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Книга: Pacesetter

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intermediate. Workbook

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Pacesetter is a four-level English course that takes teenage students from beginner to intermediate level. Its key features are: a communicative methodology which presents new language in context and allows students to become actively involved in the learning process a problem-solving approach to grammar which helps students to work out for themselves the meaning and use of structures motivating topics that draw on the students experiences and develop their interest in the world around them a systematic vocabulary syllabus combined with learning-to-learn skills to encourage students to develop their own strategies for remembering new words integrated skills work that provides step-by-step practice of speaking, listening, reading and writing a lively photo-story in the first two levels and engaging short stories in the third and fourth that provide a cultural reference, and present informal English. three consolidation units in each level to revise and extend the language and skills taught through a variety of controlled and free activities, including project work Each level of Pacesetter is supported by a Workbook to ensure that the language and skills work presented in the Student s Book are systematically revised, practised and extended. In addition, there are helpful Teacher s Books with comprehensive lesson notes, answer keys, tapescripts, suggestions for optional activities, and a photocopiable progress test for each unit.

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