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Книга: Usborne. Sticker Book: Clothes&Fashion

Автор: Ruth Brocklehurst, Christophe Lardot
Издательство: Usborne
Вес: 0.130 кг.
Год издания: 2012
Формат: 237 x 303 x 6 мм
Страниц: 32 Переплет: мягкий
Цена: 611 руб.
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отгрузка: 17.10

A lavishly illustrated book packed with over 160 stickers of fabulous fashions throughout history - a young fashionista’s dream! From Romans in draped togas, to Elizabethans in lace ruffs and Victorians in tight corsets, there are hundreds of sumptuous clothes and accessories to discover. Includes a mixture of photographs, paintings and illustrations to bring the fashions of the past to life, as well as fascinating facts about fashion through the ages.