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Книга: Architectural Rendering with 3ds Max and V-Ray (+ CD-ROM)

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Create high-quality photorealistic renders of architectural visualizations using 3ds Max and V-Ray with the project-based tutorials in this book. Learn how to combine lighting and rendering options to end up with the most realistic final renders possible at a professional level. The tutorials in this book are filled with beautiful full-color images and they teach you how to light both interiors and exteriors, and daytime and night-time scenes. Learn how to save time without sacrificing the quality of your final renders with tips and tricks on rendering with V-Ray - the most accurate rendering application for 3ds Max. The companion CD includes all the project files that you need to re-create each of the projects presented within the book. Topics include: AutoCAD to 3ds Max workflow V-Ray light sources and materials IES light sources Indirect Illumination Artificial and natural light sources The V-Ray overhead system HDRI lighting Studio Setup for Product Visualization Creating a loft in daylight Interior visualization of a bathroom scene The V-Ray Camera Interior and exterior shots.

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