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Книга: Matrix Intermediate. Workbook

Товар № 1840674

intermediate Workbook, Школа

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The Matrix series prepares secondary students for school-leaving examinations in English. • Engaging texts provide authentic input for the development of students reading and listening skills. • Cross-cultural topics offer valuable preparation for school-leaving examinations. • Grammar is presented and practised by contrasting structures and tenses which are commonly confused. • Extensive vocabulary development increases active and passive knowledge. Frequent consolidation and recycling exercises help students to add interest and variety to their English. • Speaking is practised through a wide range of controlled and freer activities, encouraging students both to take part in more structured discussions and to express their own ideas. • Listening texts are based on authentic materials and feature a variety of speakers and accents. • A comprehensive writing syllabus gives students step-by-step guidance in producing a wide variety of text types. • Let s practise pages integrate classwork and practice material and thus maximise practice and extension opportunities. • Let s revise pages review language and skills as students progress through-the course. • A grammar reference and extensive wordlist with definitions and examples give extra support for students and teachers. Course components

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