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Книга: Audio CD. My Phonics 1. The Alphabet. Pupil’s CD

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My Phonics is a high quality 5-level phonics program designed to teach a phonics first and fast approach. It can be used before or alongside any English course. My Phonics presents high quality systematic, synthetic phonic work with the aim of helping young learners to decode print and become fluent readers and spellers!

The series is divided into the following levels:
1. My Phonics 1: My Phonics 1a & b: The Alphabet.
2. My Phonics 2: Short Vowels.
3. My Phonics 3: Long Vowels.
4. My Phonics 4: Consonant Blends.
5. My Phonics 5: Letter Combinations... дальше ".
Key Features:
- It practices blending and segmenting.
- It presents pupils gradually with sight words.
- It offers catchy songs based on traditional tunes.
- It helps pupils develop phonemic strategies in order to decode shot cumulative stories and texts.
- Phonics Flashcards to help present and practice the new letters/sounds.
- Activity Books provide extra practise and consolidation.
- The Teacher's Books provides step-by-step guidance as well as plenty of resources.
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