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Книга: Migration and Regional Development in the Soviet Union and Russia: A Geographical Approach

Товар № 1840958

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Автор: Kumo K.
Издательство: Beck Publishers
Вес: 0.220 кг.
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 216
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This study includes an quantitative analysis on Soviet/Russian regions. It reveals that the current economic situation of Russia is the outgrowth of historical conditions embodied in the former Soviet Union. Although quantitative analysises on the Russian economy are still scarce, they are indispensable for international comparison or objective evaluations in order to understand actualized economies. An objective of this book is to lay the foundation of quantitative studies for Russian regional economies. The objective is to investigate the problem of population redistribution and industrial location patterns in the former Soviet Union and Russia. After a general review of Soviet regional economies, population redistribution policies and actual migration patterns are structurally analyzed. After that, trends in the Soviet Union and Russia in the regional economic development strategy are identified, and industrial location patterns are analyzed. This study was prepared especially for undergraduate and graduate students and researchers interested in the former Soviet Union/Russian regional economies, and for those who specialize in economics, geography, and other related subjects

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