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Книга: Фундаментальные ошибки в физике и реальная электродинамика. (на английском яз.)

фундаментальные ошибки в физике и реальная электродинамика

Автор: Похмельных Л.А.
Издательство: ИПЦ Маска
Вес: 0.709 кг.
Год издания: 2014
Формат: 60х80/16
Страниц: 354 Переплет: Твердый переплет
Цена: 750 руб.

It is shown in the book that the main laws of nature in the records by Coulomb, Newton. Maxwell, quantum mechanics and theory of relativity contain graves defects unnoticed by physicists for centuries. After their removal the mathematical apparatus of physics changes and the new amazing, united, electric macro and micro world arises. Mathematical logic aod facts lead to the conclusions of external solar power source, non-greenhouse mechanism of global climate variations and on possibility of atmospheric thermal state control with minor expediture of energy. The book is written by graduated from Lonionosov Moscow State University, author of the weather correction technology by atmospheric ionization used in Mexico, Israel and Cuba for stimulation of precipitation. The forgoing is designed for engineers, investigators and students familiar with general physics in extent of a technical university.