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Книга: Russia's Economy in an Epoch of Turbulence. Crises and Lessons

Автор: Mau Vladimir
Издательство: Taylor and Francis
Вес: 0.360 кг.
Год издания: 2017
Страниц: 262 Переплет: твердый
Цена: 12 101 руб.

Over the course of the last quarter of a century post-communist Russia has either been struggling with crises, discussing the lessons learned from past crises, or attempting to trace the contours of future crises. Based on the author's own experiences and his research over this long period, this book traces the logic of the development of the crises and the anti-crisis policies, and shows the continuity, or discontinuity, in determining particular solutions. It demonstrates how perceptions of the priorities for economic policy, and the problems of economic growth and the formation of a new model and it's alternatives were formed and how they changed. It also outlines the evolution of ideas about the role of social politics and human capital sectors in addressing anti-crisis and modernization issues, and discusses the changing views on the institutional and structural priorities for Russia's development. This is an important book on an economic subject of crucial global significance by a leading participant.

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