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Диск: The Business 2.0 B1+ Intermediate Audio CD (2)

Издательство: Macmillan ELT
Вес: 0.440 кг.
Год издания: 2013
Цена: 305 руб.
В КОРЗИНУ товар в наличии
отгрузка: 27.01

The Business 2.0 предназначен для студентов, которые хотят достичь успеха в мире международного бизнеса. Во втором издании учтены результаты последних исследований в области английского языка делового общения, отзывы преподавателей, использующих первое издание, а также изменившиеся требования работодателей к умениям и навыкам сотрудников.

Building the next business generation. Based on user feedback, research into business English studies and the evolving needs of employers, The Business 2.0 builds on the success of the first edition and offers students the confidence, language and skills they need to succeed in the competitive international business environment. Do good things come in smaller packages? Absolutely they do. The Business 2.0 is a compact course that offers the same breadth of material as a course with hundreds of components. It's also the course you can make your own - the modular structure allows teachers to organise the content as best suits their business English class needs. Key Features: • Flexible approach - Dip in and out of modules, cover the basics, focus on writing or build a quick and communicative course • Transparent business links - Each module is clearly linked to a specific area of busines, eg, Sales and Marketing, Finance etc • Focus on interpersonal skills - The best professionals are those with great emotional intelligence. Special speaking tasks focus on this delicate but vital '5th skill' • The Business eWorkbook - An integral part of the course on your own PC or laptop with extra language practice, audio and video you can download to a tablet or phone for on-the-go learning

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