Morning-exercise at Cripple-gate
10575380 - Observations Made at the Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory at Toronto in Canada ...: 1843-1845
10575379 - Results of a portion of the astronomical observations made at the ... East India company's, now Royal, observatory at Madras in ... 1853-58, by W.S. Jacob
10575378 - The Holy Bible translated from the Latin Vulgate ... The old Testament first published by the English College at Douay ... the New Testament at Rheims
10575377 - M. Botta's letters on the discoveries at Nineveh [with notes by J. Mohl] tr. by C.T. [With] Illustrations of discoveries at Nineveh
10575376 -
10575375 - Catalogue of the late Lord Northwick's extensive and magnificent collection of ancient and modern pictures, cabinet of miniatures and enamels, and other choice works of art, and the furniture, plate, wines and effects, at Thirlestane House, Cheltenham, wh
10575374 - Laws of the state of New-York, passed at the sixty-second session of the Legislature, begun and held at the city of Albany, the first day of January, 1839
10575373 - Discourses delivered at the ordination of the rev. John Nelson Goulty at Henley upon Thames
10575372 - An alphabetical list of the subscribers to the loyal declaration of ... Cornwall [concerning the Peterloo riots at Manchester].
10575371 - Reports of Cmmittees of The House Of Representatives at the First Session of the Twenty-Second Congress, Begun and Held at The City of Washington, December 7, 1831.
10575370 - An exact diary of the late expedition of His illustrious Highness the Prince of Orange, (now king of Great Britain) from his palace at the Hague, to his arrival at White-Hall ...
10575369 - An experiment in education, made at the Male Asylum at Egmore, near Madras
10575368 - Flower of the Jacobins, containing biographical sketches of the characters at present at the head of affairs in France
10575367 - A relation of the observations made at Quito, of the obliquity of the ecliptic at the latter solstice of 1736, and the former of 1737, with an instrument of 12 feet radius
10575366 - Eight sermons preach'd at the Honourable Robert Boyle's lecture, in the first year, Mdcxcii. 5th ed., to which is now added a sermon preach'd at the Publick-Commencement at Cambridge July V, Mdcxcvi.
10575365 - The whole of the proceedings at the assizes at Shrewsbury
10575364 - A collection of all the treaties of peace, alliance, and commerce, between Great-Britain and other powers, from the treaty signed at Munster in 1648, to the treaties signed at Paris in 1783
10575363 - Mr. Smythies's vindication from the foul calumnies of Dr. Harison, and the plain perjuries of his witnesses at Brentwood-Assizes, Aug. 12. 1701. and at Doctors Commons, Novemb. 9. 1702. ...
10575362 - The second trial and capital conviction of Daniel Dawson, for poisoning horses at Newmarket in 1809, before Mr. Justice Heath at Cambridge on Wednesday the 22d of July, 1812
10575361 - Trial of Frederick Eberle and others at a nisi prius court, held at Philadelphia, July 1816, before the Honorable Jasper Yeates, justice; for illegally conspiring together by all means lawful and unlawful, "with their bodies and lives" to prevent the intr
10575360 - Astronomical observations, made at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, ...
10575359 - A charge of partiality, imposition, and assuming authority in matters of faith, fix'd on the subscribers at Salters-hall; and made good from what they have offer'd in their own vindication
10575358 - The indissoluble nature of the American Union, considered in connection with the assumed right of secession
10575357 - The Works of Charles Lamb: Essays of Elia. Rosamund Gray. Recollections of Chirst's hospital. Essays on the tragedies of Shakspeare [etc.] Letters under assumed signatures published in the Reflector. Curious fragments. Mr. H
10575356 - Annuaire de l'Association pour l'encouragement des
10575355 - Cours d'hygi
10575354 - Annales de l'Association internationale pour le progr
10575353 - L'Association internationale des travailleurs
10575352 - Association de malfaiteurs contre les personnes et les propri
10575351 - Nomenclature des soci
10575350 - L'Association douani
10575349 - La d
10575348 - Dieu seul ou l'association pour l'interest de Dieu seul
10575347 - L'Association Douani
10575346 - The Earthquake Catalogue of the British Association with the discussion, curves, and maps etc
10575345 - Address of the Literary Association of the Friends of Poland to the Poles
10575344 - Association pour la conversion des p
10575343 - De l'esprit d'association dans tous les int
10575342 - Trait
10575341 - Rapport de l'Association de la propagation de la foi
10575340 - Revue encyclop
10575339 - Association du Rosaire vivant
10575338 - D
10575337 - R
10575336 - Association pour bien mourir sous la protection des saints anges gardiens, avec les choses qu'il faut observer pour en
10575335 - Bulletin de l'Association belge de photographie
10575334 - Trait
10575333 - R
10575332 - Annales de l'Association de la propagation de la foi
10575331 - Dissertation sur les principes fondamentaux de l'association humaine
10575330 - Catalogue, systematic and analytical, of the books of the Saint Louis Mercantile Library Association
10575329 - Report & transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art
10575328 - Transactions of the American Medical Association
10575327 - Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science
10575326 - Collections of the American statistical association
10575325 - Association discussed
10575324 - Proceedings of the Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior Parts of Africa
10575323 - Report of the Prison Association of New York
10575322 - Report and transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art
10575321 - Proceedings of the Scientific Association of Trinidad
10575320 - Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
10575319 - Minutes of the Baptist association
10575318 - Association au Saint Amour
10575317 - Address delivered before the Literary Association, Blandford, Mass., Sept. 21, 1850
10575316 - Address of the Literary Association of the Friends of Poland
10575315 - Report of the ... annual fair of the St. Louis Agricultural & Mechanical Association
10575314 - Reports of the First, Second, and Third Meetings of the Association of American Geologists and Naturalists
10575313 - Constitution and by-laws of the Union Co-operative Association, No. 1, of Philadelphia
10575312 - Report to the Jennings Association, U.S.A.
10575311 - Proceedings of the fifth meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science
10575310 - The Wesleyan methodist association magazine
10575309 - Report of the Portsmouth Relief Association to the contributors of the fund for the relief of Portsmouth, Virginia, during the prevalence of the yellow fever in that town in 1855
10575308 - Social Destiny of Man, Or, Association and Reorganization of Industry
10575307 - History of the American Missionary Association
10575306 - Report of the Council of Hygiene and Public Health of the Citizens' Association of New York upon the sanitary condition of the City
10575305 - A concise exposition of the doctrine of association, or, Plan for a re-organization of society
10575304 - The Cotton supply association
10575303 - Association medical journal
10575302 - The Bulletin of the American Iron and Steel Association
10575301 - Travels in the interior districts of Africa performed under the direction and patronage of the African association in the years 1795, 1796 and 1797
10575300 - Minutes of the association, from 1707 to 1807
10575299 - Annals of the Massachusetts charitable mechanic association
10575298 - A History of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association
10575297 - Tracts of the Liverpool Financial reform association
10575296 - Annual report of the Oneida Association
10575295 - Reports of the American Unitarian Association
10575294 - Extracts from the minutes of the General Association of New-Hampshire
10575293 - Transactions of the American Philological Association
10575292 - Proceedings of the Hawaiian Evangelical Association, at its annual meeting in Honolulu, June 3 to July 1, 1863
10575291 - The household encyclop
10575290 - Collectanea archaeologica: Communications made to the British archaeological association
10575289 - History of the Shaftsbury Baptist Association, 1781-1853
10575288 - Annual report of the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor for the fiscal year ...
10575287 - Association
10575286 - Proceedings, constitution, by-laws, list of members, &c., of the Surveyors' Association of West New Jersey ...
10575285 - Journal of the East India Association
10575284 - History of the Miami Baptist association
10575283 - Catalogue / American Art Association, Anderson Galleries, inc., New York
10575282 - A Centurial History of the Mendon Association of Congregational Ministers
10575281 - Report of the ... Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science
10575280 - Association papers
10575279 - The exhibitions and fairs of Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association
10575278 - Proceedings of the Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior Parts of Africa
10575277 - Tracts of the American Unitarian Association
10575276 - The Transactions of the Provincial Medical and Surgical Association
10575275 - Historical sketch of the late Catholic association of Ireland
10575274 - Proceedings of the General Association of Connecticut
10575273 - Journal of the British Archaeological Association
10575272 - Catalogue of English literature, comprising early plays, balads, poetry from Chaucer to Swinburne, books with colored plates, first editions, association books, authors' manuscripts, autograph letters...
10575271 - Systematic catalogue of books in the collection of the Mercantile library association of the city of New York
10575270 - Transactions OF THE Association OF Fellows AND Licentiates OF THE King'S AND Queen'S College OF Physicians IN Ireland
10575269 - Journal of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
10575268 - Transactions of the Apollo Association for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in the United States, for the year ...
10575267 - Quarterly Report of the Susssex Association...
10575266 - Statistical association methods for mechanized documentation
10575265 - Three letters to the Tithe association at the Crown and anchor in the Strand, by a country parson [E. Wilson].
10575264 - Extracts from the minutes of the General Association of Connecticut
10575263 - A sermon, preached before Richard, marquess Wellesley... and the members of the Association, incorporated for discountenancing vice, on June 14, 1822. [With] Appendix, containing the receipts and expenditures of the Association, to Jan. 1822
10575262 - An expostulatory epistle to the Welch knight [sir W.W. Wynn] on the late revolution in politicks; and the extraordinary conduct of himself and his associates [signed Verax].
10575261 - The preacher's assistant. Pt.1. A series of the texts of all the sermons published since the Restoration. Pt.2. An historical register of all the authors
10575260 - The grand precedent, or, The conveyancer's guide and assistant
10575259 - The complete court-keeper, or, Land-steward's assistant
10575258 - The Compleat Court-keeper, Or, Land-steward's Assistant
10575257 - Religion and learning mutually assistant to each other
10575256 - Arts companion, or A new assistant for the ingenious
10575255 - The accountant's assistant
10575254 - The forest pruner; or, Timber owner's assistant
10575253 - The practical printers' assistant
10575252 - The young gentleman and lady's monitor, and English teacher's assistant
10575251 - The young book-keeper's assistant
10575250 - The young gardener's assistant
10575249 - The new federal calculator, or, Scholar's assistant
10575248 - The Tutor's assistant
10575247 - Abstract of a journal kept by E. Bacon, assistant agent of the United States, to Africa
10575246 - The land-holder's assistant, and land-office guide
10575245 - The American ship-master's guide and commercial assistant
10575244 - The Banker's Sure Guide: or Monied Man's Assistant
10575243 - The clergyman's assistant, or A collection of acts of parliament, forms and ordinances, relative to certain duties and rights of the parochial clergy
10575242 - The London art of cookery, and housekeeper's complete assistant
10575241 - A valuable assistant to every man
10575240 - Assistant of education
10575239 - The complete grazier; or, Farmer and cattle dealer's assistant ...
10575238 - Every man's assistant, and the sick man's friend
10575237 - The practical navigator, and seaman's new daily assistant
10575236 - The Lady's Assistant for Executing Useful and Fancy Designs in Knitting, Netting, and Crochet Work
10575235 - The scholars spelling assistant
10575234 - Every man's assistant and the sick man's friend
10575233 - Common school assistant
10575232 - The gauging inspector, and measurer's assistant
10575231 - The Parent's Assistant, Or, Stories for Children: The basket woman
10575230 - A companion to the Scientific dialogues; or, The tutor's assistant and pupil's manual in natural and experimental philosophy:
10575229 - The seaman's daily assistant
10575228 - Cruchley's Picture of London, or visitor's assistant
10575227 - The head-constable's-assistant
10575226 - The mother's medical assistant
10575225 - The shopkeeper's and tradesman's assistant
10575224 - A complete key to Smiley's New federal calculator, or, Scholar's assistant
10575223 - The American ship-master's daily assistant
10575222 - Daboll's Schoolmaster's assistant, improved and enlarged
10575221 - The theory and practice of cotton spinning, or, The carding and spinning master's assistant
10575220 - The merchant's and ship-master's ready calculator and the complete pocket assistant
10575219 - A dialogue between the Rev. Mr. Jenkin Evans assistant minister to the curate of white-chapel, and Mr. Peter Dobson
10575218 - The lady's assistant for regulating and supplying her table
10575217 - The author's printing and publishing assistant
10575216 - The student's assistant in astronomy and astrology ...
10575215 - The Lady's, housewife's, and cookmaid's Assistant
10575214 - The clerk's assistant, in two parts
10575213 - The merchant's assistant, or, Merchantile instructer
10575212 - The Assistant of education
10575211 - The Bible class assistant
10575210 - The practical navigation and seaman's new daily assistant...
10575209 - The Home Book : Or, Young Housekeeper's Assistant
10575208 - The ready reckoner, or, Traders most useful assistant
10575207 - The shipmaster's assistant, and commercial digest
10575206 - An exposition of the confession of faith of the Westminster Assembly of divines
10575205 - House journal of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Kansas
10575204 - General laws, and joint resolutions, memorials and private acts passed at the ... session of the Legislative Assembly of the territory of Colorado
10575203 - A compilation of the laws of the State of Georgia, passed by the Legislature since the year 1819 to the year 1829, inclusive
10575202 - A collection of confessions of faith, catechisms, directories, books of discipline, &c. of publick authority in the Church of Scotland. Together with all the acts of assembly, which are standing rules concerning the doctrine, worship, government and disci
10575201 - Journal of the Senate of the State of Indiana, during the ... session of the General Assembly
10575200 - Executive communication to the General assembly, of Maryland
10575199 - Memoirs of the lives and writings of those eminent divines who convened in the famous assembly at Westminster
10575198 - Sketch of the life of the author, written by himself a short time before his death. A general view of their ancient state and inhabitants. Jamaica. English Charaibean islands. Observations on the disposition, character, manners, and habits of life of the
10575197 - Acts and resolutions adopted by the General Assembly of Florida
10575196 - Minutes of proceedings of a Select committee of the House of Assembly
10575195 - Annual report of the Board of Publication of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America presented to the General Assembly
10575194 - Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia
10575193 - The shorter catechism presented by the Assembly of divines at Westminster, to ... parliament, drawn forth into distinct propositions, with Scripture proofs, by T. Lye
10575192 - The Confession of Faith, Together with the Larger and Lesser Catechismes, Composed by the Reverend Assembly of Divines Sitting at Westminster, Presented to Both Houses of Parliament
10575191 - Laws of the state of Illinois enacted by the General Assembly
10575190 - First-[ninth] report of the Committee of the House of Assembly, on that part of the speech of His Excellency the governor in chief, which related to the settlement of the crown lands, with the Minutes of evidence taken before the committee
10575189 - Journal of the Senate of the General Assembly
10575188 - Report - Assembly of Life Sciences, National Research Council
10575187 - Acts and resolves passed by the General Assembly of the State of Vermont
10575186 - Votes and proceedings of the ... General Assembly of the State of New Jersey
10575185 - Acts of a local nature passed at the session of the General Assembly of the State of Ohio
10575184 - Acts of the General assembly relating to the Eastern state penitentiary
10575183 - Laws of Missouri passed at the General Assembly
10575182 - The principal acts of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland ....
10575181 - Journal of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada ...
10575180 - Documents OF THE Assembly OF THE State OF NEW-York, Fifty-Eighth Session, 1835.
10575179 - Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, with an appendix ...
10575178 - Acts and resolutions passed at the ... session of the General Assembly of the state of Iowa
10575177 - The league illegal, wherein the late Solemn league and covenant is seriously examined, publ. by J. Faireclough. [Followed by] D.F. his speech before the Assembly of divines [and] Dr. Featley's sixteen reasons for episcopal government
10575176 - Journal of the House of Assembly ...
10575175 - Acts of the State of Tennessee passed at the General Assembly
10575174 - Reports AND Evidence OF THE Special Committee OF THE House OF Assembly OF Lower-Canada.
10575173 - Acts of the General Assembly
10575172 - Report ... made to the assembly, Feb. 13, 1829
10575171 - Laws of the State of Indiana, passed and published, at the ... session of the General Assembly
10575170 - Journal of the House of Representatives of the ... Legislative Assembly of Wisconsin
10575169 - A collection of all such acts of the General Assembly of Virginia of a public and permanent nature as have passed since the session of 1801
10575168 - Annals of the general assembly of the Church of Scotland, from the final secession in 1739, to (the rejection of the overture on schism in 1766).
10575167 - Auchterarder case. Report of the debate in the General assembly in the Auchterarder case. Revised by S. Macgregor
10575166 - Journals of the House of Assembly of the Province of New Brunswick
10575165 - Acts passed by the General Assembly of Georgia
10575164 - Local acts passed by the ... General Assembly
10575163 - A speech delivered in the general assembly ... on the overtures relating to the spiritual independence of the Church
10575162 - Journal of the Council of the ... Legislative Assembly of Wisconsin
10575161 - Journal of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada
10575160 - Minutes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
10575159 - Journal of the Council ... session of the ... Legislative Assembly of Wisconsin
10575158 - A particular account of the proceedings of the assembly at Exon, May 6, 1719
10575157 - Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia
10575156 - Report of the Committee of the Commons House of assembly of U. Canada, relative to the Welland canal, with the letter of J.B. Yates, esq. to said committee
10575155 - Legislative documents of the Senate and Assembly of the State of New York
10575154 - Reports Made to the General Assembly of Illinois
10575153 - The Proceedings of the Governor and Assembly of Jamaica
10575152 - The public statute laws of the State of Connecticut passed at the ... session of the General Assembly
10575151 - Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York
10575150 - Annals of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland from the final secession in 1739 to the origin of the relief in 1752 : with an appendix of biographical sketches, illustrative documents, and notes
10575149 - The annual of the Board of Education of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States
10575148 - Reports and resolutions of South Carolina to the General Assembly
10575147 - Laws of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
10575146 - Appendix to journal of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada
10575145 - The seventh report from the Select Committee of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada on Grievances
10575144 - Assembly
10575143 - Acts of the General Assembly of the State of South-Carolina, from February, 1791, to [December, 1804] both inclusive
10575142 - Direct and general support maintenance manual for transmission assembly, automatic, model TX 200-2A, Allison Division, GM, 2520-860-7342, transmission assembly, automatic, model TX 200-2B, Allison Division, GM, 2520-964-9207, transmission assembly, automa
10575141 - Cable assembly CX-1065/G, telephone cable assemblies CX-1606/G and CX-1512/U, and telephone loading coil assembly CU-260/G.
10575140 - Supplication et requ
10575139 - De F. II. Lettres Missives Du Roy, pour faire assembler certain nombre de sa Gendarmerie en armes, montez, & en equipage (selon l'ordonna[n]ce) pour s'embarquer & faire le voyage en Escosse dans le jour prefix en icelle
10575138 - L'
10575137 - L'
10575136 - Corsica in its picturesque, social, and historical aspects
10575135 - Southern slavery in its present aspects
10575134 - Aspects of nature, in different lands and different climates; with scientific elucidations
10575133 - Moral aspects of city life
10575132 - Prostitution, considered in its moral, social & sanitary aspects, in London and other large cities
10575131 - The aspects of religion in the United States of America
10575130 - Fundamental aspects of dislocation theory
10575129 - Environmental aspects of chemical use in rubber processing operations
10575128 - Battle-pieces and aspects of the war [poems].
10575127 - Social and economic aspects of natural resources
10575126 - Social aspects of the Italian revolution, in a series of letters from Florence
10575125 - Battle-pieces and aspects of the war
10575124 - The Engineering aspects of the Qir earthquake of 10 April 1972 in southern Iran
10575123 - Fire Safety Aspects of Polymeric Materials
10575122 - Status and Methods of Research in Economic and Agronomic Aspects of Fertilizer Response and Use
10575121 - Demographic aspects of aging and the older population in the United States
10575120 - Scientific aspects of pest control
10575119 - Basic mechanisms in radiobiology IV. cellular aspects..
10575118 - Environmental aspects of chemical use in well-drilling operations
10575117 - La Syrie,L
10575116 - The present aspect of slavery in America and the immediate duty of the North
10575115 - Prolusions on the present greatness, of Britain; on modern poetry; and on the present aspect of the world
10575114 - Travels in Lower Canada, with the author's recollections of the soil, and aspect
10575113 - Letters on the modern history and political aspect of Europe
10575112 - Conversational Hindustani phrases; or, How to ask a question and give an answer. The Hindustani [in Roman type] by munsh
10575111 - "Ask mamma;" or, The richest commoner in England
10575110 - Observations on the Duke of Richmond's extensive plans of fortification, and the new works he has been carrying on since these were set aside by the House of Commons in 1786
10575109 - Anacalypsis an Attempt to Draw Aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis
10575108 - Apologia pro actis Sanctorum contra Adm. R.P. Sebastianum A.S. Paulo ...
10575107 - The new method of fortification, as practised by Monsieur de Vavban ...
10575106 - The fundamental charter of presbytery, as it hath been lately established in the Kingdom of Scotland
10575105 - A Collection of Tracts, Publish'd in Vindication of Mr. Lock's Reasonableness of Christianity, as Deliver'd in the Scriptures; and of His Essay, Concerning Humane Understanding ...
10575104 - The sermon delivered at the inauguration of the Rev. Archibald Alexander, as professor of didactic and polemic theology, in the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church, in the United States of America
10575103 - Polynesian Mythology and Ancient Traditional History of the New Zealanders. As Furnished by Their Priests and Chiefs
10575102 - The Ballad as Song
10575101 - On the Power Wisdom and Goodness of God as Manifested in the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man
10575100 - The bazaar, its origin, nature, and objects explained, and recommended as an important branch of political economy
10575099 - The text of the English Bible as now printed by the universities
10575098 - Essays: on poetry and music, as they affect the mind
10575097 - A dissertation on duelling. Published, by appointment, as having gained a prize (May 1784) in the university of Cambridge. By Richard Hey, ...
10575096 - An essay on criticism; as it regards design, thought, and expression, in prose and verse, by the author of the Critical history of England
10575095 - Britain as a European Power
10575094 - Eight discourses on the connection between the Old and New Testament considered as two parts of the same divine revelation and demonstrative of the great doctrine of atonement
10575093 - Observations on the Financial Position and Credit of Such of the States of the North American Union as Have Contracted Public Debts ...
10575092 - The connexion of natural and divine truth; or, The study of the inductive philosophy considered as subservient to theology
10575091 - A defence of Scripture doctrines, as understood by the Church of England; in reply to a pamphlet entitled 'Scripture the only guide to religious truth'. In a series of letters to D. Eaton
10575090 - Scottish cryptogamic Flora, or coloured figures and descriptions of cryptogamic plants, belonging chiefly to the order fungi, and intended to serve as a continuation of English botany
10575089 - The Library of Congress as the national bibliographic center
10575088 - A Collection Of Scarce and Valuable Tracts, On The Most Interesting and Entertaining Subjects: But chiefly such as relate to the History and Constitution of these Kingdoms
10575087 - As You Like it
10575086 - Brief commentaries upon such parts of the Revelation and other prophecies as immediately refer to the present times
10575085 - Northern Italy, as far as Leghorn, Florence, and Ancona, and the island of Corsica
10575084 - The Journal of sacred literature, ed. by J. Kitto. [Continued as] The Journal of sacred literature and biblical record. [Continued as] The Journal of sacred literature
10575083 - Telugu-English dictionary
10575082 - Popery! As it was and as it is
10575081 - The Long Lost Friend, Or, Faithful & Christian Instructions Containing Wonderous and Well-tried Arts & Remedies, for Man as Well as Animals
10575080 - Jamaica, as it was, as it is, and as it may be
10575079 - Handbook for travellers in northern Italy: embracing the continental states of Sardinia, Lombardy and Venice, Parma and Piacenza, Modena, Lucca, and Tuscany as far as the Val d'Arno ...
10575078 - A descriptive catalogue of a general collection of ancient and modern engraved gems, cameos as well as intaglios, taken from the most celebrated cabinets in Europe
10575077 - An historical research respecting the opinions of the founders of the republic on negroes as slaves, as citizens, and as soldiers
10575076 - The negro problem solved, or, Africa as she was, as she is, and as she shall be
10575075 - Remarks on a book intitled, Christianity as old as the creation, with regard to ecclesiastical antiquity
10575074 - The history of ... Guernsey, from the remotest period of antiquity to the year 1814, compiled from the collections of H. Budd as well as from authentic documents
10575073 - Woman: as she is, and as she should be
10575072 -
10575071 - Biography of the blind: or the lives of such as have distinguished themselves as poets, philosophers, artists, &c
10575070 - The science of mechanics, as applied to the present improvements in the useful arts in Europe, and in the United States of America: adapted as a manual for mechanics and manufacturers, and containing; tables and calculations of general practical utility
10575069 - Christianity as Old as the Creation
10575068 - The amenability of Northern incendiaries as well to Southern as to Northern laws
10575067 - A course of mathematics for the use of academies, as well as private tuition
10575066 - Prison discipline in its relations to society and individuals: as deterring from crime, and as conducive to personal reformation
10575065 - Examination of public measures proposed in Mdcclxxxii. Both in the House of Commons, and at the India House, as far as they concern the Hon. Warren Hastings, Esq. Governor General of Bengal
10575064 - A new law dictionary, intended for general use as well as for gentlemen of the profession
10575063 - The Harleian miscellany; or, A collection of scarce, curious, and entertaining pamphlets and tracts, as well in manuscript as in print, found in the late earl of Oxford's library, interspersed with historical, political, and critical notes
10575062 - Paris as it was and as it is
10575061 - Drei merkw
10575060 - The poor artist
10575059 - AN Invaluable Collection OF About SIX Hundred Practical Recipes, FOR Business AND Professional MEN, Mechanics, Artist, Farmers, AND FOR Families Generally
10575058 - Memoirs of Benvenuto Cellini, a Florentine artist
10575057 - Historical pictures of the Middle ages, in black and white, made on the spot by a wandering artist [A. Moore].
10575056 - Wanderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North America
10575055 - Clytemnestra, The earl's return, The artist, and other poems, by Owen Meredith
10575054 - The hidden life of the soul [by J.N. Grou]. From the Fr. by the author of A Dominican artist
10575053 - The artist & tradesman's guide
10575052 - The method of Shakespeare as an artist
10575051 - Original Unpublished Papers Illustrative of the Life of Sir Peter Paul Rubens, as an Artist and a Diplomatist
10575050 - Beethoven, the Man and the Artist
10575049 - Tour of a German artist in England
10575048 - The life of Benvenuto Cellini, a Florentine artist
10575047 - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
10575046 - Head-pieces and tail-pieces, by a travelling artist [L. Ritchie].
10575045 - Our artist in Cuba
10575044 - Portfolio of an artist
10575043 - El perfecto bombardero, y practico artificial
10575042 - El perfecto artificial, bombardero y artillero,
10575041 - M
10575040 - Philosophical principles of universal chemistry: or, The foundation of a scientifical manner of inquiring into and preparing the natural and artificial bodies for the uses of life
10575039 - Essay on curling, and artificial pond making
10575038 - Statuvolism, or artificial somnambulism
10575037 - Catalogue of Superior Salmon & Trout Rods, Artificial Flies, and High-class Fishing Tackle. of All Descriptions
10575036 - The eccaleobion; a treatise on artificial incubation
10575035 - A practical treatise on coignet-b
10575034 - Artificial fireworks
10575033 - On a new method of fixing artificial teeth
10575032 - Three essays in artificial philosophy, or universal chemistry
10575031 - A complete treatise on artificial fish-breeding
10575030 - Memoria technica, or, A new method of artificial memory,
10575029 - Botanical descriptions of forty artificial pine hybrids
10575028 - The chemistry of the several natural and artificial heterogeneous compounds used in manufacturing porcelain, glass, and pottery
10575027 - Second Conference on Artificial Colloidal Agents
10575026 - The Artificial Clock-maker
10575025 - An experimental history of the materia medica
10575024 - A Treatise of Artificial Magnets
10575023 - Musaeum Regalis Societatis. Or a Catalogue [et] Description of the Natural and Artificial Rarities Belonging to the Royal Society and Preserved at Gresham Colledge
10575022 - A treatise on the operations for the formation of an artificial pupil
10575021 - Sketch of lectures on artificial or sown grasses, as lucern, saint-foin, clovers, trefoils, vetches, etc. etc
10575020 - A geographical and historical view of the world: exhibiting a complete delineation of the natural and artificial features of each country
10575019 - The natural and artificial wonders of the United Kingdom, by J. Goldsmith
10575018 - Les Articles du trait
10575017 - Instruction pastorale de messire Fran
10575016 - La Discipline eccl
10575015 - La Sainte libert
10575014 - Conjectures de Nicolas de Cusa, cardinal, touchant les derniers temps
10575013 - Conjecture touchant les Derniers temps. Avec la traduction d'une piece extraite des oeuvres melees d'(Etienne) Baluze, contenant la censure faite a Rome en 1318 de 60 articles extraits du commentaire de Pierre Jean Olive sur l'apocalypse, et des remarques
10575012 - Arrest [sic] du Parlement donn
10575011 - A General Index to the First Fifty-six Volumes of the Gentleman's Magazine,: from t.p.) Indexes to the poetical articles, the names of persons, the plates, and to the books and pamphlets
10575010 - The first duty of women. A series of articles repr. from the Victoria magazine, 1865 to 1870
10575009 - Inventaire sommaire des Archives d
10575008 - Selections fron the Edinburgh review, comprising the best articles in that journal, from its commencement to the present time
10575007 - A catalogue of an extensive and valuable collection of books; containing many recent purchases of rare and valuable articles: ... The sale will begin on Monday, the 12th of January, 1795, by Benjamin and John White, ...
10575006 - The religion of the Reformation as exhibited in the Thirty-nine articles of the Church of England [by M. Stevens].
10575005 - A Selection of curious articles from the Gentleman's magazine
10575004 - A catalogue of old books, in the ancient and modern languages and various classes of literature, comprising several valuable libraries and numerous articles of great rarity, recently purchased
10575003 - Two articles from the Princeton review
10575002 - Observations on some of the articles of diet and regimen
10575001 - Annals of Peterhead from its foundation to the present time ... with a number of curious articles hitherto unpublished
10575000 - An attempt to illustrate those Articles of the Church of England, which the Calvinists improperly consider as Calvinistical, in 8 sermons preached in 1804, at the lecture founded by J. Bampton
10574999 - Calvinism and Arminianism compared in their principles and tendency: or The doctrines of general redemption as held by the members of the Church of England, and by the early Dutch Arminians, exhibited in their scriptural evidence, and in their connection
10574998 - Sermons, for parochial and domestic use, designed to illustrate and enforce, in a connected view, the most important articles of Christian faith and practice
10574997 - "Articles" of Irish manufacture; or, Portions of Cork history
10574996 - Rules and articles for the better government of our horse and foot-guards, and all other our land-forces
10574995 - Reasons humbly offered for composing a new set of articles of religion
10574994 - Letters on the subject of subscription to the Liturgy and Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England: first printed in the Whitehall-Evening-Post under the signature of Paulinus; now reprinted, with notes and additions. ... By the author
10574993 - The workwoman's guide, containing instructions in cutting out and completing articles of wearing apparel, by a lady
10574992 - An exposition of the thirty nine articles of the Church of England
10574991 - Le Code civil expliqu
10574990 - Commentaire sur le code civil, contenant l'explication de chaque article s
10574989 - J.J. Rousseau citoyen de Gen
10574988 - Examen du quatri
10574987 - Traduction d'un article des transactions philosophiques sur le corail
10574986 - Annuaire historique universel; ou, Histoire politique, comprenant en outre un aper
10574985 - Trait
10574984 - Formulaire g
10574983 - Observations de M. l'Abb
10574982 - Cat
10574981 - Recueil complet des travaux pr
10574980 - Liste des lieux compris par la derni
10574979 - A refutation; of an article [by T.B. Macaulay] in the Edinburgh review, no. cii., entitled 'Sadler's law of population, and disproof of human superfecundity'.
10574978 - The Article Uterus and its appendages
10574977 - Some account of the public life of the late Lieutenant-General Sir George Prevost, Bart., particularly of his services in the Canadas; including a reply to the strictures on his military character, contained in an article in the Quarterly review for Octob
10574976 - The article on the colonization and commerce of British India
10574975 - Remarks on the uses of the definitive article in the Greek text of the New Testament
10574974 - Plan of parliamentary reform, in the form of a catechism, with reasons for each article
10574973 - An explanation of the Greek article
10574972 - Facts respecting certain versions of Holy Scripture published by the British and Foreign Bible Society: in reply to an article in the seventy-first number of the Quarterly review
10574971 - The doctrine of the Greek article applied to the criticism and illustration of the New Testament
10574970 - The art of book-binding, its rise and progress
10574969 - Practical hints on electrotype manipulation and the art of moulding in plaster &c
10574968 - Theory and art of penmanship
10574967 - The Art of Illuminating as Practised in Europe from the Earliest Times
10574966 - A concise history of ancient institutions, inventions, and discoveries in science and mechanic art
10574965 - A guide to the art collections of the South Kensington museum
10574964 - A Handbook to the Public Galleries of Art in and near London
10574963 - Chesterfield's art of letter-writing simplified
10574962 - A history of the art of printing from its invention to its wide-spread development in the middle of the sixteenth century
10574961 - The beauties of nature and art displayed in a tour through the world ...
10574960 - The Compleat Surveyor: Or, The Whole Art of Surveying of Land
10574959 - Bona mors, or, The art of dying happily
10574958 - Appletons' journal of literature, science and art
10574957 - The art of pastel painting
10574956 - Eighteen books of the secrets of art and nature
10574955 - Catalog of Copyright Entries. Part 4. Works of Art, Etc. New Series
10574954 - A complete guide to the art of shorthand writing
10574953 - A handbook of legendary and mythological art
10574952 - The horticulturist and journal of rural art and rural taste
10574951 - The London Complete Art of Cookery Containing the Most Approved Receipts Ever Exhibited to the Public; Selected with Care from the Newest Editions of the Best Authors, French and English. Also the Complete Brewer; Explaining the Art of Brewing Porter, Ale
10574950 - First proofs of the Universal Catalogue of Books on Art, comp. for use of the National Art Library and the schools of art in the United Kingdom
10574949 - Ovid's Art of love, Remedy of love, Art of beauty, and Amours
10574948 - A catalogue of the Museum of ornamental art, at Marlborough house. (Board of trade dept. of sci. and art).
10574947 - The art of glass
10574946 - The Art journal
10574945 - Tradition and Creativity in Tribal Art
10574944 - The Most Important Art
10574943 - Essays on the theory and practice of the art of war
10574942 - Practical and descriptive essays on the art of weaving
10574941 - Modern Civic Art; Or, The City Made Beautiful
10574940 - On Judging Works of Visual Art
10574939 - The art of English poetry
10574938 - The Art of Worldly Wisdom
10574937 - The art of drawing in perspective
10574936 - Museum of foreign literature, science and art
10574935 - The art of cookery, made plain and easy
10574934 - The history of printing in America, with a biography of printers, and an account of newspapers. To which is prefixed a concise view of the discovery and progress of the art in other parts of the world
10574933 - Science and Art department of the Committee of Council on Education. Inventory of the objects forming the collections of the museum of ornamental art at South Kensington
10574932 - The treasury of ornamental art: illustr. of objects of art and vert
10574931 - The art of tanning and of currying leather, collected from the Fr. of m. de La Lande [Art du tanneur, L'art de faire le maroquin] and others [ed. by C.V.].
10574930 - Histoire des mouvemens arrives dans l'Eglise au sujet d'Orig
10574929 - Trait
10574928 - Anecdotes litteraires ou histoire de ce qui est arrive de plus singulier ... aux ecrivains Francois depuis ... Francois I. jusqu'a nos jours
10574927 - Instruction sur le Jubil
10574926 - Desiderius; or, The original pilgrim: a divine dialogue; shewing the ... way to arrive at the love of God; render'd into English ...
10574925 - A plain and easy method, whereby a man of a moderate capacity may arrive at full satisfaction in all things that concern his everlasting salvation. To which is added, a paraphrase on st. Athanasius's creed
10574924 - Marital status and living arrangements
10574923 - On the construction, organization, and general arrangements of hospitals for the insane
10574922 - Practical pharmacy: the arrangements, apparatus, and manipulations, of the pharmaceutical shop and laboratory
10574921 - A wreath from the wilderness, a selection from the metrical arrangements of Accola Montis-am
10574920 - Philosophical arrangements
10574919 - Reports ... of the proceedings of the commission, appointed to conduct the arrangements for the expeditions to Portugal, in favour of her ... majesty donna Maria, in the years 1831,1832, and 1833: and of the operations of the financial agent to the Portug
10574918 - Discours philosophique sur la cr
10574917 - Bell's classical arrangement of fugitive poetry
10574916 - Dissertations upon the principles and arrangement of a harmony of the Gospels. 3 vols. [and] Suppl. dissertations
10574915 - Catalogue raisonn
10574914 - An arrangement of the genealogies in the Old Testament and Apocrypha
10574913 - Flora Americae Septentrionalis, or, A systematic arrangement and description of the plants of North America
10574912 - Dissertations upon the principles and arrangement of a harmony of the Gospels. 3 vols. [and] Suppl. dissertations. 4 vols [in 5 ].
10574911 - A botanical arrangement of British plants
10574910 - Dissertations upon the principles and arrangement of a harmony of the Gospels
10574909 - Recensio synoptica annotationis sacrae, being a critical digest and synoptical arrangement of the most important annotations on the New Testament, exegetical, philological, and doctrinal
10574908 - An arrangement of British plants
10574907 - Natural Arrangement of British Plants
10574906 - A letter ... on the arrangement of Irish records and the assimilation of Irish to English statute law
10574905 - An attempt towards an improved version, a metrical arrangement, and an explanation of the twelve Minor prophets
10574904 - Elements of fossilogy*: or, an arrangement of fossils, into classes, orders, genera, and species ; with their characters. By George Edwards, Esq
10574903 - A therapeutic arrangement and syllabus of materia medica
10574902 - On the history and natural arrangement of insects
10574901 - An arrangement of provincial coins, tokens, and medalets
10574900 - A natural arrangement of British plants
10574899 - A systematic arrangement of British plants
10574898 - A Botanical Arrangement Of All The Vegetables Naturally Growing in Great Britain
10574897 - An arrangement of the Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs of the Rev. Isaac Watts
10574896 - The natural arrangement and relations of the family of flycatchers, or Muscicapid
10574895 - An arrangement of British plants
10574894 - The Art of Memory, Reduced to a Systematic Arrangement
10574893 - A systematic arrangement of British plants
10574892 - Flora Scotica: or, A systematic arrangement, in the Linn
10574891 - A monotessaron; or The gospel of Jesus Christ, according to the four evangelists: harmonized and chronologically arranged. In a new translation from the Greek text of Griesbach
10574890 - The Statutes at Large of South Carolina: Containing the acts from 1716, exclusive, to 1752, inclusive, arranged chronologically. id., 1838. xxxi, 814 p
10574889 - The letters of Thomas Gray, chronologically arranged from the Walpole and Mason collections
10574888 - The temple of truth or, the best system of reason, philosophy, virtue and morals, analytically arranged
10574887 - Select poetry for children: with notes, arranged by J. Payne
10574886 - Instructive gleanings, moral and scientific, from the best writers on painting and drawing, arranged by R. Mainwaring
10574885 - The New Testament, arranged in chronological & historical order, with copious notes by G. Townsend
10574884 - The New Testament, arranged in chronological and historical order, with notes, by G. Townsend
10574883 - The beauties of modern dramatists, arranged by W.C. Oulton
10574882 - The Parents' friend; or Extracts from the principal works on education, from the time of Montaigne to the present day, methodized and arranged
10574881 - The works of ... Joseph Hall, with some account of his life and sufferings, written by himself, arranged and revised by J. Pratt
10574880 - Anthologia sacra; or, Select theological extracts, selected and arranged by B. Gilpin and W.H. Valpy. 2 vols. [in 1].
10574879 - The complete works in philosophy, politics, and morals, of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, now first collected and arranged
10574878 - The church service, arranged for chanting
10574877 - Sermons for the different Sundays, and principal festivals of the year, selected and arranged by J. Lingard
10574876 - A Practical Grammar of the Sanskrit Language: Arranged With Reference to the Classical Languages of Europe, for the Use of English Students
10574875 - A grammar of the German language
10574874 - Sessional Papers Printed by Order of the House of Lords, Or Presented by Royal Command, in the Session 1840, (30 & 40 Victori
10574873 - A bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account, alphabetically arranged, of the most curious, scarce, useful, and important books,
10574872 - THE Sessional Papers Printed BY Order OF THE House OF Lords OR Presented BY Royal Command IN THE Session 1837 (7 Gulielmi IV. & 1 Victorae,) Arranged IN Fifty-Seven Volumes
10574871 - Laws of the territory of Michigan, condensed, arranged, and passed by the Fifth Legislative Council
10574870 - THE Sessional Papers Printed BY Order OF THE House OF Lords, OR Presented BY Royal Command IN THE Session 1839, Arranged IN Thirty-Eight Volumes.
10574869 - Oweniana: or, Select passages from the works of Owen, arranged by A. Young
10574868 - Reports. Arranged in counties. (Vol.26. County of Oxford. County of Rutland).
10574867 - A system of practical medicine, comprised in a series of original dissertations, arranged and ed. by A. Tweedie
10574866 - First lessons in French: consisting of rules and directions for the attainment of a just pronunciation, and select pieces arranged for double translation ...
10574865 - A manual of the laws of North Carolina, arranged under distinct heads, in alphabetical order
10574864 - A general history and collection of voyages and travels, arranged in systematic order
10574863 - The law of pleading and evidence in civil actions
10574862 - Flowers for ornament and decoration, and how to arrange them
10574861 - Theoretical astronomy relating to the motions of the heavenly bodies revolving around the sun in accordance with the law of universal gravitation
10574860 - Twice around the clock
10574859 - The geology of the country around Stockport, Macclesfield, Congleton, and Leek. (Sheets 81 N. W. and 81 S. W. of the map of the Geological survey of Great Britain)
10574858 - The geology of the country around Cheltenham
10574857 - A Journal of a Tour Around Hawaii, the Largest of the Sandwich Islands
10574856 - Dahcotah, or, Life and legends of the Sioux around Fort Snelling
10574855 - All around the Wrekin
10574854 - Cruise of the frigate Columbia around the world
10574853 - Outlines of a grammar, vocabulary and phraseology of the aboriginal language of South Australia spoken by the natives in and for some distance around Adelaide
10574852 - Striking and picturesque delineations of the grand, beautiful, wonderful, and interesting scenery around Loch-Earn
10574851 - The Three Voyages of Captain James Cook Around the World
10574850 - Around the world
10574849 - Around the Horn in '49
10574848 - Around the tea-table. Complete ed
10574847 - Report of the congressional committee on the operations of the Army of the Potomac
10574846 - Report: Army of the Potomac, including Journal of the Committee, Dec. 20, 1861-Apr. 3, 1863
10574845 - United States Christian Commission, for the army and navy. Work and incidents. First-[fourth] annyal report
10574844 - Memoir of the operations of the British army in India
10574843 - The Effectiveness of the Army technical data package in technology transfer for procurement
10574842 - Estimate AND Accounts: Army; Navy, Civil List; Pensions; &c.
10574841 - Accounts and Papers: Estimates. Army, Navy, Ordnance: Miscellaneous Services, Vol XXXI
10574840 - Report of the Committee appointed to Enquire into the Pathology and Treatment of the Venereal Disease, with the view to diminish its injurious effects on the men of the Army and Navy
10574839 - Facts and reflections, by a subaltern of the Indian army
10574838 - Estimates And Accounts: Army Navy, Ordnance; Civil List, Public Dept; The Bank; The Reveue; Pensions; Land Tax
10574837 - THE NEW Army List, AND Militia List
10574836 - The Army of the Potomac
10574835 - Ordnance manual for the use of the officers of the united states army
10574834 - Register of the army and navy of the United States
10574833 - THE NEW Army List, AND Militia List. NO. LXV. 1ST January, 1855.
10574832 - Camp, march and battle-field; or, Three years and a half with the Army of the Potomac
10574831 - Camp and barrack-room, or, The British Army as it is
10574830 - General regulations for the army
10574829 - The operations of the allied army
10574828 - Military record of civilian appointments in the United States Army
10574827 - History of the old second division, Army of the Cumberland
10574826 - An historical account of the British army
10574825 - Memoirs of Andrew Jackson, major-general in the army of the United States; and commander in chief of the Division of the South
10574824 - The Army surgeon's manual
10574823 - Mr. Dunn Browne's experiences in the army ...
10574822 - Scenes and adventures in the army
10574821 - Official Army register
10574820 - The army-purchase question and report and minutes of evidence of the Royal commission considered, with a particular examination of the evidence of sir C. Trevelyan
10574819 - Camp, march and battlefield: or, Three years and a half with the army of the Potomac
10574818 - Kenneth, or, The rear-guard of the Grand Army
10574817 - The tactic of the British army reduced to detail
10574816 - Observations on the diseases of the army
10574815 - Army and navy pension laws, and bounty land laws of the United States
10574814 - U.S. Army register
10574813 - Autobiography of an English soldier in the United States army
10574812 - Campaign of the Left Wing of the Allied Army, in the Western Pyrenees and South of France, in the Years 1813-14
10574811 - Report of Major-General George B. McClellan, upon the organization of the Army of the Potomac, and its campaigns in Virginia and Maryland, from July 26, 1861, to November 7, 1862
10574810 - A view of the diseases of the army
10574809 - Campaigns of the Army of the Potomac
10574808 - Mortality of the British army
10574807 - Retreat of the French army from Russia
10574806 - Revised United States Army regulations of 1861
10574805 - Our army at Monterey
10574804 - Medical recollections of the Army of the Potomac
10574803 - Recollections of the United States Army
10574802 - Patten's Army manual
10574801 - A List of All the Officers of Army and Royal Marines on Full and Half-pay ...
10574800 - Military antiquities respecting a history of the English army
10574799 - General regulations and orders for the army
10574798 - Regulations for the dress of ... offices of the army
10574797 - "Stonewall" Jackson, late General of the Confederate States Army
10574796 - A narrative of the campaigns of the British army
10574795 - Revised United States army regulations, of 1861
10574794 - Observations on the diseases of the army in Camp and Garrison
10574793 - East-India register and army list
10574792 - A journal of the voyages and travels of a corps of discovery
10574791 - U.S. Army Register
10574790 - Brief remarks on the character and composition of the Russian Army
10574789 - Narrative OF THE Suffering & Defeat OF THE North-Western Army, Under General Winchester
10574788 - Hospital life in the Army of the Potomac
10574787 - Hart's annual Army list, Militia list, and Imperial Yeomanry list
10574786 - Rosecrans' campaign with the Fourteenth army corps, or the army of the Cumberland, by 'W.D.B.'.
10574785 - The army paymaster's manual, or Collection of official rules or [!] the information and guidance of officers of the pay department of the United States army
10574784 - Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force of the United States Army for the Years 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65 ...: West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Ken
10574783 - THE NEW Army List, AND Militia List; Exhibiting THE Rank, Standing, AND Various Services OF Every Regimental Officer IN THE Army Serving ON Full PAY, Including THE Royal Marines, AND Indian Staff Coprs
10574782 - THE NEW Army List, AND Militia List; Exhibiting THE Rank, Standin, AND Various Services OF Every Regimental Officer IN THE Army Serving ON Full PAY, Including THE Royal Marines AND Indian Staff Corps;
10574781 - THE NEW Army List; THE Bank, Standing, AND Various Services Regimental Officer IN THE Army Serving ON Full PAY, Invluding THE Royal Marines AND Indian Staff Corps;
10574780 - Napoleon and the grand army in Russia
10574779 - Memoirs of the life and campaigns of the Hon. Nathaniel Greene, major general in the army of the United States, and commander of the Southern department, in the war of the revolution
10574778 - Memoir of a campaign with the ottoman army in Egypt, from February to July 1800
10574777 - The royal military calendar, containing the services of every general officer in the British army [&c. By J. Philippart].
10574776 - Report to the Surgeon General, United States Army
10574775 - A compilation of registers of the Army of the United States, from 1815 to 1837, inclusive
10574774 - The Writings of George Washington: pt. III. Private letters from the time Washington resigned his commission as commander-in-chief of the Army to that of his inauguration as president of the United States: December, 1783-April, 1789
10574773 - Copies of original letters from the army of General Bonaparte in Egypt,
10574772 - Treatise on military finance containing the pay and allowances in camp, garrison and quarters of the British army with ...
10574771 - Medical facilities design - Army
10574770 - Remarks on the Constitution of the Medical Department of the British Army
10574769 - Army Life in a Black Regiment
10574768 - Travels in Turkey, Asia-Minor, Syria, and across the desert into Egypt during the years 1799, 1800, and 1801, in company with the Turkish Army, and the British Military Mission
10574767 - Historical Records of the British Army [Infantry] ...: regt. North Devon
10574766 - Important official documents relative to the disagreements between the members of the late Army medical board
10574765 - Memoir of the three campaigns of Major-General Sir Archibald Campbell's army in Ava
10574764 - Memoirs of the Marquis de La Fayette, major-general in the revolutionary army of the United States of America
10574763 - The Royal Military Calendar, Or Army Service and Commission Book
10574762 - Memoirs of the campaign of the North Western Army of the United States, A.D. 1812
10574761 - Army and navy chronicle, and Scientific repository
10574760 - The new army list, and militia list
10574759 - Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force of the United States Army for the Years 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65 ...: Indiana, Illinois
10574758 - the army list exhibiting the bank standing and variuos services of every regimental officer in the army serving on full pay
10574757 - Historia gestarum in ecclesia imemorabilium ab armo 1517 ad arm. 1546
10574756 - Campagne des arm
10574755 - Der Landst
10574754 - Compendiose notizie sulla Congregazione de'monaci armeni Mechitaristi di Venezia nell' isola di S. Lazzaro [by Y. Augerean In Arm. and Ital.].
10574753 - Der Landst
10574752 - Schematismus der Kais. K
10574751 - M
10574750 - Epiktetos feylesofun Al-Juz' terj
10574749 - Les Memoires Du Comte De Vordac, General Des Arm
10574748 - Armsmear:
10574747 - Campagnes de la Grande-Arm
10574746 - Agricultural runoff management (ARM) model version II
10574745 - Demonstrative Anleitung zu denen Gr
10574744 - Anfangsgr
10574743 - Andre
10574742 - K
10574741 - An attempt to illustrate the usefulness of decimal arithmetic, in the revd. mr. Brown's method of working interminate fractions
10574740 - Practical arithmetic
10574739 - Arithmetic, in all its parts, vulgar and decimal
10574738 - A compleat body of arithmetic, in four books ...
10574737 - Arithmetic made familiar and easy to young gentlemen and ladies
10574736 - A treatise of arithmetic
10574735 - The common school arithmetic ...
10574734 - Arithmetic
10574733 - Practical mercantile arithmetic
10574732 - The youth's assistant in theoretic and practical arithmetic, : designed fo the use of schools in the United States
10574731 - A brief compendium of arithmetic
10574730 - A complete treatise on arithmetic, rational and practical
10574729 - The elements of arithmetic
10574728 - Practical arithmetic
10574727 - A theoretical and practical arithmetic
10574726 - The elements of arithmetic
10574725 - Conversations on arithmetic
10574724 - Arithmetic simplified ... in three parts ...
10574723 - The American tutor's assistant revised; or, A compendious system of practical arithmetic
10574722 - Examples in arithmetic and algebra
10574721 - The scholar's arithmetic; or, Federal accountant ...
10574720 - Elements of arithmetic, theoretical and practical
10574719 - Practical and Mental Arithmetic on a New Plan
10574718 - First lessons in arithmetic on the plan of Pestalozzi
10574717 - Arithmetic made easy to children
10574716 - A treatise on arithmetic
10574715 - Arithmetic, both in the theory and practice
10574714 - The mercantile arithmetic
10574713 - A new system of mercantile arithmetic
10574712 - Arithmetic
10574711 - A key to The national arithmetic
10574710 - Staniford's practical arithmetic ...
10574709 - The scholar's arithmetic
10574708 - Conkling's Arithmetic
10574707 - First lessons in arithmetic
10574706 - The practical arithmetic
10574705 - The new American arithmetic
10574704 - A treatise on arithmetic, collected from the works of several eminent authors
10574703 - Complete schoolmaster's assistant: being a plain comprehensive system of practical arithmetic
10574702 - A new and plain system of arithmetic
10574701 - The child's arithmetic ...
10574700 - Theory of some of the elementary operations in arithmetic and algebra
10574699 - A new system of arithmetic
10574698 - The scholar's arithmetic, or, Federal accountant
10574697 - A practical and theoretical system of arithmetic
10574696 - Pike's system of arithmetic abridged
10574695 - Key to the North American arithmetic
10574694 - Arithmetic and algebra ...
10574693 - Elements of arithmetic, with numerous examples
10574692 - Decimal arithmetic made perfect
10574691 - Practical and mental arithmetic
10574690 - Arithmetic, rational and practical
10574689 - The North American arithmetic
10574688 - A treatise of practical arithmetic and bookkeeping, by single entry
10574687 - A Complete System of Practical Arithmetic, with Various Branches in the Mathematics
10574686 - Adams's new arithmetic
10574685 - The elements of the true arithmetic of infinites
10574684 - A practical treatise on arithmetic
10574683 - A treatise of decimal arithmetic, or Decimals applied to the common rules of arithmetic ...
10574682 - Myographia Nova, Or, A Description of All the Muscles in Humane Body, as They Arise in Dissection
10574681 - Harmonie de la raison et de la religion ou R
10574680 - Psalmorum Versio Nova Ex Hebraeo fonte ; Cum argumentis & notis, quibus duplex eorum sensus literalis, im
10574679 - Le grand tombeau du monde, ou Jugement final des party en six livres
10574678 - Arguments and decisions, in remarkable cases
10574677 - Letters ON Psalmody: A Review IF THE Leading Arguments FOR THE Exclusive USE OF THE Book OF Psalms.
10574676 - Legal arguments and speeches to the jury, diplomatic and official papers, and miscellaneous letters
10574675 - Facts and arguments for Darwin
10574674 - Speeches, Arguments, Addresses, AND Letters OF Clement L. Vallandigham
10574673 - Catalogue of books on the masonic institution, in public libraries of twenty-eight states of the Union, antimasonic in arguments and conclusions. With intro. remarks, and a compilation of records and remarks, by a member of the Suffolk committee of 1829 [
10574672 - Official report of the proceedings, testimony, and arguments in the trial of James H. Hardy
10574671 - The poll of the freeholders of Warwickshire, at the election at Warwick, on the 31st October [&c.] To which is added, the arguments of counsel, and the evidence adduced before the committee of the House of commons for and against the petition of the Coven
10574670 - The arguments of the books and chapters of the Old (and New) Testament, with practical observations, tr. by J. Chamberlayne
10574669 - Cotton is king, and pro-slavery arguments
10574668 - Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Court of King's Bench: Cases adjudged in the reign of William the Third [1688-1694] with several learned arguments-and with two tables
10574667 - A full report, embracing all the evidence and arguments in the case of the Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Thomas Ritchie, Jr
10574666 - Report of the arguments of counsel in the case of Prudence Crandall plff. in error vs. State of Connecticut before the Supreme Court of Errors at their session at Brooklyn, July term 1834
10574665 - A new translation of the Heautontimorumenos, and Adelphi of Terence: in prose. With a free inquiry into mr. Colman's arguments for translating the comedies into blank verse. By a member of the University of Oxford
10574664 - The arguments of the Emperor Julian against the Christians
10574663 - Juridical arguments and collections
10574662 - The reports and arguments [1665-1674] of that learned judge, Sir John Vaughan, kt., late lord chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas
10574661 - Speeches and forensic arguments
10574660 - Report of the arguments of the attorney of the commonwealth
10574659 - Thucydides: Biographical sketch of Thucydides. Arguments. The Peloponnesian War, Book I-III
10574658 - Facts and arguments respecting the great utility of an extensive plan of inland navigation in Ireland. With an appendix, containing the report of William Jessop, Esq. Civil Engineer, respecting the practicability and expence of making an artificial harbou
10574657 - Thucydides: Arguments. Peloponnesian War, Book III (cont'd.)-VI
10574656 - Arguments of Celsus, Porphyry and the emperor Julian against the Christians; also extracts from Diodorus Siculus, Josephus, and Tacitus, relating to the Jews. Together with an appendix containing the oration of Libanius in defence of the temples of the he
10574655 - Presbyterianism defended, and the arguments of modern advocates of prelacy examined and refuted
10574654 - Arguments and facts demonstrating that the letters of Junius were written by John Lewis De Lolme ...
10574653 - The life of the Right Honourable Sir John Holt, Knight, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's-Bench; containing several arguments touching the rights and liberties of the people, delivered by His Lordship, ... With a table of references to all His Lor
10574652 - Argument ou enti
10574651 - Dissertation sur ce mot de s. Augustin, causa finita est, la cause est finie, o
10574650 - Argument dises Biechleins Symon Hessus zeigt an Doctori Martino Luther Ursach, warumb die Lutherischen Biecher von den Coloniensern und Lovaniensern verbrent worden sein ...
10574649 - The condensed argument for the legislative prohibition of the liquor traffic ...
10574648 - Life in a risen Saviour, discourses on the argument of the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians
10574647 - Argument of John Quincy Adams, Before the Supreme Court of the United States
10574646 - An argument against the jurisdiction of the military commissions to try citizens of the United States
10574645 - An Argument on Behalf of the Catholics of Ireland
10574644 - A condensed anti-slavery Bible argument
10574643 - "Vestiges of the natural history of creation"
10574642 - An enquiry concerning redemption. Wherein the Christian redemption is particularly considered. To which is prefixed, a preface; wherein is shewn, that if Christianity be not founded on argument, ... then it is most uncertain and precarious, ... By Tho. Ch
10574641 - Argument of William H. Seward, in defence of William Freeman, on his trial for murder, at Auburn, July 21st and 22d, 1846
10574640 - A Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage; Together with the Sense of Antiquity Upon this Argument. 2. Ed
10574639 - Argument of Samuel L. Southard
10574638 - A refutation of every argument brought against the truth of Christianity, and revealed religion, by Thomas Paine, in the first part of his work, called 'The age of reason'.
10574637 - Argument on the French Revolution
10574636 - The main argument of a late book, intitled, Christianity as old as the creation, fairly stated and examined. Or, a short view of that whole controversy
10574635 - Conciones du
10574634 - An argument in the case of James Sommersett, a Negro, lately determined by the Court of King's Bench
10574633 - A third defense of an argument made use of in a letter to Mr Dodwel,
10574632 - Reason and Argument
10574631 - Reports of cases argues and determined in the Supreme court of the state of Louisiana ...
10574630 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the courts of Exchequer and Exchequer Chamber
10574629 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the English courts of common law
10574628 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the circuit court ...
10574627 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Alabama
10574626 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the courts of Exchequer & Exchequer chamber
10574625 - Reports of cases argued and ruled at Nisi Prius
10574624 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Errors of the state of Connecticut ...
10574623 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court and, at law, in the Court of Errors and Appeals of the State of New Jersey
10574622 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Chancery of the State of New York
10574621 - Reports of cases argued and determined before the committees of His Majesty's most honourable Privy Council
10574620 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of the vice chancellor of England ...
10574619 - Irish law reports
10574618 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the General Court and Court of Appeals of the State of Maryland, form 1800 ... [to 1826]
10574617 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia
10574616 - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Ecclesiastical Courts at Doctors' Commons, and in the High Court of Delegates: Michaelmas term, 1828-Trinity term, 1829, and some cases of an earlier date in the supplement and appendix
10574615 - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Consistory Court of London
10574614 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the King's Bench Practice Court
10574613 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the courts of King's Bench and in the provincial Court of Appeals of Lower Canada
10574612 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Queen's bench
10574611 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of King's Bench
10574610 - Cases argued and adjudged in the High Court of Chancery
10574609 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana ...
10574608 - Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the Supreme Court of the United States
10574607 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of King's Bench, in the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first, twenty-second, twenty-third, twenty-fourth, and twenty-fifth years of the reign of George III [1778-1785]
10574606 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the High court of chancery
10574605 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the High Court of Chancery
10574604 - Les reports des divers special cases argue & adjudge en le Court del bank le Roy
10574603 - Programa Internacional de Adiestramiento en Elaboracion de Proyectos de Asentamientos Campesinos en Areas de Riego: Informe
10574602 - United States Census of Agriculture: 1950: Counties and state economic areas. 34 pts
10574601 - Paleocene Foraminifera of the Gulf Coastal region of the United States and adjacent areas
10574600 - Upper Cretaceous Foraminifera of the gulf region of the United States and adjacent areas
10574599 - Flood-prone areas and land-use planning
10574598 - A summary of knowledge of the Southern California coastal zone and offshore areas
10574597 - 1970 Census of Population: Missouri-Wyoming, Puerto Rico, and outlying areas
10574596 - 1967 Census of Transportation: Commodity transportation survey: pt. 1. Shipper groups. pt. 2. Production areas and selected states. pt. 3. Commodity groups
10574595 - Segregation in residential areas
10574594 - Gravity anomalies: unsurveyed areas
10574593 - Geology and uranium occurrences of the northern half of the Lehighton, Pennsylvania, quadrangle and adjoining areas
10574592 - Weight of thyroid in dairy cows from different geographical areas within the United States
10574591 - Final Environmental Statement for the Geothermal Leasing Program: Leasing of geothermal resources in three California areas
10574590 - 1972 economic censuses of outlying areas
10574589 - 1970 census of population and housing. Employment profiles of selected low-income areas
10574588 - Employment, hours, and earnings, states and areas
10574587 - Quality of life indicators in U.S. metropolitan areas, 1970
10574586 - Handling and Storage of Food Grains in Tropical and Subtropical Areas
10574585 - Soliditas Et Area Superficierum Frustorum Ungularium Resectorum A Cylindris Rectis, Quorum Bases Sectiones Conicae Etiam Altiorum Generum, Ope Calculi Integralis Investigatae
10574584 - Soliditas & area superticierum frustorum ungularium resectorum a cylindris rectis, quorum bases sectiones conicae etiam altiorum generum, ope calculi integralis investigatae
10574583 - Caroli Bovilli Samarobrini De laude Hierusalem liber unus. Eiusdem De laude gentium, lib. I, de Concertatione et area peccati lib. I, de Septem uitijs lib. I
10574582 - Foto_ Interpretacion, Su Aplicacion en la Determinacion de la Clasificacion Y Cartografia de Los Suelos de Un Area de la Peninsula de Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
10574581 - Soliditas et area superficierum frustorum ungularium resectorum a cylindris rectis quorum bases sectiones conic
10574580 - Opuscula pastoralia de diversis, sive commixtum migma, quod in area ventilatum est, vt agni christiani pascantur copiose & spatiose... auctore R. D. Iacobo Marchantio...
10574579 - Soil survey, Eastern Stanislaus area, California
10574578 - Retail trade, area statistics. 3 v
10574577 - 1972 Census of Selected Service Industries: Area statistics. (3 v.)
10574576 - Soil survey, San Diego area, California
10574575 - Soil survey, Alameda area, California
10574574 - Soil survey, Ventura area, California
10574573 - Some physical constants for the Marshall Islands area
10574572 - Soil survey Homer-Ninilchik area Alaska
10574571 - Mortality from cancer and other malignant tumors in the registration area of the United States, 1914
10574570 - U.S. exports. World area by commodity groupings
10574569 - Small-area data notes
10574568 - Soil survey of Cowlitz area, Washington
10574567 - 1967 Census of Manufactures: pt. 1. Area statistics: Alabama-Montana
10574566 - Soil survey of the Santa Barbara area, California
10574565 - 1969 Census of Agriculture: Area reports. 55 pts. in 86
10574564 - Uranium deposits in the Eureka Gulch area, Central City district, Gilpin County, Colorado
10574563 - Water resources of the San Francisco Bay area, California
10574562 - U.S. exports of domestic merchandise, SIC- Based products and area
10574561 - Geology and uranium-vanadium deposits of the Monument Valley area, Apache and Navajo Counties, Arizona
10574560 - Industrial employment and other factors in selecting an area for rural development
10574559 - Birth, stillbirth, and infant mortality statistics for the birth registration area of the United States
10574558 - Reconnaissance of the geology and ground-water resources of the La Prele Area, Converse County, Wyoming
10574557 - Geology and ore deposits of the Bayard area, Central Mining District, New Mexico
10574556 - Geology of the Calamity Peak Area Custer County South Dakota
10574555 - Geographic area coding manual
10574554 - Two discourses concerning the doctrine of Christ's satisfaction: or, The true reason of His sufferings: wherein the Socinian and Antinomian controversies are truly stated and explained
10574553 - A Literal Translation of Those Satires of Juvenal and Persius which are Read in Trinity College, Dublin
10574552 - The Asiatic islands and New Holland: a description of the various tribes by which they are inhabited. (World in miniature).
10574551 - The plays of William Shakespeare, with the corrections and illustr. of various commentators, to which are added notes by S. Johnson
10574550 - An apology for the freedom of the press, and for general liberty. To which are prefixed remarks on bishop Horsley's sermon, preached [before the Lords] on the thirtieth of January last
10574549 - Discoveries in hieroglyphics, and other antiquities, in progress to which many compositions are put in a light entirely new
10574548 - Materia Indica, or, Some account of those articles which are employed by the Hindoos and other Eastern nations in their medicine, arts and agriculture
10574547 - The literary life of William Brownrigg. To which are added An account of the coal mines near Whitehaven: and Observations on the means of preventing epidemic fevers
10574546 - A collection of all such acts of the General Assembly of Virginia, of a public and permanent nature, as are now in force
10574545 - Elements of medical jurisprudence; or a succinct and compendious description of such tokens in the human body as are requisite to determine the judgment of a coroner, and courts of law, in cases of divorce, rape, murder, etc
10574544 - Letters to John Aikin, M. D., on his volume of Vocal poetry: and on his "Essays on song-writing; with a collection of such English songs as are most eminent for poetical merit."
10574543 - A Dictionary of Select and Popular Quotations, which are in Daily Use
10574542 - An ecclesiastical history, antient and modern, from the birth of Christ, to the beginning of the present century: in which the rise, progress, and variations of church power are considered in their connexion with the state of learning and philosophy, and
10574541 - A Biographical Peerage of the Empire of Great Britain in which are Memoirs and Characters of the Most Celebrated Persons of Each Family
10574540 - All the works of Epictetus, which are now extant
10574539 - The United States of North America as they are
10574538 - The history of the Scottish church, Rotterdam, to which are subjoined, Notices of the other British churches in the Netherlands; and A brief view of the Dutch ecclesiastical establishment
10574537 - A new system of geology, in which the great revolutions of the earth and animated nature, are reconciled at once to modern science and sacred history
10574536 - Abstracts of the several laws and rules that are now in force, relating to the importation and exportation of wines
10574535 - Shakespeare illustrated, or The novels and histories on which the plays of Shakespeare are founded
10574534 - Sermons on the principal festivals of the Christian Church, to which are added three sermons on Good Friday
10574533 - The Works of Celebrated Authors, of Whose Writings There are But Small Remains: George Stepney. William Walsh. Thomas Tickell. Bishop Sprat
10574532 - The plays of William Shakespeare. In ten volumes. With the corrections and illustrations of various commentators; to which are added notes by Samuel Johnson and George Steevens. With an appendix..
10574531 - An abridgment of the Book of martyrs: to which are prefixed, the living testimonies of the church of God, and faithful martyrs, in different ages of the world; and the corrupt fruits of the false church, in the time of the apostacy
10574530 - Calendars of the proceedings in chancery, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth; to which are prefixed Examples of earlier proceedings in that court, namely from the reign of Richard the second to that of Queen Elizabeth, inclusive
10574529 - Rhymes without reason, with reasons for rhyming: to which are added, two prose essays. By the author of no other publication!!! [signed E.G.].
10574528 - The rudiments of the French tongue, or An essay and rational introduction to French grammar: wherein the principles of the language are methodically digested with useful notes and observations ...
10574527 - The Americans as they are
10574526 - An introduction to the study of the history and antiquities of Ireland: in which the assertions of Mr. Hume and other writers are occasionally considered. Illustrated with copper-plates ...
10574525 - A treatise on the puerperal fever: wherein the nature and cause of that disease, so fatal to lying-in women, are represented in a new point of view illustrated by dissections; and a rational method of cure proposed, ...By Nathaniel Hulme, ...
10574524 - Essays on the recollections which are to subsist between earthly friends reunited in the world to come, and on other subjects connected with religion and in part with prophecy
10574523 - Catalogue of plants, which are sold by Conrad Loddiges and Sons, nurserymen, at Hackney, near London
10574522 - The works of celebrated Authors, of whose writings there are but small Remains
10574521 - The Works of the Rev. John Newton ... to which are Prefixed Memoirs of His Life, &c
10574520 - De statu mortuorum & resurgentium tractatus. Of the state of the dead, and of those that are to rise
10574519 - Twenty-one letters written to a near relative at school. To which are annexed, a few pieces of poetry
10574518 - The West Indies as They are
10574517 - Scientific dialogues, for young people: in which the first principles of natural and experimental philosophy are explained
10574516 - The Baronetage of England, or the History of the English Baronets, and such Baronets of Scotland, as are of English families
10574515 - Dissertations on the Prophecies, which Have Remarkably Been Fulfilled, and at this Time are Fulfilling in the World
10574514 - "Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters!"
10574513 - Reports of the secretary of the treasury. To which are prefixed the reports of A. Hamilton on public credit, a national bank [&c.].
10574512 - A treatise upon elemental locomotion, & interior communication, wherein are explained & illustrated
10574511 - Of The State Of The Dead, And Of Those that are to Rise
10574510 - Things as they are
10574509 - An American selection of lessons, in reading and speaking, calculated to improve the minds and refine the taste of youth: to which are prefixed rules in elocution, and directions for expressing the principal passions of the mind
10574508 - Human reason an insufficient guide in matters of religion and morality. Being the substance of two sermons preach'd before the University of Oxford, at St. Mary's Church, on Sunday, October 27, 1734, and Monday February 2. 1735-6. In which the arguments l
10574507 - Beauties of Cowper. To which are prefixed, a life of the author and observations on his writings
10574506 - A key to the prophecies of the Old & New Testaments
10574505 - The tragedy of Macbeth, to which are added all the orig. songs
10574504 - The spectator. A new edition in eight volumes ; with illustrative notes, to which are prefixed The lives of the authors. By Robert Bisset
10574503 - A catalogue of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers which are propagated for sale
10574502 - A list of the claims as they are entred [!] with the Trustees
10574501 - An English grammar: in which the principles of the language are methodically arranged, and practically illustrated
10574500 - A system of natural philosophy, in which the principles of mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics [etc.] are familiarly explained
10574499 - Comparative view of the evidence by which the respective claims to divine authority of the Bible and Hindoo shasters are supported
10574498 - Things, as they were - as they are and as they ought to be, a poem
10574497 - A vocabulary of such words in the English language as are of dubious or unsettled accentuation
10574496 - The great case of transplantation in Ireland discussed, or, Certain considerations, wherein the many great inconveniences in the transplanting the natives of Ireland generally out of the three provinces of Leinster, Ulster, and Munster, into the province
10574495 - A catalogue of several valuable libraries, and parcels of books lately purchas'd; consisting of many thousand volumes ... The books are in very good condition; ... And will begin to be sold ... on Thursday, February the 7th, 1760. By L. Davis and C. Reyme
10574494 - A dissertation on the prophecies, that have been fulfilled, are now fulfilling, or will hereafter be fulfilled
10574493 - A view of the present state of the salmon and Channel-fisheries, and of the statute laws by which they are regulated
10574492 - The Apocalypse revealed, Wherein are disclosed the arcana ther foretold, which have hitherto remained concealed. From the Latin
10574491 - The peerage of England. 3 vols. [in 4. Sig. N6,7 of vol. 1, 3B1 of vol. 2, and 2F5,6 of vol. 3 are cancels. Sig. K5 of vol. 3 has been cancelled and replaced by a bifolium].
10574490 - The Hibernian patriot: a collection of the Drapier's letters to the people of Ireland concerning [W.] Wood's brass half-pence, together with considerations on the attempts made to pass that coin, and reasons for the people, of Ireland's refusing it. To wh
10574489 - The liturgy compared with the Bible; or, An illustration ... by Scripture quotations ... of such parts of the Book of common prayer ... as are not direct extracts from the holy Scriptures
10574488 - The rule and exercises of holy living. (By I. Taylor). [Followed by] The rule and exercises of holy dying. [2 pt. With a general title-leaf reading The rule and exercise of holy living and of holy dying. Pt. is of the 1680 ed. The 2 large engravings are m
10574487 - Manual of joint causes of death showing assignment to the preferred title of the international list of causes of death when two causes are simultaneously reported
10574486 - Such things are
10574485 - Heavenly arcana which are in the sacred scripture or word of the Lord, laid open, together with wonderful things which were seen in the world of spirits and in the heaven of angels
10574484 - A guide to Christ, or, The way of directing souls that are under the work of conversion
10574483 - The works of Sir Walter Ralegh, kt., now first collected, to which are prefixed the lives of the author
10574482 - Sermons on various subjects... wherein many things relating to Christian experience, and the future state, are set in a fair and easy light. Together with a sacred hymn annexed to each subject
10574481 - Gospel-truth stated and vindicated: wherein some of dr Crisp's opinions are considered
10574480 - Shakespear illustrated, or, The novels and histories, on which the plays of Shakespear are founded
10574479 - Strictures on road police, containing views of the present systems, by which roads are made and repaired, together with sketches of its progress in Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest to the present time, with an appendix ...
10574478 - A few observations concerning those things which are probable or in some measure ascertained, relative to the history and cure of the plague
10574477 - A review of the Catholic question, in which the constitutional interests of Ireland, with respect to that part of the nation, are investigated
10574476 - A catalogue of valuable books, in various languages, and in every class of literature: which are to be sold, at the prices affixed to each article, by Thomas Payne, ...
10574475 - A Biographical Peerage of the Empire of Great Britain: A biographical peerage of Ireland, in which are memoirs and characters of the most celebrated persons of each family
10574474 - Treason unmask'd; or, The Queen's title, the revolution, and the Hanover succession vindicated, Against the treasonable positions, of a book lately publish'd, intitled The hereditary right of the crown of England asserted, the history of the succession si
10574473 - Johnson's Dictionary of the English language, in miniature, to which are subjoined, An alphabetical account of the heathen deities [&c.]. By W. Braun. London stereotype ed., revised
10574472 - A Treatise of Conversion, Preached and Now Published for the Use of Those that are Strangers to a True Conversion, Especially the Grosly Ignorant and Ungodly
10574471 - The Baronetage of England, Or the History of the English Baronets, and Such Baronets of Scotland, as are of English Families
10574470 - A critical commentary on such books of the Apocrypha, as are appointed to be read in churches ...
10574469 - Fairy tales, now first collected: to which are prefixed two dissertations: 1. On pygmies. 2. On fairies. By J. Ritson
10574468 - A catalogue of valuable books, in all languages and sciences; lately purchased and imported from abroad: many of the articles are upon large paper, ... Which are now selling 1793 ... by James Robson, ...
10574467 - The History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, which are Dependent on the Province of New-York in America, and are the Barrier Between the English and French in that Part of the World
10574466 - Report AND Evidence OF THE Committee ON Arbitrary Arrests, IN THE State OF Indiana
10574465 - Proscription delineated, or, A development of facts appertaining to the arbitrary and oppressive proceedings of the North Association of Litchfield County in relation to the author
10574464 - Review of a sermon entitled, "The Christian bishop approving himself unto God, in reference to the present state of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States"
10574463 - A Discours Concerning the Laws, Ecclesiastical and Civil, Made Against Hereticks, by Popes, Emperors and Kings, Provincial and General Councils, Approved by the Church of Rome
10574462 - Veterinary pathology: or, A treatise on the cause and progress of the diseases of the horse, together with the most approved methods of prevention and cure
10574461 - The elements of civil architecture, according to Vitruvius and other ancients, and the most approved practice of modern authors especially Palladio
10574460 - The Classic; or, Summary of mental improvement and moral entertainment ... in a variety of the most approved Histories, anecdotes, Allegories, Tales, Visions, etc., selected from the best classical writers, to which is prefixed, an essay on pronunciation
10574459 - The Italian novelists: selected from the most approved authors in that language
10574458 - Analecta Theologica: A Digested AND Arranged Compendium OF THE Most Approved Commentaries ON THE NEW Testament
10574457 - Poetical selections, consisting of the most approved pieces of our best British poets, excellent specimens of fugitive poetry, and some original pieces by Cowper, Darwin, and others
10574456 - Original precedents in conveyancing, settled and approved by the most eminent conveyancers, interspersed with the observations and opinions of counsel upon various intricate cases
10574455 - Remarks on 'the most rev. dr. **'s Catechism; revised, enlarged, approved, and recommend by the four R.C. archbishops of Ireland, as a general Catechism for the kingdom?
10574454 - Report of the committee of the Society of arts, &c. together with the approved communications and evidence upon the same, relative to the mode of preventing the forgery of bank notes
10574453 - Flowers of piety selected from approved sources and adapted for general use
10574452 - The characteristic costume of France; from drawings made on the spot, with appropriate descriptions. By an artist recently returned from the continent [R.B. Peake].
10574451 - Institutes of masonic jurisprudence, an exemplification of the English book of constitutions methodically digested under appropriate heads; together with a summary view of the laws and principles of the royal arch
10574450 - The father's book, or, Suggestions for the government and instruction of young children, on principles appropriate to a Christian country
10574449 - Chapel & school architecture, as appropriate to the buildings of nonconformists: with practical directions
10574448 - The Book of psalms, pointed for chanting, and adapted to appropriate chants by an English priest
10574447 - A new and appropriate system of education for the labouring people
10574446 - Appropriate technologies for developing countries
10574445 - An abridgment of Hiley's English grammar: together with appropriate exercises
10574444 - An address to the public, and especially the clergy, on the near approach of the glorious, everlasting Kingdom of God on earth ...
10574443 - The triumphs of Christianity over infidelity displayed, or the coming of the Messiah, the true key to the right understanding of the most difficult passages in the New Testament; a full answer to the objection of mr. Gibbon [in the history of the decline
10574442 - The evident approach of a war
10574441 - The scientific chronology of the year 1839, a sign of the near approach of the kingdom of God
10574440 - A data-pooling approach to estimate employment multipliers for small regional economics
10574439 - An inquiry into the propriety of applying wastes to the better maintenance and support of the poor
10574438 - Experiments and observations made with the view of improving the art of composing and applying calcareous cements and of preparing quick-lime
10574437 - Admiralty manual for ascertaining and applying the deviations of the compass caused by the iron in a ship
10574436 - Brief remarks [by W. Harris] upon The dispute adjusted [by E. Gibson] about the proper time of applying for a repeal of the Corporation and Test acts, by shewing that no time is proper, in a letter
10574435 - A collection of the acts passed in the Parliament of Great Britain, particularly applying to the province of Upper-Canada
10574434 - A further inquiry into the expediency of applying the principles of colonial policy to the government of India
10574433 - Brandy and salt; a remedy for various complaints discovered by W. Lee, containing directions for making and applying the remedy
10574432 - An earnest and serious address to the freeholders and electors of Great-Britain, on occasion of the clamor raised against the bill to permit persons to apply for naturalization, professing the Jewish religion. ... By an orthodox member of the Church of En
10574431 - The unsuccessfulness of repeated fasts consider'd and apply'd
10574430 - Chemistry applied to arts and manufactures
10574429 - National ingratitude exemplified, in the case of Gideon, and his family; and applied to the present times
10574428 - The Review of applied entomology
10574427 - Mathematics practically applied to the useful and fine arts
10574426 - The principles of money applied to the present state of the coin of Bengal
10574425 - Chemistry as applied to the fine arts
10574424 - An essay on the use of the spirit level, as applied to engineering and other purposes
10574423 - An essay on the comparative efficiency of regulation or abolition, as applied to the slave trade
10574422 - Surgical Applied Anatomy
10574421 - Moxon's Mechanick Exercises; Or The Doctrine of Handy-works Applied to the Art of Printing
10574420 - La r
10574419 - Dictionnaire des finances contenant la d
10574418 - Syst
10574417 - Secrets modernes des arts et m
10574416 - Manuel d'applications math
10574415 -
10574414 - Syst
10574413 - Programme, ou R
10574412 - Secrets modernes des arts et m
10574411 - (403-763 p., [3] h. l
10574410 - Essai sur l'id
10574409 - Trait
10574408 - Trait
10574407 - The Useful Metals and Their Alloys, Including Mining Ventilation, Mining Jurisprudence, and Metallurgic Chemistry Employed in the Conversion of Iron, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Antimony and Lead Ores; with Their Applications to the Industrial Arts
10574406 - Chemistry in its applications to agriculture and physiology
10574405 - Chemical technology; or, Chemistry in its applications to the arts and manufactures
10574404 - The Chemical gazette, or, Journal of practical chemistry, in all its applications to pharmacy, arts, and manufactures
10574403 - A Treatise on Algebra: Symbolical algebra and its applications to the geometry of positions
10574402 - Animal chemistry, or Organic chemistry in its applications to physiology and pathology, ed. [and tr.] by W. Gregory
10574401 - A catechism of the steam engine in its various applications to mines, mills, steam navigation, railways, and agriculture
10574400 - Organic chemistry in its applications to agriculture and physiology, ed. by L. Playfair
10574399 - Elements OF Descriptive Geometry, With ITS Applications TO Spherical Projections, Shades AND Shadows, Perspective AND Isometric Projections
10574398 - Principles of political economy, with some of their applications to social philosophy
10574397 - Electric science, its history, phenomena and applications
10574396 - Neutron Standards and Applications
10574395 - Dictionary of chemistry with its applications to mineralogy, physiology and the arts
10574394 - The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colours, and Their Applications to the Arts
10574393 - Lectures on the applications of chemistry and geology to agri-culture ...
10574392 - THE ZOIST; a journal or cerebral physiolog & meserism and their applications to human welfare
10574391 - A treatise on the steam-engine in its various applications to mines, mills, steam navigation, railways, and agriculture
10574390 - The anatomy of the arteries of the human body and its applications to pathology and operative surgery, with a ser. of lithogr. drawings. The drawings by J. Maclise
10574389 - The Mining magazine and journal of geology, mineralogy, metallurgy, chemistry and the arts in their applications to mining and working useful ores and metals
10574388 - The Sextant and Its Applications
10574387 - The doctrine of limits with its applications
10574386 - Wells's principles and applications of chemistry
10574385 - The Microscope: Its History, Construction, and Applications ...
10574384 - Organic chemistry in its applications to agriculture and physiology
10574383 - Energy systems of extended endurance in the 1-100 kilowatt range for undersea applications
10574382 - Ferrocement: applications in developing countries
10574381 - Hormonal relationships and applications in the production of meats, milk, and eggs
10574380 - A treatise on the science & practical detail of trigonometrical surveying, with their applications to surveying in general, (besides a minute description, illustrated by figures, of the repeating circle ...)
10574379 - A collection of examples of the applications of the differential and integral calculus
10574378 - A collection of examples of the applications of the calculus of finite differences
10574377 - Daily readings. Passages of Scripture selected for social reading, with applications, by the author of 'The listener'.
10574376 - Development and possible applications of plasma and related high-temperature generating devices
10574375 - The steam engine familiarly explained and illustrated; with an historical sketch of its invention and progressive improvement; its applications to navigation and railways
10574374 - Rettung der Warheit und Unschuld, welche enthalten in Hn. D. Phil. Jacob Speners beiden Tractaten: I. Freyheit der Kinder Gottes ... II. Sieg der Warheit und Unschuld; und aber durch das menschliche Gerichte Herrn L. Johann Simons f
10574373 - L'Art des lettres de change, suivant l'usage des plus c
10574372 - Principles of geometry, mensuration, trigonometry, land-surveying, and levelling, with their application to the solution of practical problems in estimation, surveying and railway engineering
10574371 - Chemistry in its application to agriculture and physiology
10574370 - The principles of navigation simplified, with luni-solar and horary tables, and their application in nautical astronomy
10574369 - The sewing machine: its history, construction, and application, tr. by U. Green
10574368 - A treatise on the rules which govern the interpretation and application of statutory and constitutional law
10574367 - A treatise on the steam engine in its application to mines, mills, steam navigation, and railways
10574366 - Hemorrhoids and prolapsus of the rectum. Their treatment by the application of nitric acid
10574365 - A treatise on plane co-ordinate geometry; or, The application of the method of co-ordinates to the solution of problems in plane geometry
10574364 - Natural and mesmeric clairvoyance with the practical application of mesmerism in surgery and medicine
10574363 - Higher Arithmetic, Or, the Science and Application of Numbers
10574362 - An introduction to plain trigonometry, with its application to heights and distances
10574361 - Affixes IN Their Origin AND Application
10574360 - On the Uses and Application of Cavalry in War
10574359 - An elementary treatise on the application of trigonometry
10574358 - On the application of machinery to the manufacture of rotating chambered-breech fire-arms and their peculiarities
10574357 - Spherical tables and diagram, with their application to Great circle sailing, and various problems in nautical astronomy
10574356 - On the treatment of hyperpyrexia as illustrated in acute articular rheumatism by means of the external application of cold
10574355 - Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the application of iron to railway structures ...
10574354 - A natural philosophy, embracing the most recent discoveries in the various branches of physics, and exhibiting the application of scientific principles in every-day life ...
10574353 - The kaleidoscope, its history, theory and construction with its application to the fine and useful arts
10574352 - The Stereoscope; its History, Theory, and Construction, with its Application to the fine and useful Arts and to Education
10574351 - Papers on the subject of sir Charles Warre Malet's application for precedency in the order of baronets
10574350 - A system of crystallography, with its application to mineralogy
10574349 - Arithmetic, algebra, differential and integral calculus, by W. Rutherford. Application of algebra to geometry, plane trigonometry, spherical trigonometry, mensuration, coordinate geometry of two dimensions, by Stephen Fenwick
10574348 - Elements of chemistry, with its application to explain the phenomena of nature and the processes of arts and manufactures
10574347 - Essay on the Application of Abstract Reasoning to the Christina Doctrines
10574346 - A history of naval architecture. To which is prefixed, an introductory dissertation on the application of mathematical science to the art of naval
10574345 - General views on the application of galvanism to medical purposes
10574344 - A dissertation by way of inquiry into the true import and application of the vision related Dan. IX. ver. 20 to the end usually called Daniel's prophecy of seventy weeks
10574343 - On the application of cast and wrought iron to building purposes
10574342 - On artificial limbs, their construction and application
10574341 - Plane trigonometry and its application to mensuration and land surveying
10574340 - A treatise on the general principles, powers, and facility of application of the Congreve Rocket system, as compared with artillery
10574339 - The application of the roman alphabet to all the Oriental languages
10574338 - Instructions for the application of light drill to skirmishing in the field
10574337 - Some principles of visibility and their application to forest fire detection
10574336 - A chymical catechism, or, The application of chymistry to the arts
10574335 - Sermons intended to show a sober application of scriptural principles to the realities of life
10574334 - Pathogenic specialization in cereal rust fungi, especially Puccinia recondita f. sp. tritici: concepts, methods of study, and application
10574333 - Adhesives in building: selection and field application; pressure-sensitive tapes
10574332 - Principles of political economy considered with a view to their practical application
10574331 - The Princess of Cumberland's statement to the English nation, as to her application to ministers
10574330 - Field and depot maintenance for engine, diesel (multifuel), turbosupercharged, fuel injected, water cooled, 6-cylinder, assembly-2815-897-5061, (Continental model LDS-427-2) and clutch, assembly (ORD 7748995), (Long model 13CF) : end item application, tru
10574329 - A treatise on the properties and medical application of the vapour bath
10574328 - The doctrine and application of fluxions
10574327 - The surgeon's practical guide in dressing and in the methodic application of bandages
10574326 - A letter from Alexandria on the evidence of the practical application of the quadrature of the circle
10574325 - Application of technology to improve productivity in the service sector of the national economy
10574324 - A collection of cases overruled, denied, doubted, or limited in their application
10574323 - A short account of the late application to Parliament made by the merchants of London upon the neglect of their trade
10574322 - Astronomical tables and formul
10574321 - The application of unit area control in the management of ponderosa-Jeffrey pine at Blacks Mountain Experimental Forest
10574320 - Land application of sewage effluents and sludges
10574319 - An investigation into the remarkable medicinal effects resulting from the external application of veratria
10574318 - A treatise on geometry and its application in the arts
10574317 - Oriental customs: or, An illustration of the Sacred scriptures by an explanatory application of the customs and manners of the Eastern nations
10574316 - A practical application of the principles of geometry to the mensuration of superficies and solids
10574315 - British pomology; or, The history, description, classification, and synonymes, of the fruits and fruit trees of Great Britain. Vo.1, The apple
10574314 - The evaporation of the apple of Palaestina
10574313 - The apple culturist
10574312 - A Treatise on the Culture of the Apple & Pear and on the Manufacture of Cider & Perry
10574311 - The compleat cyderman: or, the present practice of raising plantations of the best cyder apple and perry pear-trees, with the improvement of their excellent juices. ... By experienc'd hands, ...
10574310 - The names of the Roman Catholics, nonjurors, and others, who refus'd to take the oaths to His late Majesty King George. ... Transmitted to the late Commissioners for the Forfeited Estates ... As appears by the returns of the Clerks of the Peace ... Taken
10574309 - A general history of the house of Guelph, or royal family of Great Britain, from the earliest period in which the name appears upon record to the accession of His Majesty King George the First to the throne. With an appendix of authentic and original docu
10574308 - Testimony of Christ's Second Appearing, exemplified by the principles and practice of the true Church of Christ
10574307 - The safety of appearing at the day of judgment
10574306 - Ten discourses on the present and future condition of the Church, in connection with the glorious appearing of our Lord
10574305 - The testimony of Christ's second appearing
10574304 - P. Ouidii Nasonis Metamorphoseon figur
10574303 - Letters on the cholera asphyxia, as it has appeared in the city of New-York
10574302 - A description of the jail distemper, as it appeared amongst the Spanish prisoners, at Winchester in the year 1780; ... by James Carmichael Smyth
10574301 - A plain and familiar method for attaining the knowledge and practice of common arithmetic. ... By Edmund Wingate, ... the nineteenth edition. Wherein the additions and emendations, made by Mr. John Kersey, in his appendix, and Mr. George Shelly, in his su
10574300 - Royal Naval Biography : Or, Memoirs of the Services of All the Flag-officers, Superannuated Rear-admirals, Retired-captains, Post-captains, and Commanders, Whose Names Appeared on the Admiralty List of Sea Officers at the Commencement of the Present Year,
10574299 - A view of the principal deistical writers that have appeared in England in the last and present century
10574298 - Letters arising out of a correspondence between ... John Mackey ... and ... H. Woodward, which appeared in the Clonmel newspapers
10574297 - Royal naval biography; or, Memoirs of the services of all the flag-officers, superannuated rear-admirals, retired-captains, post-captains, and commanders, whose names appeared on the Admiralty list of sea officers at the commencement of the present year o
10574296 - Mr. King's speech at Egham, with T. Paine's letter to him on it and mr. King's reply, as they all appeared in the Morning herald. King's second letter
10574295 - Case of Peter Finnerty, including a full report of all proceedings which took place in the Court of King's Bench upon the subject, and of which but an imperfect sketch has appeared in the newspapers, with notes and a preface
10574294 - The Northumberland poll-book; containing a list of the freeholders who voted at the contested elections for the county of Northumberland in the years 1747-8, 1774, and in Feb. and March, 1826. Including a complete collection of the papers which appeared i
10574293 - The Franks, from their first appearance in history to the death of King Pepin
10574292 - Early discoveries by Spaniards in New Mexico: containing an account of the castles of Cibola, and the present appearance of their ruins
10574291 - The situation of the world at the time of Christ's appearance,
10574290 - An Ecclesiastical History Of Scotland, From The First Appearance Of Christianity In That Kingdom To The Present Time
10574289 - Christ's certain and sudden appearance to judgment
10574288 - Select Tracts Relating to the Civil Wars in England, in the Reign of King Charles the First: Berkeley, J. Berkeley, 1st baron. Memoirs of Sir John Berkeley. 1699. Huntington, R. Sundry reasons, inducing Major Robert Huntingdon to lay down his commission.
10574287 - Characters historical and panegyrical of the greatest men that have appear'd in France, during the last century
10574286 - A systematic treatise, historical, etiological, and practical, on the principal diseases of the Interior Valley of North America, as they appear in the Caucasian, African, Indian, and Esquimaux varieties of its population
10574285 - A short description of the human muscles, chiefly as they appear on dissection
10574284 - Miscellaneous reflections occasion'd by the comet which appear'd in December 1680
10574283 - An account of puerperal fevers, as they appear in Derbyshire, and some of the counties adjacent
10574282 - Berkeley, J. Berkeley, 1st baron. Memoirs of Sir John Berkeley. 1699. Huntington, R. Sundry reasons, inducing Major Robert Huntingdon to lay down his commission. 1648. Fairfax, T. Fairfax, 3d baron. Short memorials of Thomas lord Fairfax. 1699. Hobbes, T.
10574281 - Dr. Scudder's appeal to the children and youth of the United States of America
10574280 - Reports of cases adjudged in the Court of Error and Appeal
10574279 - An inquiry into the right of appeal from the Chancellor
10574278 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals and Court of Errors of South Carolina, on appeal from the courts of law
10574277 - Reports of cases determined in the Court of chancery, and in the Prerogative court, and, on appeal, in the Court of errors and appeals, of the state of New-Jersey. [1845-1853]
10574276 - Appeal from tradition to Scripture and common sense
10574275 - An appeal to the people of England on the recognition and superintendence of prostitution by governments, by an English mother
10574274 - Appeal to the wealthy of the land, ladies as well as gentlemen, on the character, conduct, situation, and prospects of those whose sole dependence for subsistence is on the labour of their hands
10574273 - An earnest appeal for mercy to the children of the poor [&c.].
10574272 - An appeal to the public
10574271 - An appeal from the new to the old Whigs, in consequence of some late discussions in Parliament, relative to the Reflections on the French Revolution
10574270 - Reports of cases heard and determined by the lord chancellor, and the Court of appeal in chancery. [1851-1857]
10574269 - An appeal to the creditors of the Bank of Maryland
10574268 - An appeal to loyal religious people in behalf of Kentucky
10574267 - An appeal to all that doubt, or disbelieve the truths of the gospel
10574266 - An appeal to the publick, in behalf of all the scholars born or to be born in the two counties of Northampton and Lincoln
10574265 - An appeal to the people of Ireland
10574264 - Reports of cases decided in the House of lords, upon appeal from Scotland, from 1726 to [1822] ...
10574263 - An analytical digest of all the reported cases decided in the supreme courts of judicature in India, in the courts of the Hon. East-India Company, and on appeal from India, by Her Majesty in Council
10574262 - Argument and appeal in behalf of the remains of the Revolutionary patriots who died in the Sugar-House prison in Liberty Street, and others, soldiers of the War of 1812, etc
10574261 - The Law reports, Chancery appeal cases
10574260 - The truth of revelation, demonstrated by an appeal to existing monuments, sculptures, gems, coins, and medals
10574259 - An appeal to the poor miner, and to every nobleman, gentleman, and tradesman, who feels interested in a miner's fate
10574258 - An appeal to the public for religious liberty against the oppressions of the present day
10574257 - An appeal on the subject of slavery
10574256 - Fletcher's appeal to matter of fact & common sense
10574255 - An appeal from the country to the city for the preservation of His Majesties person, liberty, property, and the Protestant religion
10574254 - Mr. Griffin's appeal to the Right. Hon. the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty
10574253 - An Appeal to the people
10574252 - An humble appeal to the publick, together with some considerations on the present critical and dangerous state of the stage in Ireland. By Thomas Sheridan, ...
10574251 - A preservative against the principles and practices of the Nonjurors both in church and state. Or, An appeal to the consciences and common sense of the Christian laity
10574250 - A letter to the author of a Further inquiry into the right of appeal from the chancellor or vicechancellor of the university of Cambridge, in matters of discipline
10574249 - A sincere Christian's answer to the appeal to the common sense of all Christian people
10574248 - The appeal of the oratory to the first ages of Christianity...
10574247 - An appeal to the nation: or, The case of the present Prime Minister of Great-Britain truly stated
10574246 - The charter of the kingdom of Christ, explain'd in two hundred conclusions and corollaries, from the last words of our blessed Lord to his disciples: being an appeal to the consciences of all the subjects of that kingdom, and a preservative against the pr
10574245 - The case and appeal of James Ashley ... in relation to ... the apprehending Henry Simons
10574244 - The opinion of an eminent lawyer, concerning the right of appeal from the Vice-chancellor of Cambridge, to the Senate
10574243 - An appeal to the people of England
10574242 - An appeal to the common sense common honesty and common piety of the laity, in respect to the payment of tythe, &c..
10574241 - The disbanded volunteers appeal to their fellow-citizens
10574240 - An answer [by sir R. L'Estrange] to the Appeal from the country to the city [by C. Blount.].
10574239 - An appeal of the clergy of the church of England to the bishops ... to redress their grievances
10574238 - An analytical digest of the reports of cases decided in the courts of common law, and equity, of appeal, and nisi prius
10574237 - An appeal in favor of that class of Americans called Africans
10574236 - An appeal to the public,
10574235 - An appeal to the Commons and citizens of London
10574234 - An appeal to the common sense, mind and manhood of the British nation
10574233 - A farther appeal to men of reason and religion
10574232 - King Charls his case: or, An appeal to all rational men concerning his tryal
10574231 - An appeal to the people of Illinois on the question of a convention
10574230 - The history of the University of Cambridge, and of Waltham abbey. With The appeal of injured innocence
10574229 - An appeal to the public, in behalf of Elizabeth Canning
10574228 - An appeal to the public
10574227 - Idolatry, the prevailing practice of the Church of Rome; or An appeal from testimony to facts, a letter
10574226 - An appeal to the gospel
10574225 - An appeal to the religion, justice, and humanity of the inhabitants of the British empire, in behalf of the Negro slaves in the West Indies
10574224 - Cases decided in the House of lords, on appeal from the courts of Scotland, 1821-[1824] ...
10574223 - Reports of cases on appeal from Scotland, decided in the House of Peers
10574222 - England Appeal, from the private caballe at white hall to the great Council of the Nation
10574221 - An appeal in favor of Sunday Schools
10574220 - An appeal to scripture and tradition, in defence of the Unitarian faith
10574219 - An appeal to the gospel
10574218 - An appeal from the new to the old Whigs
10574217 - Appeal to the Christian public
10574216 - An appeal to the commons and citizens of London. [Followed by] the preface to the Political constitutions, &c
10574215 - An analytical digest of the reports of cases decided in the courts of common law, and equity, of appeal, and nisi prius
10574214 - The theology of the early patriarchs, illustrated by an appeal to subsequent parts of the holy Scriptures, a series of letters
10574213 - An appeal to the British nation
10574212 - Protestant securities suggested, in an appeal to the clerical members of the University of Oxford
10574211 - An appeal to impartial posterity, by citizeness Roland ...
10574210 - The appeal of John Whalley Master,
10574209 - An appeal to the people
10574208 - A candid appeal to the religious public, in a letter ... to the inhabitants of the Forest of Dean [by I. Bridgman] ... occasioned by the dismissal of ... I. Bridgman ... from the curacy of Trinity church
10574207 - A second appeal to the justice and interests of the people, on the measures respecting America
10574206 - An appeal to the publick from an unappellate tribunal. Or An impartial enquiry into the rise, progress and extent of visitatorial power
10574205 - An appeal to the temperature, on the vice of intemperance
10574204 - An appeal to the public, on the subject of the riots in Birmingham
10574203 - Appeal to the Christian women of the South
10574202 - An Essay on the Recovery of the Apparently Dead
10574201 - La Chronique des Roys de France, et des cas m
10574200 - Some account of the first apparent symptoms of the late rebellion in the county of Kildare, and an adjoining part of the King's county
10574199 - Observations on apparent death from drowning, hanging, suffocation
10574198 - A popular treatise on the remedies to be employed in cases of poisoning and apparent death
10574197 - Shakespeare's versification and its apparent irregularities explained by examples from early and late English writers
10574196 - bk. I. Of the apparent motion of the heavenly bodies
10574195 - Observations of the apparent distances and positions of 380 double and triple stars made in the years 1821, 1822 and 1823
10574194 - A popular treatise on the remedies to be employed in cases of poisoning and apparent death, tr. by W. Price
10574193 - Tables of the apparent places of the comet of 1661, whose return is expected in 1789
10574192 - The heir apparent. Revised by miss Gunning
10574191 - The Apology of Plato
10574190 - An apology for the life & character of the celebrated prophet of Arabia, called Mohamed, or the Illustrious
10574189 - A Translation of the Epistles of Clement of Rome, Polycarp, and Ignatius, and of the First Apology of Justin Martyr
10574188 - An apology for Mohammed and the Koran
10574187 - Plato's Apology and Crito
10574186 - An apology for promoting Christianity in India
10574185 - An Apology for Actors in Three Books
10574184 - An apology for the colouring of the Greek court in the Crystal Palace
10574183 - An apology for the life and character of the ... prophet ... Mohamed
10574182 - Mirror of modesty, by R. Greene. Life and death of Gamaliel Ratsey. Ceyx and Alcione, by W. Hubbard. Apology for England's joy, by R. Vennar. History of Plasidas, by J. Partridge. Anatomy of absurdity, by T. Nash. Royal arbor of loyal poesie, by T. Jordan
10574181 - Alfred's apology
10574180 - An Apology for Believing in Universal Reconciliation
10574179 - Plato's Apology and Crito, with Notes
10574178 - An apology for the Church of England
10574177 - An apology for the Septuagint, in which its claims to biblical and canonical authority are stated and vindicated
10574176 - The Apology of Socrates, the Crito, and Part of the Phaedo
10574175 - Apology and Crito
10574174 - An apology for slavery; or, six cogent arguments against the immediate abolition of the slave-trade
10574173 - An apology for the life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews
10574172 - The apology of the Church of England
10574171 - The Apology of Plato
10574170 - A serious apology for the Ecclesiastical characteristics
10574169 - An apology for the Common English Bible
10574168 - Mr. Steele's apology for himself and his writings;
10574167 - A necessary apology for the baptized believers: wherein they are vindicated from the accusations of W. Pratt in his epistle to J. Woodward
10574166 - An apology for the monostrophics which were published in 1782, with a second collection of monostrophics
10574165 - A supplemental apology for the believers in the Shakspeare-papers
10574164 - An apology for smokers
10574163 - An apology for apostolic order and its advocates, occasioned by the strictures and denunciations of the Christian's magazine
10574162 - An apology for the freedom of the press, and for general liberty
10574161 - Animadversions on a work, entitled, "An apology for the life and character of the celebrated prophet of Arabia, called Mohamed, or the Illustrious; by Godfrey HIggins, Esq." with annotations
10574160 - An apology for the disbelief of revealed religion
10574159 - An apology for the Bible
10574158 - An apology for the Church of England
10574157 - An apology for the life of Mr. Colley Cibber, comedian, and late patentee of the Theatre-Royal
10574156 - An inquiry into the belief of the Christians of the first three centuries respecting the one Godhead of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, a sequel to A Scriptural confutation of the rev. mr. Lindsey's late Apology
10574155 - An apology for the colonial clergy of Great Britain
10574154 - The Apology of Theophilus Lindsey on Resigning the Vicarage of Catterick, Yorkshire
10574153 - A modest apology for the Reverend Mr. Thomas Bradbury, in a letter to the dissenting layman. By a gentleman of Exon
10574152 - An apology for both parties in the present disputes among the London ministers, with propositions for peace
10574151 - An apology for the believers in the Shakespeare-papers
10574150 - An apology for the Baptists
10574149 - An apology for the life of Colley Cibber
10574148 - Plato's Apology of Socrates, Crito, and Phaedo
10574147 - An apology for the life of Mr. Colley Cibber, comedian
10574146 - The Rosciad. The apology. The prophecy of famine, a Scots pastoral. An epistle to William Hogarth. The ghost. book 1-2
10574145 - Apology for new principles in education
10574144 - Liturgical considerations; or, An apology for the daily service of the Church, contained in the Book of common prayer
10574143 - A modest apology for those of the superior clergy, who have not yet subscribed to the proposals, for publishing the works of the late Mr. Hutchinson. With remarks on a late advertisement. In a letter to a clergyman in the country
10574142 - A Whig's apology for his consistency; in a letter from a member of parliament [sir R. Adair].
10574141 - Apology
10574140 - An Apology for the Life of James Fennell
10574139 - An apology for the life of George Anne Bellamy, late of Covent-Garden theatre
10574138 - An apology for the life of George Anne Bellamy
10574137 - Apology for the true Christian Divinity
10574136 - A reply to a piece, intitled, St. Peter's Christian apology,
10574135 - Advertisements for the unexperienced planters of New England, or anywhere
10574134 - Inquire within for anything you want to know
10574133 - Anything That's Peaceful
10574132 - Furs, capitols, prouisions e actes de cort, fets e atorgats per la S. C. R. M. del rey don Phelip... en les Corts generals per aquell celebrades als regnicols de la ciutat y regne de Valencia, en lo monestir del glorioso Sancto Domingo..., en lo any MDCII
10574131 - Catechisme pastoral de platicas doctrinals y espiritvals per tots los divmenges del any
10574130 - Constitutions y altres drets de Cathalunya compilats en virtut del cap. de Cort Xxiiii de las Corts per la S. C. y reyal maiestat del rey don Philip nostre senyor celebradas en la villa de Montso any Mdlxxxv
10574129 - A table of the circles arising from the division of an unit, or any other whole number, by all the integers from 1 to 1024 [by H. Goodwyn].
10574128 - Catechisme pastoral de platicas doctrinals y espirituals per tots los diumenges del any
10574127 - Constitutions fetes per la S.C.R. Magestat del rey don Fhelip [sic] Segon, rey de Castella, de Arago, etc. en la primera Cort celebra als cathalans en la ciutat de Barcelona en lo monastir de S. Francesch en lo any 1599
10574126 - Constitucions, capitols y actes de cort fetas y atorgats per la S.C.R. magestat del rey nostre senyor don Carlos IIJ, rey de Castella, de Arag
10574125 - Alivio de pastors y past de ovelles ab lliss
10574124 - Capitols per lo Redres del General y casa de Cathalunya, fets en las Corts celebrades en lo Monestir de San Francesch de Barcelona per la S.C.R.M. del Serenissim Senyor Rey Don Felip, II de Arag
10574123 - Redres y ordinacions novaments fetas y estatuidas per lo savi Concell de Cent de la Excelentissima ciutat de Barcelona, tingut, y celebrat als 30. de abril del any 103. concernents, al Regimen de la Taula dels Comuns Deposits de dita ciutat, y banch de aq
10574122 - Meditacions piadosas sobre los Sagrats Evangelis de totas las dominicas del any que canta la Iglesia en la Santa Missa
10574121 - Constitvcions, capitols, y actes de cort, fetas, y atorgats, per la S.C.R. Magestat del Rey Nostre Senyor, Don Carlos III, rey de Castella, de Arag
10574120 - Maximas escullidas de entre las obras de S. Francisco de Sales, distribuhidas per cada dia de l'any per un sacerdot franc
10574119 - Capitols de Cort fets sobre lo redres del General y casa de la Deputacio del principat de Cathalunya en la sisena Cort general convocada per la S.C.C. y R.M. del Emperador y rey nostre se
10574118 - Corn tables, shewing the cost of any number of quarters and bushels, from ten shillings to eighty shillings per quarter
10574117 - Report from the commitee appointed to inquire into the existence of any abuses in the desposal of the patronage of the East India Comp
10574116 - Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics
10574115 - The English physician, enl. with three hundred and sixty-nine medicines made of English herbs, not in any former impression of Culpeper's British herbal, containing an astrologo-physical discourse on the various herbs of this nation ...
10574114 - Poems ascribed to Robert Burns, not contained in any edition of his works hitherto published
10574113 - A plain and familiar method for attaining the knowledge and practice of common arithmetic. Containing all the useful rules both in whole numbers, and fractions, vulgar and decimal, extraction of the square and cube-roots, simple and compound interest, ann
10574112 - The New Complete Guide to All Persons who Have Any Trade Or Concern with the City of London, and Parts Adjacent...
10574111 - The first and chief groundes of architecture used in all the auncient and famous monymentes & with a farther & more ample discouse [!] uppon the same, than hitherto hath been set out by any other
10574110 - Capitols, estatuts, e ordinacions de la... ciutat de Valencia, dits del Quitament : ordenats, y publicats en lo insigne Consell General de aquella en lo dia de 21 de Mar
10574109 - A sexagesimal table, exhibiting, at sight, the result of any proportion, where the terms do not exceed sixty minutes. Also tables of the equation of second difference, and tables for turning the lower denominations of English money, weights, and measures
10574108 - A discussion of the question, Is the Roman Catholic religion, in any or in all its principles or doctrines, inimical to civil or religious liberty?
10574107 - The Divine Trinunity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ; Or the Blessed Doctrine of the Three Coessentiall Subsistents in the Eternall Godhead Without Any Confusion Or Divsion of the Distinct Subsistences, Or Multiplication of the Most Single and Entire
10574106 - The works of Dr Jonathan Swift, Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin. Accurately corrected by the best editions. With the author's Life and character; Notes historical, critical, and explanatory; Tables of contents, and indexes. More complete than any preceding e
10574105 - Does dr. Hampden's inaugural lecture imply any change in his theological principles ? A letter
10574104 - A collection of all such statutes and parts of statutes, as any way relate to the Admiralty, Navy, and ships of war, and other incidental matters
10574103 - Dictionarium Britannicum Or a More Compleat Universal Etymological English Dictionary Than Any Extant
10574102 - An enquiry into the contents, virtues, and uses, of the Scarborough spaw-waters: with the method of examining any other mineral-water. By Peter Shaw, ...
10574101 - The naval gunner containing a correct method of disparting any piece of ordnance ... tables of ranges ... remarks on bomb vessels, fire ships ... &c
10574100 - An analytical exposition of the absurdity and iniquity of the oaths, when taken by Protestants, or any other sects of Christians, that the sacrifice of the Mass and the invocation of saints are superstitious, idolatrous, and damnable
10574099 - A letter to ... lord Castlereagh ... on the North American export-trade ... during any time the import and use of our manufactures are interdicted in the United States
10574098 - Synodicon in Gallia reformata, or the Acts, decisions, decrees and canons of those famous national councils of the reformed churches in France... collected and composed out of original manuscript acts of those... synods, a work never before extant in any
10574097 - An Asylum for fugitive pieces, in prose and verse, not in any other collection: with several pieces never before published. A new ed., including pieces not in the former edition, and several never before printed
10574096 - A short and easy method with the deists, where in the certainty of the Christian religion is demonstrated by infallible proof, [from four rules which are incompatible with any imposture that ever yet has been, or can possibly be] In a letter to a friend
10574095 - The afflicted man's companion: or, A directory for families and persons afflicted with sickness or any other distress
10574094 - The consequences of trade, as to the wealth and strength of any nation
10574093 - A necessary Doctrine and erudicion for any chrysten man, set furth by the kynges maiestye of Englande etc
10574092 - Statics of stat
10574091 - Mechanick dyalling: teaching any man, to draw a true sun-dyal on any given plane, however scituated
10574090 - The perpetual time calculator, for ascertaining the number of days from any given day to any other within the year ...
10574089 - A Hindee grammar for the instruction of the young in the form of easy questions and answers
10574088 - Two answers to Cardinal Perron
10574087 - Narratives of remarkable conversions and revival incidents: including a review of revivals, from the day of Pentecost to the great awakening in the last century--conversions of eminent persons--instances of remarkable conversions and answers to prayer--an
10574086 - The Athenian oracle; an entire collection of all the valuable questions and answers in the old Athenian mercuries, by a member of the Athenian society [J. Dunton, ed. by S. Wesley].
10574085 - The Athenian Oracle beign an entire collection of all the valuable questions and answers
10574084 - Rapport du Comit
10574083 - Particular answers to the most material objections made to the proposal humbly presented to His Majesty, for relieving, reforming, and employing all the poor of Great Britain
10574082 - A collection of elementary test questions in pure and mixed mathematics, with answers
10574081 - Miscellaneous observations on the works of the late Lord Viscount Bolingbroke; on the several answers to them, and Mons. Voltaire's defence of his Lordship; and on the subjects themselves. In a series of letters to a nobleman. Part I. By a free-thinker
10574080 - Answers to some critical strictures
10574079 - Abstact of the answers and returns made pursuant to an act
10574078 - An enquiry into the medicinal virtues of Bristol-water: and the indications of cure which it answers. By George Randolph, ...
10574077 - The child's Latin primer; or, First Latin lessons, extr., with questions and answers, from an 'Elementary Latin grammar'.
10574076 - Letters from the living to the living, relating to the present transactions, both publicke and private, with their several answers, written by several hands [by T. Brown]. [2 issues].
10574075 - A letter to the author of a late pamphlet, entitled, A letter to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of London: occasion'd by disputing with a Quaker. Containing the answers, which the writer of that letter might and ought to have given to the Quaker, ...
10574074 - Questions communicated by Lord Overstone to the Decimal Coinage Commissioners, with answers
10574073 - Philosophical reflexions on philosophical answers to that important question, Is the mind of man for the use of his body; or is his body for the use of his mind?
10574072 - Questions and answers on law
10574071 - A collection of severall speeches, messages, and answers ... to both houses of parliament. Together with the humble petitions, messages ... and orders of both houses, besides other occurrences in parliament from ... Ian.1641
10574070 - The Gospel Treasury ...: Biblical criticisms, interesting dialogues, and a variety of casuistical questions and answers
10574069 - The arguments of faith; or, Incontrovertible answers to Sophists and Epicureans
10574068 - The tutor, or, youths companion: a collection of questions and answers on important subjects
10574067 - The mathematical questions, proposed in the Ladies' diary, and their original answers
10574066 - Dr. Bell's system of instruction broken into short questions and answers for the use of masters and teachers in the national schools
10574065 - A catechism on the corn laws; with a list of fallacies and the answers
10574064 - Answers to the Questions Lately Considered at a Meeting Held in Plymouth, on Sept. 15, 1834, and the Following Days
10574063 - A translation of the S
10574062 - Exercises on the Shorter catechism, in which the answers are minutely dissected;
10574061 - Archbishop Secker's lectures on the catechism, arranged in questions and answers, for the use of schools and families
10574060 - The state of the country discussed, in a number of questions and answers. [Followed by] Postscript on parliamentary reforn and on the poor laws
10574059 - A collection of the several petitions, representations and answers of the states and of the Royal Court of Jersey
10574058 - The Church catechism broken into more questions and answers, by C. Girdlestone
10574057 - A reply to Dr. Gray's three answers to a written paper, entitled, Mr. Worger's case. By Christopher Packe, M.D.
10574056 - A collection of all the ecclesiastical laws, canons, answers, or rescripts ... concerning the government, discipline and worship of the Church of England, from its first foundation to the conquest, that have hitherto been publish'd in the Latin and Saxoni
10574055 - The common forms and rules for drawing and answering an original bill in chancery
10574054 - A table of anti-logarithms
10574053 - A manuel of controversies clearly demonstrating the truth of Catholique religion, by texts of Holy Scripture, councils of all ages, fathers of the first 500 yeers, common sense and reason, and fully answering the principal objections of Protestants, and a
10574052 - Dirletons
10574051 - Corruptae latinitatis index: or, a collection of barbarous words and phrases, which are found in the works of the most celebrated modern writers in Latin. With an alphabetical table, shewing, what words and phrases, taken from the classics, would have ...
10574050 - Religious cases of conscience answered, by S. Pike and S. Hayward. To which is added The spiritual companion. With The touchstone of saving faith
10574049 - The doctrine of universal restoration examined and refuted
10574048 - Three questions proposed & answered
10574047 - The Craftsman answered paper by paper
10574046 - His majesties finall answer concerning episcopacie 1st Nov. Repr
10574045 - Two letters to ... lord Byron, in answer to his lordship's letter to [John Murray] on W.L. Bowles's Strictures on the life and writings of Pope
10574044 - An answer to a book intituled A plain account of the nature and end of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
10574043 - An answer to a pamphlet, called, A second letter to the people. In which the subsidiary system is fairly stated, and amply considered
10574042 - An answer to a pamphlet
10574041 - Lex, rex: the law and the prince, a dispute for the just prerogative of king and people, containing the reasons and causes of the defensive wars of the kingdom of Scotland, and of their expedition for the ayd and help of their brethren of England. In whic
10574040 - An answer to the dissenters pleas for separation;
10574039 - Eleven letters from the late Rev. Mr. Hervey to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley, containing an answer to that gentleman's remarks on Theron and Aspano
10574038 - A dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris with an answer to the objections of the Hon. C. Boyle
10574037 - An answer to a book intituled, Christianity as old as the creation
10574036 - Answer to Mr. Joseph Moore, the Methodist
10574035 - An answer to mr. Pitt's attack upon earl St. Vincent, and the Admiralty, in his motion for an enquiry into the state of the naval defence of the country, on the 15th of March, 1804
10574034 - An answer to the rev. John Davison's 'Inquiry into the origin and intent of primitive sacrifice'.
10574033 - Israels prayer in time of trouble, with Gods gracious answer thereunto; or, An explication of the 14th chapt. of ... Hoseah, 7 sermons
10574032 - In chancery ... In the matter of the New York life insurance and trust company. Answer and report, 1834
10574031 - An answer [signed J.P.S.]. to a printed paper entitled Manifesto of the Christian evidence society. Publ. by the Soc. for promoting Christian knowledge
10574030 - Mr. Bate's answer to Dr. Sharp's two dissertations answered:
10574029 - A short answer to a pamphlet, called Plain reasons for dissenting from the Church of England, &c. By a clergyman
10574028 - The Answer of the States Generall of the United provinces of the Low Countreys, to the Declaration of Warr of the King of Great Brittain
10574027 - Christianity distinct from the religion of nature, in answer to a late book, entitled, Christianity as old as the creation, &c. Part. II.
10574026 - Bishop Gauden the author of Ic
10574025 - Resistance no rebellion: in answer to Doctor Johnson's Taxation no tyranny
10574024 - An answer to a libell intituled, A coole conference betweene the cleered reformation and the Apologeticall narration
10574023 - A letter to the ... bishop of Durham, on the origin of the Pelasgi, and on the original name and pronunciation of the
10574022 - A calm defence of the Critical examination and Reply, in answer to S. Slocock's second pamphlet
10574021 - A vindication of the Church of England, in answer to Mr. Peirce's Vindication of the dissenters
10574020 - An answer to the charges exhibited against Sir Thomas Rumbold, in the reports of the secret committee of the House of Commons, and in the general letter from the Court of Directors of the 10th of January, 1781. By himself
10574019 - Scripture lessons, or, The history of our Lord, in question and answer
10574018 - A full and clear vindication of the Full answer to A letter from a by-stander. In which all the Cambridge Gentleman's cavils and misrepresentations of that book, in his Letter to Mr. Thomas Carte, are exposed and refuted. By the author of the Full answer
10574017 - Abr
10574016 - Pi
10574015 - A view of the principal deistical writers ... in England in the last and present century. [Another] To which is added an appendix by W.L. Brown
10574014 - The trial of Saurin v. Star and another
10574013 - Another blow for life
10574012 - A narrative of the treatment experienced by a gentleman, during a state of mental derangement
10574011 - Footfalls on the boundary of another world
10574010 - Elements of anatomy. [Another]
10574009 - Commentaries on the laws of England. [Another]
10574008 - Narrative of the Operations and Recent Discoveries Within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs and Excavations in Egypt and Nubia and of a Journey to the Coast of the Red Sea in Search of the Ancient Berenice and Another to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon
10574007 - A commentary on the Epistle to the Romans. [Another]
10574006 - One good turn deserves another
10574005 - Siris: a chain of philosophical reflexions and inquiries concerning the virtues of tar water. [Another]
10574004 - War with the Devil: or The young man's conflict with the powers of darkness. Revised by another hand
10574003 - Blue-beard; or, Female curiosity! A dramatick romance. [Another]
10574002 - Physical theory of another life
10574001 - Reasons shewing the necessity of reformation of the publick 1. doctrine, 2. worship, 3. rites and ceremonies, 4. Church-government, and discipline ... humbly offered to the serious considerations of this present parliament by divers ministers of sundry co
10574000 - A dictionary of the English language. Abstracted from the folio ed., by the author. To which is prefixed, A grammar of the English language. [Another]
10573999 - A letter from the king. [Spurious. Followed by] The Brunswick. [Another]
10573998 - Another investigation
10573997 - The r-l register, with annotations by another hand
10573996 - Debrett's Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland. [Another]
10573995 - Minstrelsy of the Scottish border: consisting of historical and romantic ballads, collected [by sir W. Scott]. [Another]
10573994 - The unity of the Church, another tract for the times
10573993 - The ladies calling, by the author of The whole duty of man. [Another]
10573992 - Pub. Virgilii Maronis Georgicorum libri quatuor. The Georgicks of Vergil, with an Engl. By J. Martyn. [Another]
10573991 - Miscellanea, by a person of honour [sir W. Temple.]. [Another]
10573990 - The second volume of letters writ by a Turkish spy [G.P. Marana] at Paris. Tr. [by W. Bradshaw]. 2nd ed. [Another]
10573989 - Observations, relative chiefly to picturesque beauty ... on several parts of England; particularly the mountains, and lakes of Cumberland and Westmoreland. [Another]
10573988 - Pamela: or, Virtue rewarded [by S. Richardson]. [Another]
10573987 - An exposition of the Thirty-nine articles of the Church of England. [Another]
10573986 - Les gestes des ducs de Brabant, par Jean de Klerk [and an anonymous continuator] publ. par J.F. Willems (J.H. Bormans).
10573985 - Relazione ... sopra lo stato antico e moderno della citt
10573984 - The paraphrase of an anonymous Greek writer
10573983 - Ingulph's chronicle of the abbey of Croyland with the continuations by Peter of Blois and anonymous writers, tr. by H.T. Riley
10573982 - The anonymous letters
10573981 - An answer to an anonymous letter to Dr. Lowth;
10573980 - Iesus, Maria , Ioseph, Oracion panegyrica annual, que en la mas plausible celebridad le consagra
10573979 - Compendio annual de los sucessos principales de la Europa en el a
10573978 - Compendio annual de los sucesos principales de la Europa en el a
10573977 - Compendiosa demostracion de los crecidos adelantamientos, que pudiera lograr la Real Hacienda de su Magestad mediante la rebaja en el precio del azogue, que se consume para el laborio de las minas de este Reyno,
10573976 - Por la religion de RR. PP. Clerigos Menores de la provincia de Andalucia, en los autos que siguen con Do
10573975 - The British palladium; or, Annual miscellany of literature and science
10573974 - Annual report of the Board of Directors of the Omaha Public Library
10573973 - The history of the theatres of London and Dublin, from the year 1730 to the present time. To which is added, An annual register of all the plays, &c. performed at the theatres-royal in London, from the year 1712
10573972 - The London medley; containing the exercises spoken at the annual meeting of the Westminster scholars on the 28th of Jan. 1730-1, at Westminster-school
10573971 - The Annual biography and obituary for the year ...
10573970 - American annual register
10573969 - Dodsley's annual register
10573968 - Annual Report of the Inter-american Institute of Agricultural Sciences
10573967 - Journal of the annual convention
10573966 - The Christian keepsake and missionary annual
10573965 - Annual meeting of the American Institute of Instruction
10573964 - Minutes of the annual conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church
10573963 - Annual report of the American Anti-Slavery Society
10573962 - Heath's picturesque annual
10573961 - The Annual anthology
10573960 - Annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs
10573959 - Annual report - American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
10573958 - ARL annual salary survey
10573957 - More thoughts still on the state of the West India colonies, and the proceedings of the African institution: with observations on the speech of J. Stephen, at the annual meeting of that society, held on the 26th of March, 1817
10573956 - The Oriental annual, or, Scenes in India
10573955 - Annual meeting
10573954 - Annual report - National Academy of Sciences
10573953 - Green's Connecticut annual register and United States Calendar
10573952 - Arcana of science and art, or an annual register of popular inventions and improvements, abridged from the transactions of public societies, and from the scientific journals, British and foreign, of the past year
10573951 - Annual report of the American Colonization Society
10573950 - First annual report of the Society for Promoting Manual Labor in Literary Institutions
10573949 - The Lady's annual register and housewife's memorandum book
10573948 - Annual report of the Board of Managers of the Prison Discipline Society
10573947 - The Annual peerage of the British empire [ed. by A., E., and M. Innes].
10573946 - Journal of the proceedings of the ... annual convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the state of North-Carolina
10573945 - The court and city register or gentleman's complete annual kalendar
10573944 - Annual report of the directors of the American Education Society
10573943 - The American annual of photography
10573942 - Minnesota farmers' institute annual
10573941 - Annual report of the Geologist of Maryland
10573940 - Annual report - Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena
10573939 - Report of the annual meeting
10573938 - Journal of the proceedings of the annual convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in [of] the State of New York
10573937 - Annual report of the Board of Education
10573936 - The Annual Register, or a View of the history, politicks and literature of the year...
10573935 - Transactions of the annual meetings of the Western literary institute and college of professional teachers
10573934 - The Edinburgh annual register
10573933 - Annual report of the Poor Law Commissioners for England and Wales
10573932 - The Catholic directory and annual register for the year ...
10573931 - The New York annual register
10573930 - The Asiatic annual register or a view of the history of Hindustan and of the politics, commerce and literature of Asia
10573929 - The Continental annual and romantic cabinet, for 1832
10573928 - First[-second] annual report on the Geological survey of the state of Ohio
10573927 - Annual report of the directors of the New York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb
10573926 - Annual law register of the United States
10573925 - Climatological data, annual summary
10573924 - Annual report of the Board of Public Works to the General Assembly of Virginia, with the accompanying documents
10573923 - The annual register of the Baptist denomination, in North-America
10573922 - Annual register
10573921 - Annual report of the American Tract Society
10573920 - Annual register
10573919 - The annual necrology, for 1797-8;
10573918 - General Index to Dodsley's Annual Register
10573917 - Annual report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York
10573916 - The Annual register of world events
10573915 - The Annual biography and obituary
10573914 - The New annual register, or General repository of history, politics, and literature
10573913 - Annual report of the American Sunday-School Union
10573912 - American annual register
10573911 - The New annual register, or, General repository of history, politics, and literature for the year ...
10573910 - The Royal kalendar, or, Complete and correct annual register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, for the year ...
10573909 - Annual report, with the proceedings of the annual meetings
10573908 - The Post-Office annual directory for ...
10573907 - Annual report of the Board of Managers of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, with some account of the annual meeting
10573906 - Nouvelles exp
10573905 - Animal physiology
10573904 - Letters to a candid inquirer, on animal magnetism
10573903 - Neurypnology; or, The rationale of nervous sleep, considered in relation with animal magnetism
10573902 - Notes and studies in the philosophy of animal magnetism and spiritualism
10573901 - Peter Parley's illustrations of the animal kingdom
10573900 - Progress of animal magnetism in New England
10573899 - A Practical Manual of Animal Magnetism
10573898 - Report of the experiments on animal magnetism
10573897 - Wonders of the animal kingdom. Mammalia
10573896 - Aquatic animal health
10573895 - Cuvier's animal kingdom,
10573894 - Animal Kingdom
10573893 - An introduction to the study of animal magnetism
10573892 - Interesting facts connected with the animal kingdom
10573891 - Experiments and observations on animal heat, and the inflammation of combustible bodies
10573890 - A practical treatise on the use of the microscope
10573889 - Illustrative anecdotes of the animal kingdom
10573888 - Medicina gymnastica: or, A treatise concerning the power of exercise, with respect to the animal oeconomy;
10573887 - The Question of Animal Awareness
10573886 - The British Colonial Library, [comprising a Popular and Authentic Description of All the Colonies of the British Empire, Their History--physical Geography--geology--climate--animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Kingdoms--government--finance--military Defence--c
10573885 - The complete farrier and British sportsman, containing a systematic enquiry into the structure and animal economy of the horse, the causes, symptoms, and most approved methods of prevention and cure for every disease to which he is liable ...
10573884 - Studies in animal life
10573883 - the animal kingdom, arranged according to its organization, serving as a foundation for the natural history of animals and an introduction to comparative anatomy
10573882 - Physiology, animal and mental
10573881 - Catalogue of the Collection of Animal Products belonging to Her Majesty's Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851, exhibited in the South Kensington Museum
10573880 - Animal plagues
10573879 - An essay on animal reproductions
10573878 - A general outline of the animal kingdom
10573877 - The tropical world: a popular scientific account of the natural history of the animal and vegetable kingdoms in the equatorial regions
10573876 - The fossil remains of the animal kingdom
10573875 - The economy of the animal kingdom
10573874 - The animal kingdom
10573873 - A descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the calculi and other animal concretions contained in the museum ...
10573872 - Animal Chemistry Or Organic Chemistry in Its Applications to Physiology and Pathology
10573871 - A history of the earth and animated nature, with an intr. view of the animal kingdom tr. from the Fr. of baron Cuvier, notes [and] a life of the author by W. Irving
10573870 - Illustrated natural history of the animal kingdom
10573869 - On Animal and Vegetable Parasites of the Human Body
10573868 - Animal magnetism
10573867 - An History of Magic, Witchcraft, and Animal Magnetism
10573866 - Animal traits & characteristics
10573865 - The animal kingdom, considered anatomically, physically, and philosophically
10573864 - Physical essays on the parts of the human body and animal oeconomy
10573863 - Magic, witchcraft, animal magnetism, hypnotism and electro-biology
10573862 - Observations on certain parts of the animal
10573861 - Observations on hydrophobia, produced by the bite of a mad dog, or other rabid animal
10573860 - Laboratory Animal Medical Subject Headings
10573859 - Animal models for biomedical research, II
10573858 - Animal magnetism and magnetic lucid somnambulism
10573857 - Conference on Agricultural Research Priorities for Economic Development in Africa: Contributed papers: animal production & health economics; farming systems; education, research & institutions
10573856 - An experimental inquiry into the laws which regulate the phenomena of organic and animal life
10573855 - Practical instruction in animal magnetism
10573854 - Animal models for biomedical research, IV
10573853 - Remarks on the means of obviating the fatal effects of the bite of a mad dog, or other rabid animal
10573852 - Workshop in Animal Technician Training
10573851 - Conversations on the animal economy
10573850 - Observations upon the generation, composition, and decomposition of animal and vegetable substances
10573849 - Practical Chemistry; Or, A Description of the Processes by which the Various Articles of Chemical Research, in the Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Kingdoms, are Procured
10573848 - Animal models for biomedical research
10573847 - An Introduction to the Study of the Animal Economy
10573846 - Urea and other nonprotein nitrogen compounds in animal nutrition
10573845 - Animal magnetism
10573844 - Animal models for biomedical research
10573843 - Defining the laboratory animal
10573842 - The British Colonial Library, [comprising a Popular and Authentic Description of All the Colonies of the British Empire, Their History--physical Geography--geology--climate--animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Kingdoms--government--finance--military Defence--c
10573841 - The Art of Preserving All Kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances for Several Years
10573840 - The philosophy of medicine, or medical extracts on the nature of health and disease, including the laws of the animal oeconomy, and the doctrines of pneumatic medicine
10573839 - Animal biography, or, Popular zoology
10573838 - Three discourses on the case of the animal creation, and the duties of man to them
10573837 - Experiments on animal electricity
10573836 - A discourse on the revolutions of the surface of the globe, and the changes thereby produced in the animal kingdom
10573835 - A short sketch of animal magnetism
10573834 - The Use of drugs in animal feeds
10573833 - A historical survey of animal-disease morbidity and mortality reporting
10573832 - A comparative view of the state and faculties of man with those of the animal world
10573831 - Animal Biochromes and Structural Colours
10573830 - Select works of Porphyry; containing his four books on abstinence from animal food; his treatise on the Homeric care of the nymphs; and his auxiliaries to the perception of intelligible natures. Tr. by T. Taylor. With an appendix explaining the allegory o
10573829 - A philosophical survey of the animal creation, an essay. Wherein the general devastation and carnage that reign among the different classes of animals are considered in a new point of view; ... Translated from the French
10573828 - A plain and rational account of the nature and effects of animal magnetism: in a series of letters. With notes and appendix. By the editor
10573827 - Animal and Vegetable Physiology Considered with Reference to Natural Theology
10573826 - Letter to Doctor A. Brigham, on animal magnetism
10573825 - Introduction to Animal Husbandry in Central Africa
10573824 - Popular lectures on the study of natural history and the sciences, vegetable physiology, zoology, the animal and vegetable poisons, and on the human faculties, mental and corporeal, as delivered before the Isle of Wight Philosophical Society
10573823 - The Laboratory animal in gerontological research
10573822 - Minerals
10573821 - The British Colonial Library, [comprising a Popular and Authentic Description of All the Colonies of the British Empire, Their History--physical Geography--geology--climate--animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Kingdoms--government--finance--military Defence--c
10573820 - An essay on abstinence from animal food
10573819 - Aspects of the Medieval Animal Epic
10573818 - The animal kingdom arranged in conformity with its organization
10573817 - The British Colonial Library, [comprising a Popular and Authentic Description of All the Colonies of the British Empire, Their History--physical Geography--geology--climate--animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Kingdoms--government--finance--military Defence--c
10573816 - A defence of the people: or, full confutation of the pretended facts, advanc'd in a late huge, angry pamphlet; call'd Faction detected. In a letter to the author of that weighty performance
10573815 - Memoria Cossoniana, hoc est, Danielis Cossonii vita breviter descripta, ad ... Petrum Cossonium ... et Joannem van den Bergh. Cui annexa est nova editio Monumenti Ancyrani Priore Aug. Busbequii & And. Schotti emendiatior & auctior cum notis Jacobi Gronovi
10573814 - L. Annaei Senecae Philosophi Opera Omnia Ex ult: I. Lipsii & I. F. Gronovii emendat Et M. Annaei Senecae Rhetoris quae extant; Ex And. Schotti recens
10573813 - Les lettres de s. Augustin, tr. ... sur l'
10573812 - The works of the Right Honourable Henry late L. Delamer, and Earl of Warrington
10573811 - Miscellaneous discourses concerning the dissolution and changes of the world
10573810 - Paris, in eighteen hundred and two, and eighteen hundred and fourteen
10573809 - A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences: Or, The Art of Foretelling Future Events and Contingencies
10573808 - The charters and general laws of the colony and province of Massachusetts bay
10573807 - Poems [facs. repr. of the 1598 eds. of The encomion of lady Pecunia, The complaint of poetrie, The combat betweene conscience and couetousness and Poems in diuers humors, ed. by J. Boswell].
10573806 - Original Sanskrit texts on the origin and history of the people of India, their religion and institutions
10573805 - The Beauties of England and Wales, Or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County: Hampshire ; Isle of Wight ; Herefordshire
10573804 - A dictionary of the English language [signed J.]. To which are added, an alphabetical account of the heathen deities; and a list of the cities [&c.] in England and Wales
10573803 - Sonnets. Passionate pilgrim. Lover's complaint. Titus Andronicus. Romeus and Juliet
10573802 - An essay on the nature and conduct of the passions and affections
10573801 - The Beauties of England and Wales, or, Delineations, topographical, historical, and descriptive, of each county
10573800 - Observations on the effects of the corn laws, and of a rise or fall in the price of corn on the agriculture and general wealth of the country
10573799 - Memorials of London and London life, in the XIIIth, XIVth, and XVth centuries
10573798 - The peerage of England. 3 vols. [in 4. Sig. N6,7 of vol. 1, 3B1 of vol. 2, and 2F5,6 of vol. 3 are cancels. Sig. K5 of vol. 3 has been cancelled and replaced by a bifolium].
10573797 - Essays, and Colours of good and evil
10573796 - An essay on ways and means for inclosing, fallowing, planting, &c. Scotland; and that in sixteen years at farthest. By a lover of his country
10573795 - A biographical sketch of the military and political career of the late Duke of Wellington, including the most interesting particulars of his death, lying in state, and public funeral
10573794 - Treatise on Clock and Watch Making, Theoretical and Practical
10573793 - The beggar's complaint, against rack-rent landlords, corn factors ... and many other oppressors and oppressions. Also, some observations on the conduct of the luddites. By one who pities the oppressed [G. Beaumont?].
10573792 - Discourses and dissertations on the scriptural doctrines of atonement and sacrifice
10573791 - An essay towards establishing the melody and measure of speech to be expressed and perpetuated by peculiar symbols
10573790 - Operator and organizational maintenance manual for truck, fire fighting, powered pumper, foam and water ... Engineered Devices Inc. model 0814, ESN 4210-150-1426
10573789 - Weather and climate modification problems and prospects
10573788 - Speculum Britanni
10573787 - The Upper Cretaceous and Eocene floras of South Carolina and Georgia
10573786 - Direct support, general support, and depot maintenance manual including repair parts and special tools lists
10573785 - Leaf and flower pictures, and how to make them
10573784 - An abridgment and review of each chapter of the Bible and Testament
10573783 - Narrative of the operations and recent discoveries within the pyramids, temples, tombs, and excavations in Egypt and Nubia
10573782 - Original Sanskrit texts on the origin and progress of the religion and institutions of India
10573781 - A new and literal translation of Juvenal and Persius
10573780 - Narrative of a Journey Through Syria and Palestine in 1851 and 1852
10573779 - An Inquiry Into the Permanent Causes of the Decline and Fall of Powerful and Wealthy Nations
10573778 - Facts and Speculations on the Origin and History of Playing Cards
10573777 - One hundred and ninety sermons on the Hundred and Nineteenth Psalm
10573776 - Repertorium Ecclesiasticum Parochiale Londinense: Comprising all London and Middlesex, with the parts of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire to the said diocese belonging
10573775 - Zoological researches in Java, and the neighbouring islands
10573774 - Velocipedes, bicycles, and tricycles: how to make and how to use them
10573773 - Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of Gower and Chaucer
10573772 - Journal of a Tour and Residence in Great Britain, During the Years 1810 and 1811
10573771 - An apostate exposed: or, George Keith contradicting himself and his brother Bradford, wherein their testimony to the Christian faith of the people called Quakers, is opposed to G.K.'s late pamphlet, stiled, Gross error and hypocrisie detected
10573770 - A new and literal translation of all the books of the Old and New Testament
10573769 - A Philosophical and Mathematical Dictionary Containing... Memoirs of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Authors
10573768 - Essays and notes on the physiology and diseases of women, and on practical midwifery
10573767 - Lowell hydraulic experiments, being a selection from experiments on hydraulic motors, on the flow of water over weirs, and in canals of uniform rectangular section and of short length
10573766 - The slang dictionary; or, The vulgar words, street phrases, and "fast" expressions of high and low society
10573765 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Court of Chancery, the Prerogative Court, and, on appeal, in the Court of Errors and Appeals, of the State of New Jersey
10573764 - A catalogue and description of King Charles the First's capital collection of pictures, limnings, statues, bronzes, medals, and other curiosities
10573763 - Dictionary, practical, theoretical and historical, of commerce and commercial navigation
10573762 - The text of Shakespeare vindicated from the interpolations and corruptions advocated by John Payne Collier, esq., in his notes and emendations
10573761 - A descriptive and historical account of the town and county of Newcastle upon Tyne
10573760 - Elegant extracts: or useful and entertaining pieces of poetry, selected for the improvement of youth in speaking, reading, thinking, composing: and in the conduct of life
10573759 - A digest of the cases decided and reported in the Supreme Court of Judicature, the Court of Chancery, and the Court for the Correction of Errors of the State of New York
10573758 - A journal of the life, travels, sufferings, and labour of love in the work of the ministry, of that worthy elder and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, William Edmundson
10573757 - Comparison of weights and measures of length and capacity
10573756 - Journeys and explorations in the cotton kingdom. A traveller's observations on cotton and slavery in the American slave states. Based upon three former volumes of journeys and investigations
10573755 - Mechanics' magazine and journal of science, arts, and manufactures
10573754 - Gnotobiotes: standards and guidelines for the breeding, care, and management of laboratory animals
10573753 - Direct support, general support and depot maintenance manual, including repair parts and special tool lists
10573752 - New universal and pronouncing dictionary of the French and English languages
10573751 - Manners and household expenses of England in the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries
10573750 - Operator and organizational maintenance manual (including repair parts and special tool lists)
10573749 - Materials for a fauna and flora of Swansea and the neighbourhood
10573748 - Dictionary of the English and Danish Languages, Adapted to the Use of Schools and Learners of Both Languages: English-Danish.- pt. 2. Danish-English
10573747 - On the natural history and classification of fishes, amphibians, and reptiles
10573746 - A narrative of the captivity and sufferings of Benjamin Gilbert and his family
10573745 - Irish popular songs; with English and metrical translations, and introductory remarks and notes
10573744 - The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China, and Australia
10573743 - Plan and outlines of a course of lectures on universal history, ancient and modern
10573742 - The bibliographer's manual of English literature containing an account of rare, curious, and useful books, published in or relating to Great Britain and Ireland, from the invention of printing
10573741 - Officers and employees of the Department of Commerce and Labor. 1908
10573740 - Rudimentary treatise on the principles of design in architecture as deducible from nature and exemplified in the works of the Greek and Gothic architects
10573739 - Miscellaneous papers and legal instruments under the hand and seal of William Shakespeare
10573738 - The history and antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and parts adjacent
10573737 - A topographical, ecclesiastical, and natural history of [Oxfordshire]
10573736 - Annotations upon the Holy Bible wherein the sacred text is inserted, and various readings annex'd
10573735 - An essay upon reason and the nature of spirits
10573734 - Dissertations on the epistles of Phalaris and the Fables of Aesop
10573733 - Philosophical transactions, giving some account of the present undertakings, studies, and labours of the ingenious, in many considerable parts of the world
10573732 - A compendious history of the taxes of France, and of the oppressive methods of raising them
10573731 - Apospasmatia sacra, or A collection of posthumous and orphan lectures
10573730 - A discourse upon grants and resumptions
10573729 - A collection of epitaphs and inscriptions, ancient and modern
10573728 - Designs for churches and chapels, of various dimensions and styles
10573727 - A New and complete dictionary of arts and sciences
10573726 - A General Collection of the Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels in All Parts of the World
10573725 - Observations, Relative Chiefly To Picturesque Beauty, Made in the Year 1772, On several Parts of England, Particularly The Mountains, And Lakes Of Cumberland, and Westmoreland
10573724 - The Persian Cuneiform Inscription at Behistun, Decyphered and Translated; with a Memoir on Persian Cuneiform Inscriptions in General, and on that of Behistun in Particular
10573723 - The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church
10573722 - Lewis' new gymnastics for ladies, gentlemen and children and Boston journal of physical culture
10573721 - A treatise on the construction, proper use, and capabilities of Smith, Beck, and Beck's achromatic microscopes
10573720 - Lonchocarpus, derris, and pyrethrum cultivation and sources of supply
10573719 - Views of the seats of noblemen and gentlemen, in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland
10573718 - A collection of one hundred and twenty-nine fac-similes of scarce and curious prints
10573717 - A Voyage to the Islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica with the Natural History of the Herbs, and Trees, Four-footed Beasts, Fishes, Birds, Insects, Reptiles &c. of the Last of Those Islands
10573716 - An account of the General nursery, or Colledg of infants, set up [at Clerkenwell] by the justices of peace for ... Middlesex , with the constitutions and ends thereof [and their reports thereon
10573715 - A Paraphrase on the New Testament with Notes Doctrinal and Practical ... (and ) an Advertisement of Difficulties in the Revelations. 2. Ed
10573714 - A new compendium of the whole art of practical navigation; containing the elements of plain trigonometry, and it's application to plain, Mercator's and middle-latitude sailing. ... By William Jones
10573713 - A Detection Of The Court and State Of England During The Four Last Reigns And the Inter-Regnum
10573712 - A Method of Devotion Or Rules for Holy Et Devout Living, with Prayers on Several Occasions, and Advices and Devotions for the Holy Sacrament
10573711 - London labour and the London poor: the condition and earnings of those that will work, cannot work, and will not work
10573710 - A narrative of the campaigns of the British army at Washington and New Orleans, under Generals Ross, Pakenham, and Lambert, in the years 1814 and 1815
10573709 - Sailing directions for the Gulf of Florida, the Bahama Banks and Islands, and the adjacent coast of Cuba, and the various channels to New Providence; &c
10573708 - Every man his own gardener: Being a new and much more complete gardener's calendar and general directory than any one hitherto published
10573707 - The temperature of the seasons, and its influence on inorganic objects and on plants and animals
10573706 - A treatise of plane and spherical trigonometry, in theory and practice
10573705 - A reply to "The affectionate and Christian address of many thousands of women of Great Britain and Ireland, to their sisters, the women of the United States of America"
10573704 - A narrative of the shipwreck of the Oswego, on the coast of South Barbary, and of the sufferings of the master and the crew while in bondage among the Arabs
10573703 - A continuation of the Account of the ministers, lecturers, masters and fellows of colleges, and schoolmasters, who were ejected and silenced after the restoration in 1660, by or before the Act for uniformity
10573702 - Virtues and Vices and Other Essays in Moral Philosophy
10573701 - A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of St. Paul to the Galatians, First and Second Corinthians, Romans, and Ephesians
10573700 - A treatise on the hydrocele, or, Watry rupture and other diseases of the testicle, it's coats and vessels
10573699 - Conductor generalis, or, The office, duty and authority of justices of the peace, high-sheriffs, under-sheriffs, coroners, constables, gaolers, jury-men, and overseers of the poor
10573698 - Explanations and sailing directions to accompany the wind and current charts
10573697 - A catalogue of the genuine library, prints, and books of prints, of an illustrious personage, lately deceased. Which will be sold by auction, on Wednesday the 9th of June, 1819, and the following days, by Mr. Christie, at his halls in Pall-Mall ... and at
10573696 - Moral and political dialogues: being the substance of several conversations between divers eminent persons, with critical and explanatory notes by the editor [R. Hurd]. With letters on chivalry and romance by mr. Hurd
10573695 - A voyage to the Pacific ocean for making discoveries in the northern hemisphere, under the direction of Captains Cook, Clerke, and Gore, in the years 1776, 7, 8, 9, and 80
10573694 - Report of the trial and acquittal of Edward Shippen, Esquire, Chief Justice, and Jasper Yeates and Thomas Smith, Esquires, Assistant Justices, of the Supreme court of Pennsylvania, on an impeachment, before the Senate of the Commonwealth, January, 1805
10573693 - Body measurements of American boys and girls for garment and pattern construction
10573692 - A full and impartial account of the discovery of sorcery and witchcraft
10573691 - A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, Comprising the Several Counties, Islands, Cities, Burgh and Market Towns, Parishes and Principal Villages
10573690 - The Cincinnati miscellany, or, Antiquities of the West, and pioneer history and general and local statistics
10573689 - A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs and Ancient Customs from the Fourteenth Century
10573688 - The Horticulturist and journal of rural art and rural taste
10573687 - Bliven, Mead & Co.'s illustrated catalogue and price list of American, German, English and French hardware ...
10573686 - A complete history of the lives, acts, and martyrdoms of the holy apostles and the two evangelists, St. Mark and Luke ...
10573685 - Humphrey's journal of photography and the allied arts and sciences
10573684 - The booke of the Universall kirk of Scotland: wherein the headis and conclusionis devysit be the ministers and commissionaris of the particular kirks thereof, are especially expressed and contained
10573683 - A general and heraldic dictionary of the peerages of England, Ireland, and Scotland, extinct, dormant, and in abeyance. England
10573682 - A new collection of voyages and travels [ed. by J. Stevens]. 2 vols. [in 7 pt. Pt.5,6 and 7 want the title-leaf and prelims].
10573681 - The Holy Bible, containing the New and Old Testaments translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised
10573680 - The dramatic works of William Shakspeare, with notes original and selected by S.W. Singer, and a life of the poet by C. Symmons
10573679 - The works of Shakspere, revised from the best authorities: with a memoir and essay on his genius by Barry Cornwall: also annotations and remarks by many writers, illustr. with engr. from designs by K. Meadows
10573678 - 'Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,' or, Early rising a natural, social and religious duty. By the author of 'What can't be cured must be endured'.
10573677 - A treatise on plane and spherical trigonometry, and on trigonometrical tables and logarithms
10573676 - A digest of the acts of Assembly relating to the city of Philadelphia and the (late) incorporated districts of the county of Philadelphia, and of the ordinances of the said city and districts, in force on the first day of January, A.D. 1856
10573675 - An historical and descriptive account of the town and castle of Warwick and of the neighbouring spa of Leamington
10573674 - An introduction to the theory and practice of plane and spherical trigonometry, and the stereographic projection of the sphere
10573673 - A pedestrian tour of thirteen hundred and forty-seven miles through Wales and England, by Pedestres, and sir Clavileno Woodenpeg, knight of Snowdon
10573672 - Tables and rules for facilitating the calculation of earthwork, land, curves, distances, and gradients, required in the formation of railways, roads, and canals
10573671 - Narrative of a journey in the interior of China, and of a voyage to and from that country, in the years 1816 and 1817
10573670 - Narrative of travels and discoveries in northern and central Africa, in ... 1822, 1823 and 1824, by major Denham, capt. Clapperton and dr. Oudney. With an appendix
10573669 - A glossary and etymological dictionary of obsolete and uncommon words, antiquated phrases, proverbial expressions, obscure allusions, and of words which have changed their significations;
10573668 - Book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
10573667 - Notes and Lectures Upon Shakespeare and Some of the Old Poets and Dramatists
10573666 - A catalogue of a select collection of ancient and modern books, in every branch of pleasing and useful science; and in various languages; capital books of drawings; ... They will be sold during the year 1789, at Edwards's, ...
10573665 - Observations on corn laws, on political pravity and ingratitude, and on clerical and personal slander, in the shape of a meek and modest reply to the Second letter of the earl of Shrewsbury to A.L. Phillipps
10573664 - A collection of the moral and instructive sentiments, maxims, cautions, and reflexions, contained in the histories of Pamela, Clarissa, and Sir Charles Grandison
10573663 - Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme court of Judicature and in the Court for Trial of Impeachments and the Correction of Errors in the State of New-York
10573662 - Dictionary of Latin quotations, proverbs, maxims, and mottos, classical and medi
10573661 - A manual of the Mahommedan law of inheritance and contract, comprising the doctrines of the Soonee and Sheea schools, and based upon the text of Sir W. H. Macnaghten's Principles and precedents, together with the decisions of the Privy Council and high co
10573660 - A philosophical and political history of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies
10573659 - A short historical view of the controversy concerning an intermediate state and the separate existence of the soul between death and the general resurrection. With some thoughts ... on the use and importance of theological controversy
10573658 - History of the Life and Acts of Edm. Grindal, the First Bishop of Lodon and the Second Archbishop of York and Canterbury in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth
10573657 - The Forest of Arden, its towns, villages, and hamlets: a topographical and historical account of the district between and around Henley-in-Arden and Hampton-in-Arden in the county of Warwick
10573656 - The comedies of The Merchant of Venice, and As you like it
10573655 - Cobbett's complete collection of state trials and proceedings for high treason and other crimes and misdemeanors from the earliest period to the present time
10573654 - On Early English Pronunciation, with Especial Reference to Shakspere and Chaucer: Illustrations of the pronunciation of English in the Xviith, Xviiith, and XIXth centuries. Lediard, Bonaparte, Schmeler, Winkler. Received American and Irish pronunciation o
10573653 - Notitia Parliamentaria, Or, An History of the Counties, Cities, and Boroughs in England and Wales: Bedford, Berks, Bucks, Cambridge, and Cheshire
10573652 - Cobbett's complete Collection of State Trials and proceedings for high treason and other crimes and misdemeanors from the earliest period to the present time
10573651 - The secret history of Burgundy: or, The amorous and political intrigues of Charles, duke of Burgundy, and Louis xi. of France, faithfully collected by a person of quality of the French court [C.R. de Caumont] and now first done into Engl. [by G. Roussillo
10573650 - Philosophical essays on various subjects, viz., space, substance, body, spirit, the operations of the soul in union with the body, innate ideas, perpetual consciousness, place and motion of spirits, the departing soul, the resurrection of the body, the pr
10573649 - The Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. In which the Whole Circle of Human Learning is Explained, and the Difficulties Attending the Acquisition of Every Art, Whether Liberal Or Mechanical, are Removed, in the Most Easy and Familiar Manner ...
10573648 - Novanglus, and Massachusettensis; or, Political essays, published in the years 1774 and 1775, on the principal points of controversy, between Great Britain and her colonies
10573647 - A Complete Collection Of State-Trials And Proceedings For High-Treason And Other Crimes and Misdemeanours
10573646 - A Complete Collection Of State-Trials And Proceedings For High-Treason And Other Crimes and Misdemeanours
10573645 - Remarks on the influence of climate, situation, nature of country, population, nature of food, and way of live on the disposition and temper, manners and behaviour ... of mankind
10573644 - Lexilogus; or, A critical examination of Greek words and passages, intended principally for Homer and Hesiod, tr. and ed. by J.R. Fishlake
10573643 - A Dictionary, Spanish and English, and English and Spanish
10573642 - The Whole Works of Roger Ascham: A report and discourse of the affaires and state of Germany and the Emperour Charles his court ... The scholemaster. 1570. Latin poems. Grant's oration on the life and death of Roger Ascham. Seven letters of Giles Ascham,
10573641 - Wisdom better than weapons of war, a sermon. With an appendix, containing a dissertation on the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin terms for wisdom; a letter to the editor of the Anti-Jacobin review; and some strictures of the review of bp. Skinner's convocation se
10573640 - A Memoir of India and Afghanistan, with Observations on the Present Exciting and Critical State and Future Prospects of Those Countries [...]
10573639 - Admirable curiosities, rarities, & wonders in England, Scotland, and Ireland, or, An account of many remarkable persons and places ... as they are recorded by the most authentick and creditable historians, by R.B.
10573638 - A Dissertation on the Rise, Union and Power, the Progressions, Separations and Corruptions of Poetry and Music
10573637 - A complete collection of the treaties and conventions, and reciprocal regulations at present subsisting between Great Britain and foreign powers ...
10573636 - A history of three of the judges of King Charles I. Major-General Whalley, Major-General Goffe, and Colonel Dixwell: who, at the restoration, 1660, fled to America; and were secreted and concealed in Massachusetts and Connecticut, for nearly thirty years
10573635 - Anglia Judaica: or the history and antiquities of the Jews in England, collected from all our historians, both printed and manuscript, as also from the records in the Tower, and other publick repositories, by D'Blossiers Tovey
10573634 - A complete collection of state-trials, and proceedings for high-treason, and other crimes and misdemeanours
10573633 - A collection of etchings from the most celebrated ancient and modern productions in painting, sculpture, and architecture of the Italian and French schools, from originals preserved in the Louvre, Paris
10573632 - A Dictionary of the English and Singhalese, and Singhalese and English Languages
10573631 - A biographical and critical dictionary of recent and living painters and engravers
10573630 - A Descriptive and Historical Account of Various Palaces and Public Buildings, (English and Foreign)
10573629 - A catalogue of forest trees, fruit trees, evergreen and flowering shrubs, green-house and herbaceous plants, agricultural, kitchen garden, flower seeds, &c. sold, wholesale and retail
10573628 - On the history and art of warming and ventilating rooms and buildings
10573627 - An essay towards the probable solution of this question, Whence come the stork and the turtle, the crane and the swallow, when they know and observe the [a]ppointed time of their coming, or Where those birds do probably make their recess and abode, which
10573626 - A discourse of the contests and dissensions between the nobles and the commons in Athens and Rome,
10573625 - The Book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church
10573624 - A treatise on the law of copyright in books, dramatic and musical compositions, letters and other manuscripts, engravings and sculpture, as enacted and administered in England and America; with some notices of the history of literary property
10573623 - Flower and fruit decoration with some remarks on the treatment of town gardens terraces & c ; and with many illustrations of colour and contrast applicable to both subjects
10573622 - A complete collection of state trials and proceedings for high treason and other crimes and misdemeanors from the earliest period to the year 1783
10573621 - An essay upon pronunciation and gesture, founded upon the best rules and authorities of the ancients, ecclesiastical and civil, and adorned with the finest rules of elocution
10573620 - Cobb's abridgment of J. Walker's critical pronouncing dictionary, and expositor of the English language, carefully compiled from the London quarto editions, published under the inspection of the author; in which Mr. Walker's principles of orthography and
10573619 - The plays of William Shakspeare, with the corrections and illustr. of various commentators, to which are added notes by S. Johnson and G. Steevens, revised and augmented by I. Reed, with a glossarial index
10573618 - Arguments of the defendants' counsel, and judgment of the Supreme Court, U.S., in the case of Vidal and another, complainants and appellants, versus the Mayor, etc., of Philadelphia, the executors of S. Girard, and others, defendants and appellees, Januar
10573617 - Descriptive and general catalogue of philosophical apparatus and chemical preparations manufactured and sold by Bland & Long, opticians, philosophical, photographical & chemical instrument makers and operative chemists ...
10573616 - Nollekens and his times, and memoirs of contemporary artists from the time of Roubiliac, Hogarth and Reynolds to that of Fuseli, Flaxman and Blake
10573615 - Monasticon Anglicanum...a History of the Abbies and Other Monasteries...and Cathedral and Collegiate Churches...in England and Wales
10573614 - Narrative of the voyages and services of the Nemesis, from 1840 to 1843; and of the combined naval and military operations in China: comprising a complete account of the Colony of Hong Kong, and remarks on the character and habits of the Chinese
10573613 - An historical, geographical, commercial, and philosophical view of the American United States, and of the European settlements in America and the West-Indies
10573612 - Domestic animals, history and description of the horse, mule, cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, and farm dogs, with directions for their management, breeding, crossing, rearing, feeding, and preparation for a profitable market, also, their diseases and remed
10573611 - Illustrated catalogue of acts and laws of the colony and state of New York and of the other original colonies and states constituting the collection made by Hon
10573610 - The Faith of One God, who is Only the Father; and of One Mediator Between God and Men, who is Only the Man Christ Jesus, and of One Holy Spirit, the Gift (and Sent) of God
10573609 - A critical and commercial dictionary of the works of painters comprising eight thousand eight hundred and fifty sale notes of pictures and nine hundred and eighty original notes on the subjects and styles of various artists who have painted in the schools
10573608 - Calvin and the church of Geneva. William Whittingham and the Puritans. Archbishop Whitgift and Dr. Cartwright. John Darrel, the exorcist. Loyola and the order of the Jesuits. Robert Parsons, Edmund Campian, and the Jesuits in England. Pope Sixtus V. Charl
10573607 - Compilation of public documents and extracts from reports and papers relating to light-houses, light-vessels, and illuminating apparatus and to beacons, buoys and fog signals. 1789-1871
10573606 - A literal extension and translation of the portion of Domesday book relating to Cheshire and Lancashire, and to parts of Flintshire and Denbighshire, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Yorkshire
10573605 - Clerical and parochial records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, taken from diocesan and parish registries, mss. in the principal libraries and public offices of Oxford, Dublin, and London, and from private or family papers
10573604 - Catalogue and price list of wrought and cast iron pipe, steam and gas pipe fittings, brass and iron steam valves and cocks, tools, supplies, and other articles incidental to steam and gas engineering, manufactured by James J. Walworth & Co
10573603 - The lives and characters of the Ancient Grecian Poets, dedicated to His Highness the Duke of Glacester
10573602 - The lives and characters of the ancient Grecian poets
10573601 - A Journal Or Historical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Christian Experiences and Labour of Love in the Work of the Ministry of that Ancient, Eminent and Faithful Servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox ...
10573600 - A catalogue of ancient and modern books. Which will be sold by auction [at] Norwich, 10 July, 1693
10573599 - Devotions of the ancient Church in seaven pious prayers with seaven administrations
10573598 - Institutes of ecclesiastical history, ancient and modern ...
10573597 - Ancient mysteries described
10573596 - The Cult of the Seer in the Ancient Middle East
10573595 - The history of ancient Greece, its colonies, and conquests
10573594 - An ecclesiastical history, ancient and modern
10573593 - History of the literature of ancient Greece
10573592 - Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians
10573591 - The history, principles and practice, (ancient and modern,) of the legal remedy by ejectment
10573590 - Universal history, ancient and modern
10573589 - A description of the collection of ancient marbles in the British museum
10573588 - The history of the ancient Germans
10573587 - Studies in Ancient Greek Topography, Part III
10573586 - Fables Ancient and Modern;
10573585 - Ancient reliques
10573584 - The chronology and ancient Kingdoms amended
10573583 - Aphrodite (ancient Manners)
10573582 - A Dictionary of Ancient Geography
10573581 - The songs of Scotland, ancient and modern
10573580 - The ancient history of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes & Persians, Macedonians, and Grecians
10573579 - Introduction to Ancient History
10573578 - A geographical dictionary or universal gazetteer, ancient and modern
10573577 - An Essai on the Ancient Weights and Money and the Roman and Greek Liquid Measures
10573576 - The Weymouth guide: exhibiting the ancient and present state of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis
10573575 - Zoroaster, the Prophet of Ancient Iran
10573574 - The ancient history of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Grecians and Macedonians
10573573 - Elements of General History, Ancient and Modern
10573572 - Gods of the Ancient Northmen
10573571 - Ancient fragments of the Phoenician, Chald
10573570 - A dictionary of all religions and religious denominations
10573569 - Ancient Christianity and the Doctrines of the Oxford Tracts for the Times
10573568 - The geography system of Herodotus examined and explained, by a comparison with those of other ancient authors, and with modern geography ...
10573567 - Reliques of ancient English poetry
10573566 - Illustrations of Shakespeare, and of ancient manners
10573565 - The Civilization of Ancient Crete
10573564 - Robin Hood: a collection of all the ancient poems, songs, and ballads, now extant, relative to that celebrated English outlaw [based on the ed. by J. Ritson].
10573563 - Ancient Irish histories
10573562 - Reflections Upon Ancient and Modern Learning
10573561 - Reliques of ancient English poetry: consisting of old heroic ballads, songs, and other pieces of our earlier poets; together with some few of later date
10573560 - Flowers of Ancient History
10573559 - The Ancient Egyptian Book of Two Ways
10573558 - The Rosetta Stone
10573557 - Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire
10573556 - A new system, or, An analysis of ancient mythology
10573555 - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
10573554 - The Ancient and Modern History of the Brethren
10573553 - Ancient criminal trials in Scotland
10573552 - Ancient America
10573551 - Researches, Concerning the Institutions & Monuments of the Ancient Inhabitants of America
10573550 - Ancient law
10573549 - Engineering in the Ancient World
10573548 - Ancient laws and institutes of England comprising laws enacted under the Anglo-Saxon kings from Aethelbirht to Cnut
10573547 - The Ancient Economy
10573546 - Pottery Style and Society in Ancient Per
10573545 - An essay towards illustrating the ancient history of the Britannic Isles; ... Intended as a preface to a work entitled, A vindication of the ancient history of Ireland. By C. V.
10573544 - History of the ancient surnames of Buchanan and of ancient Scottish surnames, more particularly the clans
10573543 - Ordonnance et instruction pastorale de Monseigneur l'ev
10573542 - Exercises in grammatical analysis
10573541 - A philosophical analysis and illustration of some of Shakespeare's remarkable characters
10573540 - Analysis of English words
10573539 - A logical analysis of the Epistle of Paul to the Romans
10573538 - Practical arithmetic, by induction and analysis
10573537 - Quantitative chemical analysis
10573536 - A complete analysis of the German language, or A philological and grammatical view of its construction, analogies, and various properties
10573535 - The elements of mathematical analysis
10573534 - Grammatical and logical analysis of the English language
10573533 - An analysis of the British ferns and their allies
10573532 - An analysis and summary of Thucydides
10573531 - New practical arithmetic in which the science and its applications are simplified by induction and analysis
10573530 - Analysis of Mr. Tennyson's "In Memoriam"
10573529 - Examination and Analysis of the Mackenzie Manuscripts Deposited in the Madras College Library
10573528 - An analysis and summary of New Testament history
10573527 - An analysis and summary of Herodotus [by J.T. Wheeler].
10573526 - The analytical Greek lexicon consisting of an alphabetical arrangement of every occurring inflexion of every word contained in the Greek New Testament Scriptures with a grammatical analysis of each word and lexicographical illustration of the meanings
10573525 - Analysis of female beauty
10573524 - Analysis of vocal inflections, as used in reading & speaking
10573523 - Methods for collection and analysis of water samples
10573522 - An analysis of the natural classifications of Mammalia
10573521 - An analysis of the Domesday book of the county of Norfolk
10573520 - Analysis of the influence of natural religion on the temporal happiness of mankind
10573519 - Analysis of ornament, the characteristics of style
10573518 - A chemical analysis of wolfram
10573517 - A concise history and analysis of all the principal styles of architecture, by an amateur [E. Boid.].
10573516 - A concise history and analysis of the Athanasian creed
10573515 - An analysis of speculative trading in grain futures
10573514 - An analysis of Blackstone's commentaries on the laws of England
10573513 - A treatise upon some topics on English grammar, with selections for analysis, recitation & reading
10573512 - Analysis Per Quantitatum Series, Fluxiones, Ac Differentias
10573511 - Grammatical analysis
10573510 - An analysis of country dancing, wherein all the figures used in that polite amusement are rendered familiar by engraved lines
10573509 - A complete analysis or grammar of the German language
10573508 - A Brief Analysis of Welsh Orthography
10573507 - A Discourse Concerning the Residual Analysis
10573506 - An analysis of the French orthography; or, The true principles of the French pronunciation
10573505 - The works of William Hogarth (including the 'Analysis of beauty, ') elucidated by descriptions, critical, moral, and historical
10573504 - An analysis of Paley's Evidences of Christianity
10573503 - An analysis of the Galic language
10573502 - An analysis of the Roman civil law
10573501 - A new system, or, An analysis of ancient mythology
10573500 - A new analysis of chronology
10573499 - Analysis of the statistical account of Scotland
10573498 - Analysis of rocks and minerals from the laboratory of the United States Geological survey, 1880 to 1908
10573497 - An introduction to the history and study of chess; to which is added, The analysis of chess of Andr
10573496 - Elements of geometry, geometrical analysis, and plane trigonometry
10573495 - Methods of sampling, laboratory analysis, and statistical reduction of data
10573494 - Sir Isaac Newton's two treatises of the quadrature of curves and analysis by equations of an infinite number of terms ...
10573493 - Essays on the combinatorial analysis
10573492 - Technical Analysis of the International Oil Market
10573491 - A Course in Mathematical Analysis, Vol. 2
10573490 - Sea-surface temperature variability analysis of potential OTEC sites utilizing satellite data
10573489 - Observations on the application of the West India dock company for a renewal of their charter; with an analysis of the evidence given before the Committee of the House of commons on foreign trade, to which their petition was referred: and a copy of the re
10573488 - An Analysis of the mineral waters of Saratoga and Ballston
10573487 - A treatise on the general principles of chemical analysis, tr. from the Fr. [Trait
10573486 - Geometrical analysis, and geometry of curve lines
10573485 - An analysis of bishop Burnet's Exposition of the Thirty-nine articles
10573484 - An analysis of Arabic quotations which occur in the Gulistan of Muslih-ud-Deen Sheikh Sadi
10573483 - Methods of building cost analysis
10573482 - Environmental analysis report
10573481 - An analysis of Mr. Locke's doctrine of ideas in his Essay on human understanding. (fold. tab.) Of human understanding
10573480 - Development of sample preparation methods for analysis of marine organisms
10573479 - Elements of trigonometry, and trigonometrical analysis, preliminary to the differential calculus
10573478 - The analysis of single and related time series into components proposals for improving X-11
10573477 - A grammatical analysis of selections from the Hebrew scriptures
10573476 - The analysis of human nature
10573475 - The Works of John Locke: Preface by the editor. Life of the author. Analysis of Mr. Locke's doctrine of ideas [fold. tab.] Essay concerning human understanding. Book I-book III, chap. VI
10573474 - Measurement and Analysis of Political Systems
10573473 - Analysis of the seven parts of speech of the English language
10573472 - Noise source abatement technology and cost analysis including retrofitting
10573471 - Analysis of the Bible, with reference to the social duty of man, by M. Martin
10573470 - Ricci and Levi-Civita's Tensor Analysis Paper
10573469 - An analysis of one hundred voyages to and from India, China, &c
10573468 - Polyperiod analysis of growth and capital accumulation of farms in the rolling plains of Oklahoma and Texas
10573467 - Outlines of mineralogy, geology, and mineral analysis
10573466 - The British magazine, or, Miscellany of polite literature comprehending an analysis of modern publications
10573465 - A New Analysis of Chronology and Geography, History and Prophecy: Chronological history of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha
10573464 - Regional analysis of production adjustments in the major field crops
10573463 - The life of Sir Joshua Reynolds : Comprising original anecdotes of many distinguished persons, his contemporaries; and a brief analysis of his discourses
10573462 - An analysis of the Greek metres
10573461 - A New Analysis of Chronology and Geography, History and Prophecy: Profane chronology
10573460 - An Analysis and Compendium of all the returns made to Parliament
10573459 - The analysis of inoculation
10573458 - A New Analysis of Chronology and Geography, History and Prophecy: Chronology and geography
10573457 - An Analysis of the Egyptian Mythology
10573456 - An Essay on the Application of Mathematical Analysis to the Theories of Electricity and Magnetism
10573455 - Clavis calendaria; or, A compendious analysis of the calendar
10573454 - The Theory of Moral Sentiments; Or, An Essay Towards an Analysis of the Principles by which Men Naturally Judge Concerning the Conduct and Character, First of Their Neighbours, and Afterward of Themselves
10573453 - Modern trends in activation analysis
10573452 - Analysis of researches into the origin and progress of historical time, from the creation to the accession of C. Caligula
10573451 - A policy analysis of citizen rights
10573450 - Analysis of the Game of Chess
10573449 - Systems analysis and operations research
10573448 - An analysis of the literature of ancient Greece
10573447 - English pleasure carriages. With an analysis of the construction of the common roads and railroads, and the public vehicles used on them
10573446 - Exploring Data Analysis
10573445 - Manual of Industrial Project Analysis in Developing Countries
10573444 - An Earnest Call To Family-Religion: Or, A Discourse Concerning Family-Worship
10573443 - An essay concerning parliaments at a certainty; or, The kalends of May
10573442 - An Enquiry into the Meafures of submission to the supream authority: And of the Grounds upon which it may be Lawful or necessary for Subjects to defend their Religion, Lives and Liberties
10573441 - An account of the growth of popery, and arbitrary government in England, more particularly, from ... Nov. 1675 ... till ... 16th. July 1677 [by A. Marvell.].
10573440 - An Historical Geography of the Old Testament
10573439 - An Exact and Faithful Journal of the Famous-Siege of Barcelona
10573438 - An Account of the Late Horrid Conspiracy to Depose Their Present Majesties K. William and Q. Mary, to Bring in the French and the Late King James, and Ruine the City of London
10573437 - An history of the constancy of nature
10573436 - An Account of the Cultivation and Manufacture of Tea in China:...
10573435 - An elementary Hebrew grammar
10573434 - An essay on the East-India-trade
10573433 - An answer to the late k. James's last declaration, dated at St.Germains, Apr. 17. 1693 [by J. Welwood.].
10573432 - An Essay Upon Projects
10573431 - An Essay on military law and the practice of courts martial
10573430 - A practical view of the present state of slavery in the West Indies, or, An examination of Mr. Stephen's "Slavery of the British West India colonies"
10573429 - An historical and descriptive account of Croome d'Abitot, the seat of the Right Hon. the Earl of Coventry
10573428 - Memoirs of an Unfortunate Young Nobleman returned from a thirteen years slavery in Am
10573427 - An inquiry into the truth of the accusations made against the Marquis of Clanricarde, in the cause of Handcock v. Delacour, lately heard in the Irish Court of Chancery
10573426 - An account of the Smithsonian Institution
10573425 - An Anthology of Modern Arabic Poetry
10573424 - An Essay on the Writings and Genius of Shakespear
10573423 - An Authentic History of the Cato-Street Conspiracy
10573422 - An authentic narrative of the dissensions and debates in the Royal Society. Containing the speeches at large of Dr. Horsley Dr. Maskelyne Mr. Maseres Mr. Poore Mr. Glenie Mr. Watson and Mr. Maty
10573421 - An essay on mineral, animal and vegetable poisons ...
10573420 - An essay on the malignant, ulcerated sore throat
10573419 - An introduction to merchandise
10573418 - A Brief Narrative of an Unsuccessful Attempt to Reach Repulse Bay ... in the Year 1824
10573417 - An essay upon money and coins
10573416 - An essay on epidemics
10573415 - An easy system of short hand
10573414 - An abridgement of Mr. Byrom's Universal English short-hand; or, The way of writing English in the most easy, concise, regular, and beautiful manner. Designed for the use of schools
10573413 - An introduction to Byrom's Universal English short-hand
10573412 - A grammar of the high dialect of the Tamil language termed Shen-Tamil to which is added an introduction to Tamil poetry
10573411 - An abridgment of the publick statutes in force and use from Magna Charta, in the ninth year of King Henry III. to the eleventh year of His present Majesty King George II. inclusive
10573410 - An examination of Dr. Burnet's Theory of the earth
10573409 - A directory for the publique worship of God. Together with an ordinance of parliament for the taking away of the Book of common prayer. [86p.].
10573408 - An American woman in Europe
10573407 - An essay touching the nature and excellence of faith. Being a discourse on Hebrews, XI. I. Deliver'd at Bath. By Henry Chandler
10573406 - An authentic account of the fatal duel fought on Sunday the 21st March 1830
10573405 - Brachygraphy, or, An easy and compendious system of short- hand adapted to the various arts, sciences and professions; improved after more than forty years practice & experience
10573404 - An account of the trade in India
10573403 - A Compendious Medical Dictionary Containing an Explanation of the Terms
10573402 - An introduction to merchandize
10573401 - An Ioway grammar
10573400 - An essay on faith
10573399 - An inquiry concerning faith..
10573398 - An account of the fire ... at Chatham ... June, 1800, [and] the money collected for the relief of ... sufferers ...
10573397 - An account of several work-houses for employing and maintaining the poor
10573396 - An account of the celebration of American independence, at Clay Lick, by the Licking county pioneers
10573395 - An essay on education
10573394 - An essay on mechanical drawing
10573393 - An English and Welsh dictionary
10573392 - An essay on apparitions
10573391 - An essay on the antiquity of the Irish language
10573390 - An English and Turkish Dictionary, in Two Parts
10573389 - An essay on symbolic colours
10573388 - An abridgement of Ainsworth's dictionary
10573387 - An essay on the incubus, or night-mare
10573386 - An English and Welsh dictionary
10573385 - An introduction to the Welsh language
10573384 - An Essay on Humanity to Animals
10573383 - An elementary treatise on the application of trigonomentry to orthographic and stereographic projection, dialling, mensuration of heights and distances, navigation, nautical astronomy, surveying and levelling
10573382 - An Inquiry into the Structure and animal Economy of the Horse
10573381 - An improved system of midwifery
10573380 - An introduction to theosophy, or the science of the "Mystery of Christ", that is, of deity, nature, and creature
10573379 - An historical and descriptive account of the famous collection of antique gems possessed by the late Prince Poniatowski
10573378 - An atlas of antient geography
10573377 - An universal etymological English dictionary;
10573376 - An essay on elocution
10573375 - An exact abridgement of the records in the Tower of London
10573374 - An historical essay on the Magna Charta of King John
10573373 - An alphabet of quadrupeds,
10573372 - An essay concerning self murther
10573371 - A guide to the orchard and kitchen garden, or, An account of the most valuable fruit and vegetables cultivated in Great Britain
10573370 - An essay towards a natural, experimental, and medicinal history of the principle mineral waters
10573369 - An account of the surveys of Florida, &c
10573368 - An oration delivered before the democrats and antimasons, of the County of Plymouth
10573367 - An Account of the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia
10573366 - The classic and connoisseur in Italy and Sicily, with an appendix containing an abridged tr. of Lanzi's Storia pittorica
10573365 - Notes from the letters of Thomas Moore to his music publisher, James Power. With an introductory letter from T.C. Croker. [With an additional engr. title-leaf, Lond., 1853. With] Letter from Thomas Crofton Croker ... to J.S. Redfield ... respecting the sa
10573364 - An enquiry concerning human understanding. A dissertation on the passions. An enquiry concerning the principles of morals. The natural history of religion
10573363 - An epitome of Niebuhr's History of Rome, with chronological tables and an appendix
10573362 - An haeresis sit crimen?
10573361 - An quaestione per tormenta criminum veritas elucescat, dissertatio moralis et juridica... auctore Augustino Nicolao
10573360 - An. Manl. Sever. Boetii, Consolationis Philosophiae Libri V
10573359 - An account of the life and death of Ph. Henry ...
10573358 - An encomium or short character of ... mrs. Lucy Webb [by J. Webb].
10573357 - A description and history of the island of Jamaica, comprising an account of its soil, climate, and productions, shewing its value and importance as an agricultural country, and a desirable place of residence for certain classes of settlers
10573356 - An apology for the true Christian divinity, being an explanation and vindication of the principles and doctrines of the people called Quakers
10573355 - An account of the manor of Tylehurst, with an illustration of the celebrated ballad of the Berkshire lady, by J.R.B.
10573354 - An exposition of the mysteries or religious dogmas and customs of the ancient Egyptians, Pythagoreans, and Druids. Also an inquiry into the origin, history, and purport of freemasonry
10573353 - An oration delivered before the Cincinnati astronomical society, on the occasion of laying the corner stone of an astronomical observatory, on the 10th of November, 1843
10573352 - An historical and chronological deduction of the origin of commerce from the earliest accounts, containing an history of the great commercial interests of the British empire
10573351 - Theatre of the Greeks ... information relative to the rise, progress, and exhibition of the drama; together with an account of dramatic writers from Thespis to Menander: to which is added, a chronology and an appendix [compiled by P.W. Buckham].
10573350 - The theory of moral sentiments, or, An essay towards an analysis of the principles by which men naturally judge concerning the conduct and character, first of their neighbors, and afterwards of themselves
10573349 - An authentic account of an embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China
10573348 - The journal of the three days of the battle of Waterloo, by an eye-witness. To which is added an appendix containing the official reports of the allies
10573347 - Pappe with an hatchet ... or ... a sound boxe of the eare, for the idiot Martin [Marprelate] to hold his peace, written by one that dares call a dog, a dog [signing himself Double V. Wanting sig. E1]. re-pr., with an intr. and notes [by J. Petheram]. (Pur
10573346 - A Catalogue of the Library of the London Institution: The general library. Additions from 1843-1852. An index of subjects. An index of authors and books
10573345 - An inquiry concerning human understanding. A dissertation on the passions. An inquiry concerning the principles of morals. The natural history of religion
10573344 - An introduction to and an history of Ireland
10573343 - An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Volume 2
10573342 - An appeal in favor of that class of Americans called Africans
10573341 - An historical account of the most celebrated voyages, travels, and discoveries from the time of Columbus to the present period
10573340 - The history of Scotland, during the reigns of Queen Mary and King James VI. till his accession to the crown of England: with a review of the Scottish history previous to that period: and an appendix containing original papers
10573339 - An essay on man
10573338 - Mosses from an Old Manse
10573337 - An exposition of the Creed ...
10573336 - The Autobiography of an Unknown South African
10573335 - An inquiry into the human mind
10573334 - An English Grammar
10573333 - An introduction to the principles of morals and legislation
10573332 - An Essay on the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species
10573331 - An Institute of the Law of Scotland
10573330 - An Introduction to Mathematics
10573329 - An enquiry concerning the principles of morals
10573328 - An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
10573327 - An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
10573326 - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
10573325 - Yantlet creek. Rex, versus James Mountague, W.L. Newman, John Nelson, and four others. Report of the trial on an indictment against the defendants in consequence of their having cut through an embankment at Grain Bridge for the purpose of restoring the ju
10573324 - An English and Welsh vocabulary, or, An easy guide to the ancient British language
10573323 - Nineveh and its remains with an account of a visit to the Chaldaean Christians of Kurdistan and the Yezidis or Devil-worshippers and an enquiry into the manners and arts of the ancient Assyrians
10573322 - Water Baptism an Ordinance of Christ An Address to the Society of Friends
10573321 - An authentic account of an embassy from the king of Great Britain to the emperor of China (etc.)
10573320 - An Englisch-Latin Lexicon
10573319 - Collections of the New York Historical Society for the Year ...
10573318 - An Essay Towards an Improved Register of Deeds City and County of New York, to Dec. 31, 1799. Inc
10573317 - An Account of the General Penitentiary at Millbank ; Containing a Statement of the Circumstances which Led to Its Erection, a Description of the Building, Etc., to which is Added an Appendix, on the Form and Construction of Prisons
10573316 - The life of the venerable Benedict Joseph Labre [by G. L. Marconi]. tr. [by J. Barnard]. Together with an appendix, giving an a ccount of several miracles
10573315 - An account of an embassy to the Kingdom of Ava, in the year 1795
10573314 - An answer to an anonymous libel, entitled Articles exhibited against lord Archibald Hamilton, late governour of Jamaica
10573313 - An introduction to Latin syntax, or, An exemplification of the rules of construction
10573312 - Marmor norfolciense, or, An essay on an ancient prophetical inscription, in monkish rhyme, lately discover'd near Lynn, in Norfolk
10573311 - The Works of that Eminent Servant of Christ, Mr. John Bunyan: The holy war. The desire of the righteous granted. The saint's privilege and profit. Christ a compleat saviour. The saints knowledge of Christ's love. A discourse of the house of the forest of
10573310 - Palmoni: an essay on the chronographical and numerical systems in use among the ancient Jews. To which is added, an appendix, containing an examination of the Assyrian, Egyptian, and other ancient chronographies etc
10573309 - An essay towards an historical account of Irish coins,
10573308 - Indian railways and their probable results with maps and an appendix, containing statistics of internal and external commerce of India, by an Old Indian Postmaster
10573307 - An essay on British cottage architecture: being an attempt to perpetuate on principle, that peculiar mode of building, which was originally the effect of chance
10573306 - The absurd hypothesis, that Eusebius of C
10573305 - An Examination of the Letters, Said to be Written by Mary, Queen of Scots, to James, Earl of Bothwell: An examination of the letters. An enquiry into the murder of King Henry
10573304 - An essay intended to establish a standard for an universal system of stenography
10573303 - Observations on pulmonary consumption, or An essay on the lichen Islandicus, considered both as an aliment and a medicine in that disorder
10573302 - A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary: Containing an Explanation of the Terms, and an Account of the Several Subjects, Comprized Under the Heads Mathematics, Astronomy, and Philosophy Both Natural and Experimental
10573301 - A discourse on miracles, considered as evidences to prove the divine original of a revelation. ... To which is added, an, appendix, containing an enquiry into this question, viz. Whether the doctrines of a future state of existence to men, and a future re
10573300 - An essay upon the government of the English plantations on the continent of America. Together with some remarks upon the discourse on the plantation trade, written by the author of the Essay on ways and means, ... By an American
10573299 - An Old Pahlavi-Pazand Glossary edited with an alphabetical Index by Destur Hoshangji Jamaspji Asa, Highpriest of the Parsis in Malwa, India
10573298 - Flora's lexicon an interpretation of the language and sentiment of flowers with an outline of botany, and a poetical introduction
10573297 - An Attempt towards Recovering an Account of the Numbers and Sufferings of the Clergy of the Church of England
10573296 - The Works of Sir William Temple, Bart: An essay upon the advancement of trade in Ireland. Of popular discontents. An introduction to the history of England. Of gardening. An essay upon the cure of the gout by moxa. Of health and long life. Of heroic virtu
10573295 - An essay toward a natural history of the earth: and terrestrial bodies, especially minerals: as also of the sea, rivers, and springs
10573294 - V
10573293 - Twenty-six short and amusing plays for private theatricals
10573292 - The Art of Amusing
10573291 - THE Literary Panorama, Being A Compendium OF National Papers AND Parliamentary Reports, Illustrative OF THE History, Statistics, AND Commerce OF THE Empire; A Universal Epitome OF Interesting AND Amusing Intelligence From ALL Quarters OF THE Globe; A Revi
10573290 - the literary panorama, being a compendium of national papers & parliamentary reports, illustratives of the history, statistics & commerce of the empire, a universal epitome of interesting & amusing intelligence from all quarters of the globe, a review boo
10573289 - A collection of songs, moral, sentimental, instructive, and amusing
10573288 - Five Hundred Useful and Amusing Experiments in Chemistry, and in the Arts and Manufactures
10573287 - Elegant epistles, or, A copious collection of familiar and amusing letters
10573286 - Autobiography, a collection of the most instructive and amusing lives ever published
10573285 - Gymnastics for Youth, Or, A Practical Guide to Healthful and Amusing Exercises for the Use of Schools
10573284 - The Amusing companion, or, interesting story teller
10573283 - The Amusing chronicle, a weekly repository for miscellaneous literature
10573282 - Conversations and amusing tales [by H. English].
10573281 - Le roi s'amuse
10573280 - Interesting anecdotes, memoirs, allegories, essays, and poetical fragments; tending to amuse the fancy, and inculcate morality
10573279 - Assessed valuation of property and amounts and rates of levy
10573278 - American History: Comprising Historical Sketches OF THE Indian Tribes A Description OF American Antiquities, With AN Amount Into Thier Origin OF THE Indian Tribe: History OF THE United States, With Appendices Showing ITS Connection With European History:
10573277 - Crime: its amount, causes, and remedies
10573276 - The taxable valuation of the real and personal estates, with the polls and amount of tax, in the town of Dorchester
10573275 - The merchant's calculator, or new, complete, and extended ready reckoner, adapted to the use of merchants and dealers in every branch of trade, showing at one view the amount or value of any number or quantity of goods or merchandize from one to ten thous
10573274 - Tables of salaries and wages; shewing the amount due for any given number of months and days at any sum per annum from
10573273 - Classicorum auctorum e vaticanis codicibus editorum tomus VII : scriptores de rebus Alexandri Magni commentarii in Virgilium, Dynamidia, Historica et Grammaticalia quaedam / curante A. M.
10573272 - Richardi Relhan, A.M. vill
10573271 - Ueber die Art und Weise wie die Fruchtbaumzucht in unserm Vaterlande am leichtesten und gemeinn
10573270 - Genovefa, Pfalzgr
10573269 - Verzeichniss der pflanzen, welche wahrend der in den jahren 1829 und 1830 unternommenen reise im Caucasus und in den provinzen am westlichen ufer des Caspischen meeres gefunden und eingesammelt worden sind
10573268 - Die Reise zu den sieben Schwestern am Rhein und an der Weser
10573267 - A.M. von Th
10573266 - Histoire de tous les cardinaux Fran
10573265 - Historisch-topographisch-statistische Nachrichten und Notizen von der Stadt Osterode am Harze
10573264 - Zur Geischichte der Stadt K
10573263 - Neue Sammlung Der Wegen des von denen Reformirten B
10573262 - Pr
10573261 - Einige Worte
10573260 - Geschichte der Belagerung am Giberaltar, vom Anfange derselben im Jahr 1779 bis zur Beendigung durch den Friedensschlu
10573259 - Mons. De Thou, Graff von Meslay, K
10573258 - Des ber
10573257 - Die Bielsh
10573256 - Religions-Vergleich Welcher zwischen Dem Durchleuchtigsten Fursten und Herren Hn. Friederich Wilhelmen Marggraffen zu Brandenburg, de Heil. Rom. Reichs Ertz-Cammerern und Churfursten ... Und Dem Durchleuchtigsten Fursten und Herren Hn. Philipp Wilhelmen P
10573255 - Berichte des Freien Deutschen Hochstiftes zu Frankfurt am Main
10573254 - Original-Denkw
10573253 - Unterhaltung am h
10573252 - Historische Beschreibung der Erz-Domkirche zu K
10573251 - Frauen-Zierd, oder vier Lobreden ... am Festtag der heiligen Elisabeth
10573250 - Geometria indivisibilibus continuorum nova quaed am ratione promota
10573249 - Von Schem Hamphoras unnd Geschlecht Christi, Matthei am 1 Cap
10573248 - A memoir of the Rev. Nathaniel Ward, A.M.
10573247 - The journal of the Reverend John Wesley, A.M., sometime fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford
10573246 - Helena Wallraff von Br
10573245 - Beschreibung und Geschichte der Stadt Friedeberg am Queis
10573244 - Rom und seine Einwohner am Ende des XVIII. Jahrunderts
10573243 - Handbuch fuer Reisende in dem oesterreichischen Kaiserstaate: Abth. Die am rechten Donau- Ufer gelegenen deutschen Staaten und das lombardisch-venezianische Koenigreich (nebst einigen Hauptrouten durch Baiern, Helvetien und Ober-Italien) enthaltend.-2.Abt
10573242 - Hannikel, oder die R
10573241 - Hannikel, oder die R
10573240 - The life of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M., fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford;
10573239 - sermons by the rev. samuel davies, a.m.
10573238 - Festschrift Zur S
10573237 - The life of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M.
10573236 - Autobiography of the Rev. Joseph Travis, A.M., a member of the Memphis annual conference
10573235 - Diary of the Rev. John Ward, A. M.
10573234 - The life of the Rev. John Macdonald, A.M.
10573233 - A life-long story, or, Am I my sister's keeper?
10573232 - Memoirs of the late Rev. John Wesley, A.M.
10573231 - Historisch-topographische Beschreibung der w
10573230 - A few memorials of the right rev. Robert Skinner [by A.M. Skinner] with notices of some of his descendants and other members of his family, also a sermon and visitation speech still extant
10573229 - Memoirs of the late Rev. Samuel Pearce, A.M.
10573228 - Predigt am Reformationsfeste des Jahres 1807
10573227 - Abschied der am 6. Aprill 1814 zu Z
10573226 - Joannis Georgii Frickii, Joan. fil. Tou Makaritou A. M. ad aed. SS. Trinit. Ulm. pastoris et gymnasii visitatoris itemque Societatis teutonicae Lipsiensis sodalis commentatio de druidis occidentalium populorum philosophis multo quam antea auctior ac emend
10573225 - Zwey Predigten... Gehalten am Reformationsfeste der Z
10573224 - Leben und Lehrmeinungen ber
10573223 - Ein dreyfaches Wort des Herrn an die beyden Seelen-Sorger, Dann die ganze Christliche Pfarr-Gemeinde zu Drossenfeld und Langenstadt bey der Einweyhung der Neuen Kirche zu Drossenfeld Und der Investitur beyder Herren Geistlichen daselbst, Am XVIII. Sonntag
10573222 - Das ugrische Volksstamm, oder Untersuchungen
10573221 - Memoir of Rev. James Chisholm, A. M., late rector of St. John's church, Portsmouth, Va
10573220 - The works of Jonathan Edwards, A.M.
10573219 - The works of Rev. John Wesley, A. M.
10573218 - Cyaneae redivivae. Oder: Die am Bosphoro thracico Liegende Hohe Stein-Klippen(etc.)
10573217 - An essay on the coins of Cunobelin: in an epistle to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Carlisle, ... wherein this noble set of coins is classed, and appropriated to our British king ... By Samuel Pegge, A.M. To the whole is subjoined, A dissertation o
10573216 - The Life of the Rev. John Wesley, A. M., with Memoirs of the Wesley Family
10573215 - Memoirs of the Rev. Ammi Rogers, A. M.
10573214 - Memoir of the Rev. Pliny Fisk, A.M.
10573213 - Sermons, by the late Rev. Andrew Ramsay, A.M., preacher of the gospel
10573212 - The life of the Rev. Philip Henry, A.M.
10573211 - The works of Laurence Sterne, A. M.
10573210 - Memoir of Rev. Gordon Hall, A.M.
10573209 - The life of Thomas Ruddiman, A. M.
10573208 - Eighteen sermons, preached by the late Rev. George Whitefield, A.M.
10573207 - The poetical works of Robert Lloyd, A. M.
10573206 - Memoir of the late Rev. Joseph Hughes, A.M.
10573205 - Memoirs of the Rev. Jonathan Edwards, A.M., president of the College in New Jersey
10573204 - Biographical recollections of the Rev. Robert Hall, A.M.
10573203 - Observations on the defects of the poor laws, and on the causes and consequences of the great increase and burden of the poor. With a proposal for redressing these grievances. ... By Thomas Alcock, A.M.
10573202 - Catalogue of the Library of Dr. Kloss, of Franckfort A. M.
10573201 - The whole works of the late Reverend James Hervey, A. M.
10573200 - The life and diary of the Reverend Ebenezer Erskine, A.M.
10573199 - The life of John Goodwin, A.M.
10573198 - The Works of Laurence Sterne, A. M.: Sterne's letters published by his daughter, I.S. de Medalle. A fragment, in the manner of Rabelais
10573197 - C-W and A-M Radio Transmitters and Receivers
10573196 - The life of the Rev. Philip Henry, A.M.
10573195 - The life of the Rev. John Wesley, A.M.
10573194 - The works of the late Reverend John Wesley, A.M.
10573193 - Grundz
10573192 - A reply to Dr. Sharp's review and defence of his dissertations on the scripture meaning of Aleim and Berith. By Julius Bate, A.M.
10573191 - The works of Robert Hall, A.M.
10573190 - Catalogue of the Library of Dr. Kloss of Franckfort A. M. ...
10573189 - The life of the Rev. Rowland Hill, A.M.
10573188 - Memoir of the life and character of the Rev. Samuel Bacon, A.M., late
10573187 - The Works of the Reverend John Wesley, A. M.
10573186 - Select notes of the preaching of the late Rev. Rowland Hill, A.M.
10573185 - The works of Jonathan Edwards, A.M.
10573184 - The whole works of the late Rev. James Hervey, A. M., rector of Weston-Favel, in Northamptonshire
10573183 - The works of the Rev. Robert Hall, A.M.
10573182 - Popery always the same
10573181 - The scholar's arithmetic
10573180 - Observations on divers passages of Scripture. Placing many of them in a light altogether new ... and more amply illustrating the rest than has been yet done, by means of circumstances incidentally mentioned in books of voyages and travels into the East
10573179 - Austriae Archiducatus compendiosa Descriptio Oestereichs, Das Ertzhertzogthumbs, und Weltber
10573178 - Handbuch zum Gebrauche bei gerichtlichen Ausgrabungen und Aufhebungen menschlicher Leichname jeden Alters in freier Luft, aus dem Wasser, den Abtrittsgruben und D
10573177 - Coburgische Landesgeschichte des Mittel-Alters
10573176 - Die Vorzeit oder Geschichte, Dichtung, Kunst und Literatur des Vor- und Mittel-Alters
10573175 - Analekten
10573174 - Die heilige Schrift das Buch f
10573173 - Beytr
10573172 - Die Krankheiten des h
10573171 - Des alten ber
10573170 - Des Hoch-beruehmten Becheri Medicinische Schatz-Kammer. Darinnen zu finden wie man die Kinder-Kranckheiten mancherley Alters gluecklich und geschwind curiren kan
10573169 - Evaluating forest tax alternatives for Oregon
10573168 - Federal policy alternatives toward graduate education
10573167 - Water and choice in the Colorado Basin: an example of alternatives in water management
10573166 - U.S. Army force design
10573165 - An Assessment of Alternative Economic Stockpiling Policies
10573164 - Working papers in alternative futures and environmental quality
10573163 - A treatise on the alternative and curative virtues of Swaim's panacea, and for its application to the different diseases of the human system
10573162 - An evaluation of alternative power sources for low-emission automobiles
10573161 - A conceptual model for the movement of pesticides through the environment : a contribution of the EPA Alternative Chemicals Program
10573160 - Alternative sources of protein for animal production
10573159 - Observations on the expediency and practicability of simplifying and improving the measures, weights, and money used in this country, without materially altering the present standards
10573158 - A speech intended to have been spoken on the bill for altering the charters of the colony of Massachusetts Bay
10573157 - Reasons for altering the method used at present in letting church and college leases, address'd to a member of Parliament
10573156 - Alter criticus Sexagenarius, sive sexaginta hujus partis observationes criticae
10573155 - The Daily chronicle and convention journal: containing the substance and spirit of the proceedings of the convention which assembled at the state capitol in Harrisburg, May 2, 1837, to alter and amend the constitution of the state of Pennsylvania
10573154 - De magistro sacripalatii apostolici libri duo, quorum alter originem, praerogativas, ac munia, alter eorum seriem continet, qui eo munere ad hanc usque diem donati fuere
10573153 - Responsio Cardinalis Bellarmini Ad Dvos Libellos, Quorum alter inscribitur Responsio Doctoris Theologiae ad epistolam a Reuerendo amico scriptam de litteris Apostolicis Censurarum, quas Pauli Quinti Sanctitas aduersus Venetos promulgauit. Alter vero Tract
10573152 - Libri duo, alter de rebus praeter naturam alter de indicationibus curativis
10573151 - Libri II alter de mystica theologia, alter de divinis nominibus: Marsilio Ficino et interprete et explanatore, quibus Graeca quoque lectio adjecta est. Omnia castigata
10573150 - Rerum amorfortiarum scriptores duo inediti alter auctor incertus, alter cui nomen, Theodorus Verhoeven ... adjunxit supplementa Antonius Matthaeus
10573149 - Geschichte der Philosophie alter zeit
10573148 - The charges issuing forth of the crown revenue of England, and dominion of VVales. With the severall officers of his majesties courts, customes [&c.] with their severall fees and allowances. And also the valuation of the bishops, and deanes lands, with th
10573147 - Natur und Gnade, oder der Unterschied der Wercke, so aus nat
10573146 - Endtliche abgen
10573145 - The origin and progress of writing, as well hieroglyphic as elementary, illustrated by engravings taken from marbels, manuscripts and charters, ancient and modern; also some account of the origin and progress of printing
10573144 - Ancient laws and institutes of England; also, Monumenta ecclesiastica Anglicana, from the seventh to the tenth century [ed. by R. Price and B. Thorpe]. (Comm. on the publ. records.).
10573143 - Something new, comprising a new and perfect alphabet containing 40 distinct characters, calculated to illustrate all the various sounds of the human voice ... designed also to facilitate the acquisition of any foreign language ...
10573142 - Bishop Jeremy Taylor's Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. A rev. ed. with notes by ... Robert Philip; also The Lives, acts and martyrdoms of the Holy Apostles of Our Saviour, to which are added lives of the two evangelists: St. Mark and St. Luke,
10573141 - The Hereford guide: containing a concise history of the city [&c.] also an account of the principal seats in the neighbourhood [by W.J. Rees].
10573140 - A new Spanish grammar. To which is added, a vocabulary: also a collection of phrases and dialogues
10573139 - Alphabetical list of the honourable East India Company's Bengal civil servants from the year 1780, to the year 1838 ... to which is attached a list of the Governors-General of India from the year 1773 to the year 1838 with the dates of their appointments,
10573138 - An essay on the causes of the variety of complexion and figure in the human species. To which are added, animadversions on certain remarks made on the first edition of this essay, by Mr. Charles White ... Also, strictures on Lord Kaim's discourse on the o
10573137 - The garden of eloquence, conteyning the figures of grammer and rhetorick, from whence maye bee gathered all manner of flowers, coulors, ornaments, exornations, formes and fashions of speech,very profitable for all those that be studious of eloquence ... a
10573136 - The antiquities of the abbey or cathedral church of Durham. Also a particular description of the county palatine of Durham, compiled from the best authorities and original manuscripts. ...
10573135 - Medical zoology, and mineralogy; or Illustrations and descriptions of the animals and minerals employed in medicine, and of the preparations derived from them: including also an account of animal and mineral poisons
10573134 - Mathematical tables, containing common, hyperbolic and logistic logarithms, also sines tangents, secants and versed sines, both natural and logarithmic
10573133 - Annual report of the executive committee of the Young Men's Association of the City of Buffalo, and the record of the proceedings of the annual meeting of the Association, also, the ... annual report of the real estate commissioners of the Association
10573132 - An examination of the letters
10573131 - Ancient and modern Malta, as also, the history of the knights of St. John of Jerusalem
10573130 - Letters on the corn laws, and on the rights of the working classes, originally inserted in the Morning chronicle, shewing the injustice, and also the impolicy of empowering those among a people, who have obtained the proprietary possession of the lands of
10573129 - Moral and religious instructions, intended for apprentices, and also for parish poor. To which is added, dr. Synge's Knowledge of the Christian religion made easy to the meanest capacity, and an abstract of the Excuses for neglecting the sacrament answere
10573128 - The Valuable Library of Books in Fonthill Abbey. A catalogue of the magnificent ... library ... also of the books of prints, galleries of art, curious missals and manuscripts, the Persian and Chinese drawings, &c. ... which will be sold by auction, by Mr.
10573127 - A report from the committee, to whom the petition of the churchwardens, overseers of the poor, and ... inhabitants of the several parishes of St. Giles in the Fields, ... St. James Clerkenwell ... and also the petition of His Majesty's Justices of the Pea
10573126 - Huntington's art of penmanship; or, A new and improved system of rules and directions in the art of writing ... with ... engraved specimens ... and also, a plain method of teaching ... Containing a ... system of stenography ... compiled from Rees' New sys
10573125 - An account of the augmentation of small livings by 'the governors of the bounty of queen Anne for the augmentation of the maintenance of the poor clergy', and of benefactions by corporate bodies and individuals to the end of ... 1825. Also the charters on
10573124 - The Dutch Usurpation or a brief View of the Bahaviour of the States-General of the United Provinces, towards the Kings of Great Britain with some of their Cruelties and Injustices exercised upon the Subjects of the English Nation. as also, a Discovery of
10573123 - Papers ... also the results of the statistical enquiries of the Society
10573122 - A letter from James Boyle to Wm. Lloyd Garrison respecting the clerical appeal, sectarianism, true holiness &c., also, Lines on Christian rest
10573121 - The royal exile; or, Poetical epistles of Mary, queen of Scots, during her captivity in England: with other original poems. By a young lady [M. Roberts]. Also, by her father [S. Roberts], The life of queen Mary
10573120 - The ministerial virtue: or, long-suffering extolled in a great man. Being a discourse from the following text, to him that smiteth thee on the one cheek, offer also the other: ... Luke vi. 29. Delivered in the parish of St. Martin's, ... By J. T. D.D. aut
10573119 - Description of the iron bridges of suspension now erecting over the strait of Mena
10573118 - The History Jesus Christ, also the lives of the holy Apostles and Evangelists...the Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary
10573117 - Memoirs of ... count de Las Casas, communicated by himself, comprising a letter to Lucien Bonaparte, also a letter to lord Bathurst
10573116 - Past, present, and to come. The prophecy at large, of Robert Nixon: also some particulars of his life. Likewise mother Shipton's Yorkshire prophecy, with their explanations
10573115 - News of a trumpet sounding in the wilderness, or, The Quakers antient testimony revived, examined and compared with itself, and also with their new doctrine
10573114 - A list of the country banks of England and Wales, private and proprietary; also of the names of all the shareholders of joint-stock banks [&c.].
10573113 - The Law-dictionary, Explaining the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the British Law: Defining and Interpreting the Terms Or Words of Art, and Comprising Also Copious Information on the Subjects of Trade and Government
10573112 - A letter to the society of booksellers, on the method of forming a true judgment of the manuscripts of authors; and on the leaving them in their hands, or those of others, for the determination of their merit: also, of the knowledge of new books, ...
10573111 - A New Law Dictionary Containing the Interpretation and Definition of Words and Terms Used in the Law, and Also the Whole Law Etc...
10573110 - The History of the Church of Christ: The sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth centuries also part of the thirteenth century
10573109 - The history of the civil wars in Germany ... also, genuine memoirs of the wars of England in the ... reign of Charles the first, by a Shropshire gentleman [ed. by E. Staveley].
10573108 - Biography of revolutionary heroes, containing the life of Brigadier Gen. William Barton, and also of Captain Stephen Olney ...
10573107 - Campaigns and cruises, in Venezuela and New Grenada, and in the Pacific ocean, 1817 to 1830: also, Tales of Venezuela
10573106 - The microscope made easy: or, I. The nature, uses, and magnifying powers of the best kinds of microscopes described, calculated, and explained: for the instruction of such, particularly, as desire to search into the wonders of the minute creation, tho' th
10573105 - Travels through part of the Russian Empire and the country of Poland; along the southern shores of the Baltic
10573104 - Geological excursions round the Isle of Wight, and along the adjacent coast of Dorsetshire
10573103 - Smith's guide to the Southwest, along the line of the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas railway
10573102 - A tour through Holland, along the right and left banks of the Rhine, to the south of Germany, in the summer and autumn of 1806 ...
10573101 - Franklin's footsteps, a sketch of Greenland, along the shores of which his expedition passed, and of the Parry isles, where the last traces of it were found, by Clement [sic] Robert Markham
10573100 - Journal OF Three Voyages Along THE Coast OF China IN 1831, 1832, AND 1833, With Notices OF Siam, Corea, AND THE LOO-Choo Islands
10573099 - The twelve churches; or, tracings along the Watling street
10573098 - Journal of three voyages along the coast of China, in 1831, 1832, & 1833
10573097 - A pocket guide for the tourist and traveller, along the line of the canals
10573096 - Travels to the City of the caliphs, along the shores of the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean
10573095 - A Journey through part of England and Scotland along with the army under the command of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cumberland
10573094 - Narrative of a voyage, in His Majesty's late ship Alceste to the Yellow sea, along the coast of Corea, and through its numerous hitherto undiscovered islands, to the island of Lewchew
10573093 - Icings along the trans-Alaska pipeline route
10573092 - Narrative of a Voyage to Madeira, Teneriffe and Along the Shores of the Mediterranean
10573091 - Voyage along the eastern coast of Africa, to Mosambique, Johanna, and Quiloa to St. Helena ... in the Nisus frigate
10573090 - The Works of President Edwards: treatise concerning religious affections. Justification by faith alone. Pressing into the kingdom of God. Ruth's resolution. Justice of God in the damnation of sinners. The excellency of Jesus Christ
10573089 - treatise concerning religious affections. Justification by faith alone. Pressing into the kingdom of God. Ruth's resolution. Justice of God in the damnation of sinners. The excellency of Jesus Christ
10573088 - The South alone, should govern the South
10573087 - The voyage alone in the yawl "Rob Roy"
10573086 - The Truths of the Catholic Religion proved from Scripture alone
10573085 - A short treatise on the method and advantages of withdrawing the soul from being employed on creatures, in order to occupy it on God alone
10573084 - The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner
10573083 - Salvation by Jesus Christ alone ... agreeable to the rules of reason, and to the laws of justice. To which is added, A short inquiry into the state of those men in a future life, who never heard of Jesus Christ
10573082 - The life and surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner; who lived eight and twenty years, all alone, on an uninhabited island, near the mouth of the great river Oroonoque
10573081 - The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner, who Lived Eight and Twenty Years All Alone [...]
10573080 - Christ alone exalted
10573079 - The life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner, who lived eight and twenty years alone in an uninhabited island, on the coast of America, near the mouth of the great river Oroonoque
10573078 - Historical and political memoirs, containing letters written by sovereign princes, state ministers, admirals, and general officers, etc. from almost all the courts in Europe, beginning with 1697 to the end of 1708
10573077 - The almost Christian discovered
10573076 - A guide to the clearance & shipment of goods as stores. Also Tables shewing the quantities of each article allowed, by W. Cowle
10573075 - Bills of costs, as allowed on taxation, in the Courts of queen/s bench, common pleas, and exchequer
10573074 - Remedies for diseases in Horses approued and allowed by diuers very auncient and learned Mareschalles
10573073 - A letter from a right honourable person, and the answer to it, translated into verse as nearly as the different idioms of prose and poetry will allow
10573072 - Vita e miracoli di Santa Rosalia vergine Palermitana, vergine palermitana, portata del castigliano all'italiano da Pietro Mataplana
10573071 - Difesa de'missionarii cinesi della compagnia di Giesu' in risposta all'apologia de'PP. Domenicani missionarii della cina intorno a gli onori di confusio e de'morti
10573070 - A new and accurate description of all the direct and principal cross roads in England and Wales ...
10573069 - A Correct and complete representation of all the provincial copper coins, tokens of trade, and cards of address, on copper
10573068 - Health's improvement or, Rules comprizing and discovering the nature, method and manner of preparing all sorts of foods used in this nation
10573067 - A manual of gold and silver coins of all nations, struck within the past century
10573066 - A historical and descriptive account of All Saints' Church in Newcastle upon Tyne
10573065 - A million of facts, of correct data, and elementary constants, in the entire circle of sciences, and on all subjects of speculation and practice
10573064 - An intire system of arithmetic: or, Arithmetic in all its parts
10573063 - England's battles by sea and land, from the commencement of the French revolution, by lt. col. Williams, including our Indian campaigns [by W.C. Stafford] and the present expedition against Russian aggression in the East [by H. Tyrell]. Vol.1,2 [wanting a
10573062 - A treatise on the structure and preservation of the violin and all other bow-instruments
10573061 - The Complete herbalist, or, The people their own physicians by the use of nature's remedies. Showing the great curative properties of all herb, symptoms of prevalent diseases and a new and plain system of hygienic principles
10573060 - A true relation of all the remarkable places and passages observed in the travels of the right honourable Thomas Lord Howard
10573059 - A true Relation of the Reasons which necessitated his Majesty of Sweden to continue the War with Denmark. Together with a satisfactory Answer to all those Objections, which have been industriously contrived, and spread abroad by the Danish Party ...
10573058 - A Geographical Dictionary, Representing the Present and Ancient Names of All the Countries, Provinces, Remarkable Cities ...
10573057 - A meditation upon the Lord's prayer, written by the kings maiestie for the benefit of all his subjects, especially of such as follow the court
10573056 - A compleat history, or Survey of all the dispensations and methods of religion
10573055 - A most compleat compendinm of geography general and special discrilring all the empires kingdom and dominious in the whole world
10573054 - A par
10573053 - Modern History Or the Present State of All Nations
10573052 - A collection of hymns and spiritual songs from various authors for the use of the pious of all denominations
10573051 - A complete system of mensuration of superficies and solids, of all regular figures
10573050 - Round games for all parties
10573049 - Cyclop
10573048 - Address of the French Protestant pastors to ministers and pastors of all denominations in Great Britain, on American slavery
10573047 - A platform for all parties
10573046 - A botanical arrangement of all the vegetables naturally growing in Great Britain
10573045 - Kirby's wonderful and eccentric museum; or, Magazine of remarkable characters. Including all the curiosities of nature and art, from the remotest period to the present time, drawn from every authentic source. Illustrated with one hundred and twenty-four e
10573044 - A Monograph of the British Naked-eyed Medusae: with Figures of All the Species
10573043 - An universal, historical, geographical, chronological and poetical dictionary, exactly describing the situation, extent, customs ... of all kingdoms ...
10573042 - Reports of all the cases decided by all the superior courts relating to magistrates, municipal, and parochial law
10573041 - Alice Montrose; or, The lofty and the lowly: good in all, and none all good
10573040 - The great message to all governments and all nations
10573039 - Critica Sacra Or Observations on All the Radices, Or Primitive Hebrew Words of the Old Testament in Order Alphabeticall
10573038 - Universal Geography, Or, A Description of All the Parts of the World, on a New Plan, According to the Great Natural Divisions of the Globe
10573037 - The History of the Works of the Learned, Or, An Impartial Account of Books Lately Printed in All Parts of Europe
10573036 - A new literal translation, from the original Greek of all the Apostolical epistles
10573035 - A history of the American revolution; comprehending all the principal events both in the field and in the cabinet
10573034 - Notices illustrative of the drawings and sketches of some of the most distinguished masters in all the principal schools of design
10573033 - All vows kept
10573032 - The lives of all the earls and dukes of Devonshire
10573031 - The poetical register: or, The lives and characters of all the English dramatick poets
10573030 - A Collection of All the Wills, Now Known to be Extant of the Kings and Queens of England, Princes and Princesses of Wales, and Every Branch of the Blood Royal
10573029 - A collection of all such acts of the General Assembly of Virginia, of a public and permanent nature, as are now in force
10573028 - A treatise on the law of elections, in all its branches
10573027 - The anatomy of the humane body abridged; or, A short and full view of all the parts of the body [by J. Keill].
10573026 - Historical register, containing an impartial relation of all transactions, foreign and domestick
10573025 - Bibliotheca classica, or, a dictionary of all the principal names and terms relating to the geography, topography, history, literature, and mythology of the antiquity and of the ancients, with a chronological table
10573024 - The lives and exploits of banditti and robbers in all parts of the world
10573023 - The practice of the law in all its departments
10573022 - Universal Technological Dictionary Or Familiar Explanation of the Terms Used in All Arts and Sciences
10573021 - All for Love Or the World Well Lost
10573020 - A general collection of the best and most interesting voyages and travels in all parts of the world
10573019 - The Dramatick Works of John Dryden, Esq: Secret love: or, The maiden queen. Sir Martin Mar-all; or, The feign'd innocence. The tempest: or, The enchanted island. Evening's love: or, The mock astrologer. Tyrannick love: or, The royal martyr
10573018 - A collection of all the treaties of peace, alliance, and commerce, between Great-Britain and other powers
10573017 - Instructions to young sportsmen in all that relates to guns and shooting
10573016 - Tables of Logarithms, for All Numbers from 1 to 102100
10573015 - Illustrations of lying, in all its branches
10573014 - All Deliberate Speed
10573013 - Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices, Being a Companion for Christians of All Denominations
10573012 - The modern practice of physic, exhibiting the character, causes, symptoms, prognostics, morbid appearances, and improved method of treating the diseases of all climates
10573011 - Focus of philosophy, science and art, or, A critical concentration of all the practical knowledge dispersed through the scientific journals of the day
10573010 - A commentary on the book of Psalms. In which their literal or historical sense, as they relate to King David, and the people of Israel, is illustrated; and their application to Messiah, to the church, and to individuals, as members thereof, is pointed out
10573009 - A new theory of the earth, from its original, to the consummation of all things
10573008 - Barlow's tables of squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, reciprocals of all integer numbers up to 10,000
10573007 - The life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe; of York, mariner: who lived eight-and-twenty years all alone in an uninhabited island on the coast of America, near the mouth of the great river Oroonoque; having been cast on shore by shipwre
10573006 - A new and complete system of universal geography, or, An authentic history and interesting description of the whole world, and its inhabitants : comprehending a copious and entertaining account of all the empires, kingdoms, states, republics, and colonies
10573005 - A Digest of all the cases in all the reports decided by all the courts relating to magistrates', parochial, ecclesiastical, election, municipal, and criminal law, from 1856 to 1869
10573004 - Royal Naval Biography; Or, Memoirs of the Services of All the Flag-officers, Superannuated Rear-admirals, Retired-captains, Post-captains, and Commanders, Whose Names Appeared on the Admiralty List of Sea Officers at the Commencement of the Present Year,
10573003 - Revelations of the dead-alive [by J. Banim].
10573002 - Tables of the emperour, kings, and all the soveraign princes and electoral that are now alive in Europe
10573001 - A second conference between an advocate and an opponent of the practice of burning widows alive
10573000 - A Second and third blast of retrait from plaies and theaters: the one whereof was sounded by a reuerend byshop dead long since; the other by a worshipful and zealous gentleman now alive ...
10572999 - The Universal Directory for Taking Alive and Destroying Rats, and All Other Kinds of Four-footed and Winged Vermin
10572998 - Geslagt-lyste der nakomelingen van den vermaerden Christoffel Plantin, koninglyken aerts-boekdrukker, binnen de stad Antwerpen ; waer by gevoegd is eene geslagt-lyste der familie Mouretorff alias Moretus
10572997 - Practica Sauonarole de Febribus ; Canonica Michaelis Sauonarole ; De Febribus ; De egestionibus ; De pulsibus ; De omnibus Italie balneis ; De urinis ; Tractatus sublimis de vermibus ; Tabula absolutissima generalis ... super totum opus nunq3 alias impres
10572996 - D. Prosperi Farinacij ... Sacrae Romanae Rotae Decisionum ab ipso selectarum nec vnquam alias impressarum
10572995 - D. Prosperi Farinacii ... Sacrae Romanae Rotae decisionum ab ipso selectarum nec vnquam alias impressarum pars secunda ...
10572994 - Practica usualis quae alias Philonium dicitur
10572993 - Noctes theologicae, seu Dissertationes ex quibus sublimes alias scientias theologiae ancillari colligere sit ipsamque illis praelucere, auctore S. Boussac,...
10572992 - G
10572991 - Corpus juris canonici academicum, emendatum et notis P. Lancellotti illustratum, in suos tomos distributum, usuique moderno ad Modum Christoph. Henr. Freiesleben, alias Ferromontani,... accomodatum
10572990 - Pax Regia Publica alias Profana. vulgo der Land-Friede. - Aurea Bulla Caroli IV. Romanorum Imperatoris
10572989 - Magni diviniqve prophetae B Ioannis Joachim Abbatis
10572988 - Het leven vande weerdighe moeder Maria a s.ta Teresia, (alias) Petyt, vanden derden reghel vande orden der broederen van onse L. vrouwe des berghs Carmeli ...
10572987 - Operis mineralis pars prima [-Pars tertia]. Ubi docetur separatio auri
10572986 - Jobi Ludolfi, alias Leutholf dicti, ad suam Historiam Aethiopicam antehac editam commentarius... cum tabula capitum, figurii et variis indicibus locupletissimis
10572985 - Galliam nunquam alias magis invictam quam hoc anno 1690, nunquam vincere digniorem fuisse : oratio habita in regio Ludovici Magni collegio Societatis Jesu ad solemnem scholarum instaurationem a P. Josepho de Jouvancy, 8 idus decembris anno 1690
10572984 - De heresibus et heresiarchis alias rite et recte damnatis et reprobatis (etc.)
10572983 - Commentarii Roderici Suarez in l. Quoniam in prioribus. C. de inoffic. testa. [et] in. l. post rem iudicatam. ff. de re iudic. nec non in alias fori. ll. [et] ordinamenti leges
10572982 - Opuscula Sancti Thome, quibus alias impressis nuper hec addidimus, v[idelicet] Summa[m] totius logice, tractatum celeberrimum de vsuris nusq[uam] alias impressum
10572981 - Epistola, cuius Dn. D. Christianus Thomasius, cum per virum sui ingenii binas alias hactenus privatas publicaret, miserrime oblitus erat
10572980 - Philosophiae ac mathematicae totius clara brevis et accurata institutione ad alias facultates metaphys ...
10572979 - Historia del famoso predicador fray Gerundio de Campazas, alias Zotes, por Francisco Lob
10572978 - Wonderbaer En Rugtbaer Leven Van Den Ex-Pater Auxilius Van Moorslede, Alias Pieter-Francis-Dominiq Vervisch
10572977 - Constitutiones et decreta apostolica a regularibus in publica mensa, sive alias in capitulo... ac statutis temporibus legenda, novissime in meliorem formam, ac ordinem disposita, atque coordinata. Accedit in fine appendix continens varia alia decreta, & c
10572976 - Historia del famoso predicador fray Gerundio de Campazas, alias Zotes, por Francisco Lob
10572975 - Athanasii Kircheri,... Diatribe de prodigiosis crucibus, quae tam supra vestes hominum, quam res alias, non pridem post ultimum incendium Vesuvii montis Neapoli comparuerunt
10572974 - Practica valesci de tara[n]ta que alias philoniu[m] dicitur
10572973 - Speculum sapientie Beati Cirilli ep[iscop]i alias quadripartitus apologietic[us] vocatus ...
10572972 - Lexicon Syriacum Concordantiale, Omnes Novi Testamenti Syriaci Voces : et ad harum illustrationem multas alias Syriacas, et Linguarum Affiniumdictiones complectens ; cum necessariis indicibus, Syriaco et Latino, ut et catalogo nominum propriorum ac gentil
10572971 - Differentia inter Cartesianum et alias in Scholis usitatam Philosophiam
10572970 - Emendationes in Suidam et Hesychium, et alias lexicographos Gr
10572969 - Epitome alias compendium theologicae veritatis, non minus publicis concionatoribus quam scholasticis proficuum
10572968 - Chronica sacri casinensis coenobii nuper impressoriae arti tradita ac nunquam alias impressa in qua totius monasticae religionis summa consistit...
10572967 - M. T. Ciceronis Sententiae insigniores, apophthegmata, parabolae, seu similia, atque eiusdem aliquot piae sententiae. Apposuimus iis graues quasdam alias Demosthenis , Terentij, apophthegmatumq[ue] D. Erasmi, reip. vtilissimas. Omnia Petri Lagnerij compen
10572966 - Tractatus longe amplior et uberior quam alias, in quo de criminibus agitur
10572965 - Libri quinque Canonis medicinae Abu Ali Principis filii Sinae alias corrupt
10572964 - Meditationes devotissimae, alias liber de anima...
10572963 - Fratris Petri ad Boues Ordinis Fratrum Minoru[m] ... Aureo[rum] sermonu[m] nusq[uam] alias impressoru[m]
10572962 - Paulus evangelista Romanorum, succincta divinissimae illius, & inter omnes alias facile principis Epistolae ad Romanos Analysi et exegesi repraesentatus
10572961 - Bibliotheca Benedictino Casinensis sive Scriptorum Casinensis Congregationis alias S. Justinae Patavinae... Auctore... Mariano Armellini...
10572960 - The history of Hyder Shah, alias Hyder Ali Kan Bahadur
10572959 - Practica Valesci de Tharanta que alias Philonium dicitur ...
10572958 - The beauties of the Edinburgh review, alias the Stinkpot of literature
10572957 - The spy unmasked: or, Memoirs of Enoch Crosby, alias Harvey Birch, the hero of the 'Spy, a tale of the neutral ground', by mr. Cooper
10572956 - Authentic documents relative to the miraculous cure of Winefrid White of Wolverhampton, at St.Winefrid's well, alias Holywell, in Flintshire, on the 28 th of June 1805
10572955 - A report of the trial of Pedro Gibert
10572954 - Love and artifice: or, a compleat history of the amour between Lord Mauritio and Emilia. Being the case of Elizabeth Fitz-Maurice, alias Leeson, and the Lord William Fitz-Maurice, relating to a marriage-contract between them; ...
10572953 - The mysterious stranger; or, Memoirs of Henry More Smith, alias Henry Frederick Moon, alias William Newman, who is now confined in Simsbury mines, in Connecticut, for the crime of of burglary
10572952 - The trials of John Duncan White alias Charles Marchant, and Winslow Curtis alias Sylvester Colson
10572951 - Album du Vivarais, ou itin
10572950 - Album po
10572949 - Album polnischer volkslieder der Oberschlesier
10572948 - Album de momo
10572947 - Album puerto-rique
10572946 - Album de l'ornemaniste
10572945 - Album historique de la ville d'Anvers
10572944 - Album Pszonki
10572943 - Richter-album
10572942 - Diccionario infernal,
10572941 - Album Azara
10572940 - Voyage autour du monde ex
10572939 - Album Lwowskie
10572938 - Album von Autographen zur zweihundertj
10572937 - Album pintoresco universal
10572936 - Album pintoresco universal: (1842. 576 p.)
10572935 - Album de la flore m
10572934 - Album du voyageur
10572933 - Album de broderie religieuse
10572932 - Album michaelense
10572931 - Album literario espa
10572930 - Album literackie
10572929 - Album Academicum der Kaiserlichen Universit
10572928 - Album del ej
10572927 - Album de Villard de Honnecourt, architecte du XIIIe si
10572926 - Album de manoeuvres d'infanterie
10572925 - Album historique et pittoresque de la Creuse
10572924 - Album f
10572923 - Album Hipponae sive Hippodromi leges. Ad... Ludovicum XIV Deo-datum Autore Iac. Savary Cadomensi
10572922 - Album Academi
10572921 - Album de un loco
10572920 - El album de Ayacucho, coleccion de los principales documentos de la guerra de la indepencia del Per
10572919 - El Album de mis hijos
10572918 - Album Academiae Vitebergensis
10572917 - El Album mexicano
10572916 - Trollh
10572915 - Album de la flora m
10572914 - Le petit album de la jeunesse, ou, Recueil de morceaux d'histoire, de voyages, contes, &c
10572913 - Trivmphvs Honoris Beatissimo Archipraesvli Valentino Thomae A Villanova Eleemosynario Ex Ordine Eremit. S. Avgvstini Decretvs. A Smo. D.N. Alexandro VII. P. O. M. Eum in Sanctorvm Album solenni ritu Adscribente
10572912 - Album typographique ex
10572911 - Album des Literarischen Vereins in N
10572910 - Album aus Paris
10572909 - Album de la Suisse pittoresque
10572908 - Kr
10572907 - Album
10572906 - Sul Viscum album ed il Loranthus europ
10572905 - Album der Boudoirs
10572904 - Album of ministers and workers
10572903 - Album met tekeningen en nota's over archeologie, schilderijen, reizen in Frankrijk, Itali
10572902 - Album germanique
10572901 - Album du Salon de 1840
10572900 - Album Marianum Majoris Congregationis Beatae Virginis Mariae Matris Propitiae ab Angelo Salutatae Monachii
10572899 - L'album
10572898 - Album, seu Matricula Facultatis juridicae, 1372-1418, e codice membranaceo illius aetatis nunc primum luce donatum
10572897 - Album du Dauphin
10572896 - Album Bavariae Iatricae Seu Catalogus Celebriorum Aliquot Medicorum
10572895 - Album d'un pessimiste, vari
10572894 - Album f
10572893 - Album du Dauphin
10572892 - Album des gens du monde, ou petit cours de morale
10572891 - Album der Tiedge-Stiftung
10572890 - The traveller's album and hotel guide
10572889 - The Dutt family album
10572888 - The Whitby repository, or album of local literature
10572887 - Byroniana, the opinions of lord Byron on men, manners and things: with the parish clerk's album kept at his burial place, Hucknall Torkard [ed. by J. M. L.].
10572886 - Table rock album
10572885 - The British album
10572884 - Postage stamp album, and catalogue of British and foreign postage stamps
10572883 - Madame Goubaud's Album of needlework
10572882 - The archaeological album
10572881 - Album verses, with a few others
10572880 - Lady's album
10572879 - College album
10572878 - The poetical album
10572877 - The album of the Cambridge Garrick club
10572876 - Album deutscher schriftsteller zur vierten s
10572875 - Friendship's offering, or, The Annual remembrancer [afterw.] Friendship's offering, a literary album [afterw.] Friendship's offering; and winter's wreath. (Ed by T.K. Hervey) [and others].
10572874 - Cupid's album: being a choice collection ...
10572873 - Every body's album
10572872 - The Rhenish album; or, Scraps from the Rhine, the journal of a travelling artist
10572871 - Die Kriege Davids und das friedsame Reich Salomons... In sich haltende: I. Einen geistlichen Alarm... II. Die Glorie oder Herrlichkeit Sarons in der Wieder-Erneuerung der Natur(etc.)
10572870 - Ein geistlicher Alarm an des Lammes heilige Streiten
10572869 - An alarm to unconverted sinners, in a serious treatise
10572868 - An alarm to the unconverted. [ed. by J. Gilpin.].
10572867 - An alarm to a careless world
10572866 - Sound an alarm
10572865 - An Alarm to Unconverted Sinners
10572864 - Lois de la Resistance de l'Air sur les projectiles
10572863 - L'air et le monde a
10572862 - Sur la g
10572861 - A terre & en l'air
10572860 - La statique des v
10572859 - Le bon Almanach journalier pour l'ann
10572858 - Air comprim
10572857 - Almanach pour l'an bissextil 1596. Avec ses ample predictions, changement et mutation de l'air sur chacune lunaison. Faict
10572856 - Moyens de conserver la sant
10572855 - Directory of air quality monitoring sites
10572854 - Traitez de l'equilibre des liqueurs, et de la pesanteur de la masse de l'air contenant lexplication des causes de divers effets de la nature qui navoient point est
10572853 - L' Art De Naviguer Dans L'Air
10572852 - Des
10572851 - Exp
10572850 - Exp
10572849 - Les admirables secrets d'Albert le Grand, contenant plusieurs traittez sur la conception des femmes, & les vertus des herbes, des pierres precieuses, & des animaux. Augmentez d'un abrege curieux de phisionomie & d'un preservatif contre la peste, les fievr
10572848 - Exp
10572847 - Trait
10572846 - M
10572845 - La terre, l'eau et l'air
10572844 - Histoire naturelle de l'air et des m
10572843 - Traitez de l'
10572842 - M
10572841 - Exp
10572840 - Curieux Traitt
10572839 - Exp
10572838 - Description du ventilateur par le moyen duquel on peut renouveller facilement et en grande quantit
10572837 - Des maladies occasion
10572836 - Lettres de Mr. Alexandre Volta ... sur l'air inflammable des marais
10572835 - Recherches sur le mouvement des projectiles dans l'air, en ayant
10572834 - M
10572833 - The water-cure. Stomach complaints & drug diseases, their causes, consequences, and cure by water, air, exercise, and diet. To which is appended Two letters to dr. Hastings, on the results of the water-cure at Malvern
10572832 - Air quality data for non-criteria pollutants, 1957 through 1970
10572831 - The seven little sisters who live on the round ball that floats in the air
10572830 - A practical synopsis of diseases of the chest and air-passages
10572829 - U.S. exports & imports by air
10572828 - A practical treatise on foreign bodies in the air-passages
10572827 - Air-breathers of the coal period
10572826 - The queen of the Air
10572825 - The compressed air bath: a therapeutic agent in affections of the respiratory organs
10572824 - Essays on the effects produced by various processes on atmospheric air
10572823 - U.S. Army air defense artillery employment, Chaparral/Vulcan
10572822 - Field determination of vertical permeability to air in the unsaturated zone
10572821 - The art of invigorating and prolonging life, by food, clothes, air, exercise, wine, sleep, &c
10572820 - Rapports de l'air avec les etres organis
10572819 - Co'chruinneachadh, air a chur r'a ch
10572818 - Recherches sur l'introduction de accidentelle de l'air dans les veines, et particuli
10572817 - Essai d'un art de fusion
10572816 - New principles of gunnery: containing the determination of the force of gun-powder, and an investigation of the difference in the resisting power of the air to swift and slow motions
10572815 - A general chronological history of the air, weather, seasons, meteors, &c. in sundry places and different times
10572814 - A treatise on the
10572813 - Observations on the changes of the air and the concomitant epidemical diseases in the island of Barbadoes
10572812 - Experiments and observations relating to the analysis of atmospherical air
10572811 - D
10572810 - An account of a surprising meteor, seen in the air, March the 6th, 1716, at night ...
10572809 - A discourse on the different kinds of air
10572808 - The air
10572807 - Change of air; or The pursuit of health and recreation (through France, Switzerland, Italy, &c.) ...
10572806 - Heating and air conditioning ducts encased in and under concrete slabs-on-ground
10572805 - The Bitter Air of Exile
10572804 - The Army Air Forces in World War II: Plans and early operations, January 1939 to August 1942
10572803 - The status and quality of radiation measurements for air
10572802 - Hippocrates Upon Air, Water, and Situation
10572801 - Fluorine, its compounds, and air pollution
10572800 - Aircraft emissions: impact on air quality and feasibility of control
10572799 - Cleaning and Purification of Air in Buildings
10572798 - Trifles light as air; or Scraps of poetry
10572797 - Operator's manual (crew) for gun, air defense artillery, self-propelled
10572796 - Photochemical oxidant air pollutant effects on a mixed conifer forest ecosystem
10572795 - Change of air, or the philosophy of travelling;
10572794 - Observations on the properties of the air-pump vapour-bath
10572793 - Employment of air operations in the fire services
10572792 - Critical review of estimating benefits of air and water pollution control
10572791 - Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air
10572790 - Change of air; or, The diary of a philosopher in pursuit of health and recreation illustrating the beneficial influence of bodily exercise, change of scene, pure air and temporary relaxation as antidotes to the wear and tear of education and avocation
10572789 - On the extent and aims of a national museum of natural history
10572788 - Eyn gesprech bruder Hainrichs vo[n] Kettenbach mit aim fro[m]men altm
10572787 - Ausz aim Dialogo Erasmi von Rotterdam, von Fasten vnd flaysch essen: Augustinus, vnnd Christianus
10572786 - The great aim of the Sunday-school teacher
10572785 - Von dem Aid Schw
10572784 - Growth of legal aid work in the United States
10572783 - Botanical exercises, including directions, rules and descriptions, calculated to aid pupils in the analysis of plants
10572782 - An examination of the rules of law respecting the admission of extrinsic evidence in aid of the interpretation of wills
10572781 - Program aid
10572780 - The young man's aid to knowledge, virtue, and happiness
10572779 - A review of some of the political events which have occurred in Manchester, during the last five years: being a sequel to the trial of Thomas Walker, and others, for a conspiracy to overthrow the constitution and government of this country, and to aid and
10572778 - Breakers ahead!
10572777 - Presbyterian liturgies, with specimens of forms of prayer for public worship as used in the continental, Reformed, & American Churches, ed. by a minister of the Church of Scotland [A.R. Bonar]. With the Directory for the public worship of God agreed upon
10572776 - The London chair-makers' and carvers' book of prices for workmanship, as regulated and agreed to by a committee of master chair-manufacturers and journeymen. [With]
10572775 - An essay on the thirty nine Articles of Religion, agreed on in 1562 and revised in 1571
10572774 - Lettera di Domenico Masotti ... sopra gl'instromenti necessari per la litotomia nelle done e sopra l'ago barbeziano
10572773 - Le sette cose fatali di Roma antica
10572772 - The year 1800, or the sayings and doings of our fathers and mothers 60 years ago
10572771 - Sketches of Ireland sixty years ago
10572770 - Two years ago
10572769 - The genealogy of the descendants of Richard Haven of Lynn, Massachusetts, who emigrated from England about two hundred years ago among whom, through his sons John, Nathaniel, and Moses, of Framingham are all the graduates of that name, at Cambridge, Dartm
10572768 - Our ancient parishes, or a lecture on "Quatford, Morville & Aston Eyre 800 years ago".
10572767 - Forest sketches; deer-stalking and other sports in the Highlands fifty years ago [by W. Robertson].
10572766 - 'The sham squire' and the informers of 1798; with a view of their contemporaries. To which are added jottings about Ireland seventy years ago
10572765 - Bengala: or, Some time ago
10572764 - Report of the trial for libel, the queen ... v. Charles Griffin, in calumniously alleging murders to have been committed at Stoneleigh abbey, thirty-four years ago. From The Warwick advertiser, with corrections
10572763 - An hour ago, or, Time in dreamland
10572762 - The history of a corporation of servants, discovered a few years ago in the interior parts of South America
10572761 - Thirty years ago
10572760 - Gimcrackiana; or, Fugitive pieces on Manchester men and manners ten years ago [signed Geoffrey Gimcrack].
10572759 - Shakspeare's Seven ages of man
10572758 - The history of the supernatural in all ages and nations and in all churches, Christian and pagan
10572757 - The art of needle-work, from the earliest ages [by E. Stone] ed. by the countess of Wilton
10572756 - Moral emblems, with aphorisms, adages, and proverbs, of all ages and nations
10572755 - The four ages; together with essays on various subjects
10572754 - A collection of epitaphs and monumental inscriptions, on the most illustrious persons of all ages and countries
10572753 - Popular epics of the middle ages of the Norse-German and Carlovingian cycles
10572752 - General biography; or, Lives, critical and historical, of the most eminent persons of all ages, countries, conditions and professions, chiefly composed by J. Aikin and W. Enfield
10572751 - A free inquiry into the miraculous powers, which are supposed to have subsisted in the Christian church, from the earliest ages through several successive centuries
10572750 - Memorials of christian life in the early and middle ages
10572749 - Ecclesiastical art in Germany during the middle ages
10572748 - The decorative arts, ecclesiastical and civil, of the Middle Ages
10572747 - The Art of Needle-work, from the Earliest Ages
10572746 - Glimpses of the dark ages
10572745 - Mores catholici, or, Ages of faith
10572744 - The history of the law during the Middle Ages
10572743 - History of physical astronomy from the earliest ages to the middle of the nineteenth century ...
10572742 - The dark ages
10572741 - Biographical dictionary of painters, sculptors, engravers, and architects, from the earliest ages to the present time
10572740 - Debates and proceedings of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Delaware, ... together with the amended constitution and schedule and a tabular statement showing the names, ages, occupation, etc., of the members of the convention
10572739 - Italian Sculpture of the Middle Ages and period of the Revival of Art
10572738 - A history of Christian missions during the Middle Ages
10572737 - Popular Treatises on Science Written During the Middle Ages, in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and English
10572736 - Fables respecting the popes in the Middle Ages
10572735 - The open timber roofs of the middle ages
10572734 - Landmarks of history. Middle ages: from the reign of Charlemagne to that of Charles v. By the author of 'Kings of England'.
10572733 - Women artists in all ages and countries
10572732 - A history of domestic manners and sentiments in England during the middle ages
10572731 - The horses of antiquity, middle ages, and renaissance
10572730 - A History of the Middle Ages
10572729 - A Handbook of the Art of Illumination as Practised During the Middle Ages
10572728 - Architecture of the middle ages. (Remarks on)
10572727 - Dresses and decorations of the Middle Ages
10572726 - World-noted Women Or Types of Womanly Attributes of All Lands and Ages
10572725 - A history of epidemic pestilences from the earliest ages
10572724 - A dictionary of dates, relating to all ages and nations
10572723 - Christian iconography, or, The history of Christian art in the Middle Ages
10572722 - The Pantropheon, Or, History of Food, and Its Preparation, from the Earliest Ages of the World
10572721 - A comparative view of the mortality of the human species, at all ages
10572720 - Europe during the Middle Ages ...
10572719 - A history of Europe during the Middle Ages
10572718 - Memoirs of eminent female writers, of all ages and countries
10572717 - The Neolithic and Bronze Ages
10572716 - A popular history of priestcraft in all ages and nations
10572715 - A literary history of the middle ages
10572714 - The appeal of the oratory to the first ages of Christianity
10572713 - The overseas trade of Bristol in the later Middle Ages
10572712 - The history of Spain, from the earliest ages ... to ... 1814
10572711 - Female biography; or Memoirs of illustrious and celebrated women, of all ages and countries
10572710 - A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archaeology of the Middle Ages
10572709 - Europe during the Middle Ages ...
10572708 - The expediency and facility of establishing the metrological and monetary systems throughout India, on a scientific and permanent basis, grounded on an analytical review of the weights, measures, and coins of India, and their relative quantities with resp
10572707 - The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare: Life of Shakespeare. Seven ages of man Will. Commendatory verses. Tempest. Two gentlemen of Verona. Merry wives of Windsor. Twelfth night
10572706 - Early English poetry, ballads and popular literature of the middle ages
10572705 - Philosophy and Civilization in the Middle Ages
10572704 - Tables shewing the values of annuities and assurances upon lives of equal ages
10572703 - Essays on the History of Mankind in Rude and Cultivated Ages
10572702 - Tales of the early ages
10572701 - The epidemics of the middle ages
10572700 - Remarks on the Architecture of the Middle Ages
10572699 - A treatise on the ecclesiastical architecture of England, during the middle ages
10572698 - View of the state of Europe during the Middle ages
10572697 - A vindication of infant baptism, in which the arguments of the Antip
10572696 - The testimony of William Erbery, left upon records for the saints of suceeding ages. Whereunto is added, The honest heretick being his tryal at Westminster
10572695 - Mores Catholici: or, Ages of faith [by K.H. Digby] 11 books
10572694 - The history of England during the middle ages
10572693 - Documents to ascertain the sentiments of British Catholicsm in former ages
10572692 - A Dictionary of musicians from the earliest ages to the present time
10572691 - The History of England: The history of England: middle ages. In five volumes ... 3d ed
10572690 - Romances of the chivalric ages. The pilgrim brothers [signed Timotheus Scribewell].
10572689 - Briery Creek. The three ages
10572688 - Legends of the Middle Ages: Narrated With Special Reference to Literature and Art
10572687 - The history of Ireland, from the earliest ages to the union
10572686 - The Secret Teachings of All Ages
10572685 - Agency and trusts for payment of debts under private arrangement
10572684 - Angelology, Remarks and Reflections Touching the Agency and Ministration of Holy Angels
10572683 - The History and Practice of the Art of Photography, Or, The Production of Pictures Through the Agency of Light
10572682 - God sovereign and man free, or, The doctrine of divine foreordination and man's free agency
10572681 - The Mercantile Agency reference book for the British provinces
10572680 - The natural and moral government and agency of God, in causing droughts and rains
10572679 - An essay towards demonstrating the immateriality, and free-agency of the soul
10572678 - Commentaries on the law of agency
10572677 - Discourses on the sovereign and universal agency of God, in nature and grace
10572676 - Initial Report of the TSCA Interagency Testing Committee to the Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
10572675 - An inquiry into the modern prevailing notions respecting that freedom of will which is supposed to be essential to moral agency, virtue and vice, rewards and punishment, praise and blame
10572674 - Instructions for conducting a school, through the agency of the scholars themselves
10572673 - A Letter from the Marquis Wellesley, Governor-general in Council, to the Government of Fort St. George, Relative to the New Form of Internal Government, Established at Fort St. George, and to the Provision of Goods, on Account of Private Merchants, Throug
10572672 - An essay concerning the free agency of man
10572671 - Decision making in the Environmental Protection Agency
10572670 - The history of this iron age
10572669 - Lectures on the dramatic literature of the age of Elizabeth
10572668 - The martyr age of the United States
10572667 - History of Roman Literature . .: From its
10572666 - The lives of sundry eminent persons in this later age
10572665 - An enquiry into the foundation and history of the law of nations in Europe from the time of the greeks and romans to the age of grotius
10572664 - Almanac for the year 1386, transcribed, verbatim, from the original antique illuminated manuscript, in the black letter, omitting only the monthly calendars and some of the tables, containing many curious particulars, illustrative of the astronomy, astrol
10572663 - The age of intellect, or, Clerical showfolk, and wonderful layfolk
10572662 - Projections of the population of the Communist countries of Eastern Europe, by age and sex: 1969-1990
10572661 - Health without physic; or Cordials for youth, manhood, and old age, by an old physician
10572660 - Memoirs for the history of Madame de Maintenon and of the last age. Translated from the French, by the author of The female Quixote. In five volumes ...
10572659 - The spirit of the age, or, Contemporary portraits
10572658 - Infant education from two to six years of age
10572657 - Design for the nuclear age
10572656 - Introduction to an examination ... respecting the antiquity and authenticity of certain publications, said to have been found in manuscripts, at Bristol, written by a learned priest [T. Rowley] and others, in the fifteenth century; but generally considere
10572655 - Pan, a pastoral of the first age, together with some other poems
10572654 - Hermippus redivivus: or, The sage's triumph over old age and the grave [by J.H. Cohausen, tr. by J. Campbell. Wanting the final leaf].
10572653 - The age of Louis XIV.
10572652 - The tablet, or picture of real life; justly representing, as in a looking-glass, the virtues and vices, fopperies and fooleries, masks and mummeries of the age. ...
10572651 - Sexual maturation and the physical growth of girls age six to nineteen
10572650 - Simple truths in verse for the amusement and instruction of children at an early age
10572649 - Select epistles or letters out of M. Tullius Cicero; and the best Roman, Greek, and French authors, adapted to the humour of the present age, by T. Brown. Together with Certamen epistolare
10572648 - The Golden Age of Brazil
10572647 - The Age of German Liberation, 1795-1815
10572646 - An essay on the Roman villas of the Augustan age
10572645 - Spurinna; or, The comforts of old age. [by sir T. Bernard].
10572644 - An essay upon nursing and the management of children from their Birth to Three Years of age
10572643 - The gilded age
10572642 - The age of bronze; or, Carmen seculare et annus haud mirabilis [by lord Byron].
10572641 - Japan in the Muromachi Age
10572640 - Biographical, Literary And Political Anecdotes Of Several Of The Most Eminent Persons Of The Present Age
10572639 - Moral and Political Dialogues: Dialogue IV. On the age of Q. Elizabeth (cont.) Dialogues V, VI. On the constitution of the English government; Sir J Maynard, Mr. Somers, Bp. Burnet
10572638 - Modern times; or, The age we live in
10572637 - Easy Rhymes for Children from Five to Ten Years of Age
10572636 - History of Roman literature from its earliest period to the Augustan age ...
10572635 - Some account of the life and religious experience of Sarah Ann Curties Hill, of Bungay, in the county of Suffolk; (who died at the age of twenty one years,) with extracts, from her diary
10572634 - Caspar David Friedrich and the Age of German Romanticism
10572633 - The martyr age of the United States of America
10572632 - Memoir, diary and letters of Miss Hannah Syng Bunting, of Philadelphia, who departed this life May 25, 1832, in the thirty-first year of her age
10572631 - The triumph of old age, an elegiac poem
10572630 - The Jockey club, or A sketch of the manners of the age [by C. Pigott
10572629 - Socialization to Old Age
10572628 - Art of preserving the sight unimpaired to extreme old age
10572627 - The age reviewed
10572626 - The portrait of old age
10572625 - The life of David Marks, to the 26th year of his age, including the particulars of his conversion, call to the ministry, and labours in itinerant preaching for nearly eleven years
10572624 - The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids, Ascertained by National Documents; and Compared with the General Traditions and Customs of Heathenism, as Illustrated by the Most Eminent Antiquaries of Our Age. With an Appendix, Containing Ancient Poems and
10572623 - The History of the life of King Henry The Second and of the age in which he lived
10572622 - The history of the life of King Henry the Second, and of the age in which he lived
10572621 - An examination of The age of reason
10572620 - Comforts of old age
10572619 - The age of reason
10572618 - The Age of Innocence
10572617 - The Letters of Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu: Containing her letters from an early age to the age of twenty-three. 2 v
10572616 - The Dramatic Works of Thomas Heywood: Royal king and loyal subject. A woman killed with kindness. If you know not me you know nobody, pt. 1-2. The golden age. The silver age. An apology for actors, 1841 (no. 3)
10572615 - The age of Christian reason: being a refutation of the principles of T. Paine [as expressed in The age of reason] and the whole class of political naturalists
10572614 - Family spending and saving as related to age of wife and age and number of children
10572613 - A letter to the Bishop of Ely, upon the occasion of his suppos'd late charge (said to be deliver'd at Cambridge, August 7th, 1716.) as far as relates to what is therein urg'd against frequent communion; and for the (pretended) Episcopal reform'd churches
10572612 - A history of the revolt of Ali Bey, against the Ottoman Porte
10572611 - Awful exposure of the atrocious plot formed by certain individuals against the clergy and nuns of Lower Canada
10572610 - A circumstantial report of the evidence and proceedings upon the charges preferred against His Royal Highness the Duke of York in the capacity of commander in chief, in the months of February and March, 1809
10572609 - God's judgments upon the gentile apostatized Church, against the modern hypothesis of some eminent apocalyptical writers [by J. Hildrop]. Together with Dr. Grabe's 0pinion of the Scripture prophecies concerning the Church of Rome
10572608 - Protection of electrical circuits and equipment against lightning
10572607 - Memorial, or brief, for the Comte de Cagliostro, defendant: against the King's Attorney-General, plaintiff: in the cause of the Cardinal de Rohan, Comtesse de la Motte, and others. From the French original, ... By Parkyns Macmahon
10572606 - Report of the Proceedings Before the House of Lords, on a Bill of Pains and Penalties Against Her Majesty, Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, Queen of Great Britain, and Consort of King George the Fourth: The defence
10572605 - The Christian's defence against the fears of death
10572604 - A Defence of the Religion of Nature and the Christian Revelation Against the ... Book Entitled
10572603 - Report of the proceedings under a brieve of idiotry, Peter Duncan against David Yoolow, tried at Coupar-Angus, 28-30 Jan., 1837
10572602 - A collection of odes, songs, and epigrams, against the Whigs,
10572601 - The poor man's preservative against Popery
10572600 - Mr. Allen's speech on ministers leaving a moral kingdom to bear testimony against sin
10572599 - Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies
10572598 - Fox against Fox !!! or, Political blossoms of the Right Hon. Charles James Fox ...
10572597 - North Against South
10572596 - An account of the expedition to the West Indies, against Martinico
10572595 - A history of the penal laws against the Irish Catholics
10572594 - Remarks on two pamphlets lately published against Dr. Middleton's Introductory discourse
10572593 - A defence of Christianity: or, An answer to a pamphlet, intitled, The Athanasian creed, a preservative against heresies
10572592 - Statement of proceedings against Mrs. Emily Richardson in the Second Congregational Church in Reading
10572591 - Th