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Книга: Springtime Stories

Товар № 11903281
Автор: Blyton Enid
Издательство: BOOKPOINT
Вес: 0.420 кг.
Год издания: 2018
Страниц: 320 Переплет: мягкий
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Delight in this collection of 30 short stories, full of the buzz and excitement of spring!
Head off on a sparkling springtime adventure with the world's best-loved storyteller. From the little boy who helps a lamb in trouble to the fairies hidden inside Easter Eggs, excitement and magic are never far away in this collection of stories to read and share. These fun, entertaining tales are ideal for newly confident readers and are the perfect length for reading aloud at bedtime or in the classroom.
Enid Blyton remains one of Britain's favourite children's authors and her bumper short story collections are perfect for introducing her to the latest generation of readers.

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