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Книга: Harry potter and the half-blood prince - ravenclaw edition

Товар № 12053647
Автор: Rowling J.K.
Издательство: Bloomsbury
Вес: 0.660 кг.
Год издания: 2021
Страниц: 560 Переплет: Paperback
Цена: 1 147 руб.

Each Ravenclaw House Edition features vibrant sprayed edges and intricate bronze foiling. The stunning cover design has a cameo-style portrait of the Half-Blood Prince as the central icon, framed by beautiful house-themed iconography. In addition to a bespoke introduction, the Ravenclaw Edition also contains new illustrations by Kate Greenaway Medal winner Levi Pinfold, including a portrait of inimitable Ravenclaw student Luna Lovegood, and a wonderful image of Gilderoy Lockhart signing copies of Magical Me to accompany a feature on magical books. All seven books in the series will be issued in these highly collectable, beautifully crafted House Editions, designed to be treasured and read for years to come.

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