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Книга: Zabadoo!

Товар № 1840679

class Book 1, Школа

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Zabadoo! is a three-level English course for beginners in primary school. The course aims to develop children s awareness of English as an international means of communication. Basic structures and vocabulary necessary to communication are presented through the lively comic strip stories of Leo and Laura and their extraordinary friend, Zabadoo. This language is then extended in a variety of activities to practise the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Zabadoo! can be used with complete beginners in the higher school grades or with children who have already done an oral-aural English course such as Zap! There is also the option of a single level consolidation course, Zabadoo! Plus, to revise and extend learning at the end of Zabadoo! level 3. For primary schools looking for a six-year syllabus progression the recommended suite of books is: Zap! A Zap! В Zabadoo! 1 Zabadoo! 2 Zabadoo! 3 Zabadoo! Plus

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